60868 It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + THIRTY - SEVEN ( 37 ) or " E - M DAY + 37
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Thread: 60868 It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + THIRTY - SEVEN ( 37 ) or " E - M DAY + 37

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    60868 It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + THIRTY - SEVEN ( 37 ) or " E - M DAY + 37

    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + THIRTY - SEVEN ( 37 ) or " E - M DAY + 37


    " ..... despite the superiority of Maliki’s electoral coalition, the competing Shiite forces, the Kurds and the Sunnis, are together able to form a comfortable majority to prevent Maliki from remaining in office. "...................... Maliki likely fears that if he rushes to do business with parties outside the Shiite alliance, his Shiite rivals would do the same and that they may have a better chance to win over the Kurdish and Sunni forces, because there is a general consensus among them to not keep Maliki in power.

    At the same time, the rest of the Shiite groups fear that this consensus is not solid enough to withstand discussing the details, and that going alone to the Kurdish and Sunni forces may put them in a weak bargaining position and make them appear responsible for breaking Shiite unity.

    An important factor here are the choices that the Sunni and Kurdish forces will make. If the Sunnis and Kurds rush to form ethnic and sectarian alliances, then the Shiite alliance may do the same.

    Some are proposing scenarios such as replacing Maliki with another figure from the State of Law Coalition as a compromise to ensure the continuation of the Shiite alliance. Yet, such a solution may come at a later stage, after the favored options by most parties have been exhausted. What is certain now is that a harsh negotiating season will begin as the conflict moves from its electoral aspect into the closed negotiating rooms and deals among the elite. - from al Monitor

    Generally, all are " waiting for the National Alliance to name its candidate, formally , to start negotiate with him. "

    and TODAY,

    UN Security Council calls on politicians to work to strengthen the unity of Iraq and accelerate the formation of the government

    06/06/2014 20:31:00

    Baghdad / NINA / UN Security Council called on Friday all political entities in Iraq to work together to strengthen Iraq's national unity, sovereignty and independence and accelerate the formation of a government that represents the will of the people.

    A statement by the UN Security Council today said that the members of the Council received a briefing on the situation in Iraq by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and expressed support for his difficult and important work in Iraq, and to continue providing aid by the United Nations in support of the people and the Iraqi government.

    Members of the Security Council commended on the Independent High Electoral Commission for elections, and Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi people, candidates and coalitions on running their successful elections despite ongoing security challenges of terrorist groups, particularly the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

    Members of the Security Council called on Iraq's leaders to "engage as soon as possible to form a government that will represent the will of the Iraqi people and sovereignty.



    Virtue of the Ameri: We have no red lines on any candidate from the National Alliance for prime minister

    Fri Jun 06 2014 12:15 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Sumerian News / Baghdad
    Stressed the Islamic Virtue Party, on Friday, it does not specify the lines of red on any candidate from within the National Alliance for prime minister, while stressing the need to accelerate the formation of the government according to the periods specific constitutional, the Secretary-General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri political blocs to participate in the government or stay in opposition.

    The Virtue Party, in a statement issued today, following a meeting secretary Hashim al-Hashimi with a delegation of the Badr Organization, headed by its Secretary-General Hadi al-Amiri, and received "Alsumaria News", a copy of which, "The views were very close on the reference of the National Alliance as a reference political," noting that Islamic Virtue Party "has no red lines on any candidate from within the National Alliance for prime minister."

    He called for "the importance of expediting the selection of the prime minister within the National Alliance to accelerate the formation of the government in accordance with the specific constitutional periods."

    For his part, Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri "necessity cemented unit of the National Alliance and offer the prime ministerial candidate of the inside being the largest bloc," adding that "the political challenges necessitate more dialogue and understandings between all parties to shorten the time required for the formation of the government."

    He demanded Ameri political blocs to "real participation in government and to take responsibility or to stay in the opposition and play the role that you think that the interests of their constituents."

    The Minister of Justice and leader of the Islamic Virtue Party, Hassan al-Shammari was considered, in (26 May 2014), that the National Alliance is to decide Maliki's nomination for a third term or not, warned of a repeat of the scenario in 2006 when he forced the Shiite alliance to change its candidate for prime minister.

    It is noteworthy that a number of political blocs, recently announced its entry into the State of Law coalition led by al-Maliki, which block the competencies and the masses and mass solidarity and mass loyalty to Iraq and coalitions of Nineveh and Salahuddin, bringing the number of seats the coalition 99 seats, while the source revealed that the number of seats a state law increased to 112 seats.


