" The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 24 November 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 24 November 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 24 November 2013

    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2536)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the24-Nov-2013.The results were as follows:

    Details Notes
    Number of banks 18
    Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
    Auction price buying dinar / US$ -----
    Amount sold at auction price (US$) 152,264,000
    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) -----
    Total offers for buying (US$) 152,264,000
    Total offers for selling (US$) -----

    Exchange rates

    U.S. $ 1 = 1,162.9900 Iraqi dinars
    1 Iraqi Dinar = U.S. $ 0.0009 1,162.9900 U.S. $ 1 = 1,162.9900 Iraqi dinars
    1 Iraqi Dinar = U.S. $ 0.0009 0.00%

    http://www.cbi.iq/index.php?pid=CurrencyAuctions and http://translate.google.com/translat...ages%26id%3D85

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    6 powers reach nuclear deal with Iran
    Sunday, 24 November 2013 10:27

    Baghdad (AIN) -Foreign ministers representing six world powers said they had reached an interim agreement with Iran over its nuclear programme.

    The interim deal offered Iran an easing of sanctions in exchange for curbs on its nuclear programme under vigorous inspections. The accord was described by diplomats earlier as a historic breakthrough after a decade of on-off negotiations.

    In a major concession, the six powers agreed that Iran could continue to enrich uranium up to the level of five per cent required for generating power from a nuclear reactor. Past UN Security Council resolutions had required Iran to freeze its enrichment activities.

    Mohammed Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, wrote on his Facebook page to Iranians that “with the help of God” the talks had been successfull after “the resistance, patience and calmness of this great nation bore fruits”.

    “[Uranium] Enrichment is recognised. Nuclear Activities will continue and sanctions are put on a slope. More than any time before, we need national solidiarity [at home],” he wrote.

    Iran’s foreign ministers also told Iranian reporters in Geneva that this was “only the beginning” of a nuclear deal.

    US President Barack Obama said that the agreement, which he described as “an important first step”, had “opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure – a future in which we can verify that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, and that it cannot build a nuclear weapon”.

    But he added that if “Iran does not fully meet its commitments during this six-month phase, we will turn off the [sanctions] relief, and ratchet up the pressure”.

    A senior US official insisted that the sanctions relief being offered to Iran was “limited, temporary, targeted and reversible” and would automatically expire after six months if there were no final agreement.

    The official added that the US would continue to enforce the sanctions that remain in place, including the core oil and financial sanctions, and would “not tolerate” any individuals or companies who tried to circumvent the restrictions on doing business on Iran.

    The interim agreement is intended to create a six-month breathing space for Iran and the six powers to negotiate a comprehensive settlement. As a first step, international sanctions against Iran will be eased while the Islamic republic has committed itself to curb its nuclear programme.


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    Kurd MPs attend the emergency session on Thursday
    24/11/2013 11:47:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mohsen al-Sadoun said that the Kurds' MPs would attend the emergency meeting announced by the Presidency of the Council of Parliament.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / : "The Kurds' MPs are committed to the bylaws of the Parliament and the Constitution, which allows holding an emergency session in the legislative recess , noting that it is the duty of Parliament to discuss the floods with the responsible parties to determine the actions that achieved."

    He added : "the Parliament should have been given more time to the government in order to complete the procedures, then determined whether the government has done necessary procedures , because it may argue that it had not enough time ."

    The rapporteur of the parliament, Mohammed al-Khalidi announced that the House of Representatives will hold an emergency session on next Thursday to discuss the rains and floods.

    He added : "The session will be held in the presence of Minister of Municipalities and Public Works , Adil Mhodr , and the governors of the affected provinces noting that" the session is based on fifty MPs request.


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    Senior Economist: Raising the zeroes corrective action to facilitate the transfer and account currency.

    Sunday, 24 October / 2 November 2013 08:11

    [Baghdad where]

    Described expert Economic, Akram Abdel-Aziz, a step central bank to raise zeros from the local currency, "the procedure for the reform aspects of the calculation."

    It said in a statement Told all of Iraq [where]: "The deletion of zeros is to re-structure of the financial and banking sector and to reconsider the monetary policies."

    They believed that "the deletion of zeros facilitates the use of the exchange and transfer of accounting currency," pointing out that it does not believe that "the lifting of the zeroes According to the last things, especially with regard to raising the value of the currency or inflation, but it is an aspect of the reformist arithmetic, "noting that" the easing of inflation Needs to restructure the Iraqi economy, "pointing out that" our economy is dependent yield side budget on oil imports. "

    They pointed out that "Procedures for lifting of the zeroes are ok, but it must be associated with other elements in order to be a positive step and bright to change the structure of the Iraqi economy."

