Sorry if this summary is not neatly composed or ending not completely understood.....but hope to give you some events to watch evolve. To many interruptions and my train of thought is easily derailed.

I am including a link from a news source that should give a good perspective on WHY the Budget has been held up. The KRG pipeline to Turkey is the major cog and it appears they are close to reaching an agreement. I believe we can also speculate the reason for Barzani canceling the Washington trip. Washington needs Barzani home and to come to terms with Baghdad. It also appears that Turkey is willing to be flexible in the matter and his Washinconcerning prior agreements with the KRG thus making it easier for the KRG to reach an agreement with Baghdad, this is all good news ! -Nujaifi gton visit seems to be paying dividends and appears behind the scenes these guys are hard at work more so than ever before.

IMHO; Should we see an agreement between the KRG and Baghdad regarding the pipeline this sets the foundation for all other agreements to proceed forward. Then the Budget will be passed and numbers will be in place. The open season declared on terrorist, the importing of private contractors (these are mercenaries)..... The take back of Fallujah is huge for Maliki and is the BRASS RING that sets precedence for the future.

Another pointed note to take in; You must consider ALL that you see is not all that is. This Middle East saga goes back to the Sykes-Picot agreement. England is a huge part of this yet silent. Maliki's family is protected residing in England, Shabibi is on that ground, Iraq stock exchange is connected to London, and on and on it goes. France/ Del a rue......printing money.....England........etc.. etc.. So when your neighborhood Guru speaks of China, Congressmen, Senators, exchanges etc..etc... You never heard England or France.......only the Paris Club debt was mentioned. I hope to broaden your imagination and take you away from focusing on Washington......The noise in front of you is there for a reason (distraction)....It's the silent ones behind the scenes and that ole English Empire still has power and influence with agreements and treaties in place that are not ignored.