    *** The Virtue Party is, I believe, the " Fadila " bloc ( SIX SEATS ) in the results of the election posted by Visser in his May article, The Iraq Elections Result: Maliki’s Complicated Win

    Posted by Reidar Visser on Monday, 19 May 2014 21:23
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    60869 Karbala: the opening of three new projects in the Women's Hospital and Altolibd

    sczin11: More Hospital Improvements

    Friday June 6, 2014 - 12:19

    Karbala: the opening of three new projects in the Women's Hospital and Altolibd

    Opened by the local government in Karbala, three new projects have been implemented in the women's hospital and Altolibd to increase the services provided to patients.

    Said Dr. Sabah Nour Hadi al-Moussawi, Director of Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital told Nun news reporting, "the governor of Karbala opened building feeder patients and food safety, which means the patient's diet and equipped with the latest ways to complete the food is good."
    And Assaf, "also opened the conservative wing of the building complementary private room and the other room has a private patient rooms and a number of administrative wing of your own."

    He pointed to the director of the hospital, said that "was also opened heavy water plant project in the Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology at the time, who briefed the governor on the rest of the completed projects as a house doctors and paving roads and hospital Krajha talk."
    He said al-Moussawi said the projects is one of the important projects and it is vital particularly concerned with inmates hospital directly. Noting, "equipped building feeder and food safety one of the most important projects completed with the latest tools and the origins of the world in order to provide better service to the patient."

    He continued, "also was the opening of the private wing of the building to become a total number of rooms 16 rooms are furnished and equipped with all comforts, after it was eight rooms."

    He stressed, "This increase in the rooms comes as a result of the broad popularity on the wing by private citizens because of the medical and nursing care and services that they find in our hospital.

    He concluded, "As has been the opening of the station to collect heavy water for the hospital and is equipped with machines of German origins of where this station to collect heavy water coming from the hospital and the liquidation of these machines this water and returned to the hospital for use in washing and irrigation only."

    For his part, Akil Turaihi governor of Karbala to the reporter and Kalhnon, who attended the opening ceremony that "Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics in Karbala became one of the hospitals typical in Iraq, after it was in the former Club labor was converted in time because of the lack of buildings and the difficulty of obtaining land for the construction of hospitals." .

    Revealing, "The work is underway by a Turkish company to set up a hospital and a companion special Balencaúah generating capacity of 300 beds."


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    60870 Iraq plans to buy 12 aircraft training Czech

    sczin11: 12 AIRPLANES PURCHASED from CZECH

    06/06/2014 10:22

    Iraq plans to buy 12 aircraft training Czech

    Baghdad / follow-up the obelisk: A source in Prague, on Friday, that Iraq will buy 12 Czech jet training aircraft, "the 159" originating from the Czech army surplus, under a contract signed between the Iraqi government officials and the company "Aero Foduchoda" to aircraft manufacturing.

    A spokesman for the group, "a daughter," the owner of the company Martin Danko, in a press statement, "it was the signing of a contract for the sale of 12 aircraft of the 159 between the Iraqi delegation and Aero Foduchoda."

    He explained that "the implementation of the contract still requires the approval of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech and authenticate the Iraqi government," pointing out that "Baghdad will take delivery of these aircraft by September next year."

    Danko added that "Iraq wants to receive (the planes) at the earliest", refusing to comment on the information expounded the Czech press about the cost of the contract.

    And require the Iraqi air force aircraft to receive training in preparation for the first batch of fighter jets, "F-16" in the U.S. next September.


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    60871 Japan financing projects in iraq

    sczin11: Japan financing projects in iraq

    Iraq looking with Japan infrastructure financing

    June 6, 2014

    Praised Mr. Thamer Abbas Ghadban head of the advisers in the Prime Minister's partnership agreement signed between Iraq and Japan to promote and accelerate the implementation of infrastructure projects and economic development in Iraq.

    Anger praised the efforts made in the completion of a number of projects, especially ports and rehabilitation project, which will be celebrated in the month of July to accomplish the next, as well as the opening of three bridges in the city of Samawah, before the end of this year Sttbahma other projects next year.

    During the meeting with the Japanese Embassy and the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation JICA)), in the presence of representatives of the UNDP UN UNDP)), to discuss future projects nominated for funding across the country and the various economic sectors and infrastructure, have also been discussing the problems and obstacles facing the implementation process and develop appropriate solutions her.

