" The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 4 August 2014
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 4 August 2014


    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + NINETY - FIVE ( 95 ) or " E - M DAY + 95 "


    "..... despite the superiority of Maliki’s electoral coalition, the competing Shiite forces, the Kurds and the Sunnis, are together able to form a comfortable majority to prevent Maliki from remaining in office. "......................

    Maliki likely fears that if he rushes to do business with parties outside the Shiite alliance, his Shiite rivals would do the same and that they may have a better chance to win over the Kurdish and Sunni forces, because there is a general consensus among them to not keep Maliki in power.

    At the same time, the rest of the Shiite groups fear that this consensus is not solid enough to withstand discussing the details, and that going alone to the Kurdish and Sunni forces may put them in a weak bargaining position and make them appear responsible for breaking Shiite unity.

    An important factor here are the choices that the Sunni and Kurdish forces will make. If the Sunnis and Kurds rush to form ethnic and sectarian alliances, then the Shiite alliance may do the same.

    Some are proposing scenarios such as replacing Maliki with another figure from the State of Law Coalition as a compromise to ensure the continuation of the Shiite alliance.

    [* a source said in a statement to the Agency ((eighth day)) that there is an agreement semi-final between the U.S. and Iran to take on Ahmed Chalabi as prime minister for the next government as a compromise candidate.]

    Yet, such a solution may come at a later stage, after the favored options by most parties have been exhausted.

    What is certain now is that a harsh negotiating season will [ * HAS ] begin [ * BEGUN ] as the conflict moves from its electoral aspect into the closed negotiating rooms and deals among the elite. - - from al Monitor

    The State of Law coalition has expressed his commitment to the nomination of current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the assumption of office for the third time in a row. "


    Ktlta al-Hakim and al-Sadr refused to renew Maliki's nomination to head the government and call for the coalition to provide irreplaceable

    Thu Jul 17 2014 22:33 | (Voice of Iraq)

    long-Presse / Baghdad

    New coalition al-Hakim and al-Sadr, on Thursday, refusing to nominate the prime minister expired, Nuri al-Maliki, for a third session, while Pena possibility of acceptance of another candidate presented by the coalition, threatened first by resorting to the opposition, revealing the second support the nomination of Adel Abdul Mahdi and Ahmad Chalabi for the post.

    Was Deputy for a coalition of citizen, of the Supreme Council of the Islamic, led by Ammar al-Hakim, to hold the prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, the state third, a "problem" to reject so many components of the National Alliance and other blocs, noting that many of them is the same, will turn to the subject If you do not submit a coalition of state law, an alternative candidate for the post.

    Ali said an inch, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "stuck to the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, the state third, a problem within the National Alliance, could hinder the formation of the government for a long time," adding that "a lot of the components of the National Alliance and other blocs outside reject Maliki's nomination. "

    He added an inch, that "the political blocs could accept another candidate presented by a coalition of state law for the position," noting that "a lot of political blocs, including a coalition of citizens, would prefer to stay opposition if they insisted al-Maliki to head the next government," returned that there are "many figures that can occupy the prime minister runs the country. "

    For her part, the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, rejected the state's third generation, revealing its support for the other two candidates. The MP said the Liberal bloc, F Bureau, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The bloc rejects the state's third generation, and supports the nomination of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, or Ahmad Chalabi to head the new government."

    According to the Court, that "the National Alliance can accept dissector last for a coalition of state law, non-Maliki," returned to "Maliki's insistence on the nomination itself would make him aloof from the National Alliance."

    The president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, new in (the fourth of July 2014 present), adherence to the nomination for a third term, amid worsening opposition to the majority of political forces Therefore, most notably the Sadrists, and a coalition of citizens, and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sunni Arab blocs, as well as a coalition of national leadership Iyad Allawi, to do so.

    It is noteworthy that the National Alliance, a parliamentary blocs, the largest, has failed so far to choose its candidate to head the next government, amid worsening differences between components on more worthy than others in the job, amid confirmation actors in it, the need to undergo a candidate for "compatibility and acceptability" within the coalition in the national space.



    Prime Minister's file is thorny and complex
    24/07/2014 09:30:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Ahrar bloc, Hakim al-Zamili said that talks between the parties of the Iraqi National Alliance to nominate a person for the post of prime minister are still without a result.

    Zamili told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /[SIZE=3] "The file of prime minister is the most important file among other three presidencies," pointing out that "the Sunni political blocs have chosen Salim al-Jubouri as the chairman of the House of Representatives and the Kurdish groups have agreed on a personal as President of the Republic, and remaining file is the post of Prime Minister. "[/SIZE]

    He added: "The name of Prime Minister will be resolved next week, after the religious authority, popular forces and regional and neighboring countries, confirmed the need to resolve this file as soon as possible."

