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    James Maurer V.Sterling Currency Group, LLC,

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    Case 1:13-cv-00878-RHB

    Sterling Currency Group, LLC,



    James Maurer and Monetizers LLC (d/b/a


    Honorable Robert Holmes Bell
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    RE: Maurer v. Sterling $20 Million Lawsuit?
    From: James Maurer (jmaurermi@live.com)
    Sent: Tue 10/08/13 11:10 AM
    To: Ty Rhame (trhameb@earthlink.net)

    Hello Goliath,

    First, I’d like to make it 100% clear that the “whatever else” in your threat of “coming to my neck of the
    woods for court or whatever else” does not go unnoticed and I consider it an intimidation tactic that
    combined with the mention of my family, is meant to induce fear for the safety of my family. In fact, it
    has done just that. You go too far!

    Over the course of this lawsuit, I’ve wondered why you never stopped to ask yourself why I would
    engage in a bad links campaign against myself as I pointed out in the Georgia lawsuit. Your omission of
    the section where you accuse me of using bad links against myself (bed-bugs.org) in the Michigan
    lawsuit tells me you know why. Your frivolous lawsuit is a fabricated story that attempts to make me a
    scapegoat for your own unscrupulous and illegal actions.

    The methods you have used to promote your online business are against every search engine policy on
    the internet, and yet you have continued the practice because it fools Google into sending you more
    traffic and manipulates the public into buying your dinar. It doesn’t matter if you personally took these
    actions, or if your employee or a contractor took them for you, you can and will be held legally
    responsible. It’s not as black and white as you think. You do not have the blanket of protection which
    you appear to assume.

    What you are doing is wrong. This is clear in part because until Youssef came to work for you, he had
    nothing to do with the Iraqi dinar. Yet, since becoming employed by your company he has engaged in
    illegal behavior that violates Google’s policies in the most grievous manner. When he started his
    employment with you, he stole my trademark and copyrighted works and used them on websites to
    damage iraqidinar.org while manipulating Google – and where did those instructions come from?
    Directly from you. There is no denying this. We have all the evidence we need and the exhibits we have
    provided are only the tip of the iceberg.

    You are desperate for a scapegoat to take the blame for your own actions. You know that the
    techniques you’ve employed to promote your websites while stealing my content and damaging my
    name will get a website banned by search engines and that it’s only a matter of time before Google puts
    it all together. Therefore, your goal is to provide Google with a document (signed by me) that shifts the
    blame from you to me preventing Google from penalizing your online business.

    Furthermore, since you know that Youssef’s unscrupulous methods have permanently damaged your
    domain name, your goal is to acquire my legitimate website which could easily take the place of yours.
    Your lawsuit is only a ruse to obtain my website, shift blame to fool Google into not putting an end to
    your multimillion dollar online business, and abuse the court system flaunting your financial might to
    crush my smaller organization.

    Exhibit A Page 1 of 25
    Case 1:13-cv-00878-RHB Doc #32-2 Filed 11/27/13 Page 2 of 26 Page ID#1618

    You and your attorney keep threatening that you will drive me into financial ruin. Your attorney made
    that clear from day one when he first called issuing threats to me of great financial hardship even after I
    requested that he direct all communications to my attorney. Your attorney has carried out your
    continued threat to contact my people and provide false information, as with the email you sent below.

    Yes, I (David to whom you allude), am one individual and have limited resources and yes, you have
    millions of illegally obtained money at your disposal. Lawsuits may be a normal course of business for
    you and consume only a moment of your thought, but as a legitimate website business owner, they are
    very much out of the ordinary to me.

    In Georgia, you offered to settle this case for a few thousand dollars, my website, all my copyrighted
    material, and an apology for something I didn’t do that could be provided to Google to shift blame.
    After my attorney explained how a predatory company like yours could make good on its threats of
    financial ruin, I seriously considered the offer, even though it wasn’t fair and was a complete abuse of
    the legal system. In the end, I countered with everything except the admission and copyrighted work but
    you denied that offer.