    The Japanese Agency for International Cooperation funded 20 projects to support infrastructure projects in Iraq, which include electricity, water, oil, ports, sanitation and irrigation, and funded by the soft loan of more than (4.4) billion dollars under the supervision of the advisers to the prime minister.


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    60872 For the third time .. Sistani refuses to receive the envoy Abdel Halim al-Malik

    * From a Friend *

    For the third time .. Sistani refuses to receive the envoy Abdel Halim al-Maliki Zuhairi

    BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Informed sources in the city of Najaf refused to religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, receiving envoys from the prime minister of the outgoing file to discuss the formation of the new government.

    A source in the form of the holy shrines in Najaf that reference Ali Sistani rejected three visits to the envoys of al-Maliki, including personal adviser Abdel Halim Zuhairi the past two weeks.

    The source, who requested anonymity, said that the Office of Protocol your Repertory Sistani told not to receive any government delegation at the moment, as well as the rest of the religious authorities and explained the source of such a move as a rejection of the third term of the owners, especially with the fear of the reference held responsible for the failure of government and exacerbate political problems after blessing the second term of the owners, in the recent period. "

    He noted that the Shiite "determined position of talks to form a government with two points, namely: a government that includes all Iraqis does not exclude anyone, and then change the status quo to understand the words of some politicians as a clear call for change and refused to give al-Maliki's mandate ministerial third.

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    60879 Norwegian company announces increase of oil production of l Tawke field in Kurd

    Norwegian company announces increase of oil production of l Tawke field in Kurdistan Region.

    05/06/2014 14:53:00

    BAGHDAD / Nina /-- DNO International Norwegian firm, announced intention to increase production of brut oil from Tawki oil field in Kurdistan Region to 200 000 barrels per day.

    The company confirmed, according to the web site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan , "the production of 120021 barrels per day from Tawke field last May ," adding the intention to increase production to 200 thousand barrels per day by the end of the year.

    The source noted having sold about 60 percent of what have been produced onMay in the domestic market , while 40 percent is shipped by pipeline to export from Fichabour ."


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    60880 The United Leadership Cargo on Hold Due to US Pressure

    The United Leadership Cargo on Hold Due to US Pressure

    By RUDAW

    The Moroccoan port of Mohammedia.

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—The United Leadership oil tanker, a symbol of a long-running disagreement between Baghdad and the KRG over oil sales rights, loaded one million barrels of Kurdish crude on May 22 and has according to many international reports changed course twice abruptly without discharging the oil onboard.

    It has been reported that the oil tanker finally sailed to a refinery at the Moroccan port of Mohammedia, but it has been kept in international waters, waiting over the last two days without being allowed in to discharge.

    Sources close to the diplomatic and government circles in Erbil and Baghdad expect that the latest holdup has resulted from the behind the scene pressure, exerted by some anti-KRG officials within the US State Department, on the international oil buyers and traders, and also some believe on the Moroccan port authorities.

    If this behind the scene US move proves to be the case, it means that the State Department has now openly moved away from its self-claimed friendly- to -all – neutral - position, and have taken Baghdad’s side against KRG’s interests. This is a big change and no doubt would disappoint and anger Erbil, and could lead to further escalation of the conflict. Furthermore, this policy shift could create even more difficulties with the formation of a new government in Baghdad.

    Some of the diplomatic sources who have been contacted by Rudaw say that it is ironic that the State Department has not uttered a word against Baghdad for illegally cutting KRG’s entire budget, nor have they made any clear demands on Baghdad to pass the revenue sharing law as required by the constitution, yet the same officials have been too quick to criticize KRG’s oil export policy, and now they are also regrettably using their weight to assist Baghdad in this constitutional oil battle.


    and / but

    Turkish Energy Minister: Kurdistan stored oil in the port of Ceyhan mounted to 2.8 million barrels

    06/06/2014 19:03:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said on Friday that the oil reserves of the Kurdistan region stored in the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean amounted to 2.8 million barrels.

    The Turkish Energy Minister said in a press statement that the oil is flowing through the pipeline of Kurdistan at a rate /100/ thousand barrels per day, and the second shipment of Kurdish exports have not been loaded yet.

    The Kurdistan Region had exported its first shipment of crude oil transported through a pipeline via Turkey, last month to Germany and Italy.

    *** Somebody needs to get the story straight. "

    and, the latest ;

    Morocco expels ship loaded with oil from Kurdistan

    Date Published: Saturday, June 7th, 2014

    It seems that the attempt to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq's autonomous, like independence in the sale of the first shipment of crude oil have failed for the second time in two weeks after the Moroccan authorities ordered the tanker to leave its territorial waters yesterday.

