" The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 5 January 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 5 January 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 5 January 2014

    United: our deputies will end their suspension House of Representatives soon

    Sat Jan 04 2014 22:15 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD / obelisk

    United coalition announced on Saturday, near the end for suspension Coalition MPs in the House of Representatives, after they decided before the suspension of work and provide their resignations to Prime boss Osama al.

    The leader of the National Future Gathering in the WIN Coalition MP Jaber al-Jabri's "obelisk" that "MPs are united will end soon suspend their House of Representatives, which was in accordance with the issues are not political, but rather an appeal relating to the lives of citizens in Anbar province," explaining that "there are a lot of characters benevolent work to end the suspension. "
    He pointed out that "the Iraqi List has empowered House Speaker Osama Najafi to play this role."
    He continued, saying, "There is also the problem of the Commission move and communicate with all parties."
    Despite the absence of MPs boycotted the House of Representatives held its regular third legislative term of the second legislative year, the fourth, headed by Osama Najafi, on Saturday, and in the presence of 179 deputies voted for the bill and one and proceeded to vote on the labor law, then adjourned until next Tuesday.
    Nujaifi said at the beginning of the session that "the House of Representatives is still awaiting the arrival of the financial budget for the year 2014 after it is approved by the Council of Ministers," and expressed hope that "being sent soon."
    Then the Council voted on a draft law on ratification of agreement on the encouragement and protection of investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the government of Armenia and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the Economy and Investment, which aims to encourage and protect investments between the two countries.


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    Fallujah beyond the control of the state and killed 55 militants in Anbar Daash

    Sat Jan 04 2014 22:33 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Lost Iraqi security forces Saturday the city of Fallujah, which came in 2004 for two Americans and received widespread in order to suppress the rebellion, after he went out and signed its control in the hands of the insurgents, to turn again to the rebel stronghold of extremists.

    And continued at this time clashes in the city of Ramadi, the neighboring, as it made security forces backed by gunmen from the tribes progress in areas dominated by since Thursday fighters "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant", the branch of the Iraqi and Syrian al-Qaeda and known simply organize "Daash."

    A security source said a senior Iraqi in Anbar province, told AFP that "the city of Fallujah, outside the control of the state and under the control of the organization (Daash)," adding that "the areas around Fallujah (60 km) west of Baghdad in the hands of the local police."

    "I've been appointed by the ruler."

    For his part, said an AFP correspondent in the city said that "the forces that dominate the city of Fallujah is full of al-Qaeda," adding that "the Iraqi security forces and the Awakening forces do not exist in Fallujah."

    He said that "sporadic clashes spin at the edges" after a bloody day witnessed through Fallujah and Ramadi clashes between elements of "Daash" and police backed Bmslha clans, during which the bombing of areas by army troops stationed outside the two cities, which led to the deaths of 32 civilians and 71 of the fighters, "the Islamic State ".

    The AFP correspondent in Fallujah, gunmen yesterday announced from the rostrum of the Friday sermon in which she turned into a "state of Islamic", that "the electricity cut off completely, and the generators are not working due to lack of fuel."

    The control of the al-Qaeda on the center of Fallujah, an exceptional event due to Avatar worn by the city, which has fought two wars Hrstein with U.S. forces in 2004.

    The attack was the first American goal to subdue the Sunni insurgency in the city, saw miserably what about Fallujah quickly into a refuge for al-Qaeda and its allies, who were able to control and impose a fait accompli in them.

    And was killed in the second battle, about two thousand civilians in addition to the 140 American soldiers, in what was described as the harshest battle waged by U.S. forces since the Vietnam War.

    In Ramadi (100 km) west of Baghdad, said a captain in the city's police that "police forces and clans spread in most parts of the city and controlled, but al Qaeda militants are still present in the revival of the stadium and the fair and pristine," all of which are located in the center of Ramadi, according to reporter AFP in the city.

    He said the commander of ground forces in the Iraqi army Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan in a statement to AFP that "the violent clashes taking place in several areas" in Ramadi, adding that "the police and the sons of the tribes in charge of the cleansing process in the sectors of the army attribution."

    Ghaidan said that "there are three groups are fighting, are the first elements + Daash +, and the second are the sons of the Awakening and clans, which stands by the police and army, and the third is what is known as the Military Council, which was announced yesterday in Fallujah."

    The armed groups, including the "Islamic Army" and "Revolution Brigades century" and "the Mujahideen Shura Council" and other groups announced Friday the formation of this council in order to coordinate in fighting the security forces, without being clear whether this council loyal to the organization, "Daash," according to AFP reporter.

