" The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Commentary key:

    *** is Chattels

    ~~ is Red Lily

    ~ NOTE: Article links are embedded in the TITLE of the Article.

    *** " Evict Maliki " Countdown is 39 Days until the SCHEDULED Election *** * NOTE that the countdown notice has been amended to qualify the Election as " Scheduled " to give emphasis to the tenuous state of political / constitutional affairs in Iraq in recent days and specifically the mention in the news of a possible delay in the election due to the Anbar diaspora.

    UNAMI welcomes the decision of the Kurdistan on the export of oil and declares its readiness to assist in approving the budget

    Fri Mar 21 2014 21:31 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    Welcomed UNAMI in Iraq, on Friday, the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government to abide by the export of 100 000 barrels of oil per day, and as shown that the Governments of the region and the center have taken steps that will allow progress in the issues associated with managing oil and gas sectors, has called for the approval of the federal budget law , confirming its willingness to assist in this process, "if necessary."

    The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of "I welcome the decision of the government of the Kurdistan region to export one hundred thousand barrels of oil per day the region via pipelines from Iraq since the first of April 2014.

    He Mladenov, "which encourages that this initiative did not include any pre-conditions, noting that" the governments of Iraq and the provincial government have taken steps that will allow progress on all outstanding issues associated with managing the oil and gas sector and wealth sharing as stipulated in the constitution. " ~ HOWEVER VAGUE, AND I MEAN "VAGUE", this almost sounds like progress is being made as it relates to Article 140 & oil and gas law. NEVERTHELESS it is FORWARD MOVEMENT IMO. RED LILY ~

    The prime UNAMI "to take this opportunity, once again, to urge everyone to work in a spirit of consensus with the goal of resolving all issues related to the approval of the federal budget law for 2014 as soon as possible, noting that" the United Nations Mission to help Iraq (UNAMI ) stands ready to assist in that process, if necessary. "

    The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani welcomed on Friday the decision of the government of the Kurdistan region to export oil from the region via the Company (SOMO) starting from next April, noting that this decision is the result of the first of the continuing negotiations between the delegations of the federal government and the province. ~ Its not over yet RED LILY ~

    The United States expressed on Friday welcomed a decision by the Kurdistan Regional Government to commence on the export of 100 thousand barrels of oil per day on a temporary basis as a gesture of "good faith with the central government," and indicated that it notes progress in the talks in order to take advantage of all Iraqis from projected increases in production oil, while confirming the continuing role of mediator between the region and the center.

    The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, suggested on Friday (21 March 2014), the export of the region 100 000 barrels of oil a "temporary" starting from the first of April next, and that "this proposal comes as a" gesture of goodwill "with Baghdad even to reach positive results in the negotiations between the two parties, while stressing not to put "preconditions" for the implementation of this proposal. ~ It is my opinion this is an interim agreement in order to get the budget out of the way so they can move forward economically RED LILY ~

    And the voice of the Council of Ministers, in (the 15 of January 2014), to approve a bill the federal budget for the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2014, and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Article (61 / I and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution, too late for the deadline More than a hundred days.

    The House of Representatives put in, (16 March 2014), the draft federal budget for the first reading in the presence of 164 deputies, despite the absence of members of the Kurdistan Alliance and the province are united bloc.

    Excerpts of Article 61 ~

    The rules of procedure of the Council of Representatives of Iraq ::: Sixth: In the case of non-approval of the Presidential Council on laws returned to the House of Representatives to reconsider the disputed issues, and vote majority, and sent again to the Presidential Council for approval, and in the case of non-approval of the board of the presidency on the laws again, within ten days from the date of delivery to him, returned to the House of Representatives, which has to be approved a majority of three-fifths of its members, non-objection, and is certified by. ::: The House of Representatives acts of control over the executive branch, including control following powers: First: the accountability of members of the Presidential Council and questioning and interrogation of the members of the Council of Ministers, >>>including the Prime Minister<<< and any other official in the executive branch. ::: ~~ IRAQ STILL HAS A SECOND READING TO DO ON THE BUDGET AND MAKE ANY CHANGES AND REVISIONS. ONLY AFTER THE SECOND READING CAN THE BUDGET LAW BE VOTED ON AND PASSED. AS YOU CAN SEE ABOVE, IT SEEMS MALIKI DOES NOT HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON WHEN IT COMES TO SPENDING THE BUDGET PRIOR TO APPROVAL. RED LILY ~

