" The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014

    Anbar provincial council: Fallujah has become a problem in the electoral

    06:57:16 / 03/2014

    Khandan - Deputy Prime Anbar province, Saleh al-Issawi, the lack of definitive figures on the number of displaced people returning to Fallujah, because of the lack of local police or government departments, adding that "the families returning to Fallujah, their numbers are few, does not exceed 5% of the number of displaced people total," He pointed out that displaced persons have the conviction that "there is a new battle to come in Fallujah, and the atmosphere does not encourage the return."

    He revealed al-Issawi told the "long", for the failure of all the "peace initiatives to resolve the crisis in Fallujah, despite the flexibility shown by the government in Baghdad, sometimes, pointing out that" the government is still keen to not enter any troops to Fallujah, "asserting that" those who control the Fallujah do not want any solution, nor interested in the tragic humanitarian situation, or even if destroyed civilian, because they are not of its people, "pointing out that the solution to the crisis of Fallujah will not be achieved" only after the parliamentary elections. "

    The attention-Issawi said the problem in Fallujah had become "an election", adding that the government was afraid they would "lose its popularity if it fails to end the armed presence in the civil, as feared opponents victory", while noting that after the elections will be speaking voter and candidate and charge freely. " and recognizes the existence of Daash in Fallujah, "and the government will hit the insurgents hard" because they will not lose anything. "

    And speaks the local administrator, citing the Electoral Commission, about the impossibility of holding elections in the "Fallujah, Saqlawiyah," says that "Amiriyat Fallujah can hold elections in which 50 percent only," while saying that the situation in Ramadi, near normal, and that hundreds of displaced people are returning daily, and one day, record the return of more than 1,300 people.

    Issawi and adds that "the Passport Department in Ramadi, 500 passport issued daily, and most of the departments usually operate on a regular basis," stressing that "Anbar University will return tomorrow (today) to open its doors, but will not always be mandatory, because of the difficulty of the return of the displaced students."

    Indicates local administrator that "back to school was weak," stressing the opening two schools in Fallujah, also pointed out that "the clashes are still taking place in Ramadi between now and then," which he considers one "causes in non-rush of parents about their jobs." ARTICLE LINK

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    RED LILY ~ I do not believe I have seen this one posted here.. Forgive me if I missed it..

    Maliki is fighting everyone


    Mohammed Wani::: After the withdrawal of the Baathist government chauvinism of Kurdish land in 1991 under international pressure and rejected categorically by the people of Kurdistan to the presence of any foreigner on its territory, is designed to pave the way to freedom, democracy, and freedom from slavery and reject the commandments of the Iraqi government and management failed decimated the udder and transplantation and destroyed towns and villages of Kurdistan and used Chemical and everything that comes to the heart of the devil from oppressive practices against the rights of the Kurdish,

    try this man ground that never heals my diaspora and stand on his feet again and build what was destroyed by the government of exotic, and rejoiced good for its fall and redemption of them forever in 2003 and welcomed the federal system is open to all classes and components,

    is Almnhsr in one party and one component and one national and one sect, and one man, and disappear manifestations repression of freedoms, and shared all-in building Iraq, DUP, and on this basis, wrote the Constitution and put the parliament and formed a government, and software systems state .. but refuses to time, but the repeats itself, and refuses to repressive rule, but the back affiliations pictures,

    returned commander necessary again to the Iraqi arena and returned with him the party leader, went Saddam Hussein came Nuri al-Maliki and ran the Baath Party and the back of the Dawa party, the same principles and politics in the match wondrous,

    and also has not reaped Iraqis Saddam is destruction and ruin, and national conflicts throughout his rule, they did not reap the "al-Maliki is" Crisis and ignite wars and sectarian conflicts and poverty since coming to power, plus corruption and protect the corrupt, and the dependency of foreign countries and the misappropriation of funds of the Iraqi people and distributed to the states and Systems and brutality,

    such as the Assad regime and the Comoros, Somalia, Mauritania and other ethnically motivated, defies everyone fights everyone in one level, you see preoccupied with Muqtada al-Sadr and the Sadrist movement and locked him bitter struggle, nor leave him even bring him back to the barn, but in the midst of it, in the midst of a fierce war with the Sunni tribes in Anbar At the same time opens up a new front with the Kurds ..

