" The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 23 November 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 23 November 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 23 November 2013

    Araji urges to hold parliament exceptional session over floods
    Saturday, 23 November 2013 10:55

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Bahaa al-Araji, head of Ahrar bloc urged "To hold an exceptional session for the parliament to discuss the services situation and the floods."

    He stated to AIN "Our call to hold the exceptional session for the parliament aims at discussing the floods that invaded some provinces."

    "We call all the political blocs to avoid political discussions in the intended session," he added.

    "How is could be possible that this critical situation for the Iraqis passes without holding a session by the parliament to set solutions?" he questioned.


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    The leaders of the National Alliance during the announcement of the coalition
    National Alliance "disintegrate" in the 2014 elections because of Saint Lego and "stuck" Dawa Party, headed by the government

    11/23/2013 10:54

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    Approved components of the National Alliance, on Saturday, barely maintaining the cohesion of the coalition, "Shiite" to run in the upcoming legislative elections, as ruled Sadrists "repeat" the experience of the coalition stuck to the Dawa party, headed by the next government, confirmed the mass of the citizens of the Supreme Council of the Islamic system "St. Lego average "I do not encourage large blocs to disembark consolidated lists, as pointed out that the mass of Virtue desire to" expand "the Alliance" collide "system calculated the votes.

    Sadrists: We will leave the coalition, because of the Dawa party of Maliki

    MP says MP for the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani said in an interview to the newspaper (range), "The Sadrist movement is busy now preparing for the primaries in the 14 provinces, to know the size of the candidates and their popular bases," noting that "the preliminary phase will end in mid-December next year."

    He adds Kanani that "the Sadrist movement is moving on a number of tribal figures, academic and independent to join them in the upcoming legislative elections and monitors the movement of the other blocs, both components of the National Alliance or Iraqi or even the Kurdistan Alliance, because he shared with everyone in most provinces in the next election."

    Kanani explains that "the Sadrist movement is still registered in the four lists of the Independent Electoral Commission, which entered the provincial ballot in the latter, and can access those blocs in elections or resort to another decision," stressing that "the discount will be after the end of the primaries."

    He continues Kanani that "the idea of ​​collecting the components of the National Alliance in a single list, always ask before every election," he corrects, saying that "the Sadrist movement refused to enter the coalition because of the Dawa Party, which is required to be prime minister of the invitation exclusively on the condition that handled Maliki himself." .

    And the expected leader of the Sadrist "exit block al-Jaafari of the National Alliance because of the imposition of the Dawa Party preconditions on his allies on the post of prime minister, without waiting for the outcome of the election."

    The National Reform Movement, which is headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, announced contesting the forthcoming parliamentary elections individually, stressing openness to other political blocs after the election, and won the Reform Movement, the only one seat in parliamentary elections in 2010.

    He received the Sadrists 41 seats in parliament in 2010 within the National Alliance, as happened in the last ballot provincial councils of the 58 seats in four separate lists.

    St Lego "bother" the rule of law and citizen virtue

    He says a spokesman for the Islamic Supreme Council, Hamid Malp "The Saint Lego rate does not encourage large blocs to disembark consolidated lists also does not give an opportunity for small lists," likely "go to the Supreme Council for the 2014 elections lists multiple".

    Explains Malp in an interview to the newspaper (range), that "the fight most of the political blocs for the upcoming elections lists multiple calls us we also work the same way for technical reasons," pointing out that "contesting the elections lists individual does not mean that our openness to the rest of the ingredients and the other lists."

    And confirms the leadership of the Supreme Islamic Council, said that "the mass of the citizen, which fought the 2010 elections and local elections last April will maintain its name and color," pointing out that "the bloc will not give up the accumulation of consciousness achieved by the voter list during the previous elections."

    For his part, says the MP for the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi said in an interview (range), "The bloc will remain on the form of the last who fought by the provincial elections," revealing "the exit of some entities allied to cope with St Lego rate, noting that" the system of St. Lego rate will not lead us venturing Bashobeitna desire to keep the public in the form of a list of state law. "

    Asadi and denies "the existence of a desire within the bloc to run in the elections separate lists," stressing "the continuation of mass Badr with state law, while some of the blocks within the rule of law, such as the Reform Movement, preferred access individually in 2014 elections."

