I'm confused again with the ISX
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Thread: I'm confused again with the ISX

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    I'm confused again with the ISX

    [shunshine] To be one the Nasdaq,does not their currency have to be of value?

    [tlm724] shunshine no it doesn't per se

    [tlm724] they can continue at this rate but imo they won't for long

    [Crash] it has a little bit of value
    So does the dinar have to have a reality rate or does it not? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: I'm confused again with the ISX

    My understanding is that yes the ISX can go live tied into the NASDAQ at their current value, but the classification of the currency would have to change to being internationally recognized. See the currency does have a value, it is just an imposed value. What we are wanting is for it to go to a reality value based in accordance to the internationally excepted currency calculation used by the IMF,WTO and International Central Banks.

    The situation with the ISX being networked with the NASDAQ and thus other International Trading Centers, is that if this takes place while the ISX stocks are valued based on the imposed rate those stocks will be vastly under valued when pared next to already traded stocks on those international trading sites. Also it was mentioned by Tlar I believe, that all stocks that are traded on the NASDAQ must have a specific minimum value or higher to be traded on that system, so the ISX (Iraqi) stocks at their present value based off the imposed rate would largely fall well under that minimum value and be classified as penny stocks and thus not be able to meet the minimum requirements to be traded on the NASDAQ or most other International Trading Platforms.

    I hope it's ok that I tried to help with the question being asked, just trying to help people try and understand what appears to be taking place with the ISX.
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    Re: I'm confused again with the ISX

    I believe if you read the article, it says the ISX is doing a software install, not going international.


    "The Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) is currently in the process of upgrading to the latest Nasdaq trading platform after signing an agreement with Nasdaq OMX in June 2013."

    Check the article out, it does not say ISX is going international, it says the software is used in 25 countries, not that they all trade across Nations.

    Also, just because the ISX is using this software does not mean you can trade one of their stocks, the Iraqi stocks will not be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

    Just my opinion.

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