" The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014

    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + SIXTEEN (16) or " E - M DAY +16 ".

    The countdown to election day is over. Will Maliki be evicted ? The coming days will be telling. First, we await the tabulation of votes, challenges and appeals * must run their course, and then we should have a certification of the results and know which cluster received a plurality of the vote.

    * The Electoral Commission received more than 1,900 complaints on election

    Thu May 15 2014 21:17 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Twilight News

    Announced the Electoral Commission for elections, on Thursday, for Tzmlha more than 1,900 complaints on polling and public sectors and the displaced.

    The deputy chairman of the Board of Commissioners Kata Zobaie for "Twilight News", "The number of complaints which reached the Commission vote to private and public Displacement and exceeded the 1900 complaint," adding that "there are four of commissions to scrutiny."

    He pointed out that Zobaie "yellow scrutinize complaints by the Audit Committee in each province and sends the minutes of the audit to the Board of Commissioners."

    She stressed the Electoral Commission for elections before the days of its response to the more than 900 complaints made during the legislative elections for not violating the instructions of the Commission.

    The parliamentary elections were held in 30 of the last month with the Commission called for political parties to take its own procedures after recording violations of the "big" on the electoral process.


    Electoral Commission: counting and sorting operations will end on Saturday or Sunday next

    Thu May 15 2014 17:55 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    Announced the Electoral Commission for elections, said Thursday that the process of counting will end on Saturday or Sunday next, as indicated it had received 73 new complaints of Kirkuk province.

    A member of the Board of Commissioners in the Commission Kolshan violin in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The Commission has received 73 new complaints of Kirkuk province, has been the formation of a committee to go to achieve the province to check them out."

    Kolshan added that "the number of complaints received by the Commission arrived at the 1943 complaint, including 106 red have been considered," arguing that "the large number of complaints following the announcement of results of the elections."

    Kolshan confirmed that "the counting and sorting operations will end on Saturday or Sunday of next week," likely "the results were announced during the one day next week."

    The Electoral Commission announced on Wednesday (May 14, 2014), the response of a number of complaints yellow, green and red after the classification and verification, confirmed that the Council continues to resolve the file complaints.

    The Electoral Commission announced that, in (12 May 2014), the number of complaints from reaching the 40 complaints yellow and green 72 complaint, while the total number of complaints red one complaint, asserting a number of them responded after investigation.

    It is noteworthy that many of the political blocs began to expect victory in parliamentary elections vast that took place in the capital Baghdad and other provinces, in the (April 30, 2014), against the backdrop of the preliminary results received from the observers, to start movements expanded in order to form alliances to enable them to get the proportions of seats high in the Parliament.


    National: Allawi got 250 thousand votes in Baghdad and not to fraud and breaches we got first place

    Thu May 15 2014 19:05 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    Announced that the national leadership of the coalition victory Allawi, on Thursday, the head of the coalition, Iyad Allawi got 250 thousand votes in Baghdad, while considered that the actions and violations that accompanied the electoral process prevented her coalition to get first place in the capital.

    Said Allawi, in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The president of a coalition of national Iyad Allawi got 250 000 votes in the capital, Baghdad, in spite of not having Allawi militias and inform only its popular base," asserting that "without the actions of fraud and breaches of conditions of security in some areas accompanied the electoral process got the first place in the capital. "

    Allawi accused the head of the electoral administration at the Electoral Commission Miqdad Sharifi to "control all the joints of the Commission of the introduction of data centers and other relatives, and set it."

    The head of the National List of Iyad Allawi announced earlier on Thursday, he was the first winner of the parliamentary elections in Baghdad, while accused the election commission of "not independent", stressed the need for peaceful exchange of power.

    While considered leadership of the coalition of state law, Hanan al Allawi told that "reflects a state of collapse and unbalance," indicating that the preliminary results indicate that the state law is in the lead in all the provinces.