    And carried the tanker «United for Adrchib», a symbol of the long-standing dispute between the Iraqi government Federal in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the rights of the sale of oil, one million barrels of crude oil from the region on May 22 last heading to Europe and changed direction abruptly twice without unloading its cargo.

    The official said a large body Captaincy in Moroccan ports that the tanker was prevented from docking in the port of Mohammedia on the Atlantic coast near Casablanca and departed at the request of the Moroccan authorities, and is now in international waters, about 34 nautical miles from the coast of Morocco. She said «we do not have to say whether they would return to port. If you get the necessary permits Vestrso in the port of Mohammedia and otherwise would not dock ». An informed source said that Iraq immediately request to obtain confirmation of the oil company, the Moroccan government and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Energy in Morocco that it will not allow the tanker unloaded its cargo of oil.

    On the other hand, warned Italy where oil traders face the prospect of legal action if bought Iraqi oil shipments from the Kurdistan region. And sent the Italian Ministry of Industry on Wednesday a message to traders and refiners warning them that the Iraqi government informed the Italian Embassy in Baghdad that Kurdish oil sales that are illegal and may face sanctions from the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO).

    The letter, obtained by the agency «Reuters» a copy of yesterday «Sumo reserves the right to take legal action against the buyer of such shipments». (Capitals - Reuters)

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    At Erbil Citadel, UNESCO Wants to See More of Ancient Past

    At Erbil Citadel, UNESCO Wants to See More of Ancient Past
    By Judit Neurink


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    Stryker / WMAWhite analysis

    Stryker / WMAWhite analysis

    Iraq Goes International July 1, Will The Dinar?

    Connecting the Dots all the way to Article VIII

    By connecting these dots we have turned the dinar community right-side up!

    Up until now the Gurus have had people so upside down they couldn’t see straight, many have lost everything because of these people calling the RV week after week, month after month, year after year but now there is a real time frame and a clear understanding of events that have taken place without rumors and unnamed sources being involved.

    This break down is intended to help understand our thoughts through the written word but please watch the broadcast to get a further understanding straight from wmawhite and myself.

    April 30, 2014 Elections were held in Iraq

    May 2, 2014 Abdul Basset Turki, acting governor of the Central Bank of Iraq makes a public statement that includes the follow quotes:

    QUOTE: "The central bank will proceed without hesitation to apply the project raise zeros from the local currency in case settled political and economic situation of the country."

    QUOTE: "the implementation of such a project needs to arrange all the accounts and records of the Iraqi state before starting any move to change the status of the currency and the way that provides a smooth flow of work and maintain the price of the currency in the local market where traders of manipulation."

    QUOTE: "talk is not only about the lifting of the zeroes where the currency change will rearrange the entire government records and change the accounts that deal with public spending,"

    QUOTE: “the project to delete the zeros of the central bank governor said that the new measures will be there by the middle of this year, the bank raised about the new currency and the deletion of zeros”

    Why did he come out 2 days after the elections were held, before any results were given and make such a bold statement? Because there is a clear agenda and this agenda of events will became even clearer as you continue reading.

    May 17, 2014 Obama extends EO 13303 for another year even after CBI governor Turki had already stated that they did not need any more protection of Iraqi assets. Why was it extended then? Because Obama could not write his own Executive Order to amend something he did not write in the first place (EO 13303), written by George W. Bush May 22, 2003 and terminate the Prohibitions under it until he first extended it.

    May 17, 2014 U.S. Department of the Treasury sent this bulletin at 05/27/2014 05:35 PM EDT entitled: Issuance of New Iraq-Related Executive Order to OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)

    Who is OFAC and what do they do?

    OFAC administers a number of different sanctions programs. The sanctions can be either comprehensive or selective, using the blocking of assets and trade restrictions to accomplish foreign policy and national security goals.