    Asadi and indicates that "the results of the rule of law in the provincial elections was more than the 300 000 votes more than the previous parliamentary elections and the rule of law that will pay for the continuation of the list, which fought with the provincial elections."

    In turn, confirms the MP for the Virtue Hussein Mura'bi "The party wants to expand the National Alliance, but that it collides with St. Lego rate that does not give a good opportunity for large lists."

    Refers Mura'bi, in an interview to the newspaper (range), "The system of calculating the vote in the new election law gives voices largest blocks medium," pointing out that "the Virtue Party believes that the best that locked Shiite blocs 2014 elections two lists or three maximum so as not to weaken the popularity of the National Alliance. "

    And confirms the MP for mass virtue that "the Virtue Party is convinced the results of the provincial elections fought by allied with state law," he said, adding that his party "is not resolved alliance in the next parliamentary elections in 2014."

    It is noteworthy that the voice of the Iraqi Council of Representatives,

    And the voice of the Iraqi parliament, in (the fourth of November 2013), a majority on the Law of the next parliamentary elections the end of April of the year 2014, after weeks of controversy and disputes about it, in the conduct met welcomed international and by blocs of political grand, and the wrath of small forces and minorities.


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    MP: Government responsible for deterioration of Educational sector
    Saturday, 23 November 2013 10:22

    Baghdad (AIN) –The parliamentary Educational Committee held the Government responsible for the deterioration of the Educational sector.

    The head of the Committee, Adil al-Shirshab, stated to AIN "the Educational sector faces huge challenges due to the conditions that Iraq suffered along the previous years."

    "The is a deficiency in the number of the schools," he concluded.


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    Sadr movement meets in Najaf
    23/11/2013 10:23:00

    Najaf / NINA / A meeting for Ahrar bloc, of the Sadr movement began in the city of Najaf on Saturday 24, Nov to discuss the strategy for the upcoming parliamentary elections .

    An official media source from Muqtada al-Sadr's office told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / , "The meeting is to discuss the strategy and the necessary steps for Ahrar bloc in the upcoming parliamentary elections, adding that the meeting was attended by representative of Muqtada al-Sadr , Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Jayyaashi, former and current members of Ahrar bloc as well as the cadres of the Ahrar bloc (ministers and MPs ) and members of provincial councils and managers in state institutions. "


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    League calls for an end to the presidency of parliament legislative recess to pass laws
    2013/11/23 9:00

    {Baghdad: Euphrates News} demanded an MP for the Iraqi List, reproach the league of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to end the legislative recess for the purpose of moving in the legislation of laws that relate directly to the citizen, especially the unified pension law and the state budget.

    She said the league in a press release received by the Euphrates News Agency {} copy of it on Saturday that "Iraq is an exceptional circumstance, represented escalate terrorist operations, and the floods that swept all Iraqi provinces without discrimination, which requires the Parliament to resume consistently and discuss this situation."

    "The days of lean with the country requires coming together of all the political blocs to turn the page on the differences that you do not it only further calamity and suffering," indicating that "the fragility of the political situation contributed directly to the worsening deterioration happening in the country and on various fields."

    She said the "last throes Parliament and therefore, the holiday is not unwarranted, despite being unconstitutional," calling on everyone to "go firmly and strongly to approve all important laws after it is taken away from the nuclei of narrow factional interests."

    He announced the House of Representatives in the 13th of the month he entered the legislative recess after the government delayed sending financial budget.

