" The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 12 August 2014
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 12 August 2014

    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + ONE HUNDRED FOUR ( 104 ) or " E - M DAY + 104 "

    AIN statistics: Maliki spends more than 3000 days in PM Post

    Tuesday, 12 August 2014 11:26

    Baghdad (AIN) –Statistics prepared by All Iraq News Agency show that the outgoing Premier, Nouri al-Maliki has spend more than 3000 days in the Prime Minister Post.

    It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi National Alliance nominated Haider al-Ebadi to replace Maliki under Maliki's objection.



    Tuesday, 15 July 2014 21:23

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Speaker of the Parliament and his two Deputy Speakers assumed their duties officially.

    The Parliament succeeded in electing Speaker of the Parliament, Salim al-Jebuori, and his first Deputy, Haider al-Ebadi, as well as his 2nd deputy, Aram al-Sheikh Mohamed.


    Iraq parliament elects Kurdish politician Fuad Masum as new president

    KURDISH politician Fuad Masum has become the new president of Iraq, in a step towards forming a new government that visiting UN chief Ban Ki-moon says must be inclusive for the country to survive.

    Fierce fighting ... volunteers who joined the Iraqi army to fight against Jihadist militants of the Islamic State (IS) brandish their weapons as they come as backup at a checkpoint north of Baghdad. Source: AFP

    A June onslaught on Sunni Arab areas north and west of Baghdad, led by the jihadist Islamic State group, has brought Iraq to the brink of breakup, with the government struggling to assert any authority beyond its Shiite power base.

    Parliament elected Masum, who served as the first prime minister of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region more than two decades ago, by an overwhelming majority of 211 votes to 17.

    He had been almost guaranteed the job after Kurdish parties struck a late-night deal to support him.

    Under an unofficial power-sharing deal, Iraq’s Kurds traditionally get the post of president.

    The move could pave the way for a deal on the much more powerful post of prime minister.


    Source: The parliament's session postponed to Monday instead of tomorrow 09/08/2014 11:58:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A parliamentary source said that the parliamentary session, scheduled on Sunday, was postponed to next Monday.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "the parliamentary session, scheduled tomorrow, was postponed to next Monday," without giving any details about the reason for the postponement.


    and, now a reason,

    Parliament session postponed to next Monday

    Saturday, 09 August 2014 14:34

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Parliament Speakership postponed the parliament session to next Monday.

    Parliamentary source stated to AIN "The Speaker, Saleem al-Jobouri, and the Deputy Speaker, Haider al-Ebadi and Aram al-Sheikh decided to postpone the session to next Monday to give the political blocs a chance to finalize its discussions to nominate a candidate for the Premier Post."



    Massoum has given the bloc a deadline of 3 pm local time Monday (8 am Eastern time) to choose a new candidate or he would name al-Maliki to a third term, two Iraqi politicians told the Journal.



    1st Deputy Speaker announces extending period for tasking new PM

    Monday, 11 August 2014 10:44

    Baghdad (AIN) –The First Deputy Speaker, Haider al-Ebadi, announced extending the constitutional period allocated for tasking a new Prime Minister till 3 pm Monday.

    In a statement posted via Facebook, he said "The Iraqi National Alliance is about to nominate a candidate accepted by all political sides."




    Haydar al-Abbadi Is the New Iraq PM Candidate

    Posted by Reidar Visser on Monday, 11 August 2014 13:48

    Today, what remains of the pan-Shiite National Alliance formally presented Haydar al-Abbadi of the Daawa party as their PM candidate. Abbadi will be charged by President Fuad Masum to replace the current PM, Nuri al-Maliki.

    The political realities behind this move can be summarized as follows. For some weeks, pressure has been building inside Maliki’s State of Law coalition to have him changed. Finally today, factions led by Haydar al-Abbadi of the Daawa and Hussein al-Shahristani, the current deputy PM, broke with Maliki to nominate Abbadi for PM. Early reports suggests 38 Daawa MPs and 12 members of the Shahristani bloc abandoned Maliki, leaving him with the backing of only around 45 members of the original 95-member State of Law bloc. It is worth noting that the traditionally pro-Iranian Badr organization has not been enumerated among the 128 or so supporters of Abbadi.

