03/20/2014 10:27:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / n. X

Russia warned on Wednesday evening that the pressure on the European and American annexation of the Crimea may affect its position in the framework of the talks on the Iranian nuclear file.

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov "I do not want to use these talks as a game in bidding due to the mood of the various European capitals in Brussels and in Washington."

He added: "But if we were forced here will walk through the historical values ​​of revenge because of what happened in the past months and during the past few days on the calendar for justice and Historical Films on the meeting of the Crimea and Russia can not be compared with what we are doing" about Iran.

He explained, "In the end, back option and decision for our colleagues in Washington and Brussels." He also said that "a positive outlet for these talks depends on them and even if we know what we choose or not by revenge"

"The option is entirely up to them, not us."

Ryabkov was speaking in Vienna, where the talks are currently underway between the great powers and Iran, which were considered Wednesday that the new talks were "fruitful". LINK