    It is noteworthy that many of the political blocs began predicting victory in parliamentary elections vast that took place in the capital Baghdad and other provinces, in the (April 30, 2014), against the backdrop of the preliminary results received from the observers, to start movements expanded in order to form alliances to enable them to get the proportions of seats high in the Parliament.


    News articles report that the foregoing will take about three (3) weeks and after May 25. **

    ** Iraqi political blocs mislead with leaks on election results

    On Iraqi social media, charts showing the results of the parliamentary elections that took place on April 30 have gone viral. The results are even being circulated by some news agencies and television channels. The Facebook pages of the members of political blocs and parties that participated in the elections are also rushing to post the results.

    A number of Iraqi politicians and political blocs have used social media for what they claim are leaked election results from last month’s parliamentary elections.

    The members of the State of Law Coalition, led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, have been making more of these early announcements through their media statements than others. However, the figures announced by the politicians have mostly seemed inaccurate.

    The media officer of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC), Aziz al-Khaikani, told Al-Monitor, “The figures circulated by the media and posted on social networks about the victory of one entity or the other are mere predictions, and the IHEC has nothing to do with them.” Khaikani added, “The announced results are merely the political blocs’ own judgment.”

    He also called on the political entities to wait for the official results of the elections, which the commission will announce in an official statement at the end of May or early June.

    " After the conclusion of national elections, the Iraqi constitution stipulates that the CoR ( Council of Representatives / Parliament ) will vote for senior positions in the Iraqi government, including the President, the Prime Minister and his deputies, and the cabinet. Although each CoR ( Council of Representatives / Parliament ) member contributes an individual vote, in practice this voting occurs only after an agreement has been reached among the senior leaders of the political groups, invoking party loyalty and voting discipline thereafter. The selection of the cabinet requires an absolute majority of the CoR ( Council of Representatives / Parliament ) members’ votes (165 votes). In the final negotiations over government formation, even small groups can play a decisive role if they are able to provide the last few votes a governing coalition needs to clear this constitutional hurdle. "

    REMEMBER, ............... Following the last election the new parliament opened on 14 June 2010 after the election on March 7th. Iraq set a record for the longest period of time without a government which lasted for about ten (10) months.


    READ " Can Maliki stay in power despite election losses? " AT http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=65945

    " The Iraqi Constitution says that the election of Iraq’s President should take place before the Prime Minister is chosen. The President needs to be chosen by a two-thirds majority in Parliament – and it is here that al-Maliki, if he can gain the support of a third of the newly elected MPs, will be able to disrupt proceedings and force his opponents to negotiate with him." , and ....................................

    " So how will al-Maliki get the support of one-third of the newly elected MPs? Preliminary results indicate that he may win around 75 seats, and possibly he will also be able to claim another 15 seats won by smaller Shiite Muslim parties that support him. But the real answer is that, unexpectedly, he may well be supported by a number of smaller Sunni Muslim parties. ", and ....................

    " Doubtless the haggling over who rules Iraq will take many months. And this will not have any impact on al-Maliki who will continue to head a caretaker government until positions can be filled. Al-Maliki’s government will be able to act in relatively unrestricted way during this time and it is possible that the Prime Minister and his party can use this to their advantage, to formulate bargaining chips and enticements for potential coalition partners. "

    AT http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=65945
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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014

    Pentagon announces new arms deal for Iraq worth 981 million dollars

    Thu May 15 2014 17:19 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    Revealed the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon), on Thursday, for the conclusion of a new arms deal with Iraq worth 981 million dollars, indicating that it includes aircraft training and combat reconnaissance balloons with wheels armored Humvees.

    And informed the Defense Security Cooperation Agency DSCA at the Pentagon, according to the ministry's website, which is seen by the (long-Presse), "Congress today that the U.S. State Department have ratified the new arms deal for Iraq."

    The agency said, "The bulk of the deal is to supply Iraq with 24 aircraft Bejkravc T-6C for training and combat missions, with accessories, worth up to 790 million dollars."