    Constitutionally and legally, today’s developments also clear the air. Until yesterday, Maliki could plausibly plead the case that the president should have charged him with forming the government before the official deadline expired. However, today’s action by the Shiite alliance showed that Maliki’s claim to represent the largest bloc no longer has any basis, because State of Law has disintegrated. Accordingly, Maliki’s promise to bring the case before the Iraqi federal supreme court will be of academic interest only. Any attempt by him to challenge the nomination through other means than the court will be profoundly anti-democratic.

    Haydar al-Abbadi is a former finance minister who is well liked by groups outside the Daawa and State of Law, who elected him as deputy speaker for the new parliament earlier. He will now have 30 days to present his cabinet for approval by the Iraqi parliament with an absolute majority.



    Start commissioning (Abadi) by a presidential decree
    By khabaar khaba 11/08/2014 04:58

    The leader of the Supreme Council, led by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, Fadi al-Shammari reporter Agency for News News (et) shortly before the start of commissioning procedures by a presidential decree for the National Alliance candidate for prime minister Haider al-Abadi.

    The feet of the National Alliance, a leader in the coalition of state law and the Dawa Party, Haider Abadi, head of the new government.

    And got Agency for News News (et) on official documents show that the Alliance was formally presented to the prime minister, al-Abadi.


    Aajl..masom cost Abadi to form the next government
    Monday, August 11 / August 2014 15:10

    Commissioned by President Fuad Masum, the day Monday, the National Alliance candidate for prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi to form a government.

    According to a source familiar with told all of Iraq [where] that "the infallible and after Abadi nomination for prime minister instructed the latter to form the next government."

    The National Reform Movement, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari announced officially on Monday, the nomination of the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party and the current First Deputy Speaker of the House Haider Abadi for the post of prime minister in the government Aljdidh.anthy



    Article 76:

    First: The President of the Republic shall charge the nominee of the largest
    Council of Representatives bloc with the formation of the Council of Ministers
    within fifteen days from the date of the election of the President of the Republic.

    Second: The Prime Minister-designate shall undertake the naming of the members
    of his Council of Ministers within a period not to exceed thirty days from the date
    of his designation.

    Third: If the Prime Minister-designate fails to form the Council of Ministers
    during the period specified in clause “Second,” the President of the Republic shall
    charge a new nominee for the post of Prime Minister within fifteen days.

    Fourth: The Prime Minister-designate shall present the names of his members of
    the Council of Ministers and the ministerial program to the Council of
    Representatives. He is deemed to have gained its confidence upon the approval,
    by an absolute majority of the Council of Representatives, of the individual
    Ministers and the ministerial program.

    Fifth: The President of the Republic shall charge another nominee to form the
    Council of Ministers within fifteen days in case the Council of Ministers did not
    win the vote of confidence.


    Published on Aug 11, 2014

    Declared the presidency formally approve commissioning Haider Abadi, the formation of the new government.

    Sources of Baghdadi President Fuad Masum, cost-Abadi told a news conference at the headquarters of the Presidency and the presence of the President of Parliament, Salim al.
    , and The National Alliance has announced his candidacy Haider Abadi, in a letter sent to the presidency attached to the signing of 127 MPs from the National Alliance, representing blocs of advocacy and independent Almndutin in the State of Law coalition and the Liberal blocs and coalitions of citizens and reform and virtue.

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    Iraq president nominates new PM

    Iraq president nominates new PM



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    Biography of prime minister - designate, dr. Haidar al-abbadi

    Biography of Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi

    Mon Aug 11 2014 19:28 | (Voice of Iraq)

    - Birth and maintain: 1952 Baghdad
    His father, Dr. Jawad al-Abadi doctor known and who served as director of the hospital nervous in Baghdad and the inspector general of the Health Ministry and has his retirement in 1979 in the list of 42 doctors decision of the Revolution Command Council dissolved due to lack of loyalty to the Baath regime. Died in London and was buried where not to allow the former regime opponents to bury their dead in their own country.