    Later, he said Ghaidan to AFP that "the killing of dozens of gunmen Tuesday evening in two, the first targeted a superset of + Daash + in Alibovraj" near Ramadi, killing 25 fighters, before that "targeted a large gathering of elements + Daash + near Karmah," east of Fallujah , killing 30 militants.

    Taking advantage of the organization "Daash" Thursday police forces to evacuate their positions in Fallujah and Ramadi, the military is busy fighting tribal militants who refuse to break up a sit-Sunni anti-government on Monday, to enter Ramadi and Fallujah.

    And evacuated Square sit-in, which closed the highway leading to Syria and Jordan for the year, in a peaceful manner on Monday, but the Sunni tribal fighters sit-outs to decode launched retaliatory attacks against the forces of the army.

    The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in an attempt to defuse tensions security in Anbar far end the strike against him, called on Tuesday the army to withdraw from cities, but returned and reversed his decision Wednesday, declaring send additional troops to the province after the entry of al-Qaeda elements on the front line.

    Maliki said today, according to TV quoted him as "Iraqi" government "will not retreat even finish all the terrorist groups and save our people in Anbar."

    The Anbar province inhabited by a majority of the year and share borders with Syria, about 300 km, one of the main strongholds of al-Qaida in the years that followed the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and even the formation of the Awakening forces in September 2006.

    According to the site, "any Kajoltez", about a third of the casualties of U.S. troops in Iraq was in Anbar, which appeared during the past few days and had to regain its influence armed groups which, two years after the U.S. military withdrawal from the country.

    Says Charles Lester, a researcher at the Brookings Doha Center, told AFP that "the power and the control of extremist groups on the ground in Anbar expanding some time ago."

    He adds that the process of removing the sit-Sunni anti-government, which had demanded the resignation of the prime minister accused of pursuing a policy of marginalization of the right of the year, pushed Sunni tribes to enter into conflict with the security forces "have successfully organizing (Daash) to ride the wave of Sunni anger this."


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    Hanan al-threatening to call for the formation of regions and confirms that the (Shiite patience will be implemented)

    Sat Jan 04 2014 22:06 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad
    Threatened an MP for the coalition of state law, the Sabbath as Stdawa days to form regions provided "getting assurances," pointing out that the patience of the Shiites will be implemented.

    Fatlawi said in an interview with Bernaj "secrets of unannounced" which aired Sumerian, it "may someday let to the formation of the regions in the state to obtain assurances," pointing out that "we can not always keep a cash cow," as she put it.

    "The formation of the regions should be funding all across the province of the same, where the western province of the same funding as well as the region of the center and south," pointing out that "the Shiites patience will be implemented under the Mirunh daily and parking political partners."

    This is a call by a prominent deputy in the State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is the first of its kind where the coalition opposing the idea of ​​forming regions and considers it an attempt to dismantle and divide Iraq.


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    Ugaili calls to speed up the investigation into the file Maysan oil refinery

    Sat Jan 04 2014 21:49 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Student member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP for the coalition of citizen Aziz Ugaili speed up the investigation of reports that indicated the presence of suspicion of financial corruption in its contract, and the Oil Ministry recently with a Swiss company to invest Maysan oil refinery.

    Said Ugaili in a press statement on Saturday, "The committee will discuss all the items of the refinery for the purpose of exit decision unified during this week indicating that the completion of this refinery is of great significance in economic terms to improve the reality of the province and will be reflected accomplished positively on revenues of the province of the petro-dollar."

    "The delay in this case without achieving a waste of public money, calling the Integrity Commission to speed up the completion of this file." He noted that the Ministry of Oil signed a contract with the Swiss company Satarm worth six billion dollars to build and operate an oil refinery in the city of Maysan crude south of Baghdad capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day.

    The province of Maysan, the third largest province in the production of crude oil after Basra and Kirkuk production ceiling up to 240 thousand barrels of oil per day.


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    Citizen representative refuses to call al-Maliki to parliament against the backdrop of the events of Anbar

    Sat Jan 04 2014 21:59 | (Voice of Iraq)

    MP refused to block the citizen parliamentary Furat al-Shara, calling Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to parliament for a special session to discuss the security aspects that get in Anbar province during the current period.

    Shara said in in a statement to the Agency (eighth day) that block the citizen believes that security operations recently launched properly and without any breaches for the purpose of drying the sources of terrorism within the desert of gray, explaining that the current period draws to leave the security forces for the purpose of the application and its function in achieving security and stability in the country.

