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Thread: Stonewalling

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    BGG, we've seen this a million times before. They try to get rid of Maliki and he refuses to go. They delay meeting after meeting, hoping to find a way to remove him, but he refuses to budge. The pattern is beginning again. What will change to get rid of him this time? Will it be any time soon? Or should we just get used to being stuck with him until...? This is so frustrating!

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    Re: Stonewalling

    What I don't understand is, the National Alliance is supposed to be the largest bloc now, and they were supposed to bring forth a candidate, or candidates, to vote on instead of Maliki. It seems that if they did that, it wouldn't matter what Maliki and the SLC core want, he would be voted out, period. Also, the number of MPs was even fewer than the first meeting. Who isn't showing up and why? How can they defeat Maliki if they don't all even bother to show up? I'm not being rhetorical, I'd like to know your thoughts, BGG.

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