    You may read more HERE for your convenience and review.
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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Lawmakers contend the elections on time and the Liberals ruled out because of "political eradication"

    Fri Mar 21 2014 21:30 | (Voice of Iraq) Long-Presse / Baghdad Confirmed deputies from different political blocs, on Tuesday, on the need to hold elections on schedule 30 of April 2014, and as expected the Liberal bloc postponed elections because of "eradication political", counting a coalition of state law, the words "skeptics have made", he was "the expectations of a loss" , while the Supreme Council pointed out that the religious authorities and the people do not want to postpone the elections.

    The MP said the Liberal bloc Jawad al-Jubouri said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The elections should take place on schedule them and that's what count it with the presence of the variables in the arena, which indicate the possibility of delay, including the political aim clear."

    He Jubouri that "there is an ongoing process of eradication of this process may be negative for the creation of non-timing nor the conduct of elections," pointing out that "the entry of the United Nations on the line to monitor this new variant of targeting politicians may contribute to delaying."

    The Jubouri that "the question of a double standard about the application of the law at this stage arthropod, as well as the employment of the judiciary for political purposes, all of which affect the atmosphere election," he continued, "and even if paid off made may be in imperfect and confused, to the presence of important personalities will be deprived of participating in this elections. "

    For his part, the leader of the coalition of state law, Sami al-Askari said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The elections will be held on time and that most of them who are excluded do not want to make at the time because they expect their defeat them."

    He said the military "that there is no reason necessitates delay or postpone the elections, we do not know what rested on the question of Bmkaneh take place on schedule."

    For his part, MP for the Islamic Supreme Council of Hamid vegetation in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The elections will be held on time, specified by the Electoral Commission for elections, as well as assurances that the religious authorities in Najaf and the political blocs and the Iraqi people," noting that "All seen to this day to make a change for the better. "

    The vegetation that "the situation in Iraq today is unbearable, all-round services, security and even the political situation, so the election must be held on time, to correct a lot of mistakes and violations that take place," stressing that "the elections will be held on schedule despite the All of these problems. "

    The Electoral Commission, announced Wednesday (26 February 2014), excluding the head of the Iraqi Nation Party, Mithal al-Alusi from running in the upcoming parliamentary elections, before announcing the judiciary, on Tuesday (18 March 2014), that the discriminatory law overturned the decision of the Electoral Commission for elections b "exclude the leader of the Umma Party, Mithal al-Alusi and MP for the coalition united Ayad al-Jubouri from participating in the next parliamentary elections, and decided to bring them back to the" race "to provide the conditions in which to run.

    He ruled the leader of the coalition, the Iraqi National Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday (18 March 2014), the parliamentary elections in the country due to the current situation, and pointed out that the recognition by the Electoral Commission for elections, the presence of the sale and counterfeiting of the card electronic confirms our expectations, and was described as the candidates excluded from the elections as "freedom fighters" , confirmed that the House of Representatives "has expired and can not even questioning the soldier."

    Ruled out the Electoral Commission for elections during the past few days, many of the candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections by the majority of political blocs, to decide after the discriminatory law invalidity of those decisions, most recently on Tuesday (18 March 2014), as decided contraindicated exclude the leader of the Iraqi Nation Party Alusi and MP except for the House of Representatives Rafie al-Issawi and Jawad Alshahyla and Sabah al-Saadi and Haidar al-Mulla, who kept their exclusion.

    The parliamentary sources suggested on Monday (17 March 2014), continuing "series" exclusion from the upcoming parliamentary elections, to include 13 new candidate, most of them Iraqi and the Liberals, including, Hamid al-Mutlaq, Salman al-Jumaili, Salim al, the appearance of al-Janabi, unit Jumaili, matshar Samarrai, Khalid al-Alwani, Abdul Rahman Alloizi of the Iraqi List, and Bahaa al Douri of quitting and the Minister of Construction and Housing Mohammad Darraji, along with Izzat Shabandar of the National Alliance, while denounced deputies, the exclusion of candidates opposed to the policies of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and accused the judiciary b "to be drawn into political bargaining," and take a paragraph "good conduct and means" to gagging "the next legislative session.