    MP Haydar Abbadi
    Academic achievement:
    - Completed the study in the elementary and middle eastern Karrada in Baghdad.
    - Finished junior high school in junior high in central Baghdad in 1970.
    - He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Technology in Baghdad in electrical engineering in 1975.
    - Familiarize doctoral and master's degrees at the University of Manchester in England at his own expense, and earned a doctorate in electrical and electronic engineering in 1980.
    Political activity:
    - Belonged to the Islamic Dawa Party in 1967, a few days after a setback in June at the age of fifteen years and practiced his activity in the party and in the outside in the security conditions extremely dangerous, especially with the takeover of the Baath regime on the capabilities of the country and the arrest of some officials partisans who persevered steadfastness of the heroes and the martyrdom of others mercy God.
    - Currently in charge of the Political Bureau of the Party and spokesman in his name in addition to his membership in the leadership of the Islamic Dawa Party.
    - Took over the responsibility to speak on behalf of the Islamic Dawa Party in Britain and abroad, especially to the media, global in exposing the crimes of the former regime and found guilty and defend the Iraqi people and the rejection of the blockade imposed on it, and attendance at international forums and in the UN definition Bmazlomah the Iraqi people at a time when much of the world is silent or supports the Baathist regime in its crimes against the Iraqi people.
    - Has had a prominent presence in opposition to the Baathist regime and decisively to address the elements of the former regime and abroad participated in the activities of the opposition against the regime and also contributed to the national conferences of the opposition which was attended by the Islamic Dawa Party.
    - In 1983, his passport was withdrawn by order of the Presidency of the intelligence system on charges of activity hostile to the Baath regime by documents found.
    - In 1982, the Baath regime executed two of his brothers, one a university professor and two employees in the state on charges of belonging to the Islamic Dawa Party. In 1981 the former regime arrested his brother, who was third in the second year of the College of Medicine and spent ten years in prison on the same charge.
    - In 1980, took over the responsibility of the Office for the Middle East, the Islamic Dawa Party which is based in Beirut.
    - In 1979, became a member of the executive leadership of the Islamic Dawa Party.
    - In 1977, he was responsible for the Islamic Dawa Party organizations in Britain.

    MP Haydar Abbadi
    Political positions:
    - Currently vice president of the House of Representatives where he was elected for the rule of law in the elections of April 2014 is a member of the House of Representatives since 2006 for the city of Baghdad.
    - In the same year he was elected Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment and Reconstruction, one of the committees main actors and vitality in the House of Representatives is the most important achievements under his presidency: to pursue the development and rehabilitation of public sector companies to the state through legislation and financial allocations, and follow up the implementation of investment budgets and the reasons for the lag in implementation, and strive to provide facilities and to support the industrial and agricultural sector and encourage national industries, and contribute to the legislation, a package of economic laws the task of which the Investment Law and Consumer Protection Law and the Law on the protection of national products and the customs tariff law and competition law and antitrust and other laws essential for the development and protection of the Iraqi economy and improve the standard of living of citizens and decent work for them .
    - In 2005 he became an adviser to the Prime Minister, where he took several files, including his appointment as general coordinator for the city of Tal Afar to rid it from the control of al-Qaeda and terrorism excommunicating where deemed of the most successful achievements of the government at that time and set an example for the cooperation of the people and tribes of different affiliations and persuasions to confront and expel the terror of national unity between the sons city. It also took over the task of coordination with the United Nations about the displaced Iraqis caused by terrorist acts. The Foundation took over the follow-up information for the development of its standards and digital computers in Iraq
    - Appointed Minister of Communications in 2003, where he oversaw the reconstruction of switches that were destroyed during the war and re-ground telephone service in record time. In his tenure as the ministry expanded Internet service quickly began as the first wireless phone service. Also develop a plan for the Ministry relies rehabilitate Iraqi capabilities in the telecommunications sector, and a strategy to develop a comprehensive and essential infrastructure at the near and medium and long term, and that the adoption of the latest technology available, and draw a clear policy for the telecommunications sector and the development of structuring the work of this sector in Iraq in order to launch its capabilities and provide the service that you need country.
    Professional work and career:
    - After receiving a bachelor's degree in 1975, the work of a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology in Baghdad, for being ahead in the study where he was second in the sequence section.
    - Work from 1981 to 1987 as president of the research team at the company (LDPE) in London for the rapid transfer of the vertical and using modern technology based on his dissertation. It also assumed responsibility for the implementation of electronic control in the project for the transfer of the vertical in the center of the City of London.
    - In 1987 he became an expert in the technology of rapid transit in London.
    - Contributed in 1997 in planning for quick transfer of vertical giant virtual city and planned to be built in the future in Japan with an area of one million square meters, which can accommodate one million people and a height of a thousand meters.
    - In 1998 received a grant for technology innovation from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, UK.
    - Participated in the design of electronic transmission pedestrian bridge to the second millennium in London in 1999 on the basis of his research for a patent.
    - In 2001, has been patented in London for his work in the field of rapid transit (Snkerorel) using modern technology, the adoption of his thesis for a doctorate.
    - Took over the presidency of the Foundation sophisticated technology in London in 1993, in addition to his work an expert in technology Rapid Transit until 2003 when he returned to Iraq after the fall of the former regime.
    - Has a scientific research about the control system setups and designs for new types of electric motors with electronic control and also participated in many seminars and scientific conferences in Britain.
    Other concerns:
    - A professor of materials science and verses of the Koran and the interpretation of provisions in the Islamic College in London in conjunction with the British Brunel University students for undergraduate study years 1999 to 2003.
    - Has a research on the position of Islam, democracy and the concept of one nation, and about intolerance and issued a book entitled "Manual of Science in the Koran."
    - Research has English on the interpretation of the verses of the Koran and texts and sentences in the verses of the Islamic faith beliefs.
    - Participation and lecturing at many conferences and courses and Islamic cultural and overseeing the annual cultural conferences.



