" The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 11 February 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 11 February 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 11 February 2014

    The benelovent destroyer ( USA ) WILL advice on Iraq Infrastructe " ( part of SOFA Agreement )

    08:56 [jackiechan] http://m.albawaba.com/business/iraq- ... ndustry-553416 Some one please read and paste in news section....... "

    ***** like change of monetary policy in the ageeement*****

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    We will not allow the survival of Nuri al-Maliki in power." .. Iyad Allawi: elections will be held bloody!!

    Said Iyad Allawi, leader of the bloc united to the Jordanian Al-Ghad newspaper "will not get out of politics, but I will not stay in the political process devote this dangerous deviation."

    He added that "the problem with Nouri al-Maliki that he does not abide by his words and his promises that travels or covenants signed by, politician of his word, let alone if they signed an agreement, this guy can not be trusted because he is not committed."

    He explained, "I was prepared in the form of the Iraqi army brigades, and the terms of reference of a unified leadership and that his loyalty to the homeland, and refused to integrate the militias. Iraq today, but lacks a national policy to build an army uniform and efficient.

    He guessed that "elections are the deadliest features began to appear from now on," pointing out that he noticed "a vow black combine to push the possibility of tearing Iraq, God forbid."

    And that "sectarian rule reject laws barricaded Iraqi national unity and foremost law distribution of financial resources, in addition to the oil and gas laws and the election, parties and census.

    Allawi stressed, "We will not allow the survival of Nuri al-Maliki in power, a position Ntqata it with the Sadrists and the Supreme Council and the brothers the Kurds," adding that "protests Anbar was launched in order to legitimate demands who ignored rulers citing that the sit-ins haven for al Qaeda and terrorism, this is not true."

    Allawi rejected the "never claim that there is support for an Arab-Qaeda in Iraq to thwart al-Maliki, Maliki turned down sectarian policies and that it does not cast unsubstantiated accusations to justify his failure. Gulf states targeted by al-Qaeda, how hurling her name in support of terrorism."


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    About the central bank's decision to sell gold dealers

    Sinan Shabibi - Mohammad Reza - Under the statement issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and for the purpose of diversification means savings to the public and to provide large quantities of gold from the origins of prudent central bank will CREATION ingots of pure gold and we would like to comment on this subject, including the following:

    that the central bank handles gold cash (which is gold held by central banks ) and not the gold trade (which is handled by the market). The main objective of central banks from owning Gold is to strengthen and diversify cash reserves and add an element of confidence to this reserve. Has resorted to the old administration that in August 2012.

    It is not the duty of the Central Bank that provides gold trade to the public, but it is possible that the basic coins commemorative (about Iraq's history or the history of the central bank) and sold and are pulling some cash Iraqi through it and some of the officials who are still in the bank remember the communication of the many that we have had with Some companies discreet Mint commemorative coins.

    In this area only narrow the central bank to sell gold and pulls part of Iraqi money which may fall within the monetary policy. But this process is not characterized by regular Bastmrraritha can not imagine having any role in the reduction of inflation, a primary goal of monetary policy.

    The auction of foreign currency pulls a lot of Iraqi dinars from the public can not, and the reasons for the theory and practical, that the monetary gold in place of the dollar auction. The use of cash as a policy of monetary gold is a process characterized by limited Bmahdodiha The offer does not include the trading and swap confined between central banks. But if the goal is to use gold as a way to save there is no need for the central bank in this regard, because the topic comes gold trade.

    Because of this, the monetary gold is not used, but rarely as a policy cash but, of course, is a cover important currency and therefore contributes to the stability of the monetary policy, which depends on the ratio of monetary gold to total reserves.

    If the purpose is business policy or to encourage saving it does not fall within the scope of the work of the central bank and are dealing here with the gold as a commodity rather than a normal monetary gold. This gold is traded in the commercial market and is thus either consumed or spared no need for the central bank to come in this area. And must not be given the impression that the central bank is equipped for gold trade.

    Gold trade deals with ordinary commodity traders or the Ministry of Commerce and part of the monetary gold reserve currency, which is owned and managed by the central bank.


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    Amid declining liquidity .. Iraq's financial market rises 0.12%

    BAGHDAD - Index closed fiscal Iraq today, Monday, at an altitude of 0.12% at 112.51 points, gaining 0.13 points to its value.

    The recorded levels of liquidity relative decline after it posted a turnover of approx 7.669 billion dinars, compared to 10.25 billion dinars, were trading at 3.52 billion shares compared with 7.2 billion shares through 621 transactions trading.

    The index closed yesterday in Iraq fiscal first session of the week higher by 0.05% at 112.38 points, gaining 0.06 points to its value.

    The number of companies that have been traded today 42 companies of which 20 shares rose, while shares fell 10 other companies and kept the rest to shut down the previous levels.

    Topped gainers "light" at the level of 5.63% to 0.75 dinars, and followed by "Karbala" by 4.62% to 1.36 dinars, as increased performance shares "Cord" by 3.99% and closing at 2.87 dinars.