    He said: "choosing prime minister with wide admissibility will be a positive factor towards the calm and solving many problems in the country," noting: "The religious authority was clear in its speech, that the candidate must be accepted nationally, and this does not exist at the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who has problems with the Ahrar and the citizen blocs on one hand, and with the Sunnis and Kurds, on the other hand. "

    He explained that there is more than one character to be a substitute for Maliki in the next phase, from inside the Dawa Party, and the National Coalition has two candidates, Ahmed Chalabi and Adel Abdul-Mahdi, therefore, the process of selecting one of the characters will be a thorny and complex. "



    Officially, Speaker, his 2 Deputy Speakers assume their posts

    Tuesday, 15 July 2014 21:23

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Speaker of the Parliament and his two Deputy Speakers assumed their duties officially.

    The Parliament succeeded in electing Speaker of the Parliament, Salim al-Jebuori, and his first Deputy, Haider al-Ebadi, as well as his 2nd deputy, Aram al-Sheikh Mohamed.


    Iraq parliament elects Kurdish politician Fuad Masum as new president

    KURDISH politician Fuad Masum has become the new president of Iraq, in a step towards forming a new government that visiting UN chief Ban Ki-moon says must be inclusive for the country to survive.

    Fierce fighting ... volunteers who joined the Iraqi army to fight against Jihadist militants of the Islamic State (IS) brandish their weapons as they come as backup at a checkpoint north of Baghdad. Source: AFP

    A June onslaught on Sunni Arab areas north and west of Baghdad, led by the jihadist Islamic State group, has brought Iraq to the brink of breakup, with the government struggling to assert any authority beyond its Shiite power base.

    Parliament elected Masum, who served as the first prime minister of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region more than two decades ago, by an overwhelming majority of 211 votes to 17.

    He had been almost guaranteed the job after Kurdish parties struck a late-night deal to support him.

    Under an unofficial power-sharing deal, Iraq’s Kurds traditionally get the post of president.

    The move could pave the way for a deal on the much more powerful post of prime minister.


    Chalabi: all political blocs signed a national coalition that requested the block elder

    Baghdad newspaper of integrity

    Coalition leader said citizen MP Ahmed Chalabi, a national coalition to sign parliamentary blocs as the largest bloc.

    Chalabi told reporters, "we have a request from the first meeting of the Parliament aatiar the national coalition is the largest bloc, signed by both blocs."

    He said "some heads blocks National Alliance (Ziya al-Asadi, Ahmad Chalabi Baquer Al-Zubaidi) met with Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jubouri to inform him of their declaration that they are the largest bloc".

    He was speaker of the House of Salim Al-jubouri, said today that "the Constitution is clear in explaining the larger parliamentary bloc combined within the Parliament."

    He said that "the parliamentary bloc with the largest number of seats, and the Constitution was careful to use the word Parliament is formed after the House of representatives at its first meeting".

    "We are going back to the old Mahdi Al-Hafidh as if it had received a request from the State of law bloc, for he was Moderator exclusively back then."

    The President said the House "label greatest mass determined in accordance with the Constitution and there is dialogue between the National Alliance and State of law coalition and the President will meet with a number of political leaders after I finished for me," he said.

    The President of the Federal Court judge, Midhat al-Mahmoud, the biggest parliamentary blocs that formed the Government in 2010 itself would constitute Ministerial cab in 2014.

    Attorney for the State of law Coalition, Hussein Al-Maliki, said today, "the State of law Coalition had received the Federal Court as a parliamentary majority by Nouri al-Maliki remains a candidate for Prime Minister."

    The National Alliance was revealed on July 12 that the State of law coalition has applied to the Federal Court to inquire about the biggest bloc of seats in the new Parliament, noting that "the demand made in isolation from the National Alliance."



    The President of the Republic: the national coalition is the largest bloc and not state law

    Agency day 8 :
    July 26, 2014


    Source in Baghdad said on Saturday that the President of the Republic, Fouad Massoum, contained a request by outgoing Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, provides for the Declaration of a State of law bloc, the largest in Parliament, has the right to form the next Government.

    The source added that "the infallible confirmation receipt with reacted formal letter from the Presidency of the House of representatives provides for the Declaration of the National Alliance, the largest parliamentary bloc, and it is adopted in the formation of the next Government, not state law."



    Article 76:

    First: The President of the Republic shall charge the nominee of the largest
    Council of Representatives bloc with the formation of the Council of Ministers
    within fifteen days from the date of the election of the President of the Republic.

    Second: The Prime Minister-designate shall undertake the naming of the members
    of his Council of Ministers within a period not to exceed thirty days from the date
    of his designation.

    Third: If the Prime Minister-designate fails to form the Council of Ministers
    during the period specified in clause “Second,” the President of the Republic shall
    charge a new nominee for the post of Prime Minister within fifteen days.

    Fourth: The Prime Minister-designate shall present the names of his members of
    the Council of Ministers and the ministerial program to the Council of
    Representatives. He is deemed to have gained its confidence upon the approval,
    by an absolute majority of the Council of Representatives, of the individual
    Ministers and the ministerial program.

    Fifth: The President of the Republic shall charge another nominee to form the
    Council of Ministers within fifteen days in case the Council of Ministers did not
    win the vote of confidence.