    See OFAC has been the ones that are in charge of enforcing the economic sanctions and now they have been notified that the prohibitions have been terminated:

    QUOTE: “The President signed an Executive Order (E.O.), “Ending Immunities Granted to the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Iraqi Property and Interests in Property Pursuant to Executive Order 13303, as Amended,” terminating the prohibitions contained in Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003”

    Terminating the Prohibitions, meaning that all financial prohibitions that have prohibited Iraq from conducting their own financial transactions have been lifted. Iraqi is now free to re-enter the world markets. Banks worldwide are now able to conduct financial instrument transactions, transfer companies may now be approved to work directly with the CBI, Article IV and Article VIII of The Article of Agreements should now be completed or sOoN will be.*

    Article IV: Obligations Regarding Exchange Arrangements

    1. General obligations of members

    2. General exchange arrangements

    3. Surveillance over exchange arrangements

    4. Par values

    5. Separate currencies within a member’s territories

    Article VIII: General Obligations of Members

    1. Introduction

    2. Avoidance of restrictions on current payments

    3. Avoidance of discriminatory currency practices

    4. Convertibility of foreign-held balances

    5. Furnishing of information

    6. Consultation between members regarding existing international agreements

    7. Obligation to collaborate regarding policies on reserve assets

    May 27, 2014 Obama signs an Executive Order Amending EO 13303

    QUOTE: “I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, I hereby terminate the prohibitions contained in section 1 of Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003”

    Here is exactly what section 1 of EO 13303 says, pay close attention to the keywords that I have highlighted:

    I (George W. Bush) hereby order:

    Section 1. Unless licensed or otherwise authorized pursuant to this order, any attachment, judgment, decree, lien, execution, garnishment, or other judicial process is prohibited, and shall be deemed null and void, with respect to the following:

    (a) the Development Fund for Iraq, and (B)*all Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products, and interests therein, and proceeds, obligations, or any financial instruments of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to the sale or marketing thereof, and interests therein, in which any foreign country or a national thereof has any interest, that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of United States persons.

    * Unless licensed: as in dinar dealers and other institutions

    * is prohibited: self-explanatory*

    * any financial instruments of any nature whatsoever: as in Iraq’s currency or any other financial instrument

    *that hereafter come within the United States: currency, gold or any other assets

    *hereafter come within the possession or control of United States persons: that’s you, me and anyone holding Iraq’s financial instruments (Iraqi dinars) or any financial instrument whatsoever.

    See we and the dinar have been protected under this order and why Canadians, Australians and others have bought their dinars through dealers here in the states.

    But when Turki pulls the trigger for Iraq to go live all banks that want to deal in Iraq’s currency will be good to exchange worldwide.

    Up until now we have traded USD for dinars or whatever currency you used to buy your dinars.

    Soon though we will be able to exchange our dinar for any currency through banking institutions now that OFAC has or will be removing all financial sanctions.

    Can you see where this is going? On June 27, 2013 Chapter VII Sanctions were released and moved to Chapter VI under UNAMI making Iraq a non-threat to the international community but OFAC still had the prohibitions in place because of EO 13303 and Iraq could not play with the rest of the world in the international market place until these were terminated as well. The next move is for OFAC to remove these sanctions!

    May 28, 2014 Central Bank of Iraq approved all licensed currency transfer companies. Only one day after EO 13303 was amended through a new executive order, coincidence?’

    Not at all, see the agenda must be followed. This further proving these financial instruments in the form of the Iraqi currency that were held at bay by the OFAC should soon be able to be traded anywhere.

    Not yet though, these companies must first complete all the necessary paperwork, open accounts both in USD and Iraqi dinars, deposit 20% of their capital to insure and guaranty their transactions that they will be making and of course the CBI needs to announce to the world their new monetary system, moving them away from this dual currency regime and into a more standard international way of doing business.

    One more thing, here is the verbiage that is very telling from the new executive order and proves that all assets will be released returned to the Central Bank of Iraq, not the GOI and have been held in prohibition by OFAC prohibited to be used for anything until now and why they have not been used to back the real value of the dinar.

    QUOTE: BARACK OBAMA: I hereby report that I have issued an Executive Order (the "order") terminating the prohibitions contained in section 1 of Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, as amended by Executive Order 13364 of November 29, 2004, on any attachment, judgment, decree, lien, execution, garnishment, or other judicial process with respect to the Development Fund for Iraq and Iraqi petroleum, petroleum products, and interests therein, and the accounts, assets, investments, and other property owned by, belonging to, or held by, in the name of, on behalf of, or otherwise for, the Central Bank of Iraq.

    Folks, the CBI is in charge of the monetary system, their main goal is to maintain and increase the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. To increase the purchasing power of the Iraqi people through assets belonging to the Iraqi people, not their government.

    This is declared and noted by the Iraqi Constitution. The frozen assets, petroleum produced and non-produced oil which are held in reserves underneath their feet belong to the people of Iraq and such will be used by the CBI to bring back the wealth as it was before the zeros were added.