    On the other hand it has issued shares losers "Ashur H" by 8.33% to a level of 11 dinars, and followed by "Awsmak" by 4.55% to a level of 10.50 dinars, as decreased performance shares "engineering" 3.33% to levels of 1.45 dinars.

    Topped the most active stocks in terms of values ​​and volumes shares "north" value of trades amounted to 6,223 billion dinars after trading at 2.753 billion shares steady at 2.26 dinars, followed by "Baghdad," the value of trades exceeded 557 million dinars trades exceeded 278 million shares, up 2% to 2.02 dinars.


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    Dawa warns his followers to follow Ammar al-Hakim Cultural Forum

    BAGHDAD - The Islamic Dawa Party issued a warning "to his followers not to spend listening or follow-up speeches, President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim. A source from the party told the "eighth day" that the directives issued in the form of a formal letter had been circulated to employees of the party warned the leaders of the Dawa Party associate of follow-up forum Ammar al-Hakim weekly. ...


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    Saudi Arabia seizes Iraqi oil pipeline that passes through its territory

    BAGHDAD - She said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Today, the Saudi government issued a law to confiscate the Iraqi oil pipeline that passes through its territory, noting that this tube is an economic lifeline for Iraq.

    He said the Commission's decision Qasim Mohammad Qasim told ((eighth day)) that Iraq can not at the present stage to export crude oil to Egypt and Palestine, adding that oil exports to these two countries would be through the Iraqi oil pipeline, which confiscated the Saudi government. "

    He added that "there will be negative economic repercussions on the economic situation in Iraq in terms of oil exports to countries in Africa and Asia."

    He pointed out that "solutions to retrieve the Iraqi oil pipeline is that the Saudi government is subject to international law."

    The committee decided to energy and oil parliamentary earlier, hosting and Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani in Parliament to reveal the terms of the export of oil and gas from Iraq to Egypt.


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    CBI announces directly funded Iraqi banks open accounts in the bank

    Announced the central bank directly for a large number of Iraqi banks, public and private funding of open accounts in the bank.
    According to a statement by the Central Bank that a large number of Iraqi banks started financing open accounts in the bank for the purposes of the foreign currency auction returned directly funded banks accounts quick response to new instructions approved by the CBI recently.


    [kaperoni] strap yourself in BGG
    [kaperoni] let me explain
    [kaperoni] the CBI wrote some new rules last year for the daily currency auctions
    [kaperoni] this is exciting stuff

    [kaperoni] the actual new rules where posted back in Sept on CBI

    [kaperoni] http://www.cbi.iq/docume ··· en_f.pdf

    [kaperoni] but they tell the banks they are changing the currency auction format

    [kaperoni] and going to a new Open Market operations

    [kaperoni] where the CBI is no longer the provider of foreign currency unless absolutely necessary

    [kaperoni] so the basic auctions now have changed

    [kaperoni] and are now called Open Market

    [kaperoni] Everyone gets this I hope

    [kaperoni] here is where we need to sit down

    [subgirl] I am trying

    [msidaho] subgirl I'm trying to.. Still a bit of head scratching but sounds like good news :-)

    [kaperoni] Last Sept when this policy was created an article came out

    [BGG] Fishheads - !Hola

    [kaperoni] that is because these banks now have 250m in capital

    [kaperoni] so they don't need the CBI

    [subgirl] wow is that dinar or dollars?

    [kaperoni] dollars

    [dwightj] That's the first step

    [kaperoni] look up the definition of Open Market operations from Wiki..

    [kaperoni] so the basic auctions now have changed

    [kaperoni] and are now called Open Market

    [kaperoni] Everyone gets this I hope

    [kaperoni] here is where we need to sit down

    [subgirl] I am trying

    [msidaho] subgirl I'm trying to.. Still a bit of head scratching but sounds like good news :-)

    [kaperoni] Last Sept when this policy was created an article came out

    [kaperoni] that talked specifically to this new policy (when and if it was implemented)

    [kaperoni] Financial representative: on the Central Bank on monetary policy open |On 2013-08-20 | Writer Anthony David Baghdad/Hamad Daham The parliamentary Finance Committee stressed that "the primary cause of high dollar to Iraqi dinar lies in the political set by the Central Bank since the monetary policy pursued by the Central Bank with businesses and banks that deal with the Bank". The Committee Member said Faleh Sari for daily "Alalam" that "the Central Bank told the House Finance Committee will follow the new theme mechanism will make a significant contribution in raising the value of Iraqi dinars before next June and will be the mechanism to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar." He said in effect that "on the Central Bank to reduce the size of the companies that deal with money raised in the auction, which will lead to the reduction of the value of the dollar and rely on open monetary policy without complicated procedures and controls and opening wider the hopes of State banks. The banknot

    [kaperoni] you all see this?

    [kaperoni] "the Central Bank told the House Finance Committee will follow the new theme mechanism will make a significant contribution in raising the value of Iraqi dinars before next June and will be the mechanism to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar."

