Counting economists replace the Iraqi currency by the central bank a strong boost to the local economy moving in the right direction for the country, and argued that the measure goes on the road counterfeiters and Iraqi currency manipulators with banking offices owners called the Iraqi government to accelerate the move, which they considered important in the operations of financial exchanges. Jabbar said Mansour safety's banking office in Baghdad's "long", that "our daily work has become very tired because of the presence of Banknotes forged and dramatically so we had to buy hardware counting currency at the same time,"

He added that the "paper currency currently in circulation have been exposed to rupture and consumption as a result of the large number of handled and move considerable period of time to be printed, causing Tlkaat clear in the process of monetary exchange and commercial banking offices for all local." He explained that the safety of "central bank's move to switch the coin ten thousand valid and serve the Iraqi economy and aspire to switch the rest of the categories in the near future for easy handling of fiscal and monetary between different segments of society." He stressed that "ten thousand new period of rapprochement will need to month so that the citizens get used to it and that is what we have observed at the launch of the new currency for a hundred dollars."He pointed out that "the operations of the local currency switch periodically greatly help in the fight against counterfeiters and the elimination of counterfeit banknotes in addition to making monetary exchange faster without significant financial losses."

The financial expert said Bassem Jamil Anton in an interview for the "long", that "the project of changing the currency is not a new phenomenon, but plans have since years ago and the idea was to include the deletion of zeros in addition to printing new currencies." He added that "the purpose of changing the currency and delete the zeros is to reduce the process of trading in foreign currencies, especially the dollar and rely on a strong national currency and based on the financial balance significantly." Anton explained that "the central bank began to change the category of the ten thousand, and in order to reduce fraud taking place in addition to the launch of new banknotes bearing specifications of high-level security and tamper-proof in the distant future." He said the "paper currency Iraqi consumed during the previous years as a result of their constant circulation other than the economically developed countries where it continues its currency trading for up to 20 years and including the Iraqi individual does not have the culture enough to trading his own money, but by treating classic which is trading paper without the benefit of trading modern banking. "

He stressed that "the money market Iraqi characterized by a lack of counterfeit currency relative to the existing ones in the neighboring countries, which are divided into three types most serious counterfeiting by intelligence agencies and international fraud gangs and mafias in addition to forgery amateur and is least harmful because of the lack of production of counterfeit currency."

He pointed out that "the new banknotes will be printed in the finest presses worldwide and is considered competent leadership of the central bank are planned and implemented for the currency exchange operations in 2003 after the holdings of its cadres and scientific expertise in the disciplines of global finance and economy.

The detection of the CBI that the end of the month will see the launch coin ten thousand dinars Bhltha new, and among the old currency from the category of ten thousand will not be withdrawn from Iraqi markets, confirmed that groups other than the currency of Iraq will be put forms new successively until the end this year.

The central bank said in a written statement for the "long", it was "for the purpose of developing the current series of banknotes Iraqi and increase efficiency, seek the central bank to put the local currency and in a new way and using the finest paper and put the properties of technical and advanced security."

The bank said "the first step will be offered a class ten thousand revamped the end of the month of August current which carried some changes, including changing the image of the Arab world, Al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham to the Freedom Monument, has also been modified dates Islamic and Gregorian to 2014 --1,435 e, as well as that the new paper will be charged signing of the Iraqi Central Bank Governor agency Abdul Basit Turki Saeed.

He said the bank that "the new paper include thread ensure Mhpka in the middle contains the effects Animations changes color from gold to green when the note is tilted, and wrote the phrase (CBI), were also marked advanced security known as (transparent window) in the right corner Top of the face of the paper showing a picture of the minaret Helicobacter when placed on a white background as it appears to the sum of (10000) when placed on a dark background, as the paper contains structures against attempts at counterfeiting cloning, and there is a marker present in the paper, especially for the Blind which is a written opinions horizontal straight in the left from the face of the paper.

He noted the bank to be "from the currency denomination of ten thousand dinars old will not be withdrawn and will continue to trade," noting that "the process of withdrawal will be by dragging the Central Bank of the damaged ones", and make the process of damage it and not to return again for circulation among citizens. "

As for other currencies, which will be put Bhltha new bank noted that "put the rest of the categories of currencies and new forms will be in the coming months and will be completed by the end of this year put forward.