It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + Fourteen (14) or " E - M DAY +14 " MAY 14, 2014
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Thread: It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + Fourteen (14) or " E - M DAY +14 " MAY 14, 2014

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    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + Fourteen (14) or " E - M DAY +14 " MAY 14, 2014

    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + FOURTEEN (14) or " E - M DAY +14 ".

    The countdown to election day is over. Will Maliki be evicted ? The coming days will be telling. First, we await the tabulation of votes, challenges and appeals must run their course, and then we should have a certification of the results and know which cluster received a plurality of the vote. News articles report that the foregoing will take about three (3) weeks and after May 25.

    " After the conclusion of national elections, the Iraqi constitution stipulates that the CoR ( Council of Representatives / Parliament ) will vote for senior positions in the Iraqi government, including the President, the Prime Minister and his deputies, and the cabinet. Although each CoR ( Council of Representatives / Parliament ) member contributes an individual vote, in practice this voting occurs only after an agreement has been reached among the senior leaders of the political groups, invoking party loyalty and voting discipline thereafter. The selection of the cabinet requires an absolute majority of the CoR ( Council of Representatives / Parliament ) members’ votes (165 votes). In the final negotiations over government formation, even small groups can play a decisive role if they are able to provide the last few votes a governing coalition needs to clear this constitutional hurdle. "

    REMEMBER, ............... Following the last election the new parliament opened on 14 June 2010 after the election on March 7th. Iraq set a record for the longest period of time without a government which lasted for about ten (10) months.


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    Re: It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + THIRTEEN (13) or " E - M DAY +13 " MAY 14, 2014

    D. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh: merging the budgets of 2014 - 2015 is supported by the Financial Administration Act
    5/14/2014 0:00

    Promise a way legally to skip the legislative vacuum

    Baghdad, Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb Mustafa al-Hashemi

    at the time delayed the approval of the budget year 2014 for reasons known and speculation to transfer files to the next Parliament, there has been speculation or proposals or attempts to merge the budgets of 2014-2015.

    this proposal so to speak need to analytical visions correct by economists to show the advantages and disadvantages of merging with a statement its potential or not.
    economic «morning« I followed the subject through its contacts rapid and sustained a number of experts and conducted them encounters the following will continue to pursue other views to mature the idea in its entirety and flour.
    in minded different firstly merger between Almoisntin while insisting opinion other on the existence of numerous difficulties and challenges.

    integrate budget

    In answering a question (morning) about the possibility of the merger, said the economist appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that the integration of the budget in 2014 with a budget of 2015 is out of the question is the way a legal vacuum Legislative witnessed by the country.
    added benefit of the (morning) that the Financial Administration Act and the public debt allowed the executive authority to take such a step for the purpose stroll things in relation to the budget, operational inability of one to predict the time it would take to form the next parliament as well as the time it would take to form a new government .

    legislative vacuum

    and saw the benefit of the integration of Almoisntin is not bad to override the legislative vacuum caused not approving the budget so far, noting that the investment budget for the current year will be merged to finance projects to be set up this year with the provision of financial allocations for the establishment of projects next year and continued As for grades that have been identified in the current year budget, due to the lapse of about six months and did not acknowledge the budget, it will be merged grades also with grades allocated in the budget next year.
    were leaks have hinted at the possibility of merging the current year budget, to not be approved so far, with next year's budget .

    the Quartet

    as MP for the coalition of state law, Haitham al-Jubouri, in a press statement: The «Quartet, which was formed to resolve the problems related to the adoption of the budget like Palmatlh did not reach effective solutions», adding that «the remaining period is not sufficient to pass this budget and therefore will leave to the legislative session next ».
    added that «there leaks suggest the integration of the current year budget in 2014 with next year's budget in balance one», pointing out that «the government will switch after June 14 next to the caretaker government». Jubouri said he «will be used the same mechanism in the disbursement of the budget for the current year », adding that« the current year budget has become burnt out and can not be used as a lever of political ». noteworthy that the state budget has become the stuff of debate and an exchange of accusations between the political blocs all, they are still languishing in the corridors of the House of Representatives did not completed readings since that was approved by the Council of Ministers (January 15, 2014).


    competent Balchan financial and banking Samir Nasiri pointed out in his "morning" to talk of merging the budgets of the two years from 2014 to 2015 is considered premature, and there was no such trend in all economies in the process of integration to the presence of challenges, notably the lack of clarity in many of the financial issues associated with the passage of the budget. Alnasiri stressed the difficulty of achieving the idea of merging Almoisntin in the forefront of identifying fiscal revenue for the country, because our economy yield depends on oil as the main source to support the general budget and by more than 90 percent, pointing to the difficulty of extrapolate the global prices of crude oil in the international market amid conflicting world events that beset prices of oils in all parts of the world.

