Mass change: no problem with the Kurds to take over the presidency of the Sunni

Wed Jul 09 2014 18:41 | (Voice of Iraq)

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Kurdish confirmed the mass change, Wednesday, that the Kurds do not have a problem to take over the presidency of the Sunni, while suggesting Astratgia year will be an ally of the Kurds if offered guarantees.

The MP for the Bloc Serwa Abdul Wahid in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "It must Kurdish component that deals with Baghdad and the next prime minister on the basis of solving the outstanding problems and not on the basis of a person", stressing the need to "come the person for the job has the audacity in solving the outstanding problems. "

She said Abdel Wahed that "talking about taking the year presidency is premature, but the Kurds have no problem to take over a year this position," pointing out that "the year will be an ally Stratgia for a response if offered guarantees to dissolve threads of Article 140 and the oil and the Peshmerga."

The Kurdistan Alliance in the new (Fourth of July present) adherence to assume the position of President of the Republic and not waived, stressing that the Kurds will not accept the post of chairman of the parliament in exchange for ceding the presidency.

While considered a member of a coalition united to repair unit Jumaili in (the fifth of July present) that there is no justification to wait for the candidate for the presidency of the Kurds as're going to secede, as called for granting my presidency of the Republic and the Parliament of the component against the Sunni prime minister to give the Shiite component.

The mass of the "Union of the national forces" announced in (the fourth of July 2014) for the formation of a sub-committee shall visit the Kurdistan region to deal with the Kurdish leaders on the position of the presidents and deputies, pointing out that the agreement provides for giving the Kurds the presidency of the parliament, rather than the Republic.

Now I maybe wrong but did I read this last paragraph correctly that the Kurds are being offered the Presidency of the Parliament (PoP = Prime Minister) rather then the President of the Republic?