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    World news

    Does it not seem very strange that the world news agencies are totally ignoring the election, forthcoming results and the fact the Maliki should be out and who is in the running to take over. I just cannot believe their ignorance! To add to this it is clear Maliki called, in secret, Iran and asked for help just days before the election results to save his arse. For these few rebels to take over so much against what could have been the whole Iraq army stinks and yet no comment from the world news. WHAT IS GOING on with them.

    MY GOD 9.30 GMT and a reporter just made comment on SKY NEWS to the fact of the election results!!! Cannot believe it. We should all come together to make this known and our disgust of a free and so called balanced press.

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    Re: World news

    Stay tuned to Dinar Updates for news and chatter updates. Much of what is being reported is slanted and unbalanced. It will come together soon enough.

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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