    This is the case of the man since he assigned him govern Iraq in the stealth of time, all of Navsh or thought he rivaled, either imprisoned or expelled or accused of terrorism and Article 4, did not give an opportunity for the Iraqis to breathe and live comfortably The stability of a single moment, they may have fallen between two fires; fire of terrorism and terrorists, and fire, "al-Maliki" and crises and problems to end.

    No one should think that Maliki is the only one among his group in the Dawa Party of exhibits this behavior and adopt a stance obstinate spiteful with others who infraction opinion, but each member of his party and all his advisers and friends who blocking him tips "devastating" have the same talent, "aggressive", and the same way of working .. how is it different, "al-Shahristani" or "Sami al-Askari," or "Hanan al" or any one of those things decorate the reality is, all of Tine one .. and was told the old; birds of a feather flock. ARTICLE LINK

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Rubaie, calling opponents of the political process for calm and not to give priority to private interests to serve the nation

    10:52:15 / 03/2014

    Khandan - called on the leadership of the coalition of state law, the secretary general of the centrist Rubaie political parties to calm and not to escalate the accusations and stay away from the political language of miscarriage, while noting the need to provide a service to the nation of special interests and partisan.

    Rubaie said in a press statement received "Khandan" a copy of the "political scene in Iraq is currently experiencing unjustified escalation and rush unprecedented in the language of miscarriage and political accusations and this is cause to close the doors of dialogue and the search for solutions to the crises facing the future of Iraq."

    Rubaie said "the political parties not to pander towards the crisis but has to be moderation and calm and serious search for a way out of the crises and pumping more proposals for solutions to ensure the smooth flow of the political process in Iraq and not stumble," stressing "the importance of giving priority to the higher interests of the country and serve the country in various forms on the interests private and partisan. " ARTICLE LINK

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Ban Ki-moon disappointed for not finding remains of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq

    Saturday, 15 March 2014 14:25

    Shafaq News / UN Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon expressed regret on Saturday for not finding more remains of Kuwaitis missing persons or Kuwaiti records in Iraq

    , While hinted to what he called as cooperation atmosphere to enable close ties between the two countries. ".

    It is worth mentioning that many of the Kuwaitis had been arrested following the invasion of the former regimes' forces of Kuwait in 1990, as talks have been held several attempts between the two countries to know their fate in order to be released, but the fate of many of them are still unknown as well as the records of Kuwait institutions.

    Ban said in a report submitted to the Security Council last night, briefed by "Shafaq News" that the "practical and technical difficulties to find more remains of Kuwaiti citizens in Iraq are increasing with the passage of time due to the difficulty in obtaining accurate information that can facilitate the process of researching and securing trusted witnesses ".

    "Iraqi authorities said that the Acting Special Representative in Iraq, Gyorgy Posten noted that there are challenges in addressing the issues of missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti property, including national registries. "

    He added, "The Iraqi authorities pointed out the difficulty of finding reliable witnesses due to their deaths or living in other countries or their desire to distance themselves from their past, which hinders access to reliable information."

    He noted that "in spite of these challenges, but the Iraqi authorities have examined a number of proposals made by the UN Assistance mission for Iraq (UNAMI) so that their efforts could have good results."

    Ki-moon said that "Iraqi authorities have conducted excavations in different locations to search for the remains of Kuwaiti citizens and others missing since the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, but all these efforts had no results as security concerns hinder research plans in (Sulaimon Bek ) north of Baghdad, "urging" Iraqi authorities to redouble their efforts and explore all possible to persuade witnesses and informants to help them in the search process. "

    He expressed his disappointment at "the lack of any progress in finding the Kuwaiti national archives urging the Government of Iraq to provide innovative methods in the search", appealing both Iraqi and Kuwaiti committees of private lost property to work closely and hold meetings on a regular basis.

    He pointed out that "Posten urged Iraqis and Kuwaitis representatives earlier to hold a joint meeting of their committees that have not met since its first and only meeting in 15 of last past month in the State of Kuwait."

    It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq announced recently that it has collected 100 thousand books and scientific journals and 500 thesis while the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities found 247 books and copper plate and publications, the Ministry of Culture found a number of books and publications, all of which date back to Kuwaiti parties that has been confiscated during Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, including what had been seized by the former regime of other properties.

    Regarding this issue, the Secretary General of the UN said that 'UNAMI suggested to deliver these materials to the State of Kuwait when the special committees of lost property meet in Iraq as proposed by Baghdad. "

    It is scheduled for the UN to discuss the report submitted by "Ban Ki-moon" in the twenty-seventh of this March. ARTICLE LINK

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Sadr: I pray to God to get rid of the oppressors, demonstrators call for peaceful rotation of power

    Saturday, 15 March 2014 12:08

    Shafaq News / Demonstrators of the Sadrist movement followers in Nasiriyah called today, to the need for peaceful transfer of power, amid of Sadr's call to get rid of the oppressors.

    Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist movement called on his supporters to conduct demonstrations every year called "oppressed Day", to demand for rights and free detainees, he has arrived on Friday, to Najaf province coming from Iran, where he completes his seminary to oversee the event.

    The followers of the Sadrist movement have issued 12 points; the most prominent was calling to the peaceful transfer of power to resolve Palestine issue, protect minorities in Iraq and find a solution to the random houses.

    For his part, Muqtada al-Sadr said in a speech delivered by the leader, Kathem al-Issawi in demonstration, which was attended by "Shafaq News", that "You are the voice of the oppressed and I pray to God to get rid of the oppressors, thieves and sectarians. "

    Issawi aded, "Be free in this world as you were the highest voice in the resistance to the occupation, now your voices must be higher".

    Delegations from Belgium, Australia, Bahrain, Turkey, Iran and Kuwait have participated in this demonstration.

    The first protest had been held in 2012 in Basra province, while it had been held in Kut in Wasit province last year. ARTICLE LINK

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Latest photo of Talabani at Hospital in Germany, photo: Kurdsat web site

    RED LILY ~ This was in an article dated March 6, 2014

    Read more: ARTICLE LINK

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Kirkuk Produced 48 tons of Honey

    Posted: March 14, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    Kirkuk's production of honey reached forty-six tons last year and it is expected to rise to sixty tons in 2014.

    "There are around five hundred bee keepers in the province. They produced forty-six tons of honey in 2013. This is more than the previous years, "Mahdi Mubarak Kakaee, manager of the Directorate of Agriculture (DOA) told Kirkuk Now.

    He also pointed out that the number of beekeepers is increasing, "People are paying closer attention to beekeeping. We offer loans through the Bank of Agriculture to every farmer intending to have an apiary. The loans vary between five to twenty five million ID and are interest free. "

    "Many people believe that the honey of Kirkuk is the best," the manager of the DOA added. He also expects the production of honey to increase to sixty tons in 2014.

    Read more: ARTICLE LINK

    RED LILY ~ WHY post an article about honey you may ask? The REASON being is because of all the articles we have been reading about Iraq needing to DIVERSIFY their National Product. When someone says Iraq we think of oil. This is to show everyone there is more UNTAPPED resources in Iraq than just the OBVIOUS. It is worthy to mention that the IMF and WB have, and KEEP advising, Iraq to diversify, diversify, diversify their National Product.

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Kurdistan is required to attend the Parliament amendments


    Amid the continuing differences between the political blocs around, especially with regard to the file of the Kurdistan region, due to the House resumes its regular day to discuss the draft budget law for federal financial 2014

    And put up for first reading .. and was House Speaker Osama Najafi had decided earlier to hold a session of parliament on Sunday to discuss the budget law, as announced several blocks to attend the session as stipulated Kurdistan Alliance bloc presence agreement of the Presidency of the Council on the agenda, including the budget.

    Declared the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish deputies that meeting yesterday with the head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, resulted in failure to attend meetings of the Council of Representatives of the Kurds of Representatives regarding the federal budget unless it is modified.

    Osman said in a statement that "our discussions at the meeting focused on the draft federal budget law, and we came up with Barzani to the decision to not attend the House of Representatives Kurdish parliament sessions for the discussion of the budget, but after being an agreement between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil on ending their differences over the budget."

    In addition, an MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Dler Abdul Qader said in a statement, said that "everyone was in agreement during the meeting, that the federal government if they do not modify the materials and paragraphs of the budget that cause damage to the Kurdistan region, the House of Representatives of the Kurds will not participate in the meetings of the Council of Representatives."

    He explained that "we'll go to Baghdad and we will decide whether or not to attend the session by assessing the situation and the conditions that have been developed during the meeting ARTICLE LINK

    RED LILY ~ According to this statement: "decision to not attend the House of Representatives Kurdish parliament sessions for the discussion of the budget" ::: The KURDISH Parliament decided not to discuss the budget in THEIR parliament UNTIL ICG makes the appropriate changes. They WILL be sending some "OBSERVERS" to the meeting to decide rather or not they will be present at the SECOND reading on TUESDAY. IMHO
    Last edited by RED LILY; 03-16-2014 at 06:16 AM.