    * The Prime Minister-designate shall present the names of his members of the Council of Ministers and the ministerial program to the Council of Representatives. He is deemed to have gained its confidence upon the approval, by an absolute majority of the Council of Representatives, .............; and,

    * so there would not be a vote upon the PM designate per se, but upon the ministers the PM designate chooses to seat ; and,

    * absent a vote of confidence by the Parliament on the PM and his government ( Council of Ministers ), by the majority, then the President may charge a new nominee.


    Jaafary: INA, biggest bloc not SLC

    Sunday, 27 July 2014 13:54

    Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafary, assured that the INA is the biggest bloc and not the State of Law Coalition headed by the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki.

    Speaking to AIN, he said "The INA is the biggest bloc and not the SLC," noting that "The biggest bloc was not named during the first parliament session where we released a statement in the presence of the representatives of the INA including the SLC."



    Badr Organization declares its commitment to the decision of the National Alliance for the prime minister post

    Mon Jul 28 2014 23:32 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad - where

    Announced the Badr Organization, led by Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri, its commitment to the decision of the National Alliance for the post of prime minister.

    He said the first deputy secretary general of the Badr Organization, Abdul Karim Younes, told all of Iraq [where], "The National Alliance, previously was the biggest blocs in the last session in 2010 and is now the largest bloc in the current session."

    In response to the invitation of reference for the selection of the best and not to cling to positions, Yunus said that "there is a fundamental point for the selection of the elements of the government positions, is that available to have an element Ulkipa experience and sincerely to the people of Iraq," explaining that "the reference was not directed her words to someone Maliki particular they are always talking in general, and not particularly calls to the interests of the country. "

    He added that "there is a mechanism within the National Alliance for the selection of figures for the positions taken by the coalition government and we are bound by the mechanics of it," adding that "with the opinion of the organization, which calls for the reference to be there figures efficient and able to run the country properly."

    The supreme religious authority, Ali al-Sistani called for the formation of a new government within 15 days and not to cling to office officials have formed, in reference to the insistence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the third term in the presidency.

    The Web site of the Office of the supreme religious authority Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani, the official said, "Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, a certified top Shi'ite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, said during a Friday sermon in Karbala [110 km south of Baghdad] need to form a new government within a period of time not to exceed duration Constitutional amounting to 15 days, and not to cling to their positions by the officials, "in an apparent reference to the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who insists on running for a third term.

    And rejects most of the members of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Federation of Iraqi forces Maliki's nomination for a third term and looking to provide the National Alliance candidate for prime minister for being the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz38pQmgO00

    * The following is a reference to the " by-laws " of the NA which I have been referencing, "there is a mechanism within the National Alliance for the selection of figures for the positions taken by the coalition government and we are bound by the mechanics of it," . *


    " Unlike the procedures for electing the president of the republic (for which a separate law with elaborate procedures exists) the nomination of the Iraqi prime minister is governed entirely by the Iraqi constitution. As a result, the selection of the prime minister candidate is arguably the most sensitive and unpredictable stage of the Iraqi government formation process. " http://gulfanalysis.wordpress.com/20...new-president/


    " ... it is for the new president to identify the largest bloc and ask its PM candidate to form the next government. Whereas the pan-Shiite alliance has declared itself the largest bloc repeatedly, there is a case to be made that as long as it does not have an agreed PM candidate it doesn’t exist in a way that is interesting to the Iraqi government formation and that the State of Law bloc of PM Maliki – whose candidate is Maliki – is the biggest bloc. It is being reported that Masum will meet soon with the Shiite alliance to clarify these things. Unless a PM candidate emerges, Maliki could legitimately complain to the federal supreme court that Masum is wasting his time with a non-existent political alliance. http://gulfanalysis.wordpress.com/20...new-president/


    " The biggest bloc in the Iraqi parliament that also has a PM candidate is currently State of Law, whose candidate of course is Nuri al-Maliki. Members of this bloc, including Maliki himself, are now explicitly demanding the right to form a government, separate from the rest of the putative pan-Shiite alliance. Unless a bigger bloc comes up with a candidate before the constitutional timeline for PM nomination expires on 8 August (or a few days later if holidays are counted), President Fuad Masum has a constitutional duty to charge Maliki with forming his third government, regardless of whether he has a realistic chance of reaching an absolute majority when he presents it to parliament for approval or a second attempt by another candidate will be needed. " http://gulfanalysis.wordpress.com/20...ouble-in-iraq/ http://gulfanalysis.wordpress.com/20...ouble-in-iraq/

    and A COMMENT FROM VISSER RE : PM"S. Question : All names that given or promoted or some western suggestions made about them I believe have similar if not same Maliki problems.
    RV, do you agree with this?

    In your view is there away Iraq could get new face as PM instead iof these lingering four or five names?