    Meet Haider al-Abadi, the man named Iraq’s new prime minister

    Iraq's president on Monday named Haider al-Abadi as the country's new prime minister, an appointment that came amid speculation that the embattled incumbent, Nouri al-Maliki, would cling to power even after his country had dissolved into chaos and the United States made it clear that it would not support him as leader anymore.

    But who is Abadi? Born in Baghdad in 1952, Abadi was educated at the University of Baghdad and later received a doctorate from the University of Manchester in Britain. He lived in Britain for many years after his family was targeted by Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime. He was trained as an electrical engineer, but he entered politics after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. He became minister of communications in the Iraqi Governing Council in September 2003, then was a key adviser to Maliki in Iraq's first post-invasion elected government. Just weeks ago, he was elected deputy speaker of parliament, and he has been considered a contender for prime minister in the past two elections.

    The bigger question, however, is whether Abadi will be able to overcome the challenges confronting Iraq more successfully than Maliki. Like Maliki, he's a Shiite Muslim and is a member of the ruling State of Law coalition. One of the chief criticisms of Maliki was that he entrenched Iraq's sectarian politics, filling the government with Shiite politicians and limiting Sunni and Kurdish power.

    Earlier this summer, Abadi gave a striking interview to the Huffington Post's Mehdi Hasan in which he discussed the possibility of Iranian intervention in the fight against the Islamic State, the Sunni extremist group that has taken over vast swaths of Iraq.

    "We are waiting for the Americans to give us support," he said in the June interview. "If U.S. air strikes [happen], we don't need Iranian air strikes. If they don't, then we may need Iranian strikes." Abadi has also had differences with Iraq's Kurdish community at points: Last year he warned that a dispute over Iraqi Kurdistan's oil exports could lead to the "disintegration" of the country, and he was criticized by Kurdish politicians during the negotiations over the 2013 budget.

    However, Abadi does seem to be aware that the Iraqi government and security forces have made serious mistakes in the current conflict. He told Hasan that the government needs to listen to stories of the "excesses" of the security forces to decide how to respond. And he was clear that Iraq needed to avoid being dragged into the type of war the Islamic State clearly desires.

    "We have to be careful not to become involved in a sectarian war," he told Hasan. "Shias are not against Sunnis and Sunnis are not against Shias."

    Reidar Visser, an academic expert on Iraqi politics, says that although Abadi comes from the same political faction as Maliki, he enjoys much broader support, especially from Kurds and Sunnis.

    Part of this is his more distinguished background. "Many of the elites from the governing council-era consider him one of their own in terms of a prestigious family background, whereas Maliki was seen as more of an upstart from humble origins," Visser notes in an e-mail. "Things like that count in the (old-fashioned and traditional) Iraqi establishment."

