03/16/2014 12:58

- Neighborhood: Hackers broke through a number of websites for NATO, "NATO" in a letter, did not affect the operations or security systems of the alliance, and adopted by the hackers group calling itself "Cyber ​​Barcot."

The spokeswoman for NATO, Ona to Ongescu, the attack led to disable sites alliance for several hours, has not been able to access the network from three sites belonging to NATO, a few hours after the statement.

Did not reveal the "NATO" who was behind the attack, but a Web site for a group called Ukraine a "Siabr Barcot," a statement adopted in Russian attack, saying: "Today (Saturday), at six in the evening we started to attack NATO electronically on the sites."

He continued: "We Cyber ​​Barcot will not allow the presence of NATO and of the occupation of our country because it is opposed to interference in Ukraine."