    He indicated that the CBI has been teaching for more than two years, the issue of lifting the zeros from the Iraqi currency, but so far has not taken a firm decision in this regard.


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    Central Bank Governor Abdul-Basit Turki
    Central Bank: We seek to amend the banking laws and go to play a developmental role for the economy

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    The Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, seeking to amend the banking laws, including the proportion to the current situation, and pointed out that the money laundering law the most prominent laws that seek to modify it, while stressing that going to play a developmental role of the Iraqi economy.

    The governor of the Central Bank and the Agency Abdel Basset Turki said in his speech during the first sessions of the workshop organized by the bank to modify the legal environment of banking in the Palestine Hotel, the center of Baghdad, and was attended by (long-Presse), "Since we receive the responsibility of the central bank discussed with the competent legal possibility of amending laws banking, which came after the occupation, according to the exceptional circumstances in order to develop and make it fit with the current banking business. "

    The Turkish "We do not hide the existence of obstacles facing the work of banks, including Article 28 of the Law of private banks, so it is time to put the decision amends the article in accordance with the rules and mechanisms available to the central", noting that "the workshop, which was held in the presence of a professor and specialists qualified affairs, financial and legal, will certainly have an appropriate role and vital to present their ideas behind them, which contributes to amend those laws. "

    The Turkish that "the central bank is heading now to amend the law on money laundering, as is the case with other countries that are looking with experts the possibility of the development of the law," pointing out that "in the 25th of the month of November this, there will be an international conference to be held in Bahrain in order to stand on the main obstacles facing the law and the possibility of putting a new version agree all the controls and mechanisms of all nations. "

    He Turkish that "the International Monetary Fund and in the last meeting in Geneva face of central banks to play a developmental role and not only stay on the organization of the financial policy of their countries," stressing that "the central bank actually taking this guidance, which is preparing a plan of economic development that will promote the reality Economic Iraq. "


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    Amend banking laws (amend laws, banks, the Central Bank and money laundering.)

    11/24/2013 0:00

    Yasser incumbent
    assesses the CBI today's workshop on the preparation and discussion of proposals to amend laws (banks, the Central Bank and money laundering.)
    This step is the most successful in the policy of the central fact that it comes in the wake of the challenges faced this sector over ten years ago to respond to the requirements of the next stage through Sort houses money as dictated by the stage of development and construction, including finding supporting legislation and mechanisms simplified to invest public and private funds in rebuilding the country.
    will not turn the mistakes that accompanied the march earlier but to proceed towards the modernization and development and put things in perspective in order to contribute to financial houses in the development of activities and services new banking cover the country's needs and local and international companies such banking products seriousness to begin construction.
    that making mistakes in the back does not relieve us of diagnosis and use them to overcome them in the future and teamwork and genuine partnership to achieve the desired goals through the coordination of positions between the institutions of the financial sector on all things related legislation and relevant laws and facilitate the mechanics of the application because the responsibility in the success of interest to all partners, as well as failure, God forbid, there is shouldered by hand without the other but the total is responsible for.
    belive it is appropriate and we look forward to the proposals effective serve the march of the banking sector need to examine the implications of this new approach that is true expression and its effects in the financial sector in total represented banks and the stock market and the insurance market, because the amendment of these laws must be in the interest of the sector interconnected in a process of economic reform and Mali.
    indicator so that the central seeks to develop the performance of the banking sector towards the service of development by investing the money in strategic projects related to infrastructure and the requirements of this approach provides banks solid and institutions insurance sober and Exchange accommodate this development and financial reform, and in order not to lose sight of the two conferences this dialectical We have raised raised in this column specialist reform banking laws, which should serve the interests of development issues.
    order, we find the need to the study of this subject during this workshop task to conclude the laws of integrated goals and do not collide with the challenges of the future like this and I think that five days can cover the objectives of the workshop involving the study and proposals in this regard and respect to the financial sector which is a shared responsibility, as I said before.
    follow the course of things and look forward to the results of positive with the availability of components and competencies able to come up with recommendations that would amend existing laws towards the enhancement of the development process and this is the reform of banking and financial particular wish success to the availability of a spiritual team one for mature project banking laws include private banks and government alike in order to keep public money and employed in the service of society and future generations.