    Answer ( Visser ) : I don’t see any sudden surprises here. Tareq Najm is the least known of the 4-5 names that recur (others being Abd al-Mahdi, Chalabi & Shahristani) and some will possibly give him the benefit of doubt compared to the others. With Abd al-Mahdi I would expect a return to CPA-era politics (“governing council”) with no clearly defined centre of power. Chalabi and Shahristani also lack substantial party bases but would likely be more prone to try to repeat the Maliki model of centralising power, probably with little success though.

    and HAKIM SAYS :

    National Alliance bloc: signals indicate a decline Maliki for adhering to a third term

    Tue Jul 29 2014 13:58 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Twilight News

    She said the Supreme Council of the Islamic bloc, led by Ammar al-Hakim on Tuesday that there are positive signs on resolving the crisis to provide the National Alliance candidate for prime minister include the lack of adherence to current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's nomination for the post.

    A member of the bloc Mohammed al-Rubaie for "Twilight News" that "there are positive signals from a coalition of state law may lead to end the crisis put forward a candidate as prime minister by presenting an alternative candidate for the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki."

    He said al-Rubaie, said that "blocks the National Coalition stressed that the post of prime minister of a coalition of state law share the Coalition to submit a candidate acceptable to all the political blocs."

    And settled Sunni and Kurdish blocs in Iraq, the positions of the presidents and the House of Representatives during the last two weeks while still Shiite blocs in continuous negotiations to end the crisis to provide an agreed candidate.



    Citizen Bloc confirms the continuation of the dispute within the National Alliance on candidate for prime minister

    02/08/2014 09:24:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the Citizen bloc, Aziz al-Ugaili confirmed "continuing disagreement within the National Alliance on the candidate for the post of Prime Minister, pointing out that" the State of Law coalition is still insisting on its candidate, Nouri al-Maliki. "
    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The leaders of the National Alliance will hold an important meeting during the next two days to reach a consensus on the National Alliance candidate for prime minister, in order to go to the meeting of the Council of Representatives, which will be held on Tuesday, with one candidate."

    He explained, "The State of Law coalition still adheres to Nuri al-Maliki as its candidate for the prime minister, noting that there are more than one candidate within the National Coalition, who are Ahmed Chalabi, Adel Abdul Mehdi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari."

    He pointed out that "the religious authority in Najaf confirms on the national acceptance of the candidate by all parties of the National Alliance, Kurds and Sunnis, so the next government to be consistent and strong to serve the country."



    MP: the National Alliance will name its candidate to head next government on Monday

    02/08/2014 09:00:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / the MP, of the Ahrar bloc, of the Sadrist movement, Mithaq Al-Mozani said, "the National Alliance will name, on next Monday, its candidate for the next prime minister among its five candidates."

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the consultations of forces of the National Alliance are continuing to reach an agreement on its candidate to head the next government, adding that it has been reached an agreement to name the current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, as Vice-President of the Republic."

    He added that "the most likely candidates to head the next government are Hussein al-Shahristani, Adel Abdul-Mehdi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and next Monday, one of them will be named."

    He explained that "the next session of parliament on Tuesday will name the National Alliance as the largest bloc and the president will assign its candidate to head the next government."

    It is mentioned that sources pointed out that the State of Law withdrew the nomination of its boss Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki to head the next government, which considered by some sources within the state of law, untrue

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 4 August 2014

    Investment opportunities in Iraq are large and need to be international effort

    8/4/2014 0:00

    Stage a new work for the National Business Council

    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb while looking Iraq for a way out of the challenges faced by the process of economic development highlights the need for the international effort Advanced, which in turn needs to be a safe environment and are able to absorb capital and advanced technology, and represents the international effort major international companies active in construction and reconstruction, investment and the sights, heading towards Iraq, which is the front-runner offer job opportunities are many and great, here highlights the question of the most important elements of the attraction of this effort?

    Answer came from a member of the Iraqi National Business Council Abdullah al-Jubouri, in answering the question: "morning" on the decline the desire of companies to invest in the country despite the availability of such great opportunities reported, saying that the legislation governing the process of investment and of the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, and which is one of the most important investment laws in the region to be a magnet president for global companies, but this is not enough unless it is accompanied measures simplistic to implement this law, which collides with some applications and disability.

    Attractive environment and added Jubouri that second requirement is how coordination between the government departments concerned with investment to create an attractive environment for businesses and international capital, and to find radical solutions to the intersections occurring between departments, which constitute a major reason for the reluctance of the investment process in country. pointed to the importance of the availability of infrastructure such as bridges and highways, telecommunications, industry, along with the flexibility to complete transactions, including help in facilitating the implementation of investment projects in all regions of the country, which needs a large number of projects in the most productive and service sectors, and this requires initiating the implementation of projects in the infrastructure infrastructure first.

    Global companies and pointed out that the security aspect is one of the most important elements of attracting international investments, especially that most of the global companies focused on the availability of security and stability to come to the heads of their funds to the sector, which is located within the specialization, pointing to the existence of companies have Atercz at this juncture a lot and have a The ability to work in environments that do not have the stability of a senior security because of economic feasibility in this case be large and this enhances the rates of profit for those companies that come with capital and advanced technology to the country.

