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    IMF Article 8


    How long must the CBI maintain the 2% spread between the market and official rates of the Dinar before the IMF will allow them into Article VIII?

    Would you say it is a few weeks or (hopefully NOT) a few months?

    Thanks so much for your input!!

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    No way to tell. That is not something that has a defined timeline. I would expect that the IMF would make a judgement based on the CBI's ability to demonstrate they can maintain the spread at 2%. Under Shabibi, he it was a non factor as he was at 1185-1202 for a significant period of time. The purpose of this is...once they transition and have to manage the currency on a global scale under Article VIII, they have the tools and experience to do so. Sorta like training wheels, you don't take them off until your sure you can ride the bike. Hope that helps.


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