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    Deputies: last legislative term will see the adoption of the budget and the legal retirement

    11/24/2013 0:00

    They emphasized that the election campaign will take up most of his work
    BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
    revealed MPs from different blocks for agreement on the legislation a legal budget and Unified Retirement during the legislative term last.
    called these MPs privately "morning", the House of Representatives to work transparently in order to approve the important laws, especially the legislation legal Unified Retirement and parties that would live up to reality of Iraq.
    National Alliance MP Adel residual stressed that "the most important laws that are supposed to be voted on by parliament after returning from a legislative recess is the Unified Retirement Law and the law of parties because they are laws relevant Iraqi society and its evaluation in terms of upgrading it to refineries Democratic Action evolving or upgrading its present living standards. "
    He Faddaalah in an interview for the "morning", that "this legislation is one of the laws are eligible to vote in a clear and serious because of all the political blocs agreed after discussions long on the serious work in order to find ways to the completion of the vote on these laws. "
    He said, "that the" electoral propaganda certainly will have an impact on the parliamentary work because of the approaching date of the elections and it will use some of the politicians this time of the election campaign, especially with the trend to vote on budget 2014 upon arrival from the government. "
    The decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi has said recently, that the Unified Retirement Law will be approved before the end of this year and will be launched early next year, noting that the parliament completed its second reading and debates on the law, which is now in the Finance Committee drafted before put to the vote for the legislation, noting at the same time the importance of the law for all the Iraqi people, and to seek Parliament all the mass to pass it as soon as possible.
    , in turn, between the National Alliance MP Ihsan al-Awadi said that "legal Unified Retirement and infrastructure will be voted on them during the legislative term the latter because the two relationship economic reform that the country needs at this stage. "
    and said "morning": "After the end of the legislative recess Simay Parliament to vote on these laws because it is a necessity at this stage and the next stage."
    and added that "the work of righteousness for Manny will be influenced by propaganda election because it will take up most of the thinking and planning of the political blocs, hence the parliamentary work will come in the most important test him at this stage the historic mission of the old left, "stressing" the need to seek political blocs to assured the Iraqi people that at the forefront of important issues he has. "
    The MP for the coalition in Iraq Raad Aldhlki has pointed out that the most important laws candidate for a vote during the legislative term of the latter are the laws of the Unified Retirement and Budget and parties of interest to the Iraqi citizens.
    Aldhlki said in a statement the "morning", that "the most important laws of duty to vote by Parliament are the laws of the Unified Retirement and Budget and parties, in addition to important laws other. "
    He knew the law of parties, according to a copy obtained by the "morning", the political party that: "Every Iraqi group organization on the basis of common principles and objectives contribute to the formation of the political will at the federal level or the regions and governorates not organized province and participate in public affairs and seeking to participate in elections and referendums to achieve specific programs related to political affairs, economic or social or cultural development of the state and operates through democratic means with the aim of peaceful transfer of power, or to participate in it. "
    acknowledged Aldhlki that "parliamentary work will be affected by the publicity campaign , but Parliament has to do justice to the Iraqi people in the issuance of laws and that does not take these laws for electoral propaganda, "and urged" all political blocs to work for Iraq and abandon any foreign agenda that will make Iraq her apron, and hence the Parliament's demands that the exercise his work to the fullest and in a truly democratic in order to redress the Iraqi people. "


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    Meeting «coronation relations» between Iraq and Kuwait next month