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Continue the process of distribution of voters' cards in the provinces of the country

    Baghdad / justice - 03/16/2014 - 0:46

    The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sheikh Hamoudi, the need for receipt of election card and adhere to the guidance supreme religious authority in Najaf.

    This came during a visit by Sheikh Hamoudi to spend Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad, and met with the collection of the elders and notables of the judiciary. The Sheikh Hamoudi during the meeting "the need to participate in the elections and adhere to the guidance supreme religious authority and distinguish the good from the not good." And stressed "the necessity of receiving the electronic card to ensure participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections."

    The supreme religious authority in Najaf has been directed at the Iraqi people more than one occasion the need for the election and received voter card with electronic and directed the candidates should not use public money for the purposes of election propaganda.

    On the other hand continue the process of distribution of voters' cards in the provinces of the country, has seen the past few days a strong demand by citizens on the receipt cards Alaketronaho, confirmed the election commission in Salahaddin distributed 300 thousand electronic card to the voters. "Said Director of Information in the Office of Salah al-Din Ali Issa said that "centers of the Commission and of the 38 centers continue the process of distribution of electronic card to the voters."

    and added that "UNHCR continues to hold seminars orientation about the importance of participating in the elections." and experiencing the parliamentary elections scheduled for the 30th of next April, the use of electronic card to the voter for the first Once in Iraq,

    and announced that the Electoral Commission for elections to project electronic card and distributed to all voters make a qualitative, in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the electoral process and prevent attempts of fraud or manipulation of the election of JH Other opened by the President of the electoral administration in the election commission Miqdad Sharifi,

    the communications center of the circle mass communication, your inquiries citizens. said Sharifi, during the opening of the communications center, said that "the center is one of the most important windows of the Electoral Commission to communicate with citizens," he said, adding that "the center has been outfitted with the latest equipment for receiving contacts citizens and answer their questions concerning the affairs of the election."

    He added, Sharifi said that "the center and since its introduction in preparation for the election of the Council of Representatives of Iraq in 2014 has received more than 92284 contacted by citizens at a rate between 1600 to 1700 a call a day," noting that "the work of the Center's staff is not confined to receive calls, but also to provide explanations and answers exact Inquiries concerning the citizens, as well as the reasoning process carried out by the staff of the Centre " ARTICLE LINK

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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", SUNDAY, 16 March 2014 ~ With Highlights & Commentary ~

    Chalabi: budget carries major irregularities .. and 6000 project at a cost of 228 trillion dinars unfinished in spite of their money exchange

    Saturday, March 15th, 2014 23:09

    BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. Dzb Head of the Iraqi National Congress MP Ahmed Chalabi for major irregularities Atzmnha budget bill submitted to the House of Representatives, noting that there are 20 trillion Iraqi dinars were spent without customizations, and BA short.

    Chalabi said in an interview with Al Baghdadi said that "the executive branch agreed with the judiciary to weaken the legislative branch."

    Chalabi and added that the discourse between the central government and the Kurdistan region of inflammatory speech, and there is an insistence on keeping the crisis between the two sides and raised between then and the other. "

    Between Chalabi and that "there are 6,000 projects in various fields, and at a cost of 228 trillion Iraqi dinars, spent her financial allocations."

    Chalabi and said that "the balance of the system," EDF any "end of 2012 was 18 billion dollars, either at the end of 2013 was a balance of $ 6 billion, not aware of the aspects of the disbursement of these funds."

    Noting there and that "there are more than three billion dollars were spent during the previous period does not know the fate or project that has been spent for it."

    "The current year budget of 170 Nrliun dollars in the deficit would be great, and the government demanded that the budget law in the Central Bank for the purpose of borrowing to cover the deficit, something that will not allow him in the House of Representatives."

    And "The budget law is fighting the private sector with a number of paragraphs, and allows companies to government preference to private companies through, tax exemption for its emphasis on public and private."

    He noted that "the dimensions of former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi was the agreement of the executive and the judicial and legislative, outside the law."

    Chalabi and questioned about how they spent their money enormous entered Iraq since 2003 and up to 2013 and amounting to more than 467 billion dollars. "

    And counting National Congress leader deport political problems ahead is the product of a political process failed. Finished / 21 ARTICLE LINK

    RED LILY ~ More ammunition against Maliki. I like this Chalibi. Sure hope he doesn't wind up in a ditch..

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