    According to the site, that "the Pentagon in turn gave the green light to the sale of 200 armored Humvees wheel AM Humvee worth up to 101 million dollars," noting that "the wheels will be equipped with a machine gun with a caliber of 50 mm communication systems and equipment training."

    According to the Pentagon, that the "wheels Humvees will facilitate progress towards strengthening the capacity of Iraq to defend its oil facilities against terrorist attacks," pointing out that "the Iraqis use these armored vehicles in strengthening the capacity of members of the military band assigned to protect oil pipelines, and increasing the margin of safety and the strength of their influence and their dependence on themselves. "

    The Pentagon also reported that, "approved the sale of seven balloons Raytheon customized for aerial surveillance with 14 towers dedicated to the inauguration, a total value of up to 90 million dollars."

    It is noteworthy that the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, known as (DSCA), is a division of U.S. Department of Defense, and the availability of financial and technical assistance and the transfer of military equipment, training and other services to U.S. allies, and enhance communication with their armies.

    The U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon), announced in (8 May 2014 current), to grant a U.S. company a contract to create a pier floating with its accessories for the naval force in Iraq, and as shown that the value of the contract amounted to more than 24 million U.S. dollars, confirmed The construction of the pier comes to developing the capabilities of the Iraqi Navy duration of the completion lasts 17 months.

    The newspaper industries, the U.S. military's Defence Industrie (Deffese Industry Daily), revealed in (the sixth of August 2013 the past), Iraq sought to develop the system of defense of the air at a cost of close to two billion and a half dollars, while confirmed that the system "is characterized by adopting a system of radars tactical ability objection missile threats ", promised that the completed forms the" backbone of the future structure of the Iraqi air defense system. "

    The U.S. Department of Defense revealed, in (the 26 of July 2013), all addressable Congress to approve the plans to sell the Iraqi government equipment and spare parts various military worth up to one billion and ninety-five million dollars, and showed that the equipment, including helicopters and wheels poll nuclear and biological and wheels Humvee, and it comes under the title of "contributing to the U.S. to help its partners and friends to improve the security of their strategy."

    The senior U.S. military official level confirmed, in (the 18 of July 2013), that Iraq has provided 479 request for military equipment to the tune of about $ 15 billion, while the value of transactions US-funded Iraq up to 850 million dollars, he said that approval "is not" after the integrated air defense system requested by Iraq to the need to "a series of endorsements" by the U.S. State Department.

    Iraq had signed an agreement with Washington to buy 36 fighter aircraft F-16, has announced that the Iraqi government (September 2011), the payment of the first installment of the purchase price to buy 18 fighter of this kind, as confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, in the (third from last July 2012), on the desire of the Iraqi government to increase the number of these aircraft in the "near future" to protect the atmosphere of the country.

    Revealed Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin of America, a manufacturer of aircraft F-16 fighter, in (the eighth of May current), to complete the first test flight successful aircraft F-16 fighter of the Iraqi air force, as shown it the first plane from within the total 36 aircraft F -16 requested by Iraq, in cooperation with the Foreign Military Sales program.

    The U.S. Embassy announced that, in (the 22 of April 2014), providing Washington the requirements of emergency for the Battle of Anbar, including 14 million shell and shot seven thousand different weapons, as showed that Iraq received yesterday, 800 rounds of cannon, indicated that he will receive tomorrow shipment of 99 Hellfire missiles and 1,000 tank shell, and confirmed that the partnership includes training and support for the fight against terrorism and fighters of the device and provide maps for the presence of elements Daash, asserting that such support "will remain and will continue."

    Revealed the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, in (the 13 of February 2014), for the delivery of Iraqi forces large quantities of ammunition and rockets during the past few days.

    The United States is the main source of arming the Iraqi armed forces, despite the quest to get Russian weapons and other countries of Eastern and other Uriah between now and then.



