" The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 February 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 February 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 22 February 2014

    *** " Evict Maliki " Countdown is 67 Days until the Election ***

    Kurdistan: Sumo at our discretion to apply the old laws it does not fit the situation of the country after 2003

    o Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah

    Denied deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc for an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the export of oil, pointing out that the reservation of the Kurds to export oil through the company "Sumo" because the laws outdated based on the principle of service contracts which do not fit in with the situation in Iraq after 2003 being an Iraq federally federally by Constitution, also pointed out that the Kurds do not have a reservation deposit of oil imports in the Fund dfi, criticized the deputy do the federal government to grant the region's share of the budget in the form of 36 batch and not all at once. announced by Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani, the first on Thursday, the approval of the Kurdistan region to export crude oil through a pipeline state president of the Export and under the supervision of a marketing company National Oil (SOMO), indicating that the representatives of the federal government and the Kurdistan did not agree on the method of deposit and imports oil export Kurdistan, while the detection of sending and Federal Ministry of Finance "enough" funds to cover the salaries of the staff of the region to January last year. denied a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Mahma Khalil get any agreement between the KRG and the federal government to export oil through the SOMO, "said the" long "yesterday that" the export of oil Kurdistan region would be knowledge of the government Federal and proceeds will go to the State Treasury, the Federal ", noting that the SOMO was founded in the nineties of the last century the decisions of the service contracts that are not valid for the Iraqi economy now." and added that "there is a company formed in accordance with the Law No. (5) of oil and gas which was launched by the Parliament Kurdistan region which is valid until the enactment of the federal oil and gas, pointing out that "According to the constitution, the oil is not exclusive powers, however, the federal government." and on the possibility of an agreement KRG with the federal government to export oil through the SOMO, according to statements by al-Shahristani, Khalil said "These statements attempt surprising and may derail the negotiations no more because of the Kurdistan region did not agree with Baghdad to export its oil through the SOMO."Nevertheless, Khalil said that negotiations between Arbil and Baghdad latter were positive to resolve outstanding problems, and revealed the existence Of a meeting will be held next week to continue discussions and negotiations on the export of oil and the development of an appropriate mechanism. " explained Kurdish lawmaker that "the desire of the Kurdistan Regional Government to export its oil through the company (Como) Kurdistan and the knowledge of the federal government and states that buy oil from us and prices unannounced contracts open and clear, pointing out that the Kurds do not have a reservation to deposit oil revenues of the province in the trunk of the dfi Under the agreement with the United Nations. " to the Vice President of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mohsen al-Sadoun said in a statement to the "long" that your solution is the constitutional and legal to pass a bill the federal budget for 2014, noting that the share of the Kurdistan region of the previous budgets did not pay a single batch but was Tkst per month in three batches and be all year round with 36 batch. "

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    Experts: Delete the zeros from the dinar increases its strength
    against the dollar and easy to draw a price policy

    BAGHDAD / He said experts and specialists in regard the country's financial The implementation of the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi dinar will increase the strength against the U.S. dollar, in addition to facilitating the drawing political price in the country, as demanded a parliamentary committee by clicking on the government, "which disrupted the project" to force it to be implemented through texts Constitutional which allows the printing of a new currency, pointing out that the country's exit from Chapter VII, and to achieve the balance of Iraq's 76 billion dollars in international banks catalysts to delete the zeros.

    The decision of the Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary Mahma Khalil said in an interview with the "long" The parking Government against activating the decision to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency under the pretext of fear of counterfeit currency is not justified, especially as the regional climate is ripe after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and raced companies Global investment to invest in Iraq.

    He added that there is a legitimate action as a means of pressure on a government to force it to retreat from its position, including recourse to the constitutional provisions that allow the printing of a new currency and to address the weakness of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar as a necessity of economic urgency after that had a balance of Iraq's sovereign global banks 76 billion dollars.

    For his part, said economic expert Majid picture "long" The Central Bank of Iraq in agreement with the Ministry of Finance presented the studies necessary for the process of deletion of zeros since 2008 and has taken all actions relating to the restructuring of the Iraqi currency, including the design of the currency and denominations and the quality of paper used her, who confirmed that from the finest stainless paper cash or difficulty falsified.

    He added that the executive branch has decided to postpone the process of restructuring of the Iraqi currency, which led to the cessation of all actions related to this project, explaining that the aim of the restructuring process is to reduce the cost of handling and facilitate transactions handled, especially medium and large as well as to facilitate the draw price policy in the country.