    Presidency of the parliament and called for Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to hold a special session to discuss the security situation in Anbar province, particularly without fixing a date certain for that.

    Shara added that he must activate the role of our institutions of government for the purpose of achieving their constitutional duties, pointing out that all of our troops on the elimination of terrorism, where it was a service to the country.


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    Kerry: US to support Iraqis in their fight against terrorism

    Sunday, 05 January 2014 11:46

    Baghdad (AIN) -U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that America would support Iraqis in their fight against Qaeda-linked militants who have seized cities in the country's west, but said the U.S. wouldn't send troops.



    Kerry: Washington does not think a second in sending troops to Iraq

    BAGHDAD - Iraq Press -5 January / January: Foreign Minister American, John Kerry, said the United States will help Iraq bayonet against al Qaeda in Anbar province, "adding that" Washington is not considering sending troops to Iraq. "

    Kerry said in a press release seen by / Iraq Press /, said on Sunday that "the Iraqi government and the tribes will succeed in its fight against al-Qaeda," stressing that "Washington does not think a second to send troops to Iraq." And added that "the United States will help Iraqis fight this battle, but in the end they achieve victory and where I am sure they will be able to that. "

    The witness Anbar province, since the (21) of the month of December last, security operations and wide participated by cuts military from different governorates of Iraq, aimed at purging the province of the remnants of terrorism and the so called "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" (Daash).

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    Parliament session lifted till Tuesday

    Saturday, 04 January 2014 18:49

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Parliament lifted its Saturday session till next Tuesday.

    The correspondent of AIN reported that ''The Parliament session including voting for the law project of encouraging and protecting the investment between Iraq and the Government of Armenia.''

    ''During the session, the members of the Parliament voted for the Labor law project and lifted the session till next Tuesday,'' the correspondent added.

    ''The agenda of the Parliament Tuesday session will includes voting for the freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrating as well as the first read of the law project related to sorting the territories and orchards situated within the original design of Baghdad city,'' the correspondent concluded.


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    Agreement on parliamentary approval of five major pieces of legislation

    5/1/2014 0:00

    Parliament begins voting on labor law

    Baghdad morning

    Agreed with the Presidency of the Council of Representatives with parliamentary blocs on the legislation of five important laws during the last legislative term, Parliament voted on the bill, while proceeded to vote on the labor law.

    At the beginning of the third session of the second legislative term of the legislative year, the fourth, which was held under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi, head of the House of Representatives and in the presence of 179 deputies, Najafi said that the House is still awaiting the arrival of the financial budget for the year 2014 after it is approved by the Council of Ministers expressed the hope that is sent soon.

    And absent from the meeting, a large number of members of the Iraqi List.

    After parliament voted on the draft law on ratification of agreement on the encouragement and protection of investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the government of Armenia and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the Economy and Investment, which aims to encourage and protect investments between the two countries.

    On the other hand, proceeded to the House of Representatives to vote on the draft labor law, submitted by the Committee for Labor and Social Affairs, which comes confirmation of the principles enshrined in the constitution of that work is a right for all Iraqis to ensure them a dignified life and the country will endeavor to provide a broader social guarantees and find a law that regulates the relationship between Workers and employers in accordance with the economic fundamentals and that the state guarantees the right to form trade unions and professional associations and join them and the fact that Iraq has ratified many conventions Arab and international labor and to find the law in line with the provisions of these agreements and the introduction of the principles and provisions in this new law and to move for a long time on the validity of the Labor Law No. 71 for the year 1987 and the fact that most of its provisions are not consistent with the nature of the current stage as well as the conflict with a lot of international labor standards ratified by the Government of the Republic of Iraq and work to expand the work culture and ethics to ensure harmony and integration between the rights and duties as a base for launching towards decent work. also aims law, according to a statement issued by the information department received "morning," a copy of it, to find a legal cover for workers contracts in government departments and the public sector and make their service is guaranteed for the purposes of giving them pension rights and respect for fundamental principles and rights of workers laid down in international conventions and treaties of freedom of association and protection of the right to organize and collective bargaining and the elimination of All forms of forced labor, child labor, equal pay and the minimum working age and to prevent discrimination in the use of professional and vocational training and to organize the process of vocational training pre-employment and re-training and the introduction of the principle of collective agreements to define the rights and obligations of workers and employers with regard to vocational training and to organize the work of working women and the work of events and the work of foreigners in Iraq and determine the times of work and wages for workers and their vacation and the unification of the provisions of trade union action with the provisions of the rules work and what took its modern legislation and to resort to negotiation and arbitration and peaceful solutions before resorting to strike peaceful vacation law and determine how to resolve disputes collective and individual that arise between the global organization or more owners Labour and the formation of the Labour Court in all provinces and determine the terms of reference and appeal provisions.