    The parliamentary security and defense: the United States is not serious in arming Iraq
    06:03:15 / 05/2014

    Khandan - Ali Naji considered for the security and defense committee representative, that the United States is not serious about its promises towards Iraq with regard to armament. said committee member Rep. of quitting in a statement to "Khandan", "after he noticed the United States, political pressure and mass, as well as statements by members of the Committee on Security and Defense, which includes that the sources of Iraq's weapons variety, began to say that it will supply Iraq with weapons, "noting that" the United States is not serious about arming Iraq and launched from the promises of arming Iraq with aircraft F16 and Apache, are just lies. " He Zamili that "Iraq was is supposed to receive the aircraft in 2013, but was postponed delivery under the pretext that the base (country) are not eligible for the aircraft, while the U.S. troops were using the base for the aircraft, "adding that" America wants the survival of terrorism in Iraq, for the stability of Israel. "

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    Kurdistan Rejects Report on Oil Sales to Israel, US

    Kurdistan Rejects Report on Oil Sales to Israel, US

    By RUDAW

    Approximately 2.5 million barrels of Kurdish oil is currently stored in the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Kurdish officials rejected on Thursday a report by Reuters that the Kurdistan Region had sold shipments of oil to Israel and the US. “Those places mentioned in (Reuter's) report have not been sold even a drop of oil,” said an official source from KRG's Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Reuter wrote that Kurdish oil has been sold via the Turkish Powertrans to Israel’s Oil Refineries Limited's (ORL) and that some oil shipments had reached refineries in Houston, Texas. “The United States imported its first crude cargo from the region two weeks ago while at least four have gone to Israel since January, ship tracking and industry sources said, after two were shipped there last summer.” Reuters reported. The report also mentioned that Kurdish natural gas condensate has been sold to Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Latin America. “Kurdistan oil has not been sold until now,” KRG spokesperson Safin Dizayee told Rudaw, supporting the denial by the MNR. “But the KRG’s hands are open to sell.” Dizayee added that approximately 2.5 million barrels of Kurdish oil is currently stored in the Turkish port of Ceyhan. According to the Reuters report, different buyers have picked up Kurdish oil from Turkey since January this year.

    This report comes just days after Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said that the sale of Kurdish oil had started at Ceyhan and that Iraq was supervising the process. Iraqi officials were quick in their response to the report of Kurdistan’s alleged oil sales to Israel, describing it as “damaging to Iraq's status.” “Exporting oil to any country without Baghdad's authority, in particular to Israel is violation of the constitution and degrades' Iraq's prestige,” said Ali Zari, an MP from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law coalition. “Diplomatic and economic ties with Israel cannot be accepted at all,” warned Zari, who is also the deputy head of the Iraqi parliamentary oil and gas committee. As Kurdish officials rejected Thursday’s report, “Israel's Energy Ministry declined to comment, saying that it does not discuss the country's sources of oil.” Reuters wrote. Dizayee maintained that the KRG has decided unambiguously to export and sell its oil via Turkey, but that no specific date has been chosen and that Erbil would take into account Baghdad’s role in the process. Dizayee said that oil sales at this stage wouldn’t cover KRG’s expenses, but that it would be a political triumph for Erbil. “If the oil is sold at the world market price now it would be more a political achievement than economic because the volume sold would not cover all the government's expenditures,” he said. Meanwhile, members of the Kurdish parliament expressed different opinion on the controversial subject that is likely to heighten tensions between Baghdad and Erbil. “The Arab countries themselves have all kinds of relations with Israel,” said Ari Harsin, an MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

    “Why is it OK for them to do so and is a taboo for us?” “If the sale of our oil is in the interest of the people of Kurdistan and doesn’t deviate from the principles on which the Kurdistan Region builds its relations, then it is totally normal,” he added. Bestun Fayaq, an MP from the Change Movement (Gorran) however, disagreed, saying, “at this stage we don’t need to sell oil to Israel otherwise we will open doors of enmity on ourselves from many fronts,”



    Energy parliamentary calls on the government to investigate the cause of the Kurdistan smuggling oil to Israel

    Fri May 16 2014 13:08 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad
    Called a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Rehab Alabboudh Friday, the federal government to open an investigation into the issue of "smuggling oil province of Kurdistan to the Israeli entity," asserting that "the insistence of Kurdistan on oil exports confirms the validity of what has been published on the subject.