    President Fouad Massoum, a Kurd, seemed confident Monday that Abadi could lead the country. “Now the Iraqi people are in your hands,” he said as he shook Abadi's hand. Now Iraq waits to see whether Maliki will acquiesce.

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    [M]inisterial cab ( COUNCIL OF MINISTERS ) will be ready within the next week.

    * FROM a FRIEND *

    Abadi's ((eighth day)): Cab of cabinet will be ready next week

    Agency eighth dayAugust 11, 2014

    BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))

    Announced the new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi assigned by the President of the Republic, that the ministerial cab will be ready within the next week.

    Ebadi said in a statement ((eighth day)) that "naming ministers next government will be announced next week, but not accepted for the delay, stressing that the minister will be named on the basis of competence, integrity and history of all people of good candidates.

    He added, We are keen on the participation of all political forces in the next government in order to build a democratic process sober.

    The President of the Republic had commissioned Haider Abadi officially to form the next government as the National Alliance candidate for the presidency of Wazzra.t (AA-19)


    * MAYBE " THIS " WEEK *
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    Tariq Harb: the voting session on the government on September 9

    Tariq Harb: the voting session on the government on September 9

    Mon Aug 11 2014 18:18 | (Voice of Iraq)

    The legal expert Tareq Harb, said the prime minister-designate, Haider Abadi, a period of 30 days to form a government.

    The war in an interview with the site of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUKcc.net), on Monday, 08/11/2014, that the constitutional period, which should form Abadi, during which, the government, ending 30 days after the issuance of the decree of the Republic instructed to, noting that the deadline granted to Ebadi expire on 09.09.2014, and during this period, naming his ministers, and the preparation of the ministerial program of his government, pointing out that it depends on the consensus and nominations blocs, expressing his belief that there is almost unanimous support Abadi of the blocks, and expected success Abadi in the formation of the government during the constitutional period granted to him.

    He pointed to a war that in the event failed to form a government in al-Abadi, or did not impair his cabinet confidence of the House of Representatives, Ffleris Republic, to instruct anyone else to form a government, without the requirement to be a candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc.

    He pointed out that the war meeting of the Council of Representatives to vote on the government, should be next on September 9, indicating that there is no harm in delayed a day or two.

    This was the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, issued a decree today, commissioned by the National Alliance candidate Haider Abadi, the formation of the new Federal Government.

    She explained Member of Parliament for the Green bloc, MP Ala Talabani, in an interview for (PUKcc.net), on Monday, that the President of the Republic issued a decree Republican candidate commissioned the largest parliamentary bloc, a National Alliance to form a government.

    PUKcc ultra Yazidi

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    Secretary-General of Hezbollah in Iraq lines up with NA's step to nominate Abadi

    Secretary-General of Hezbollah in Iraq lines up with NA's step to nominate Abadi

    12/08/2014 09:02:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The secretary-general of the Hezbollah movement in Iraq, Wathiq al- Battat confirmed that his movement stands with the National Alliance's step taken yesterday by assigning Haider Abadi as candidate for a prime minister.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "We stand with the NA's blessed step nominate to nominate Abadi a candidate to head the next government in the light of failure that has been hit-Maliki in dealing with a lot of files, political security."

    Battat added, "We will continue to fight terrorism represented by al-Qaeda and (IS) in order to achieve complete victory for all Iraqis," warning of any maneuver from Maliki to arrest him.

    President Fuad Masum had nominated the National Alliance's candidate Haidar al-Abbadi to form the next government within the constitutional period of one month.


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    Citizen bloc spokesman: There are attempts to persuade Maliki to occupy another post

    Citizen bloc spokesman: There are attempts to persuade Maliki to occupy another post

    12/08/2014 10:13:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The official spokesman for the citizen coalition, Balq Abu Kala said that there are dialogues with ongoing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to persuade him to occupy other positions in the new government.

    He added in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the objectors to assign Haider Abadi are al-Maliki and his team, not all of the state of law also no one of the main leaders objected , Alkhozai, Badr bloc despite not signing a document's nomination of al-Abadi. "

    He said the leaders of the Dawa Party and the coalition of state of law tried to persuade al-Maliki to step down, but he rejected that strongly and rejected any other candidate.