    He stressed the need to accompany the process a package of measures distributed responsibility on all departments and state institutions and banks in order to develop solutions to the problems and obstacles that can arise during the process of restructuring, including cash, and accounting, and security as well as take the necessary measures to destroy the currency received canceled.

    He pointed out that the experience of Iraq to replace the currency in 2003 was very rich, but did not exceed only change the shape of the currency and replace it, so you do not need accounting requirements or legal, calling for the need to educate departments, banks and citizens feasibility of restructuring the currency as well as the use of modern technologies to detect fraud, also called to the non-interference of politicians and subjecting such decisions to Mazidat and political skirmishes, because that is not in the interest of monetary policy and the Iraqi economy.

    Meanwhile, a financial expert, Thamer Alheimus "long" that highlighted the benefits of the deletion of zeros is to create flexibility and ease of trading, and gave the example that in the case of activation of the decision will be coin values of small Kkhmsin fils or less, and under that will highlight the prices between the fourth dinars and half dinars or less, and thus would be unlikely in a large increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar in the case of Sir prudent monetary policy according to which it will contribute to the improvement of household incomes and low-income social strata.


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    Rifai: violations of the Maliki government for human rights contravene all international conventions and humanitarian laws

    February 22, 2014 In political

    Baghdad/Iraq News Network-accused the Mufti of Iraq Rafi Al-Rifai Government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of trying to ignite a civil war over what he named the sectarian orientation, pointing out various human rights violations, saying that the Government wants to hit some people with some in an effort to push Iraq toward civil war. Al-Rifai said in a speech yesterday in the European Parliament: "the Sunnis in Iraq killing, detention and torture of almost indescribable," adding that "the Maliki government want to hit some people with some in an effort to push Iraq Towards a civil war, "Noting that" the Iraqi people will be the losers if the war "in a speech in the European Parliament introduced the Rifai as" Government violations, including arbitrary detention, torture and extrajudicial executions, rape, "he said, adding that" such violations contrary to all international laws and conventions. "the leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr was accused Tuesday of Maliki" dictatorship ", Said that both opposed his Government accused of terrorism at the time of Al-Rifai's remarks came as Government forces continue a military campaign in Western Anbar province led by weeks, killing hundreds, and the displacement of about 150,000.


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    Little confirms that Government has no role, Parliament stresses the need to fight corruption

    February 22, 2014 In political

    Baghdad: Iraq News Network-Buratha mosque Friday said Sheik Jalaluddin Sagheer said the Government remained to House any role ", stressing" the need to fight corruption in the country. "a little," he said during Friday prayers that take care of it, "Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to delay the budget we would like to say from the last budget and did not deliver it to the House of representatives and all countries of the world presented in the ninth month", Indicating that "Parliament has left the role due to looting Government released cycle to begin and be held accountable." he noted that "among the noted in the budget is a wondrous number recognized by the Ministry of finance and Government and more than {6000} a {220} billion dollars did not work out at all," adding "what is it we hear in the news because the project was opened by DOE or DOE" thinks of the subject. "all of these projects were justMain implementation and taking their money from Parliament that accuse him of blocking Government. "Sheikh Saghir" above me and admonished in 2009 to the seriousness of the Government's domestic debt to open without control of the House and we were told that we are stalled, and today the Government has acknowledged the existence of {10} billion dollars debt that is pulled from the Rafidain and Rasheed and this is another non-existing budget-balancing. "and that" each year the budget is greater than And on top of that there is a deficit, the Government was able to amplified to a nearly 1 trillion {50} billion {45} billion dollars ", adding" that will push its death toll is Government propaganda on the streets or in State media supplied politically? But the Iraqi citizen. "was that" Iraq was the only country to final accounts in the ministries I would deal with Iraqi money professionally when said {6000} project but express failing status professional. "his pal that" the amount of $ {220} is strange and I invite to take a serious stance on these issues and those responsible are held accountable and these numbers alone evidence of failure of Government ", indicating that" theHappened on this corruption be charged as a terrorist, daash and by State available. "on pension law and what the effects of argumentation and bustle of Shaykh" surprised that the service took place in Parliament and not on the law books ", stating that" every law which penny later Parliament can vote on it without the consent of the Government, "adding that" the law 80% for the three presidencies and the bottom 25% of members of Parliament, although a significant proportion and mobility went to 25 percent and did not travel to the three presidencies and is 80%.