    Revealed the accountability and justice, in the February 12, 2014, for a decline in the number of covered ablation of candidates for the elections of 2014, the current, to 442 just after it was 650 cycle 2010, indicating that the procedures included many incumbents after that received 12 million new document has strengthened its work, While promised political blocs that the de-vice current and former indicating a "high political sectarianism and hegemony" on the commission's decisions, and "punishment" from the government for each of the "opposers in opinion and intersects with it", accusing the body to "succumb to the pressure and violation of the constitution."

    The Electoral Commission announced that, in the (January 12, 2014), its intention to conduct parliamentary elections on schedule the end of next April after completing the logistics and technical, and as predicted the elimination of "terrorism" in some provinces that suffer "problems" of security so that they can conduct elections , confirmed to print more than 21 million electronic card will be used in the elections and in turn distributed to the provinces, pointed out that the citizens of the Kurdistan region to vote twice in the same election.

    The House passed a majority, the election bill in (the fourth of November 2013), which will be held in (the thirtieth of April 2014 the next), the House of Representatives amid objections Yezidis to maintain their share of the quota system of one seat only.
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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Economist accuse al-Maliki following the policy of "oppression" and asserts: government policy of operating traditional and expensive for the country

    Fri Mar 21 2014 21:36 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    Expert stressed U.S. economic, today, Friday, that the escalating violence in Iraq has many causes, including the policy of "oppression" followed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and among that vital source of Iraq's non-oil is a wealth youth facing an unemployment rate estimated at 80% pointed out that there government institutions, its actual production is zero and continue to pay the salaries of employees who attend only on receipt of salary. ~ AN EXPERT ECONOMIST IN THE UNITED STATES JUST SLAMMED MALIKI AND HIS STALEMATE GOVERNMENT. I BET MALIKI IS LIVID RED LILY ~

    Professor and chief economist Frank Gunter from the University of any of the research studies in the state of Pennsylvania in the analytical study prepared for the economic situation and the political and social situation of Iraq transfer site Eurasia Review and briefed him (range Press), "The recent escalation of violence in Iraq has many causes overlapping part it is due to the spillover of the war in Syria him as well as the reaction over the policy of oppression of pro-Shiite followed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the country. " ~ I WOULD NOT MIND GETTING MY HANDS ON MR. GUNTER'S ORIGINAL ECONOMIC STUDY OF IRAQ. IMO WE NEED TO READ ALL THE ECONOMIC STUDIES AVAILABLE FOR IRAQ THAT ARE 'CURRENT'. THEIR ECONOMY IS 'KEY' TO IRAQ'S CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE RED LILY ~

    He Gontier "These events led to the open wounds of the era of sectarian violence horrific for the years 2006 and 2007," noting, "but may result in the Syrian war to end either through negotiations or through the victory of a bloody and then try Maliki adjustment policies which are seen as hostile to the year and that of in order to undermine support for the militants wave Daash organization and al-Qaeda on the one hand, as well as improve its image ahead of the elections which will be held on the thirtieth of April. "

    He said economic expert, "it will be more difficult to deal with the economic reasons for this violence, oil prices high and the gradual increase of the rates of the export of oil has plunged Iraq's oil money, however, mismanagement and rampant corruption have led to the rerouting of a lot of oil money this either to local investments is useless or conversion of capital out of the border, "noting that" a lot of young Iraqis young and as a result of this situation will face a grim future. " ~~ WHO MISMANAGED THE MONEY AND WHY? MALIKI'S APPOINTEE OF THE CBI MAYBE - TURKI? DID MALIKI GET BUSTED AND NOW TURKI WILL BE THE FALL GUY? PERHAPS.... RED LILY ~

