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    I have just listened to the 6.30 PM GMT CNN news report and they had a special 30 min briefing on Maliki. I cannot believe what I heard. CNN are reporting that Obama is stating that he will support Iraq with air strikes on selected target only if MALIKI forms a new and inclusive government......MALIKI!!!! CNN are themselves also still stating Maliki is PM and has to sort out the government to progress. Not a single word of election results. Someone has got all this information so very wrong, the IQD community, world press or international nations who still state MALIKI is there to stay.
    I just cannot come to terms the ignorance of the press not even mentioning the election results or being aware there was even an election. It goes to show we are only told what others think and believe we should know.

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    You have to realize that the media knows that the average American is limited on their knowledge of any given subject. Even if Maliki is out he's not officially out yet. No need to bore us with details. Also, Obama said what CNN reported last Friday, most media outlets are habitually late on their reports.

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