    Najafi then decided to postpone the vote on the bill until ripening, calling the Legal Committee to participate with the Committee for review and amend the wording in order to speed up the legislation soon.

    The head of the House of Representatives has presided over the session prior to the meeting at the Constitutional Hall included the heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs and heads of committees (legal, financial, foreign relations, the regions and governorates not organized province) in the presence of Aref Tayfur, deputy head of the House of Representatives.

    During the meeting, according to a statement received "morning," a copy of it, search readiness laws (bill parties, the proposed law on the Federation Council, the draft Law of Treaties, consolidated bill retirement, bill the Federal Supreme Court) to a vote and the resolution of the points of contention in these laws and Verification the need for approval during the remaining period of the life of the current Parliament.


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    2014 will see significant changes in the investment law

    5/1/2014 0:00

    Araji: Trends expand investment areas for the private sector
    BAGHDAD - Yasser incumbent - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
    The head of the National Investment Commission d. Sami al-Araji: that the Commission has been able to achieve its goal to be the main window of Iraq to the world through its openness to all continents in terms of investment and development, cross-marketed to the real needs of strategic projects for Iraq
    And has been able to attract major international companies which confirms its willingness to invest in it, in spite of all the circumstances of the.
    Strenuous efforts

    Araji In answering the question "morning" for the most prominent achievements of the Commission during the past year in 2013, he said it is useful to clarify that the task of attracting investment is not easy and you need to strenuous efforts to persuade the states and knowing the requirements of the country she knows well the potential of Iraq and its natural resources and all you need to know required of them and this is what the Commission has done already.
    And identified three main pivots have been achieved in this aspect, the first of which enter into negotiations and preliminary contracts, the second introductory talks and the third axis untapped opportunity, pointing out that these things are absent from many people understand when their assessment of the performance of the body.

    Decades of housing

    And on the question about the outcome realized from these efforts drew Araji to sign a number of investment contracts in the field of housing, at a cost of 20 billion dollars included project banks of Karbala and includes 25 000 housing units, a project the city of the future in the area Aldhnp and by 30 000 housing units and a project committee of Baghdad in the city Kadhimiya and includes 20 000 housing units.
    He revealed Araji for the year 2014 will witness the hauling project Maskararashid residential and body are now in the final stages in the evaluation of investment companies advanced for its implementation and will then be forwarded to the company that is chosen, explaining that the project includes the construction of 75 000 housing units and inclusive of building a sports city, and other medical and commercial centers and entertainment.
    Continued coordination

    He pointed out that these projects are part of a special plan to address the housing crisis, noting that the coordination is underway with the Governors resolve some obstacles for the Balmottagaosen We have come great strides in this area, expressing hope the interaction of citizens with these trends to benefit from the presentations and buying condominiums which commends advanced ways to make available the opportunity for the expansion of such mega-projects.
    He expected that to be the case Araji investment during the current year is better than its predecessor to the presence of a large number of global investment firms wishing to enter the field of local labor in all economic sectors, without exception, and that the constant contact with the body to stand on developments in the investment map of the country.

    New amendment

    He pointed out that a new amendment to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 provides in the case of approval elements to attract new corporate investment, pointing out that he includes in some paragraphs tax breaks extends until the completion of the project begins in the production or service after it was exemptions limited to three years, in addition to Commission proposed the establishment of the Bank for Development and Investment, and allocates a rate (1 percent) of the annual budget of the state for a period ranging between 5-7 years and this proposal aims to finance small and medium enterprises through a program of soft loans provided to targeted projects.

    Special investment zones

    He said al-Araji, that the Commission supports the idea of ​​creating areas of private investment, which attract advanced technology in their work in all disciplines that expansion of private sector activity, which is the focus of the work and administration of these areas, which aims to achieve sustainable economic development. In detailed public sector companies, said al-Araji: The companies prepared for reform in the various ministries of up to 200 company, they can enter into partnerships to activate the reality productive and supplying the domestic market, the products quality within its jurisdiction, pointing out that the Commission believes that the national private sector first with the participation of the public sector companies and local levels.

