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    Iraqi mentality

    As I see it the Iraqi people esp the leaders of the tribes and parliamentary members act like children and need spoon feeding but on one has a spoon to feed them. They simply do not understand democracy, how it operates and what can be achieved, and why should they as they have never had it. The USA stuffed them by putting in place a PM who, as stated some time ago by I think a reporter, could not run a nursery school and only wants what is good for him and his band of thieves.
    They, the parliamentary members, simply do not comprehend that they can now use the power of the vote to vote in the people who can and want unity and change and still don't really care what is happening to their people and why should they, they have their political position and pay. Civil war is now the only option and that is exactly what Maliki wants and needs to stay in power. We are years away from anything happening re the RV and no one on this earth can push it along. No matter what we are told and read on sites we just do not comprehend and understand the mentality of these people.

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    Re: Iraqi mentality

    And so what is your reasoning for posting this Keith? Are you bored? How about this... Sale me your Dinar and walk away. If you are so frustrated walk away. Read the news. Stop listening to gurus. There is a lot going on in Iraq right now that is positive to this investment that you don't even know about because you don't so your homework.

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    Re: Iraqi mentality

    OK, so if anyone posts comments that are all not good and forecasting an RV any day now no one wants to listen or hear what is fact. Look at FOX and CNN and see what they are saying. It is also fact and reported that Parliament will not reconvene for a month. Is that good news???? If people only want to hear good news and it will happen tomorrow then you go to a site we all know well. I am in fact undertaking masses of homework and I no longer listen to so called guru's. Trouble is some people just don't want facts they just want to hear tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. I want and need this just as much as the next person, in fact more so. I would suggest to listen to reported news as well as any other contact you may have. Other than parliament members being sworn in there is not much good news. FACT.

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    Re: Iraqi mentality

    Who on this site has been saying it's happening tomorrow? I have followed this side and it's people for years and ALL I have ever read is opinions based off of news articles that come from multiple locations, trying and put together the best possible understanding of what is happening. All any of the people behind this sites function have ever tried to do is help other understand that is transpiring in this investment. I also believe I just read an article that state that they will reconvene on Sunday due to Parliamentary pressure. Honestly I'm not sure why I am writing a response to your comments when it just appears like you are having a frustrated few days/weeks or even months but if you are doing your on homework you will come to your own conclusions and make you own decisions. That is the best way to go about any investment. It is your right to be frustrated, but writing something that reads like your trying to spread that frustration to others really isn't a good way to go about your research. It's not about being only positive but about being constructive and spreading frustration to others for frustrations sake isn't constructive.

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