    Alabboudh said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The insistence of the government of the Kurdistan region to export oil confirms the fact that the report of the Reuters news agency on smuggling oil region to the Israeli entity."

    She added that "the provincial government bear the legal responsibility of the entire story, if you will, and proved the existence of evidence of smuggling oil to Israel."

    Alabboudh called "the federal government to form a committee comprising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and oil to pursue the case and submit its report to the House of Representatives and the public to take sanctions against the region."

    The news reports published by the agency "Reuters" Friday (May 16, 2014), revealed join the United States and Israel to the list of countries growing buyer of crude oil from the Kurdistan region in ways that "illegal", while confirming that Israel got four shipments of oil crude from Kurdistan during the current year.

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    Human Rights Commission: the bombing of Fallujah and Ramadi with heavy weapons repres

    Human Rights Commission: the bombing of Fallujah and Ramadi with heavy weapons represents a clear violation of the rights of civilians

    Fri May 16 2014 12:37 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    Confirmed that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said on Friday, as a "monitor with concern the continuing military operations in Ramadi and Fallujah, and as promised" indiscriminate shelling "and the destruction of homes with" heavy weapons "a clear violation of the rights of innocent civilians, demanded that the government resolve the crisis in Fallujah peacefully and allocate a budget for the displaced residents .

    A member of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights delighted Black in an interview (range Press), "The Commission observed with concern the continued military operations of our armed forces in the city of Ramadi and Fallujah, and continue its military presence in Ramadi."

    The Black that "The Commission considers that the support of our armed forces in the pursuit of terrorist elements to organize Daash become a effort national must all political forces to circumvent around it, but they see that what is happening in Fallujah, Ramadi and its environs from the indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population and the destruction of houses with heavy weapons and the targeting of innocent civilians The displaced families but it is a clear violation of the rights of innocent civilians. "

    He said Black "noted Commission that the continuing military operation was accompanied with a mass exodus of thousands of families, also accompanied with the destruction of homes and also the closure of markets and cut off telephone communications and disable government departments, as well as the continuation of cutting the main road connecting the towns of Ramadi and Baghdad."

    He said a member of the Commission for Human Rights that "The Commission calls for the need to Give more attention to our armed forces, international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian insulation of the sons of Fallujah and Ramadi, and to differentiate between innocent civilians and terrorists, as we call for an emergency session of the House of Representatives an emergency session for the purpose of discussing the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the negative repercussions on the national unity. "

    And between Black said the Commission also calls for the government to allocate a budget of urgency in order to avoid the effects of the forced displacement of civilians, creating a favorable environment to resolve the crisis in Fallujah, a political solution based on the will of the people of Anbar benevolent sons and tribes so as to facilitate trapping of terrorists and prevent their evil. "

    The province of Anbar, based in the city of Ramadi, (110 km west of Baghdad), undergoing large-scale military using various weapons, including weapons of U.S. and Russian Iraq began to be imported against armed groups, and severely strained against the backdrop of the arrest of the security forces MP from the list are united Ahmed al-Alwani, and the death of his brother, as well as the killing of a nephew of the President of the Anbar Salvation Council, Hamid al-Hayes, and Hayes, son of Mohammed, the leader of the Sons of Iraq, in (the 28 of December 2013 the past).

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    Allawi and al-Hakim / harmonious team Government

    Allawi and al-Hakim / harmonious team Government

    BAGHDAD / Nina /--Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim stressed The importance of next government of a harmonious team and a clear vision on agreed program.

    A statement by the Supreme Council said quoted al-Hakim as saying during a meeting with the leader of Alwataniya Coalition, Iyad Allawi, in Allawi's office: "The formation of a harmonious team by the fundamental political forces is the guarantee to get out Iraq of crises.

    For his part, Allawi praised "al-Hakim directions for the formation of a National Alliance in a manner capable of cruising towards building of institutional Iraq."