    The big companies often stay does not prefer to work with this principle, but are looking for a safe environment because it does not want to risk their own money. Accounts and Audit regarding the latest stressed Jubouri on the importance of activating the role of accountants and auditors and the adoption of the best ways adopted internationally in this area through the promotion of this segment, which lies under important not to allow any case of manipulation associated with operations implementation of investment projects, where the world has witnessed great development in this area requires that tends to work towards communicating with this effort and move to the country through the involvement of Mhaspina in developmental courses within the global centers specialized. single window either in the subject window One has Jabouri said that it requires to activate this subject and make it of investment incentives by finding formulas ideal for her work over the representation of all stakeholders in their work and are treated within this circle without reference to the institutions concerned and that is achievement within a short period of Atthagl the shoulders of the investor and the dispersion of activity .

    National Business Council and touched on the topic in a very important respect actively Iraqi National Business Council at the stage of a new business after it became a Platform for Action and the internal system, and focus on the orientation towards the international effort to find real partners of foreign investors to operate in Iraq, referring to the quest to overcome all obstacles that limit the presence of the international effort in the country and will be for its members a more active role in the next stage of the national economy. , and concluded by emphasizing the importance of the work on the transfer of successful international experiences of regional and international, who has lived are conditions approach to what is going through the country and was able to access from the circle of reluctance Economic and became Today influential economies in the global arena.

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 4 August 2014

    Propose mechanisms to reduce import random

    8/4/2014 0:00

    Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi phase requires access to a market economy to find a mechanism of cooperation between the related government departments and the Ministry of Commerce to achieve real support to the private sector and a reliable partner in economic development through the coordination of efforts in relation to the types of imports.

    Comes at a time confirmed the company Public exhibitions and business services need to cooperate relevant authorities to provide accurate studies of the need and the market digested substances that fall within the competence of sectoral. confirmed researcher economic state just need to study the market to curb the indiscriminate import and application of the mechanisms of successful imposition of a state of balance between import and what can be produced locally to provide large sums of money can be employed in the areas of reconstruction or directed to Mikhaddm development process realistically.

    She just told (morning) that there are large amounts borne by Iraq due to his Bastiradat variety to cover the shortfall in national production and meet the needs of the market, pointing to the existence of imports governmental organizations (Kmvrdat ration) or imports business carried out by the private sector in both cases, the large proportion of this money go in this direction. , and pointed out that the requirements for entering the market economy system should be deliberate and not random, as is the case now, stressing that the cooperation of the ministries and government departments is required to implement mechanisms concerning the application of the law to protect Iraqi products No. 11 for the year 2010.

    Was the General Company for Trade and business services reported earlier that the Ministry of Agriculture has a coordinate with the company in the field of importing food and agriculture as the sector responsible for it as well as the possession statistics on domestic production is consequently led to the achievement of self-sufficiency in certain agricultural crops. called researcher ministries to coordinate with the company being granted import licenses as well as its responsibility and its role in supporting the economy of the country through its commitment to the introduction of good materials and goods according to standard specifications. Indicating that the company has contributed to the reduction of indiscriminate import of goods lousy.


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    Deputies to the National Alliance reckon "breaking the" head of government within the

    Deputies to the National Alliance reckon "breaking the" head of government within the constitutional deadline

    Sun Aug 03 2014 23:49 | (Voice of Iraq) long-Presse / Baghdad

    Confirmed deputies representing several blocks to the National Alliance, on Sunday, that knot head the government is still "insurmountable," especially in light of stuck a coalition of state law, the nomination of the Chairperson, Nuri al-Maliki, for the post, while Benoit and there are at least four replacement figures are admissibility national as this has a "positive effect" on the ground, swung to postpone the next session of parliament, for one day, if not consensus on a candidate, with the need to adhere to the constitutional deadline set for it.

    The MP said the Reform Movement, crescent Sahlani, in an interview with the newspaper (range), "The resolution of the candidate for prime minister within the National Alliance is a little difficult," and expressed his hope to "put up a consensus candidate and one representing the components of the National Alliance are all over the constitutional deadline" .

    He Sahlani, that the "coalition of the rule of law is still officially sticking to the candidate through the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, which led to the complexity of the situation," returned that there are "many personalities able to fill the prime minister and to address the deterioration of security and other crises in the country."

    He favored the MP for the mainstream, which is headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, to "be able to components of the National Alliance of resolving the issue of the candidate for prime minister in the eighth of this August, being the last day deadline constitutional, in the absence of reaching a solution in the parliament session, next Tuesday, (the fifth of August 2014 Current), revealing the "reservation blocks within a coalition of state law on the renewal of the owners for a third."

    According to the leader of the Bloc reform, that "the National Alliance will hold a meeting before holding a pivotal crucial parliamentary session to discuss the candidate for prime minister," pointing out that "the components of a coalition of state law are not compatible Maliki's nomination to head the next government."