    determine expenses

    and added to the challenges facing the idea of merging the problem of determining the expenses allocated to local governments and the mechanism identified, as well as investment allocations that were not fired and that led to the stop all production projects and services, and the biggest challenge lies in the lack of access to the final accounts for the years 2013 - 2014 contributes to the complexity of the planning for the budget year 2015, as well as the other side, the complex is that the mechanism of exchange for the current year are independently 1 to 12, which stood projects Because of the difference between the executive and legislative branches.
    extensive study

    and pointed out that the merger needs to be a thorough study by experts and interested parties in the private and public sectors to adopt the opinion and the right decision.
    calling for adoption of the budget during the current parliament, which requires the presence of coordination between the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives to work on the adoption of the current year budget and give the role the investment side, which works on the service of the citizen.


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    Re: It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + THIRTEEN (13) or " E - M DAY +13 " MAY 14, 2014

    Finance: new proposals to address Iraq's debt

    5/13/2014 0:00

    9 days to raise U.S. protection for the money .. and the government hedge

    Baghdad - the joy of pumice

    is still Iraq's debts inherited from the misguided policies of the regime dictatorial, a burden on successive governments since 2003, and until now, but the efforts of those in charge of running this file may bear fruit in the form of stages over the coming years, especially as the government is preparing to face the new challenge is to lift protection for Iraqi funds abroad after 9 days only, so put mechanisms in collaboration with several sides to face any risk of legal or financial that may arise. tackle debt and to clarify the issue of debt The Director of the Department of Legal Relations in the Ministry of Finance Mohammad al-Saadi "morning", saying that "Iraq's debt before and after 1990 are two sovereign and commercial," calling to speed up the processing with near lift protection for Iraqi funds in 22 of the current month. between Saadi, , who warned of the book on the Iraqi funds by the creditors, it is, "according to the Paris Club agreement has reduced Iraq's debt to 80 percent of their value in agreement with the creditors, but it is according to the law, the benefits of international financial assets amounts to an ongoing Iraq was born weighing new indebtedness the shoulders of the state, "and points out that the debt is divided into three phases since 2004 and until 2028, which is binding on the Iraqi side only, and added indebtedness new surpass the previous accumulation of interest, pointing out that the figures are not accurate because it is on the increase and constitute a current debt of nearly 4 billions of dollars for corporate debt declared. was due to end Iraq's debts in the year 2028 according to (scheduling and restructuring of Iraq's debts of Foreign Affairs),

    According to Saadi. principal and in this regard, confirms al-Saadi to buy the debt came under the international resolutions, the UN Security Council which represents the principal amount plus interest , and the estimated value of 10.25 percent of the original this for the debts of the private sector foreign (commercial debt), which is binding on the Iraqi side and a non-binding for foreign companies the right to rejection and acceptance, either sovereign debt are purchased worth 20 percent of the origin of religion. new proposals for the proposed Saadi Several proposals contribute to extinguish the debt be fruitful for both parties (creditor and the debtor.) and adds that "the proposed first is to give a productive investment in Iraq in exchange for ceding his religion and dropping the suit, with includes the second to give the oil Black (remnants of crude oil) in exchange for canceling the debt, while states third proposal to hold a bilateral agreement with the owner of the debt by giving the value of the interest estimated at 10.25 and giving out the amount and Tksath over 10 years. " revealed Saadi on "submit these proposals to the Minister of Finance in order to put in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers," Hada on "the formation of high-level delegation of the agreement with the Secretariat of the Paris Club to discuss these proposals, if approved by the Council of Ministers. " protection money either financial expert, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, has pointed out that Iraq's money deposited in the account receipts which Fund (DFI) with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and thus are protected about it U.S. presidential. between Saleh in a statement the "morning" that Iraq demanded in the past year to extend the period of protection on his money, which is due to expire on 22 May this year, and wondered, saying: "Is that Iraqi funds are protected in nature or not. ? We can not predict the risk of legal. " He continued: "In general, the fact that these funds are open calculates the Central Bank of Iraq for the benefit of the Iraqi government, so they are protected by the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a branch of the Central Bank of the U.S., especially as the central banks protect the money some of them, not especially if the money the central bank independent, not a money business and contribute to economic stability. except that Saleh pointed to the possibility that pursuing Iraq's money when you lift protection by the creditors of the private sector, because governments do not sue other governments. no risk , however emphasizes that this debt does not pose a threat to Iraq, especially that creditors number is limited and some of them won a judgment lien on Iraqi funds, as in the case of Kuwait Airways a few years ago.