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    Parliamentary Security Committee to provide appropriate security conditions for the holding of elections

    February 22, 2014 In political

    Basra: Iraq news network called the parliamentary security and Defense Committee to provide appropriate security conditions for parliamentary elections scheduled for the end of April. the Committee said in a statement that "the head of the parliamentary security and Defense Committee today held a Conference Hassan Al-Sunaid for security leaders in Basra, and the need to provide appropriate security conditions for the holding of elections in the country." and is due to hold general elections in April next year amid continued security breaches in several cities at the time, urging political and popular The importance of holding the elections on schedule and without any postponement under any pretext.


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    Baker international America Inc. signs contract with Department of Defense worth $ 838 million

    February 22, 2014 In political

    Baghdad/Iraq News Network announced (Michael Baker International) USA today, winning contracts worth $ 838 million for three years by a u.s. air force to support the processing of Iraqi air force fighter aircraft F-16, indicated its willingness to create the "Balad airbase" in Iraq with all engineering services, construction and logistics to be ready to receive and deploy aircraft., the company said in a statement published today, the program has already started and we expect to increase the number of associate during the creation The project to more than 5,000 people ", stating that" efforts for training and mobilization are essential for the purpose of attribution in the deployment process. "she added that" the company Baker international in accordance with the contract by a u.s. air force according to the FMS foreign military sales program to provide all services and resources and administration required to support processing of Iraqi air force aircraft F-16 your fBy including all aspects of planning, design and engineering effort and engineering assessments with management of construction, engineering and design of sewage water with base station power. "she" will create the runways, control towers with all requirements relating to air traffic control services at the base with maintenance services and training team onMedical aid at the base with communications services and public services with the security services. "the company functions will be concentrated on the rehabilitation of all infrastructure requirements of electrical power and communications network and electronic security systems with other air navigation services," said Kurt Bergman, Executive Director of the Baker company international quoted the statement "we are honored to be chosen to support the Iraqi Government in this important program sponsored by the u.s. air force", pointing out that "the Baker company efficient and high capacity In the implementation of the project by providing a wide range of services ranging from design and construction steps preliminary to the final stages of the supervision of air traffic management at the base.


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    Integrity: the disappearance of corrupted files related to "senior" officials by the public integrity!

    February 22, 2014 In political

    Baghdad/Iraq News Network-member parliamentary Committee on integrity Shaker Al-Darraji on the disappearance of a number of corrupt files anonymously said daraji: "there are a lot of files that have not been resolved yet and even resolved which has not lived up to the level of the number of unresolved corruption files concerning protected persons or political influence on the course of the investigation, in addition to the disappearance of some files that don't know where to go," he said, "we as a Commission on integrity of political blocs and the components of each member belongs to a political bloc or I mean the accusation Commission, but in my estimation that the functioning of the Commission is not required, which should be the level of events and issues in follow-up to regulatory bodies associated with the Commission as a body, the Court of Auditors and inspectors general offices and the control devices associated with the integrity Commission in supervisory work. "and the parliamentary integrity Commission Member pointed out that the Committee did not have the level required in resolving important files and basicThis is due to the lack of cooperation of many administrative and executive authorities in Government with us in Committee. "that there are dozens of corruption files is not performed by the integrity Commission or judicial observers attributed it to pressure the Iraqi judiciary by parties and political parties, which led to the sentencing of those involved. the financial and administrative corruption is widespread in Iraq, as listed by transparency international as the third most corrupt country in the world after Somalia And the Sudan.


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    Ashwaq dry: the policy of the Kurdistan oil compared to the successful policy of the Federal Government

    Sat Feb 22 2014 00:35 | (Voice of Iraq)

    She said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ashwaq dry, the oil policy followed in the Kurdistan Regional Government has achieved a great success compared to the policy pursued by the Federal Government.
    It said in a statement that the federal government failed to manage the file of oil, making a lot of international oil companies are considering to withdraw from the southern fields to work in the province of Kurdistan Kosherkta Exxon Mobil and Chevron, the Americas and the French company Total, while in contrast, succeeded the provincial government to its policy of oil to how the extraction and exploration and attract businesses .
    She continued, that the provincial government not bear responsibility for the failure of the Iraqi Oil Ministry, oil file management, and therefore, the accusation region to export oil without the knowledge of Baghdad undue guilt of the region and not to pay the price for the failures that occurred in the administration of oil followed by the federal government.
    She said dry, followed by the political region contribute to the development strategy of the country where imports of oil exported from the region to go to all the sons of the Iraqi people and thus increase Iraq's imports in general.

