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Council of Ministers to take an important decision regarding Article 140
03:33:13 / 05/2014

Khandan - Iraq's cabinet decided during its regular meeting held on Tuesday, and a majority of the ministers present, the formation of a higher committee to compensate the Arabs coming to the province of Kirkuk, and re-Lands citizens Kurds and Turkmen, which was confiscated to their original owners. said Commerce Minister Dr Khairallah Hassan for "Khandan", The agenda of the meeting of the Council of Ministers for the day included a proposal by the Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Article 140 Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri, at the suggestion of members of the committee of Article 140. said Minister of Commerce, said Ameri proposed the formation of a committee to estimate the financial consequences for the return of Arabs coming to the province of Kirkuk, the time of the Baathist regime and those who inhabited the land citizens in response and Turkmen, in order to leave the land and bring it back to its rightful owners, stressing that all the ministers of the Kurds and Shiite Arabs were with the proposal, refused to Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and ministers of the Sunni Arab proposal. said Commerce Minister that the Council of Ministers voice majority to form Committee which is composed of a judge, and an expert from the Ministry of Finance, and an expert from the Ministry of Agriculture and Director of Agriculture Kirkuk, noting that the committee has been given wide powers to grant financial compensation to the Arabs arrivals, or the allocation of plots of land to them in the original places of residence.