    According to Saleh, Iraq is only debts worth 21 billion dollars, adding that the debt is divided into two forms small and large means that the value of the debt has become 10.25 percent, out of the amount. "The small debts that make up the 35 billion dollars and more than 4 and a half billion dollars paid Iraq immediately and in cash at 10 and a quarter of its value, ie, approximately 89 percent, according to the Convention on the club Paris, called the current value of the present, ie, that the five billion became $ 450 million (shot on Iraq), while the more than 35 billion dollars were accepted bonds Iraqi Bdjunhm 20 percent of its value for the year 2028 valued at an interest rate of 5.8 percent. vulnerable places , however, confirms the benefit of that care to state funds is an urgent need and at the same time it is necessary to take risks and to defend the money, so called for the formation of an ad hoc committee of legal experts and financial to connect to a network of international lawyers to defend the interests of the state in every place, a proposal also put money in places fortified non-judicial reservation on any state or government institutions when opening accounts abroad to be sure, including whether the vulnerable and not subject to judicial reservation.


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    Barzani meets with Abdul Mahdi

    Barzani meets with Abdul Mahdi

    14/05/2014 11:57:00

    Arbil / NINA / The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani discussed with the leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, political and security situation and the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

    A statement by the presidency of the region cited that "Barzani met with Abdul-Mahdi, who gave him a general explanation about the election process and its progress, and expectations of the results and the future of Iraq in the light of these results."


    Barzani, Abdulmahdi discuss political updates in Iraq
    Wednesday, 14 May 2014 14:40

    Baghdad (AIN) –The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani discussed with the leader of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Adel Abdulmahdi, political and security situation and the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

    A statement by the presidency of Kurdistan Region cited "Barzani met with Abdulmahdi where the latter gave a general explanation about the election process and its progress, and expectations of the results and the future of Iraq in the light of these results." /End/
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    Re: Barzani meets with Abdul Mahdi

    IHEC assures accuracy in following up complaints submitted over elections

    Tuesday, 13 May 2014 21:47

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Independent High Electoral Commission announced following up the complaints submitted over the elections in a very accurate way.

    A statement by the IHEC received by AIN quoted the head of the IHEC, Sarbast Mustafa, as saying "The Board of Commissioners is following up the performance of the committees to check the complaints where we are dealing with them in a very accurate way to settle them."

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    Sources: Maliki got the votes of more than the Liberals and the citizen and virtue co

    Sources: Maliki got the votes of more than the Liberals and the citizen and virtue combined

    Wed May 14 2014 10:52 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad
    According to informed sources, on Wednesday, that the State of Law coalition won so far in the process of counting and sorting of the general voting in Baghdad on more than one million votes, while showed that the head of the Coalition Nuri al-Maliki received 700 thousand votes more than the total blocks the Liberals and the citizen and the virtue and honest combined. The sources said "Alsumaria News", "counting and sorting operations for the year vote in Baghdad just showed, up to today, Wednesday, for a coalition of state law on the million and five thousand votes."

    The sources, who requested anonymity, that "the voices of president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki got alone in Baghdad more than the sum of all Shiite blocs in the capital," noting that "his votes amounted to up to now 700 000 voice which is more than the total votes blocks Liberals three and the citizen The reform and virtue, and honest. "

    The sources said that "the candidate of a coalition of state law in the province of Basra, Khalaf Abdul Samad won the second place with 124 000 Voice In third place candidate Babylon Hanan al b 87 000 voice with the voices did not exceed the number of leaders of state law, the 9000 voice."

    The sources pointed out that "any of the other blocs did not arrive until now to prepare the votes that cropped Maliki," explaining that "the President of the National Reform Movement, Ibrahim al-Jaafari won 10 000 voice and president of the National Partnership of the Sadrist movement Bahaa al-Araji received a 7000 Voice."

    The network "Eye of Iraq" to monitor the Iraqi elections announced (May 1, 2014), that the State of Law coalition won first place and blocks thoracic second place and a coalition of citizen's third in the poll voters generality of the provinces with the exception of Anbar, indicating that the survey included 91% of the participants in the public vote.

    The capital, Baghdad and other provinces, on Wednesday (April 30, 2014), the process of universal suffrage for the parliamentary elections, amid tight security and a curfew in some provinces, and closed the polls at six o'clock in the evening.

    It is noteworthy that this is the legislative elections, is the third in the country since 2003 and is the first to be held to elect a parliament after the withdrawal of U.S. military from Iraq by the end of 2011, which is also witnessing the use of electronic voting card for the first time.