    Article III of the Iraqi Constitution: Oil and gas are owned by all the people of Iraq in all the regions and governorates.

    This is why the Executive Order reads as it does: Iraqi petroleum, petroleum products, and interests therein, and the accounts, assets, investments, and other property owned by, belonging to, or held by, in the name of, on behalf of, or otherwise for, the Central Bank of Iraq.

    Now who is in charge of the Central Bank and who made such bold statements 2 days after the elections took place? That’s right, Abdul Basset Turki, the acting governor of the CBI, the man in charge of the exchange rate of the dinar.

    OK, let’s recap it all: All financial instruments have been terminated by the new executive order, OFAC should soon, if not already release all financial sanctions worldwide on Iraq.

    All assets that are estimated at somewhere between, $150-$180 billion dollars will now be released back to the CBI and Turki, the man in charge of the CBI is saying all measures will be in place by middle of this year. That sums it up or does it?

    Not quite, when could we see this take place?

    Well July 1, 2014 ISX goes international:

    QUOTE: The Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) is currently in the process of upgrading to the latest Nasdaq trading platform after signing an agreement with Nasdaq OMX in June 2013. The new platform, currently used by more than 25 exchanges globally, is capable of supporting multiple asset classes, although the ISX concentrates mainly on cash equities.

    QUOTE: “We will complete the implementation at the end of June, and it will go live at the beginning of July,” said Taha Ahmed al-Rubaye, chief executive of the ISX.

    Turki said that all measures will be in place by the middle of the year, that’s Monday June 30th and July 1st starts the second half of the year. Turki said that the central bank will proceed without hesitation to apply the project raise zeros from the local currency in case settled political and economic situation of the country.

    Political: There are articles showing that a new government made up of 200 parliament deputies will be announced right after the ratification of the ballots, which is do any day now. This should settle the political situation Turki is looking for.

    Economic: Settled economic situation he is talking about we believe is OFAC releasing back to the CBI all the Iraq’s wealth and that is a major part of the measures Turki refers too.

    The other part is the 2014 Budget but there are signs that Parliament will expedite the passage once the ratification takes place, insuring what Turki needs to settle the remaining economic conditions.

    He said that the implementation of such a project needs to arrange all the accounts and records of the Iraqi state before starting any move to change the status of the currency.

    This will take the budget passage to complete accounting and record keeping or at least the new exchange rate predetermined within it.

    In finishing, all monetary system changes and exchange rate announcements or made over the weekends and are announced to the world on the opening of international banking on Monday mornings by any Central Bank. We have five Monday’s in June the last one being Monday the 30th and July 1st being on a Tuesday, just saying.

    A special thank you to wmawhite for helping connect the dots...

    More Added:

    The average Iraqi makes $6,500 per year

    They don't have millions of dinars saved

    The CBI refers to it* -* has a delete the zero project

    Numbers and pay will be deleted of these zeros as well

    Raise the purchasing power by three zeros doesn't mean the Iraqi's get rich

    People need to stop thinking about this like it is about you, it is about them

    We are investors of their currency, as such we will be exchanging ours back for dollars or what ever currency you have in your country.

    An Iraqi will be using their dinar and stop using the USD for everyday things and really will just see it when they buy something, their money goes much further...

    Supporting Links:

    Letter: Ending Immunities Granted to the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Iraqi Property and Interests in Property Pursuant to Executive Order 13303, as Amended


    Issuance of New Iraq-Related Executive Order


    Executive Order 13303


    Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund


    Issuance of New Iraq-Related Executive Order


    Executive Order 13303


    Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund

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    Re: At Erbil Citadel, UNESCO Wants to See More of Ancient Past

    TLAR ~

    Maliki has made 2 passes saying he will step down if he is granted immunity. Obviously both were rejected. He cannot win. The way to get rid of him overnight is for the SOL to pull his nomination. Either they do it quickly or as a party they are done. If they hold their position M will be rejected and then he is done. The heads of the SOL are only hanging on out of fear it is their last bargaining chip for immunity. Iran saying no no no finishes any hope they had. Checkmate M. Its the gallows for you. The next two days will be fun as we will probably witness the disintegration of his government and most likely the abandonment of his nomination by the SOL. If the SOL does get rid of him I believe the CBI will move on the currency quickly meaning the last week of this month. They to are sort of backed into a corner to move on this because of all the changes that need to take place in their stock market. Either way I think by the middle of next week we will see M out if not before.

    ~ Tlar

    More: http://dinarupdates.com/observer/

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