    The Sahlani, that "the National Alliance is committed to calls religious authority in Najaf on non-cling to power, and therefore, it is necessary to provide the candidate before the fifth of this August," and continued that "Parliament grub its one day in the absence of agreement the National Alliance candidate for prime minister" .

    And on the names of candidates of the National Alliance, rather than al-Maliki, said MP from the Reform Movement, said that "most notably Adel Abdul Mahdi and Tariq Ahmad Chalabi and the star and Ibrahim al-Jaafari," expected "put other names during the next term."

    For his part, head of the parliamentary bloc of virtue, Ammar Tohme, in an interview with the newspaper (range), said that "the resolution of the National Alliance candidate for prime minister will be at the meeting to be held during the next few hours."

    According to Tohme, "The meeting will be devoted to discuss the status of a specific mechanism for choosing the head of government, taking into account the timings constitutional commissioned by the candidate of the largest number for prime minister, which will expire on the eighth of this August," returned to "the circumstances of the country makes it imperative for the National Alliance to accelerate in the selection of a candidate for the presidency of the national government has the admissibility as this has a positive impact on the ground. "

    He called the head of the parliamentary virtue, blocks the National Alliance to "submit their candidates for prime minister for a discussion in the meetings that will be held during the coming hours."

    And on the leading candidate to fill that position, MP for the Islamic Virtue Party, that "most notably Faleh al-Fayad and Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari as well as Nuri al-Maliki," pointing out that "the choice of the National Alliance candidate requires a quiet atmosphere to find a solution on according to a certain mechanism to be agreed upon" .

    Pedroh said a member of the parliamentary bloc of Badr, Mohammed al-Bayati, in an interview with the newspaper (range), "The National Alliance needs more time to develop a common vision and agreed on its candidate for prime minister."

    He suggested al-Bayati, the "yield the next few days for the National Alliance was able to resolve this issue in accordance to certain personal."

    The Kiedian in coalition Hakim, confirmed on Saturday that the "rigidity" head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, to run for prime minister, another to resolve the National Alliance candidate for prime minister, because the majority of the blocks that fall in alliance "totally rejects" due to lack of enjoyment of admissibility of the Interior and the National They showed that the negotiations continue to resolve the issue as "frameworks quiet" in order to ensure the withdrawal of his candidacy and offer an alternative to him, in response to the directives of the religious authority, while revealed the Liberal bloc that al-Maliki looking for "assurances not to be held accountable legally on what happened during the previous period" compared to withdraw his nomination to head the government, and part of that is giving him "an official website no matter what."

    The President of the House of Representatives, Salim al, decided in (the 24 of July 2014), lifting the fourth session of the parliamentary session, the fourth, the fifth of August now, after the vote on the candidate of the Kurdistan Alliance, Fuad Masum, as president of the Republic of Iraq.

    As decided by the House of Representatives, last week, the formation of committees, one is concerned with the adoption of a temporary budget, and oversees other relief to the displaced after a wave of displacement experienced by the country recently.

    And wait for the Council and one of the thorny issues, required of the largest parliamentary bloc, in preparation for the President of the Republic entrust its candidate to form the next government, which is still an ongoing debate on the subject, between the National Alliance, the coalition of state law.


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    The House resumes sessions tomorrow

    The House resumes sessions tomorrow

    04/08/2014 09:12:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The House resumes its sessions on Tuesday, July 5 after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which lasted more than two weeks.

    The rapporteur of the parliament, Niazi Maamar Oglu told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The session on Tuesday will see the biggest bloc in charge of determining nominate its candidate to head the next government, in addition to discussing the recommendations of the committees of the displaced and the general budget."

    He added that "the House of Representatives would request the Supreme Federal Court to determine the biggest bloc in order to nominate a candidate for prime minister and form a new government."

    He explained that " on Tuesday's session the House will also discuss the recommendations of the parliamentary committee on the displaced people and alleviate their suffering and will also discuss the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance on general budget."

    The head of the House of Representatives, Salim al-Jubouri had adjourned the session of the House of Representatives in the twenty-fourth of last month, to Tuesday, August, after electing Fuad Masum as president of the Republic.


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    Jaafari meets with Masum

    Jaafari meets with Masum

    04/08/2014 09:34:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / Iraqi President Fuad Masum discussed with the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the security and political affairs in the country.

    A statement by the Office of the head of the National Alliance cited that "al-Jaafari visited President Fuad Masum, at his residence in Baghdad yesterday evening, and discussed with him the security and political affairs in the country."

    The statement added that "during the meeting, they also discuss the complete electing of the remaining national posts of the selection of the Prime Minister, and the formation of the next government.".


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    Parliamentary source: National Alliance will announce its candidate for prime ministe

    Parliamentary source: National Alliance will announce its candidate for prime minister from the state of law exclusively

    04/08/2014 10:06:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A parliamentary source said that the National Alliance will announce its candidate for prime minister during the next two days.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The National Alliance will announce its candidate for prime minister in the next couple of days and the candidate will be exclusively from the state of law. He added: "It has been agreed, within the National Alliance, to be the prime minister candidate from the state of law exclusively and he will be announced and voted upon at Thursday's meeting of the House of Representatives.


