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    Present by Past Politics

    These are interesting points but it possibly will leave the rate and date followers confused and merely be dismissed. Allow me to reiterate the importance IMO of seeing Deputy PM of Energy Shahristani in every BIG meeting.

    First ; FLASH BACK……. The November 1, 2013 meeting of the Higher Coordinating Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and Vice President Joseph Biden,…..

    Second; February 5, 2014 in Baghdad.
    Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Dr. Hussain Al Shahristani chaired the meeting with U.S. co-Chairs Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman and Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs at the State Department Carlos Pascual. (read the link bio on Dan Poneman and with having an understanding of Shahristani’s past history and his recent manuvuers and accomplishments).

    Also with the knowledge that Shahristani has been critical of Maliki and his dictator mentality, Shahristani is Maliki’s ally in protecting him with safe passage upon Maliki’s demise. Also be aware that Shahristani negotiated and met with Sunni protestors regarding the Anbar sit in. Shahristani arranged for Sunni prisoner releases answering the demands of Anbar. Also be aware that Shahristani has been the negotiator with the Kurds over the latest crisis.

    There is a BIG PICTURE developing here and it takes some background reading with vision and an open mind to attach the pieces as to who, what and why…..But you must understand the past history first and the reason for certain players with certain credentials offering narrow cast training with open phone lines.

    The past Government and accomplishments are of no surprise… a matter of fact it went pretty much as expected. The results could have been better but read the link to a past news article and in closing you will see it is where it was predicted.

    I have had the privilege of viewing several internal documents and I can say with a honest opinion all this news and what is being said is contradicting which makes it very confusing on what is real, or more so what direction they are heading..........There is some very sensitive material which can be depressing but then I am not so sure it is being interpreted correctly........Even the news out of Washington is that brinkmanship being played may be backed up with force......There is a currency war going on and even though some Gurus are from outer space with conspiracy and repetitive stories there are bits and pieces that are not so far from the's just to hard on the eyes to read through their dung splash.

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    Re: Present by Past Politics

    Thank you.. RED LILY ~

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