    11/24/2013 0:00

    Diplomatic official: resolving the outstanding issues with Iran and Turkey next step
    Baghdad - Kuwait - particularly the morning
    official predicted a senior diplomat to see the next term resolving the outstanding issues between Iraq and all of Turkey and Iran.
    comes at a time held a joint higher committee between Iraq and Kuwait next month an important meeting in Kuwait to follow up implementation of the conventions and protocols recently.
    According to the official, who asked not to be named, the solution files with Turkey and Iran will be on in the way in which to end disputes with Kuwait.
    Several files are still stuck between Iraq and all of Turkey and Iran most notably the issue of water, borders on the territorial waters and the presence of the PKK and Turkish extradition and other matters pending.
    saw last month, the application of the regulation of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah waterway between Iraq and Kuwait, as sources familiar with the "morning", said the application of the Convention will greatly benefit Iraq, contrary to what declared by other, stressing that the administration will be shared between the two sides after they had been monopolized by the State of Kuwait.
    Convention regulates navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah through the formation of a joint committee to activate and implement the provisions of the Convention and the development of joint plans for maritime safety in the Khawr Abd Allah and other of issues, navigational, environmental and strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries and to respect the right navigational headquarters in conventions and international agreements.
    official noted in a statement the "morning" ahead of his return from Kuwait two days ago, that a meeting of the Joint Committee between Iraq and Kuwait will be held in Kuwait next month to follow up the implementation of the conventions the last.
    cautioned the importance of the meeting by saying: "It would be the culmination of meetings and understandings final between the two brotherly countries."
    and saw the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations major developments during the past two years, especially with the good real efforts by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, in restoring the country to its Arab neighbors, and served his natural among the rest of the countries, and increased the cohesion of that relationship, are mutual visits of the leaders of the two countries in recent times, and the previous post and wide and influential in the Baghdad summit of the Kuwaiti side, represented by Bomerha, and a large delegation high level.
    Sources Kuwaiti "morning", for providing Iraq proposal of the UN and the Kuwaiti government is useful to hold the second meeting of the Joint Committee for the missing Kuwaitis on the sidelines of the third meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee to be held in Kuwait next month., but Kuwaiti officials see the importance of holding a meeting of the Joint Commission on the basis of quarterly ie once every three months .
    According to information Kuwaiti able to "morning" found, the involvement of members of the organization "created" the killing of Kuwaiti nationals families of the former regime in 1990., in turn, said a member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee Imad Youkhana importance of improving relations between the two countries, especially that most Iraqis are seeking to re- Relations naturally with Kuwait after the turn the page on the past.
    added Youkhana "morning" that Iraq began a new page with all the neighboring countries, regional and global levels, especially Kuwait, so based on the Constitution, which stipulates non-interference the affairs of these countries, by contrast, do not let her interfering in the affairs of Iraq, with maintaining the sovereignty and interests with them.
    said to enable the two sides to overcome or solve many of the dilemmas through diplomacy and mutual visits between the two governments, such as borders, navigation and fishing, as well as some other things related between the two countries.


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    Justice: procedures to speed up the completion of transactions released

    11/24/2013 0:00

    In coordination with the concerned authorities
    of Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo
    confirmed that the Ministry of Justice to cooperate with government agencies to complete the transactions prisoners released as soon as possible.
    said a source familiar with the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry (morning), that the ministry is cooperating with the ministries of health, interior and defense for the completion of transactions guests released as soon as possible, noting that all those arrested sections of the Iraqi Corrections Service to enjoy their rights enshrined in international law and Iraqi forces, without overflow.
    revealing the ministry has sought to develop a pilot jails be able to provide appropriate services to prepare the guests, pointing out that the weakness of the financial allocations for the ministry in the budget public stand in front of speeding up the implementation of these projects.
    For his part, the inspector general of the ministry, Secretary Abdul Qader al-Asadi (morning) that the security situation in the country and the breadth of the phenomenon of terrorism requires the establishment of several prisons in most provinces, calling for the competent authorities to increase the financial allocations for the office, to link 450 Department affiliated distributed among the 15 counties, which creates difficulties while sending some of its employees to the provinces.
    attributed the causes of some cases of corruption in the prisons to the presence of more than 23 000 guard from different classes who had been appointed in the Department of the reform of the ministry by the U.S. civil administrator Paul Bremer, noting that the Office of the Inspector General's ongoing oversight of direct prisons and issuing penalties for violators.
    called Asadi international organizations to focus on the rights of victims of terrorism as much attention to human guests, stressing that most of the organizations concerned with the rights of convicts and detainees, and does not give effect to the rights of the victims of terrorism.


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    Commission announces the registration of 250 political entities to participate in parliamentary elections.

    07:01:24 / 11/2013
    Khandan - confirmed the Electoral Commission for elections recorded 250 political entities, to compete in the upcoming parliamentary elections end in April 2014, calling for all the contestants to abide by the time limit for the submission of applications for the formation of coalitions, which began last Wednesday.

    A member of the Board of Commissioners Mohsen al-Moussawi told the newspaper "morning": that "a number of political entities registered with the Commission after the expiry of the period specified for that on the twentieth of this month reached 250 entity to compete in the elections, including the House of Representatives in 2014."

    He said: "The Commission opened the door to register political coalitions since last Wednesday and ends on the fifth of December next, for entities wishing to form a coalition, apply an editorial on in accordance with the form prescribed by the Commission to the national office in Baghdad or the office of the province, or UNHCR offices in the provinces. "

    Al-Moussawi said that it is not permissible for a political entity in any constituency, the progress of individual list of candidates at the same time progress within the coalition list of candidates, it is not permissible for the political entity that participates in a coalition of more than one constituency.

    He continued: "It can not be political entity to withdraw from the coalition after the expiry of the time limit for submission of candidate lists of political entities and coalitions."

    For his part, the president of the electoral administration in the election commission Miqdad Sharifi political coalitions adhere to the time limit for the submission of applications for the formation of coalitions, which started on Wednesday, 20/11/2013 until 12/05/2013.


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