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    Planning: the stability of the inflation index for the month of April and rising annu

    Planning: the stability of the inflation index for the month of April and rising annually by 1.5%

    Wed May 14 2014 10:16 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad
    The Ministry of Planning, Wednesday, for the stability of the inflation index for the month of April, while suggesting to the high annual inflation rate of 1.5%, citing rising food and housing department.

    A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning completed the inflation report for the month of April 2014 on the basis of field data collection for prices of goods and services components of the consumer basket of selected sample of sales outlets in all governorates of Iraq. "

    Hindawi explained that "these rates are calculated from the goods and services, which include food, rent, transportation, communications, health, education and other than Iktnyh consumer," noting that "indicators of inflation for the month of April stabilized compared to last March as a result of the stability of the prices of some goods and services."

    He said Abdul-Zahra that "the annual inflation index from April 2013 to April 2014 rose slightly by 1.5% due to higher prices of some materials, especially food and housing together, and by 1% on the level of Iraq," adding that "the Index Department of Food and housing is still affecting heavily on the high and low inflation. "

    The Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology, specialized operations statistics different at the level of the country, and most important work to do censuses of population and housing, and to do statistical operations on all areas (agricultural, industrial, etc.), in addition to the collection, consolidation and preparation, analysis and summarize the results of statistical operations in whole or in part .


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    Hakim: Citizen Coalition represents project for change

    Hakim: Citizen Coalition represents project for change

    Tuesday, 13 May 2014 20:57

    Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, stated that the Citizen Coalition represents the project for solution and change.

    A statement by the SIIC received by AIN cited "Hakim headed the meeting of the political commission of the Citizen Coalition where he assured that the Citizen Coalition represents the successful settlement for the crises and the project for change."

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    Re: Hakim: Citizen Coalition represents project for change

    Turkish Energy Minister: Kurdish Oil Ready for Sale at Ceyhan

    By RUDAW

    The KRG had said that oil to Ceyhan was being pumped at 100,000 bpd. Photo: Rudaw ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said Tuesday that Kurdish oil piped and stored at the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan is ready for sale to buyers, underscoring a possible breakthrough in a long-running dispute between Erbil and Baghdad. “Our storage tanks in Ceyhan for northern Iraqi oil are now full,” said Yıldız, speaking on the sidelines of a regional energy conference in Istanbul. “There is not any obstacle for the sale. This oil belongs to Iraqis and they are the ones who will sell it,” he added.

    Erbil and Baghdad have been at loggerheads since the start of this year over which side has the right to export and market the oil. According to the Turkish energy minister, officials from Erbil, Baghdad and Ankara are supervising the sales and the revenue is to be deposited in a Turkish bank. “Officials from Baghdad, Erbil and Turkey supervise the sales and the money from the oil is to be deposited in Turkey's state-owned Halk Bank,” said Yıldız. His comments came after a recent announcement by the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which said that the stored crude at Ceyhan would be sold this month. Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani said that, “The political decision has been made that we're going to sell oil independently." The Reuters news agency quoted him as saying that, “We will continue producing the oil, pumping it out and selling it. If they (Baghdad) continue escalating, we will also escalate from our side." Yildiz said that stored Kurdish oil at Ceyhan had reached 2.5 million barrels, the full capacity of the storage tanks. The KRG had said that oil to Ceyhan was being pumped at 100,000 bpd. In March, the KRG announced it was ready to export 100,000 barrels of oil through the federally controlled Iraq-Turkish Pipeline (ITP) as a sign of "good will," hoping that would lead to a major breakthrough of the dispute between the two sides. However, the successive sabotage of the ITP prevented the Kurds from fulfilling their promise. If the oil sales at Ceyhan go through without Baghdad raising another objection, it could be a sign that Baghdad is coming to terms with the reality that the Kurds are determined to control their own oil resources. The Iraqi government, which the Kurds blame for opposing the oil sales, may be forced to tone down its opposition because Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has indicated he may seek a third term, for which he would need Kurdish political support. Earlier this week Maliki’s State of Law party, which says it has won more seats than anyone else in last month's parliamentary elections, asked Kurdish leaders to join negotiations to form the next government. In previous elections, the Kurds have played the role of kingmaker. Maliki’s second term would have been impossible without Kurdish backing, which came after months of deadlock over forming a government. But this time, the Kurds have been accusing Maliki of breaking past agreements, and have threatened to boycott the political process or pull out of Iraq altogether

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    Currency Auctions

    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2672)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 14-5-2014 results were as follows:

    Details Notes
    Number of banks 21
    Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
    Auction price buying dinar / US$ -----
    Amount sold at auction price (US$) 287,667,000
    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) -----
    Total offers for buying (US$) 287,667,000
    Total offers for selling (US$) -----

    Exchange rates ( *1,222 Market Rate ) and
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