    The study pointed out that "the oil industry in the country not only create a small number of jobs where only 2.3% of the workforce in Iraq used in projects excavation and transport of oil and oil refining or export." ~~ IN OTHER WORDS THE MALIKI GOVERNMENT CREATED VERY FEW JOBS FOR THE IRAQI PEOPLE. WHAT A SORRY LITTLE MAN. RED LILY ~

    He Gunter in his study that "vital source other in the country except for the oil is the number of souls layer young and fast-growing, as 41% of the population of Iraq is of ages less than 15 years and this means that the birth rate is 4.5%, and also demonstrates that the rapid growth of the population age youth who are able to work is increasing at a rate of 850 000 people per year, but with it, those young men and women will face an unemployment rate estimated at 80%. "

    The Gunter "without getting the young man a good job, he will not be able to marry and start a family and become someone sympathetic by others in the community, and it is not surprising that the resort this young man for receiving a respect for others to take up arms to support the point of religious or tribal or aggregates ethnic or criminal. "

    The economic expert, "In order to absorb the unemployment situation Festujb on Iraq, said there are 250 000 new jobs each year and this procedure is just to maintain the scope of unemployment increasing, noting that" the policy of the country in the fight against unemployment depends mainly on government employment and ignores the dependence on jobs available in the private sector. "

    He Gontier that "the Iraqi government exceeded its policy of traditional absorb unemployment all reasonable limits on the global level in the recruitment process and Trhill institutions staff redundant and, for example, the number of staff railways in Iraq is more than 10 thousand employees running the system railway network does not exceed a length of 2300 km, while that of the system in any other country, requiring only a quarter and up to ten the number of railroad employees who are in Iraq. "

    And between economic expert, "There are government institutions produced the actual zero but continue to pay the salaries of a large number of employees who are attending the department only on the day of receipt of the salary." ~~ GETTING PAID FOR ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS = DREAM JOB! RED LILY ~

    The Gunter that "the ability of the private sector in creating new jobs to help in the absorption of the unemployed is weak because of government policies and bureaucratic nature in facilitating the work of the private sector," noting that "Iraq is ranked 169 globally in the list of countries to 189 countries, in this field according to estimates by the World Bank in 2014 as a policy is weak in the area to facilitate the establishment of private sector projects. " ~~ THE MALIKI GOVERNMENT HAS NOT RACKED UP ANY BROWNIE POINTS WITH THE WORLD BANK IT SEEMS. THE WORLD BANK AND THE IMF ARE THE ONES THEY NEED TO IMPRESS IF THEY WANT TO HAVE A STRONG CURRENCY. RED LILY ~

    The economic expert to "help create a productive private sector absorbs the preparation of unemployment will contribute to the reduction of political instability and violence in Iraq and the means to achieve that exist through vast oil wealth to finance the reconstruction of the Iraqi economy, which will be the best use of the wealth of the country the value of generations of young people." ~~ THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD REASON THAT THIS "LAND OF MILK AND HONEY" CAN NOT PROVIDE OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR GENERATIONS TO COME. IMHO, IT IS 'WHO IS POWER' THAT WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SINFUL. SHAME ON MALIKI AND COMPANY. I know these people hate us, but they need our prayers. We have no clue what suffering is today compared to the IRAQI citizenry. RED LILY ~

    In spite of the attempt by the Iraqi government to rehabilitate and revitalize the Iraqi industry over the past years through the allocation of funds and loans to help the Iraqi Industrialists, they have not achieved significant progress, the continued decline in the level of processing of electric power, which is the nerve basis for any industry, as well as the inability of Iraqi products to compete with products But rarely imported because of the lower their price and quality, while not using the oil wealth as the best to employ the Iraqi workforce in the projects contribute to reducing the unemployment rate with Ancharahalat administrative corruption in recruitment in the various institutions of the state, creating an army of unemployed.

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The independent MP, of Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman confirmed: "the agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan region on the amount of region exporting oil, noting that the agreement came under the auspices of an American."

