State of Emergency!!
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Thread: State of Emergency!!

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    State of Emergency!!

    Hello All,

    BondLady just posted that terrorists have taken over parts of Iraq. They have come into Iraq from Syria.

    The Kurds' pershmerga army and the Baghdad army are fighting the terrorists.

    I think MALIKI has something to do with this!!

    If a state of emergency IS declared, will the RV NEVER happen?

    Thanks so much for your input!

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    Re: State of Emergency!!

    cjk711 -- I think you ask a question that no one is really able to answer.

    Early this morning our newshound chattels was posting article after article on the unrest in Iraq. You can review the news articles starting on page 1, here:

    Stay tuned for more news updates as they're posted ... and drop by the blog, the chatroom or chat log, and millionday's thread for commentary and discussion on news everyday here at Dinar Updates! I see you posted your question in millionday's thread as well.

    bgg's blog and

    milliondday thread


    chat log

    mona lisa
    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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