    Strategic projects

    He pointed to the importance of changing the financial system in the country and become commercially developmentally, where there is an economic movement between the state and the citizen, the state has to provide services and the citizen interacts with the effort of the state through its role in supporting these services across the financial obligations imposed on it. He noted that the Commission continue its efforts and negotiations with various parties to create an environment of investment projects Almthbh on the investment map, where the negotiating body for cooperation with the Ministry of Transport to set up airport Euphrates which is worth the investment up to a billion and a half, in addition to the establishment of the port of Faw, as the Commission works in collaboration with Ministry of Electricity to negotiate on the production (13) thousand megawatts, while finding that the industry is negotiating with companies to set up factories and petrochemical industries as well as factories for the production of chemical fertilizers.

    Companies ready to invest

    He pointed out that in the housing sector there are investment companies ready to build and work in the creation of housing units, but it needs to interact with citizens through these projects to benefit from the presentations and buying condominiums which commends sophisticated ways.


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    Specialists: media fabrication method desperate to undermine the achievements of the security

    5/1/2014 0:00

    Coinciding with the anniversary of Anbar and 92 of the founding of the Iraqi army

    Baghdad, Haider Ali Athari, a conciliator

    Warned a number of specialists from the fabrication media taken by some media approach her intent to tarnish the image of the Iraqi army during the stick character sectarianism with its own while events proved that it includes all shades of people, demanding the media and communications to take legal action to curb breaches media tendentious.

    The Dean of the Faculty of Information at the University of Baghdad, Dr. Hashim Hassan in his speech for the "morning" that a number of media dealt with the ongoing military operations in Anbar province, within the operations "revenge leader Mohammed" a sectarian far from the professional ethics of the media through the use of words classified as " Aligned clear, "he launched a satellite named some of the security forces in various different forms," ​​Maliki's forces "or" Army Shiite government forces, "and wondered how the proportions of the Iraqi army to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who ruled Iraq for eight years, noting that the Iraqi army is going into the second ninety-day tomorrow, what in the spirit of sectarianism and hatred adopted by these channels that follow foreign agendas and have recently become a part or a new form of terrorism.

    He explained that the media bear a moral responsibility and patriotism and professionalism through marketing terms with clear indications addresses community and the Arab world it is a double edged sword first strengthen the terms of unity and to maximize the role of the law and make the weapon, however, the state away from the militias and mafias, while the second weapon lies in the deviation of the media in its duty Basic and stay away from freedom of expression to transform from a media outlet to the political means "propaganda" with agendas suspicious that it intersects with the freedom of expression, stressing the importance to take the media and communications bold decisions and fast does not shy like its predecessors against all the way media incite violence, calling on journalists' union and institutions that defend the rights of journalists to sort and issue a blacklist and white for all other media.

    To that between the journalist Hani punitive that while we congratulate the sons of the Iraqi army far inception 92, appreciate the heroic role played by the pre-empt terrorist attacks targeting the country's unity and fighting armed terrorist groups in any spot of the land of Iraq, and are proud to own Iraq army classified within ranks first in the Arab world and its potential national spirit away from the affiliations and tendencies maintained by some media outlets are currently seeking to pushing the armed forces of conflict and political conflicts in order to weaken the resolve and reduce its affiliates in the hit outlaw groups.

    He pointed to the importance of respect for the sacrifices of the sons of the Iraqi army hero and stay away from questioning the abilities and potential, and underestimated in an attempt to shake the confidence of the citizens in that capacity and change the course of things constituency, where no doubt that the army has a sacredness and respect in all countries of the world because he is the defender of the nation and the protector of the land and waters and citizens of all colors and shades, so everyone mentioned properly commensurate with the sacrifices and bidding and the volume of blood that bleed a scapegoat for the country and not to belittle the men of the armed forces and away from the launch of statements intended to distort the facts and undermine any process undertaken by the government in order to restore the prestige of the state and incorporated in check qualifiers political and sectarian.

    In regard himself, said the press just Aerada "he away from the restriction of media freedoms and the policy of gagging and out of the constants professional to work the media, it is necessary to activate the law of the media and communications to take legal action against the media and satellite channels that moved away from the ethics of the media in the transfer news and reports, especially coverages during recent security operations that take place in Anbar province against armed groups and distorted deliver messages to the public that the Iraqi security forces carried out military operations in Anbar province, partly confessional and sectarian order to target civil peace and inciting infighting.

    He cautioned that the Iraqi people have become has the experience to distinguish news and propaganda offensive aimed unit sons of the community of all factions, and its components, pointing at the same time that the Iraqi army line since its inception finest epics and tournaments in the protection of the people and repel external threat from land and holy places.


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