Twas the night before Christmas and all through the chat
Not an RV was stirring (we were watching for that)

The deenar was hung by the chimney with care
(pretty dumb if a fire was burning in there)

Dinarians nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of charity danced in their heads

The Queen in her kerchief and Poppy in his cap
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap

When o'er in Iraq there arose such a clatter
Oh no not again! Now what was the matter!?!

Away to the news web I flew like a flash
Pulled open my translator, cleared my cache

The news on the eve of new-fallen predictions
Was still full of bull and more contradictions

We saw it again when the gurusters bellowed
BGG & Poppy dismissed it and we mellowed

But when to our wondering eyes would appear
That life-changing RVóare there really three tiers?

Oh just a bit longer, be patient (yet quick)
We know that itís coming Ö this isnít a trick!

More rapid than eagles the rumors they came
And we laughed Ö and cried Ö and ignored the claims;

"Now, guru! now, blogger! now, website and chat!
The rumors! The nonsense! The lies! STOP THAT!!!

To the month and the day! to the day and the hour!
And all of these claims made my stomach turn sour

As rumors that fall before ever they fly,
Without validation they Simply. Must. Die.

So up to the chat room the dismayed peeps flew,
With a huge sack of rumors, asking BGG too.

And then, in a twinkling, the mods would all say
Thatís the load of horse pucky we hear every day!

As we counted our deenar, and prayed for each pile,
BGG came to chat room and made us all smile.

He was dressed all in common sense, head to foot,
And he calmed our fears, rumors gone, kaput!

A bundle of info he had put in his pack,
As he talked of the truth our hope came back.

His Observer surprising, so much controversy!
He tackled it all with finesse--oh dear mercy!!

And Poppy, he challenged us to not be slow
To think about how we would change lives we know

The veteran, orphan, the homeless and stranger,
(just like the baby who came in a manger)

Some helpless, some not, sometimes undeserving,
With our help it could changeóbe purposed! Unswerving!

The blessing is coming Ö we all know itís so
And Iraq will prosper and their country grow

So explain all the rumors and nod your head,
Itís coming, itís coming, thereís nothing to dread;

Parliament meets, gitterdone, do the work,
Please settle the issues--return with a perk!

Then laying a finger aside of that button,
The RV will happen Ö and stopping it? Nuthin!

I pray we do well with what we receive
Oh think of the things that we can achieve

Hopefully this year, beneath the tree,
We'll have our blessed-long-awaited RV!