    The Information Office of the Deputy

    D. Ashwaq dry


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    Press release issued by Astron Stephenson chief of relations with Iraq in the European Parliament

    Sat Feb 22 2014 00:22 | (Voice of Iraq)

    The escalation of violence in Iraq
    Bombings continued and repeated terrorist attacks and the escalation in the number of daily casualties in Iraq have raised deep concerns in the international community. Number of victims of violence in Iraq since the beginning of July stood at 719 dead and 1581 injured, or rather the approximate rate of 90 people and wounded every day. In the month of Ramadan, only the current, which represents one of the most sacred religious occasions for Muslims and deprived the hard war and bloodshed, killing more than 500 people in Iraq and injured hundreds of others. According to UN statistics, Iraq has witnessed the deaths of more than 3,000 people during the past three months alone. The sectarian killings and forced displacement of citizens because of their religious beliefs in the provinces of Diyala, Kirkuk and Baghdad last month led to the conviction directly by the League of Arab States.

    Popular resentment took accommodate in a rich country like Iraq because of government corruption and widespread poverty, unemployment and lack of basic services, especially in the areas of water and electricity. Currently out provinces inhabited by people of the Shiites in southern Iraq to the streets in their millions to protest the Nuri al-Maliki declared the sit-in. The atmosphere in the provinces of Basra, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Karbala and Muthanna in the case of the blast came as demonstrations and sit-ins in the six Sunni provinces in Iraq eight months without any sign of concessions by the government.

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who monopolize the security file and the security ministries five in Iraq, lost control clearly on the security situation of the country, which tends to chaos and the threat of a new rebellion and civil war, similar to the bloody civil war that engulfed Iraq from 2006 to 2009 after the U.S. occupation. Which threatens security and stability in the region and the world if it occurs.

    It is strange that the security forces and the Iraqi military which number more than a million and a member of an annual budget equivalent to 20 billion dollars Gergaderh to maintain security of the citizens, or even the main security prisons under its control. The attack expanded to two prisons main in Baghdad on July 22 this month and which led to the exodus of hundreds of guests and left dozens dead confirms this fact as the face of Iraqi Justice Minister fingers towards the security services and public involvement in the accident escape guests blaming federal police and the Interior Ministry's intelligence responsibility This breach of security in prisons.

    Currently, and after more than a week rejects Prime Minister al-Maliki and his top security presence in the Iraqi parliament to answer questions about the scandal. She wrote newspaper Le Monde in its International on July 25 this: "... al-Maliki has failed to offer an alternative in front of sectarianism and bring people together around shared values. "It has become clear by the day that al-Maliki has turned into a tool in the hands of the Iranian regime which identified policies of sectarianism and reassure his continued support for the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria brutal.

    On the international community to head off calls for the Iranian regime in Iraq without going back and re-independent non-sectarian government determined to impose the rule of law and democratic accountability in front of this oppressed people. To the stability of Iraq, of key importance to the West as the continuation of economic aid and investment depends on the imposition of European fast law, security and peaceful progress.

    Astron Stephenson

    Chief of relations with Iraq in the European Parliament


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    Maliki adviser: No truth to the ratios to the Prime Minister on the deterioration of the Iraqi economy

    Fri Feb 21 2014 21:42 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad
    Confirmed media adviser to the prime minister, Ali al-Moussawi, on Friday, there was no truth to what was attributed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the deterioration of the Iraqi economy, pointing out that Maliki confirms the strength of the economy and strength.
    Moussawi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "attributed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the deterioration of the Iraqi economy is untrue."
    He added that "Maliki confirms the strength of the economy and strength."
    The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said a statement seen by "Alsumaria News", in the (February 20, 2014), Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said during a meeting with senior EU official regulations Baghdad Faryad Roandzi, that Iraq as a whole is going through a financial crisis, expected, according to the statement "collapse "Iraq's economy and financial system, if not to ratify the budget at the earliest and find radical solutions to the problem of increasing public expenditure which has become more than imports.
    The House of Representatives voted, in (January 28, 2014), the first reading of the budget bill for 2014 in its eighth legislative term of the second legislative year, the fourth and last, headed by Speaker Osama Najafi and the presence of 191 deputies, but failed to accomplish those reading, was charged with State of Law coalition of obstructing the Kurds to pass the budget.


    *** This article appears to confirm that there has not been a first reading on the budget before the Parliament, to wit : "............, but failed to accomplish those reading, ........... " ***

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