    Hakim stresses the importance of Allawi said arming the next government program agreed

    Khandan - The President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, "the importance that the arming of the next government team harmonious and clear vision and the agreed program." He said al-Hakim said in a statement on the sidelines of a meeting with the President of the National List of Iyad Allawi, that "the composition of the team harmonious of the fundamental forces is the guarantee to exit from Iraq crises of development, service and security. " the statement noted that Allawi praised the vision of the wise, "the formation of the National Alliance manner institutional", returned this vision "capable of cruising toward building Iraq," stressing the "deepening of the democratic approach in the community and the delivery of Iraq and its people to safety" , Allawi said "visions match with visions of a coalition of citizen to achieve national partnership sober," according to the statement.

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    KA MP: Next parliament to be different due to including professional figures

    KA MP: Next parliament to be different due to including professional figures

    Friday, 16 May 2014 12:39

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Fiyan Dakhil, of the Kurdistani Alliance stated that the next parliament will be different because it will comprise many professional figures.

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), she said "There will be a difference in the next government because many new blocs that comprise professional figures will be within the parliament."


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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014

    "State law has not been raised officially name Maliki as prime minister"
    05:23:16 / 05/2014

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki
    Khandan - Ali Naji revealed coalition citizen, for the coalition of state law has not been raised formally name of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as a candidate for prime minister for the next phase, in the meetings of the National Alliance. said the spokesman for a coalition of citizen eloquent Abu tirelessly in a statement to "Khandan", "We National Alliance believe in the theory of one team, not one man, "he said, adding that" any candidate for prime minister must be from within the coalition and has Bmqpolith as well as the rest of the other political blocs. " said Abu tirelessly that "the state law did not pose any candidate formally to the presidency Minister in the meetings of the National Alliance, and they talk about Maliki's nomination comes within the media statements and this is their right, "noting that" the delay in the coalition of citizen asking candidates for prime minister strengthens his position because he Ezer on a particular candidate, "pointing out that" until now did not come from the who shall submit the candidate for prime minister within the coalition. "


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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014

    Maliki apologizes for visit China and cost-Shahristani chair of the Iraqi delegation
    02:36:16 / 05/2014

    Khandan - apologized to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to attend a conference of the Organization CICA in China, while Citrus delegation of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani. said Ali al-Moussawi, media adviser to the Prime Minister in a statement obtained by "Khandan" a copy of it, he "decided that chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, the Iraqi delegation to the summit of the Organization of CICA in China, and to jam schedule announcement formation of alliances and do not waste any time from coast to accelerate the formation of the next government and starting the process of reconstruction and construction. " and was scheduled to visit China early next week at the invitation official to participate in the Fourth Summit of the Organization of the CICA at (Shanghai). Moussawi said earlier that "the Prime Minister will be held and his accompanying delegation on the sidelines of the conference, meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian Hassan Rohani, in addition to Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders" . said al-Moussawi said the word Iraq be delivered by al-Maliki will address "the need to strengthen cooperation between the countries of this forum to install security and stability in Asia and the role of Iraq in the fight against terrorism and to support the global dialogue, renounce violence and threat in international relations."


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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014

    This is why America will support Maliki for a 3rd term. He's got too much dirt on Obama!

    Khatib Fallujah: Iranian and American planes bombed Fallujah forbidden weapons and the Arab states support the al-Maliki in the murder of the year

    This article goes on to say they have been committing genocide and supporting Assad in Syria killing innocent people. Obama has been doing this!