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / " The agreement states exporting 100 000 barrels per day from the region's oil through (SOMO) company, starting from the first of next April, describing the agreement as positive and important , pointing out that the federal government and the province as well as the U.S. side welcomed this step and they are satisfied and aspire more. "

    He said, "This agreement may open another step towards a comprehensive solution to the problems between the federal government and the province," urged" to hold direct meetings between the two governments ( federal and provincial ), and send delegations from Baghdad to the region , and vice versa as soon as possible, to find definitive solutions to the problems between the two parties in respect to the budget and oil. "

    He pointed out that "the Kurds would not attend sessions of the Council of Representatives discussed the budget only after finding a comprehensive solution to the problems between the two governments , "explaining ," the unsolved problems, so far, is the amounts of province's oil , and where they should be placed, and how they are distributed, and other problems," noting "The solution to these problems will contribute to the final adoption of the budget easily and smoothly, with our presence ."

    The Special Representative of the Secretary -General of the United Nations in Iraq , Nikolay Mladenov welcomed yesterday the decision of the Government of the Kurdistan region to export oil of the region, through SOMO.

    Mladenov said in a press statement: "I welcome the decision of the government of the Kurdistan region to export one hundred thousand barrels a day from the region's oil through the Iraqi pipelines, starting from the first of next April."

    He added: " what is encouraged in this initiative, it did not include any preconditions," stressing that the federal government and the provincial government have taken steps that will allow progress on all outstanding issues related to the management of oil and gas sector and the sharing of wealth , as stipulated in the Iraqi constitution " .

    *** Note : This is a LIMITED and TEMPORARY agreement. There is NOT A COMPREHENSIVE agreement / solution to the oil / gas problems as yet. [ " ... ," the unsolved problems, so far, is the amounts of province's oil , and where they should be placed, and how they are distributed, and other problems,.... ] ***
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    Question Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the citizen bloc, Furat al-Shara guessed passing the budget bill in Parliament during the current week.

    Shara told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "start exporting oil from the Kurdistan region through / SOMO / is a positive indicator, and it is a practical step to get out of the current crisis, which had delayed approving the budget for months and is a good step to the agreement on the remaining differences. "

    He added, "The budget will be included in the agenda of the House of Representatives this week to end the second reading and begin to vote by then," stressing that the citizen bloc will be strongly present in the coming sessions of the House of Representatives in order to pass the budget."

    The House of Representatives has ended, last Sunday, the first reading of the draft law on the federal budget for 2014 in the absence of the Kurdistan and Muttahidoon MPs.

    It also the House of Representatives did not specify in its final session on last Wednesday, the date to hold its next meeting.

    *** Note that the speaker is " GUESSING " and there was no date announced for Parliament to reconvene and there is still no announcement of a date on the Parliament internet site :

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014



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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    When you add this 100 thousand bpd to the 250 bpd output you come to 350 bpd. They are less than 14% from the total 400 thousand bpd that bagdad has projected which imo they can easily make. The oil wealth in ALL of Iraq has been vastly UNDER estimated. It is time for them to play together and join the world.

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Lakash describes nominating Allaq for heading CBI as "Maliki's plan to postpone elections"

    Saturday, 22 March 2014 13:21

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Mohammed al-Lakash, of the Citizen bloc described the decision of the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, by nominating the leader within the Dawa Islamic Party and the former Secretary General of the Council of Minister, Ali al-Allaq, as the head of the Central Bank of Iraq a "Violation to the independence of the independent commissions."

    Speaking to AIN "We show some concerns over such actions where Allaq is one of the close figures to Maliki and the Iraqi people are also concerned from this issue."

    "We hope that the CBI to be independent and away from the government's interference that aims at dissolving the parliament and postpone the elections," he concluded.
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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Currency Auctions/Announcement No. (2631)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 22-Mar-2014 results were as follows:

    Details Notes
    Number of banks 12
    Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
    Auction price buying dinar / US$ -----
    Amount sold at auction price (US$) 155,815,000
    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) -----
    Total offers for buying (US$) 155,815,000
    Total offers for selling (US$) -----


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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Parliament's Rapporteur: No session until a full agreement between the province and the center

    22/03/2014 10:29:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The Rapporteur of the House of Representatives, Mohammed al-Khalidi, said: "The Council will not hold its next meeting until a final agreement between the province and the center on resolving the disputed paragraphs in the budget."