    [kaperoni] He said in effect that "on the Central Bank to reduce the size of the companies that deal with money raised in the auction, which will lead to the reduction of the value of the dollar and rely on open monetary policy

    [kaperoni] rely on open monetary policy

    [kaperoni] rely on open monetary policy

    [kaperoni] rely on open monetary policy

    [kaperoni] This new rule that they implemented is the mechanism!

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    Economist exclude low world oil prices and its impact on the federal budget

    Baghdad (news) .. Ruled among Iraqi economic happen decline in world oil prices in the next stage, including not affect the budget of Iraq, which was calculated on the basis of (90) dollars per barrel. economist said Hussein Allawi, the star (of the Agency news): The ‘guesses the federal budget for sale barrel of oil at 90 dollars is suitable for international circumstances, because the projections indicate that the oil prices in the global markets will increase by between (1% to 2%) during the year 2014, ‘pointing out that as shown now in the global markets of the OPEC basket few, as a result of international sanctions imposed on Iran and the unstable security situation in Libya. ‘ and added that ‘the rate of the volume of oil export speculative in the budget of 2014, which amounts to three million and 400 thousand barrels per day, and this is it question marks because it is perhaps Iraq will not be up to This figure is a result of political differences between the governments of the center and the province, which is supposed to last to hand over 400 thousand barrels of oil to the Government Center. ‘ As for the supplementary budget has pointed star to: It’s’ consist of money surplus from oil sales, in the sense that if been selling a barrel of oil by more than 90 dollars, the amount in excess of the price speculative be a supplementary budget, noting that ‘there is something wrong in the financial management of the state both in terms of the provinces or the government, which is usually what you rotate the money without investing in the projects of the country’. / end


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    Iraq is losing 5 billion dollars a month because of the delayed budget

    BAGHDAD - MP for the National Alliance Hussein Mura'bi that the adoption of the budget will be delayed due to lack of oil resolve the differences between the center and the region so far.

    He Mura'bi told ((eighth day)) that delayed the budget means damage to services and on our economy and Masatna and the Iraqi citizens, noting that Iraq is losing monthly 5 billion Dolarhehria because of the delay in approving the budget, blaming the responsibility of all the political blocs opposing and conflicting with each other.

    He added that a lot of Mura'bi development plans were disrupted, and that the remainder of the month, Omar Parliament is not enough to pass the budget and thus comes the caretaker government and that means a big economic loss for Iraq. ARTICLE LINK

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    Maliki put himself and the Iraqi army in big trouble

    BAGHDAD - Independent MP Hassan Alawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki put himself and the Iraqi army in big trouble because of failure to comply with the policy initiatives put forward on resolving the crisis Anbar.

    He said the top in the first statement received by the agency ((eighth day)): "The situation of Mr. Prime Minister in Anbar difficult between 3 Options, President al-Maliki could not retreating deemed subdued, or stops are regarded as an unsuccessful mission, or advance shall bear human and material losses that may reveal her pictures to come if were attacked Fallujah, these difficult choices imposed by the laws of military clashes with groups and militant organizations operate in a manner street fighting, not the Iraqi army factions, especially an intern on the street fighting, but rather doing the attacks usually forces armed popular in the face of the forces of other armed, either regular armies is located in the predicament that we are in Anbar, especially in Fallujah. "

    And on the position of the elections in Anbar with the continuation of these difficult choices of the three, said the top: "The elections will take place by the will of the White House and will not stop the process for whatever reason, because the White House did not give the American people a compelling reason for the occupation of Iraq, but he established democracy based on parliamentary elections, If exposure this gain American to defect will become the White House in the position of accountability before the U.S. Congress and to the American public in general, side is the American present in the military situation in Anbar, especially since the White House has encouraged the Iraqi government to fight this battle, which is essentially an extension of the conflict in Syria , and the situation will remain stalled in place to show that the sudden decision to attack the big stop and the final withdrawal of the army and bowing to the initiative may be issued. "

    He added: "The initiative presented by the governor of Anbar provincial council, it is questionable to accept, because the initiatives accepted is that Atsdr for a party in the conflict, and, alas that political awareness in Iraq have not yet understood the concept and meaning of the initiative or reconciliation or settlement projects, these projects Atsdr for one of the parties to it in this case would reject the other party will be charged fingerprints party who proposed, and as this party is calculated on the government, this government project for the other party, and that his refusal to violently and would reject, even gave the other similar initiatives, the government rejected by strongly, permission has to be initiative rise by a neutral party trusted by both sides completely, and ended the day time initiatives, and any initiative that will be unrewarded, like the current initiative of the Council of Anbar province. "

    He said the top: "I hold the predicament of President al-Maliki, and must be a concerted effort to eject the Iraqi army and Iraq in general of the current impasse in Anbar, but unfortunately the ears closed to the free ideas bold, and in such circumstances the current overwhelm history and sycophantic opinions free and bold, nor I can Otqmus Maliki's position and pretend that if I place in what I do, maybe I'll be in the same situation that it is today among the three difficult situations. (AA) ARTICLE LINK

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