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    A Judge kidnapped in Kirkuk

    A Judge kidnapped in Kirkuk

    04/08/2014 11:18:00

    Kirkuk / NINA / Witnesses said that members of the Islamic State stormed the house of an investigating judge in the Hawija Court and took him to an unknown destination.

    Eyewitnesses said that the militants of / IS / kidnapped Sabah Suleiman al-Jubouri after they raided his home in Hawija, west of Kirkuk.


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    Yezidis : A Human Tragedy

    Yezidis in Europe Appeal for Help against Islamic Militants in Iraq
    By Deniz Serinci

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Yezidi Kurds across Europe condemned attacks by the militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) on their towns in northern Iraq and the displacement of thousands of families.

    “I am very concerned,” said Dawood Pasha Khalaf from Sweden, whose family lives in Shengal, where Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are locked in intense counteroffensives to recapture that town and Zumar, which fell to the IS early Sunday.

    “The ISIS takes women, and people have fled to the mountains without food or drink,” said Khalaf.

    The fighting west of Mosul has reportedly displaced tens of thousands of civilians and caused “a human tragedy,” the top UN official in Iraq said, as a dozen people were already reported dead from hunger and illness.

    As IS fighters overran the town of Shengal on Sunday, local residents fled towards the Kurdistan Region while many took refuge on a nearby mountain.

    Isolated from all help and rescue, hunger and thirst took their toll on the escapees on the arid mountain. By the end of the day on Sunday 15 people had died and were buried nearby.

    Yezidis in Denmark and Germany are planning demonstrations to call attention to the plight of their people in Shengal and Zumar, who are especially targeted by the militants for their different religious beliefs.

    Gulla Khalaf, a Yezidi in Denmark, told Rudaw she was concerned for her family who fled after the town fell to the militants. She said some relatives were captured by IS, and that one family member was killed on Sunday and two wounded.

    “In addition, my cousin and her nine children fled to the mountains, where they do not have water or anything,” said Gulla. “They will not risk going to the city because ISIS is there.”

    Hadi Shingali, a well-known Yezidi singer in Germany, said the situation of his people “is like a nightmare.” He called on European Kurds to mobilize against the IS. “We will not just sit and watch!”

    Delberin Khalaf, another Yezidi from Shengal now living in Germany, said he did not want the Yezidis to suffer the fate of Iraq’s Christians, whose communities have been decimated by persecutions, killings and emigration.

    “Before ISIS slaughtered Christians; now it is our turn,” she told Rudaw. “We must, through demonstrations, make the world aware of this.”

    The spokesperson for the Yezidi Spiritual Movement, Hadi Babasheikh, told Rudaw that the situation of the Yezidis “is getting worse and worse.”

    He added that many Yezidi women have been taken hostage and sexually abused by the Islamic militants.

    Babasheikh said he had met with the US and British consuls in Erbil on Monday, urging them to come to the rescue of his community.

    Mir Tahsin Beg, the spiritual leader of all Yezidis around the world, called on Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani on Monday to allow Yezidi youth to join the fight against IS.

    “I sent a message to President Barzani and asked him to open doors to recruitment so that Yezidi Kurds can take up arms,” he told Rudaw by phone from Germany.

    Beg called on the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the international community to stand by the Yezidis.

    “The Yezidis live in a terrible situation and we want to change that,” he said. “We want the Peshmerga to come to the area and rescue us from this bitter situation.”

    “The ISIS is destroying the people. They behead children and take our women,” added Beg, who is in Germany for medical treatment and had an operation last week.

    Rojin Khalil Sileman returned to Germany from Shengal last week.

    “I have sat in front of the TV and the phone all day,” lamented Sileman, who has a brother who is a Peshmerga and involved in the fighting.

    “People tell me that they cannot take it anymore; even our holy sites are attacked.”



    Hundreds of Missing Yezidis Feared Dead, says Village Chief

    By RUDAW

    Elias said that unless help reaches them soon “the lives of 10,000 Yezidis on the mountain is at grave risk.”

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—A tribal chief said he is deeply worried about the fate of more than 2,000 Yezidi villagers who were believed to have returned to their village on Sunday after receiving assurances from the Islamic militants.

    Khalaf Elias, chief of the Issa clan said that local Arabs had told him that the Yezidi families had returned to their village of Wardi, but that he wasn’t sure of their fate or whereabouts.

    “Through local Arabs the ISIS asked the Wardi village chief to let his people return to their homes and that they will be safe,” Elias explained. “They returned and now their fate is unknown.”

    Elias who has taken refuge on a rocky mountain with hundreds of other Yezidi families told Rudaw by phone that the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had captured and taken away more than 50 Yezidi families.

    “What I know now is that all those families have been killed,” he reported.

    Elias said that unless help reaches them soon “the lives of 10,000 Yezidis on the mountain is at grave risk.”