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "holding the next meeting depends on the full compatibility on the budget between the province and the center in order to ensure the presence of the political blocs in order to pass it." expressing his hope that Muttahidoon presents, especially after discussing the crisis in Anbar recently . "

    Khalidi added that " the last step of the province to export 100 000 barrels of oil through SOMO will contribute greatly to reach a political consensus to end the crisis."

    He stressed that "the budget would be passed unanimously or by majority, though in the current period or after the election, because the legislative term of the Council constitutionally ends on 14 June."

    A source revealed early, in a press statement, an agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil on exporting the region's oil through SOMO, which will participate approving the budget, with the participation of the Kurds.


    Khalidi: Parliament will hold its reach while Baghdad and Erbil solutions regarding the budget

    04:13:22 / 03/2014
    Khandan - Ali Naji

    Announced the decision of the House of Representatives of the Iraqi MP Mohammed al-Khalidi, the Council will hold its reach when the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to an agreement on the differences on the budget bill for fiscal 2014.

    Khalidi said in a statement to "Khandan" "The House hearing will be held after obtaining a consensus between the province and the federal government on the budget for fiscal 2014," noting that "the decision of the Presidency of the Council to raise the next meeting until further notice, comes to give a greater chance to get to positive results between Baghdad and Erbil on the budget. "

    It is worth mentioning that a coalition of state law Qrraadm attend meetings of the House of Representatives that without the financial budget, while Kurdish blocs decided not to attend the meetings of the Council if it was added to the budget at its current state.


    Legal expert: parliamentarians will turn to ordinary citizens (20 days)

    22 March 2014, 9: 44 am

    Baghdad newspaper of integrity.

    Legal expert Tariq Harb revealed that the current Parliament will end its mandate in practice after 20 days.

    He said in a press statement that "Parliament will complete his mandate in practice on 14 April 2014 parliamentary recess begins and ends in constitutional terms on 14/6/2014 which ends life of Parliament when parliamentarians that deadline to ordinary citizens." ~~ JUNE 14 THEY BECOME JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. WHAT A WAY TO PUT IT RED LILY ~
    "The Government will continue beyond the end of the mandate of the Parliament and the holding of the legislative elections and a meeting of the new Council of representatives election of its most senior member and then President of the Republic, who in turn assigned to the Cabinet by the biggest parliamentary bloc, when the Government introduced the names of Ministers to Parliament and give confidence to them last time are current government resigned and terminated."

    And the war "in the 2010 election of Deputies on 7/3/2010 while the new Government [current] was formed on 21/11/2010 after more than eight months until the Government is approved, all that period during the eight months the previous Government are responsible doing things." ~~ AFTER THE LAST ELECTIONS, IT TOOK MORE THAN 8 MONTHS TO "APPROVE" ALL DEPUTIES ELECTED. RED LILY ~

    The legal expert "in 2014 will be the current caretaker Government beginning on the date of the expiration of the mandate of the current Parliament on 14 June 2014 until the appointment of a new Government, no matter how long". ~~ A 'CARETAKER GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE OVER ON JUNE 14 RED LILY ~
    He war, "caretaker Government could conduct budget in accordance with the Financial Administration Act, which grants the Government the possibility of Exchange and is issued by the Exchange but financial management is very few payments and not as the amounts in the budget for that Exchange depends on balancing the past year 2013 while balancing a large amounts of 2014, so the Government can exchange things but not as much as the amounts assessed in 2014.

    Raises the odds of political blocs and the continuing debate on Exchange of accusations between the Government and the Parliament on the adoption of the financial budget for 2014 because of delays concern the political and popular circles though reading first reading.

    He was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Hassan aozmn told the press that "the Iraqi economy lost an estimated $ 6 billion per month because of the late adoption of the budget and this is a great loss to the national economy as it damaged the ancient and ongoing investments and there will be projects and planning its future damaged Iraqi economy even in years."

    Aozmn said that "until now budget breakdown will be reflected also in the coming years in economic practice, the investment is an investment year winner and losing another year and this year lost investment this year is dead and has lost a year of current economic development."
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