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    I am told.........

    Gasoline is said to be going up in the US 50 cents per gallon in the next few days......Reason; refinery maintenance and warmer weather LOL !! It is because of what is ABOUT to take place and IRAN is the midst of the cause..... or shall we say about to get economically embarrassed by the brother......

    Hussain al-Shahristani..........Underlying new Prime Minister 2014.........Barham Saleh (President)........... Seen as favorites with party agreements in place......I have NO IDEA, only sharing partial of what has been said to be on the horizon.

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    I've heard that gas will be down $0.02 by summer.
    Common theme seems to be "we'll know the value when we see it."

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    This might be true for the countries that do not refine their own crude, but the US has foregone importing oil from the ME by large percentage over the last year or so. The US is producing and importing more oil (from Canada) and this has stabilize prices here in the US. We still have to deal with oil speculators, by the way, who drive up oil prices. The US still needs to build more refineries, but regulations and activists are preventing them from being constructed.

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    Do you remember before the start of Shock and Awe? A 3 mile convoy of Russian trucks headed out of Iraq into Syria as shown in a digital satellite photo. What was the role of France in the war? The recent agreement regarding disposing of the chemical weapons in Syria,... Russia jumped at the chance to negotiate the deal and France being as good hearted as they are volunteered to dispose of the chemical weapons. (if these weapons had labels they would read made in France). In an earlier post I mentioned the Sykes Picot Agreement (1913)...between England, France, and Russia.

    In the earlier post I mentioned England although silent is a KEY player with a huge amount of control......and just as the ISX is connected to London the WFE moving from Paris to London was for a specific reason and NOT for closer proximity to a wider universe. London to Paris is 214 miles !!

    Iran is in the middle of nuclear negotiations and has had some ease of sanctions as their economy is on the verge of collapse. Who IMMEDIATELY went running to Iran seeking future business deals ? (France) ! ....... Why is Iran wigging out all of a sudden, they have ease of some sanctions and are back in negotiations on the 18th....Nothings changed except there is about to be a huge change !

    Lets go back to 1913 and the Sykes Picot Agreement.......Lets take a look at the 1913 Petchili Chinese Bonds....... Lets just say a lot of times in government 100 year markers are when things become due or renegotiated......

    Saudi Arabia cut off Iraq's pipeline......Kurds are not pumping oil into Turkey........ southern fields are not pumping through pipelines.......

    Thursdays big Budget meeting........What can be discussed without letting the cat out of the bag?

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