    According to this tribal chief, the Islamic militants who advanced into Zumar, Shangal and other Yezidi villages have an official decree to annihilate the Yezidi population of the region.

    “Thousands of Yezidis are stuck on this mountain and the ISIS can come to them at any moment,” he said. “We don’t have any weapon to defend ourselves.”

    On Sunday afternoon thousands of Kurdish Peshmerga forces were dispatched to the frontline at Shangal, armed with advanced weapons.

    Anwar Haji Osman from the Peshmerga Ministry said that their forces will soon deal the ISIS “a deadly blow,”

    “This is not only talk, people will see it for themselves soon,” he said.



    The Islamic State execute two Yezidi families for refusing their demands

    04/08/2014 11:50:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS) executed two families of the Sinjar district for refusing the demands of the (IS).

    A source in the district said in a press statement today that "the terrorists of the Islamic State set up a court at the central of Chenkal area and put two options to the Yezidis Kurds to convert to Islam or being murdered, adding that the two families were executed after refusing the demands of the Islamic State."

    He added that "The organization blew up a number of shrines in Senjar, including the shrine of Sheikh Sharaf al-Din and a place of Sayeda Zeinab, and there are fears that the organization would blow up a number of other shrines, especially shrines for Kurds Yezidis and Shiite shrines in addition to the Sunni mosques."

    It is mentioned that "Sinjar district is one of the areas outside the boundaries of the Kurdistan region, with a population of approximately 500 thousand citizens."



    Hordes Displaced by Fighting Near Mosul; UN Calls Situation ‘Human Tragedy’

    By RUDAW

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Fighting between Islamic militants and Kurdish forces west of Mosul has displaced tens of thousands of civilians and caused “a human tragedy,” the top UN official in Iraq said, as a dozen people were already reported dead from hunger and illness.

    Meanwhile, the United States said it had joint operations centers in Erbil and Baghdad, which were helping the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Kurdish Peshmerga commanders by sharing intelligence information in the fight against the Islamic State, the group variously referred to as IS, ISIS or ISIL.

    “I call on all Iraqi authorities, civil society and international partners to work with the United Nations to ensure the delivery of life saving humanitarian assistance,” said Nickolay Mladenov, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq.

    “I also call on the Kurdistan Regional Government to ensure that those civilians fleeing the violence are facilitated entry to the Kurdistan Region in order to receive protection and humanitarian assistance,” he said in a statement, calling the situation “a human tragedy.”

    As IS fighters overran the town of Shengal on Sunday, local residents fled towards the Kurdistan Region while many took refuge on a nearby mountain.

    Isolated from all help and rescue, hunger and thirst took their toll on the escapees on the arid mountain. By the end of the day on Sunday 15 people had died and were buried nearby.

    “I myself participated in burying 10 children and five elderly, and many children are in bad health,” a local resident told Rudaw.

    “Some of those we buried we only covered with rocks. We didn’t have any tools to bury them properly,” he regretted, adding that people were beyond exhaustion and urgently needed food and water.

    Fighting between the Peshmerga in Shengal and Zumar has escalated since Saturday, with Peshmerga fighters equipped with newly-arrived advanced weapons went on the offensive to recapture the two towns.

    US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki condemned the IS attacks and the displacement of civilians.

    “We are gravely concerned for the safety of civilians in these areas, including the vulnerable minority communities who for years have been targeted by ISIL and its progenitor, al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI),” Psaki said in a statement, referring to Kurdish Yezidis who have been facing persecution by the militants for their different religious beliefs.

    “We deeply regret the displacement of innocent civilians and mourn the loss of life from recent fighting, including from the ranks of courageous Kurdish Peshmerga units who have been fighting to defend these areas,” Psaki’s statement said.

    It added that, “The United States is supporting the Iraqi Security Forces and Peshmerga Forces working to defend these areas against ISIL. Our Joint Operations Centers in Erbil and in Baghdad are sharing information with ISF and Peshmerga commanders.”

    The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said that close to 300,000 civilians from Shengal and Zumar had fled in the past 48 hours and headed for the safety of the Kurdistan Region, the only secure portion of Iraq.

    Dindar Zebari of the KRG depart of foreign relations said the government has set up a special team to aid the refugees in coordination with the UN and other aid agencies.


    Yezidi Religious Tradition http://www.yeziditruth.org/yezidi_religious_tradition
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    Iraqi House Speaker Meets With The US Ambassador in Iraq

    Iraqi House Speaker Meets With The US Ambassador in Iraq

    04/08/2014 12:46:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / Iraqi House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri discussed with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Robert Beecroft, the latest political and security developments.

    A statement by the Office of the President of the Parliament, issued today, said "the two sides discussed the latest developments on the political and security scenes in Iraq, and ways of cooperation for the sake of convergence of views between the political parties and speed up the completion of the constitutional requirements within the specified timelines."

    The two sides, according to the statement, also discussed ways of strengthening relations between the two countries in the light of the strategic agreements.


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