    Your bizarre request for my copyrighted work and a confession for Google shed the light on a plethora of evidence that explains everything you have done and in turn shows motive for you to blame your actions on someone else. Now you cry extortion and threaten a restraining order? You are the one
    harassing me, sending out interfering letters and using extortion to scare me into giving into your
    demands. Your actions are the ones that need to be restrained.

    You really haven’t looked at the exhibits and asked the hard questions have you? This is yet another
    example of your negligent business practices and personal conduct. You thought you could hide your
    actions and deceive the public but left a massive trail of permanent evidence that anyone can find just
    by taking the time to look. The evidence we provided, which is only the tip of the iceberg, was placed in
    the public forum by you, and the lawsuit that connects all the dots is now public record. Undoubtedly,
    as you know from experience, it’s only a matter of days before it goes viral with you having set it all in

    Any expert would conclude that your actions are nefarious by looking at the evidence trail you left on multiple logged websites, and attempting to delete your tracks further attests to your unscrupulous behavior. We have already documented information that existed before the countersuit which has since been deleted. We also notice that link-vault and the one page of questionable evidence you
    presented has also been deleted. All of these actions will be seen as an admission of guilt, even by the
    lay person who does not know anything about websites or search engine rankings.

    I didn't choose the role of David, but I accept it. He won in the end. Other than your threat of physical
    harm against me and my family, your threats have no legal weight. The evidence against you is so strong
    (even without Discovery), that your attorney blindly threatens to appeal in anticipation of your loss –
    the same way he threatened to refile in Michigan prior to losing in Georgia.

    If you figure out how many people have to be suckered into buying Iraqi dinar to make your $20+ million
    dollars monthly and multiply that by years upon years of deception, it equates to TENS OF THOUSANDS
    of upset investors. Your arrogance will meet all those people reading this case along with Google,

    Exhibit A Page 2 of 25
    Case 1:13-cv-00878-RHB Doc #32-2 Filed 11/27/13 Page 3 of 26 Page ID#1619

    search engine forums, lawsuit review forums, and news agencies all around the world. Most
    importantly, you’ll see the Government reviewing this information and starting their own investigation.
    The bottom line is, I’d really rather see you make good on your statement that “if we’re in the wrong,
    we make things right” by accepting blame for your own actions, paying for the damages you have
    caused, and agreeing to never let our paths cross again.

    However, you can’t do that because you refuse to even read the countersuit and supporting evidence
    which clearly shows this whole situation arose because you attacked me starting back in 2011. You
    refuse to accept responsibility, refuse to negotiate and offer nothing but threats of violence and
    financial ruin. How can either of us hope to arrive at any meaningful solution to anything with an
    attitude like that?

    It’s up to you. Personally, I bet that you would bring down your house of cards and everyone connected
    to it rather than look at the exhibits, ask the hard questions and make things right. I value family time
    and part of me hopes you’ll make it right, but another part would love to see you on ‘American Greed’.
    It’s a show about people exactly like you who thought they were untouchable and could trick the
    government and the courts and steal from the innocent. You think you have found a way to get away with defrauding the public, which the government doesn’t fully understand yet. But, they will, and you will be exposed as the godfather of it all.

    Hoping for the best,

    James Maurer


    The email you sent out without knowing what you were talking about:

    Good Morning,

    I am an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. On behalf of a Client, I have obtained information that [website]
    may have been the subject of a “bad links” attack (a.k.a. Google Bowling). If your website suffered a
    sudden drop in Google rankings, this possible bad link attack could have been the cause.
    Can you let me know if the suffered a sudden drop? My Client has filed a lawsuit against the person
    responsible for the bad links and I’d like to fill you in.

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    Buckhead Centre
    2970 Peachtree Road, NW
    Suite 530
    Atlanta, GA 30305
    (404)201-2520 – telephone
    (404)393-9710 – facsimile
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