    He said that Nouri al-Maliki has good seats and he can hold any position other than head the next government. "In reference to the position of vice president.

    He added that "Maliki is able to play an important political role in the next stage if he consort with other national powers" ./

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    Ahl al-Haq calls on Iraqis to uphold the unity of Iraq and self-restraint and abide a

    Ahl al-Haq calls on Iraqis to uphold the unity of Iraq and self-restraint and abide and respect the directives of religious Authority

    12/08/2014 11:20:00

    Najaf / NINA / Ahl al-Haq called organization called Iraqis of all religions, sects and nationalities to uphold the unity of Iraq's land and people and miss the opportunity to enemies and restraint and abide and respect the directives of religious authority and to maintain the public interest on private and do not do reactions can cause consequences and drag the country and the people to more worse than it is now.

    He praised in a statement, issued today, the sacrifices of the armed forces in various different forms to defend the sovereignty of Iraq and protect its people, its land and holy places, calling, "the leaders of the army and security agencies to focus on their work and duty in defense of the homeland and say away from the political developments, and leave politics' differences ".


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    US welcomes nominating PM-designate Ebadi

    US welcomes nominating PM-designate Ebadi

    Tuesday, 12 August 2014 10:19

    Baghdad (AIN)- U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday urged Iraqi's Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Ebadi to form an inclusive cabinet "as quickly as possible."

    "Earlier today, Vice President (Joe) Biden and I called Dr. Ebadi to congratulate him and to urge him to form a new cabinet as quickly as possible -- one that's inclusive of all Iraqis, and one that represents all Iraqis," Obama said from his vacation home in Massachusetts.

    "I pledged our support to him," he said, noting that Iraqi President Fuad Masoum's nomination of Ebadi as new prime minister "is an important step towards forming a new government that can unite Iraq's different communities."

    Obama also called on all Iraqi political leaders to work " peacefully" through the political process in the days ahead.

    On Monday, politicians allied to outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki rejected Ebadi, saying he is not representing them and has no legitimacy.

    Summing up U.S. military operations in Iraq, Obama said American forces have successfully conducted targeted air strikes to prevent terrorist forces from advancing on the northern city of Erbil and to protect American civilians there over the past few days.

    "We've stepped up military advice and assistance to Iraqi and Kurdish forces as they wage the fight against ISIL," Obama said, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

    The United States has begun shipping weapons to the Kurdish forces battling ISIL, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters on Monday.

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    85 ISIL terrorists killed, injured northwestern Hilla

    85 ISIL terrorists killed, injured northwestern Hilla

    Tuesday, 12 August 2014 11:50

    Babel (AIN) –The security forces announced killing and injuring 85 ISIL terrorists of northwestern Hilla.

    The Deputy Head of the Security Committee within Babel Provincial Council, Hassan al-Janabi, stated to AIN "The Air Force bombarded the ISIL terrorists in Fadhiliya area of Jurf al-Sakhar district of northern Hilla to result in killing 65 including four leaders and injuring 20 others."



    Security forces kill at least 50 terrorists in surrounding areas of Tuz

    12/08/2014 12:13:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The security forces regained control surrounding areas in Tuz, of Salahuddin after killing dozens of terrorists and burning many of their vehicles.

    A security source said in a press statement today that "the security forces managed to besiege militants in the vicinity of the district and hit them with rockets, mortars and snipers, killing at least 50 terrorists, and burning more than 15 vehicles used for their armed operations against the people."

    He added: "The security forces were able to seize caches of munitions and weapons, which the terrorists left in the district, after three days of continuous fighting" .



    30 militants of the Islamic State arrested in Kirkuk

    12/08/2014 11:59:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The security forces arrested 30 militants from the Islamic State in Kirkuk.

    A security source said in a press statement today: "a special force of the Iraqi army, in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces, carried out a security operation, led to the arrest of 30 terrorists in the Malah village in the province of Kirkuk."

    He added: "among detainees, the leader of the Islamic State in the Malah village, who is responsible for recruiting many of the people of the area called Abdul Razak Aynawi, and his deputy, Sheikh Isa Abd al-Sharif" .


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