    Khatib Fallujah: Iranian and American planes bombed Fallujah forbidden weapons and the Arab states support the al-Maliki in the murder of the year

    Accused the preacher of F Fallujah, on Friday, the Arab States "backing" Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Iran to kill Sunnis, and stressed that "the aircraft Iranian and American take off from airports Arab" for the bombing of Fallujah "weapons prohibited", and as pointed out that al-Maliki "pursues" Project Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in "the extermination of innocent people using the explosive barrels and shells of fissile", criticized the "silence" the Anbar provincial council and get the two parliaments to "tours outside Iraq and suspicious transactions.The preacher Friday prayers held in Fallujah, Sheikh Ahmad Mohammadi, and attended (range Press), said that "the massacres committed by the regime of Bashar against his own people in Syria moved all the scenes of death and destruction to al-Maliki, who followed the same project in the extermination of Sunnis in Fallujah and Ramadi" , explaining that he had "used explosive barrels and shells of fissile and internationally banned weapons against children, women and the elderly, the sick without mercy."

    He Mohammadi that "scenes of destruction and devastation and bloodshed transferred from Syria became see a day in the land of Fallujah, which bombed for more than four months before the Army-Maliki and the militia of his party," adding that "the Arab world and the international Atafrjan as if nothing had happened and representatives of parliament out of Iraq Bajazathm and enjoy their holidays and their transactions suspicious. "

    And the preacher of Fallujah that "Fallujah slaughtered from a vein to vein and the abandonment of its people to other provinces and the government is watching and the Council of Anbar silent and motionless and the Arab states did not hear them voice disapproval, and denounced," pointing out that "Arab countries accused of supporting al-Maliki and Iran to kill Sunnis where there Airports Arab land planes taking off from the Iranian and American bombing of Fallujah forbidden weapons. "

    The preacher F gray accused, in last Friday (May 9, 2014), representatives of the Sunnis in the government and the Council of Anbar "betraying the province and selling their conscience," and while stressing that the Anbar province exposed "to the massacres and atrocities committed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki," threatened "doom militias and killers "If it tried to enter Fallujah.

    The Anbar Operations Command denied, in (May 13, 2014), the use of the Iraqi army's drums explosive and the presence of militias within the ongoing battles in the Gaza conservative Currently, praising the attribution of the leaders of other weapons and tribal leaders, security forces that fight "the remnants of the terrorist organizations" that are trying to tamper with the destiny of the country .

    He was a former member of the Council of Anbar province, Falah al-Jumaili, said in an interview to the newspaper (range), in (the 12 of May 2014), that the shelling continues on Fallujah strongly three days ago, drums of explosives dropped on civilians, revealing the demolition of four houses fall of the barrel one, and that the road out of Fallujah toward Ramadi has become "non-believer and witness the fall of the mortar."

    The province of Anbar, based in the city of Ramadi, (110 km west of Baghdad), have been witnessing (the 21st of December 2013 the past), military operations and large-scale, to hunt down armed groups and organizations "terrorist", thus affecting the development of people and forced hundreds of thousands of them to displacement inside or outside the province, creating a tense and polarized sharply across Iraq as a result of inflicted casualties among civilians and military personnel as well as the role of citizens and the destruction of infrastructure.

    The ongoing civil war in Syria for more than three years, has caused the displacement or displacement of millions of Syrians from their homes, including more than 250 thousand to the Kurdistan region, according to local and international statistics, which was born considerable pressure on the government of the region and relief organizations. http://goo.gl/UtbNnw

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 16 May 2014

    Details meeting Barzani and Mustafa Nushirwan
    04:17:15 / 05/2014

    Khandan - President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on Thursday, Nushirwan Mustafa, General Coordinator of the MDC and the delegation accompanying him. reported presidency of the Kurdistan region, said the two sides discussed during the meeting, which was attended by d. Fuad Hussein, President of the Presidium of the region, elections Iraqi Council of Representatives and its consequences, and the Chairman's Message Iraqi PM to political parties, and how to handle the Kurds a unified position with the political process and the new Iraqi government. two sides also discussed during the meeting, the mechanics of forming a joint team of the Kurdish forces to manage the affairs of the Kurds in Baghdad, and the study of benefits of the Kurdistan region from positions in Baghdad. discuss the file to form a new cab KRG was the least the factual focus of the meeting between the delegation and the president of the region of the MDC, where the two sides stressed the need to speed up the formation of the government.


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