    A parliamentary source told the News} {Euphrates, "The House of Representatives decided to began vacationing legislative and cancel its last session, which was scheduled after the Government delayed in sending the financial budget as the day tomorrow and the day after a public holiday, which means that the deadline given to the government to send the budget ended and did not give state government to send positive signals. "

    "The Presidency of the parliament held a special session in the event of the arrival of the budget where it will be read first reading and adjourned later," noting that "the start of the legislative recess comes out of unconstitutional because the House of Representatives extended legislative term, according to the constitution has no right to the House of Representatives to extend the legislative term, but for the month as one is not permitted to cancel the legislative recess constitutional council and wait the arrival of the budget, but the government did not send it, and so it will enter into the constitutional violation in the absence of giving legislative recess. "


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    Uday Awad: Minister of Electricity offers temptations and money compared to undo questioned in parliament

    23-11-2013 09:28 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / Liberal block / Uday Awad, he received the temptations in the form of money and tenders by the Ministry of electricity compared to undo the issue of interrogation and Electricity Minister Karim Aftan in Parliament.

    Awad said in a statement received Agency (news) copy of it: We reject such actions and insist on moving to interrogate the Minister of Electricity, whatever the temptations, adding that he plans to file a lawsuit against the official tender in the Ministry of Electricity Bahaa Alaa Abdul Razzaq being helped to provide inducements Tenders or financial return for the withdrawal of his interrogation by the Minister of Electricity.


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    Full-Dulaimi: the next government project will be an Iraqi national working for the country away from quotas and sectarian

    23-11-2013 06:06 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. Independent MP predicted full-Dulaimi, said the next government will be an Iraqi government to draft a national working for the country away from quotas and sectarianism.

    Dulaimi said in a statement (of the Agency news): Iraq is on the verge of a radical change away from the disadvantages that toppled in the political process during the last period.

    He added that the consensus can not go to the production of a national government is trying to achieve the aspirations of the people's security and stability, so it is expected that the next government will be an Iraqi government to draft a national working for the country away from quotas and sectarianism.

    The MP for / coalition in Iraq / Mohammad Iqbal, figures show that new and existing in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

    Iqbal said in an earlier statement (the news): There are several factors that affect the size of the blocks and the quality of the most prominent election law, which was recently reading in the parliament and voter participation in elections, which is mixed from the province to the other.


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    Kurdistan announces oil exports before the end of 2013 without an agreement with Baghdad

    Saturday, 23 October / 2 November 2013 09:21

    Twilight News / announced the Kurdistan Regional Government, for it would begin to export oil to Turkey via pipelines own before the end of this year without an agreement with the Iraqi government.

    According to a government statement reported for "Twilight News", that the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region Ashti Hawrami, said at a conference in the Turkish city of Istanbul that the Kurdistan Region will go ahead in both the export of oil and Baghdad agreed on a plan payments or did not agree.

    He added Hawrami said Arbil Do not ignore Baghdad, "but if no one wants to talk with her ​​there is nothing wrong, I have patience ten years."

    He said that when he starts Hawrami operation of the pipeline will stop gradually Kurdistan for oil exported by truck to the port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean coast.

    The statement quoted by state president of the British Turkish Genel Energy, which operates oil fields in Kurdistan, for Muhammad, as saying in a press statement that a large part of the Kurdistan oil production will be directed to this line, stressing that the oil will begin to flow in the pipeline during the Kurdish weeks.

    He added that Genl has the capacity to produce about 230 thousand barrels per day from two fields in Kurdistan are the Taq Taq and Tawke.

    The company operates in the exploration phase in other fields region.

    He said, for energy production in the Genl fields may rise by the end of 2014 to 350 thousand barrels per day through new wells.

    Turkey has proposed to the provincial government to open a special account in the Bank Turkish government to deposit funds obtained from the sale of this oil while solving shapes with Baghdad.

    Baghdad opposes any agreement for the export of oil from the Kurdistan Region abroad without their consent, while Arbil insists that the production and export of oil in the region are in a constitutional manner.


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    Abtan demanding the opening of a branch of the Central Bank in Najaf

    2013/11/23 9:01

    {Baghdad} Euphrates News MP on the mass of the citizen Abdul-Hussein Abtan to open a branch of the Central Bank in the province of Najaf, citing his request that the province is experiencing dynamic commercially need to make it so.

    He told the News} {Euphrates on Saturday that "the need to maintain in the current period to the opening of a branch of the Central Bank as a result of the booming commercial traffic."

    He explained that "this prosperity came against the backdrop of increasing political and economic activity following the opening of the Great Najaf airport and greeted by dozens of Arab and foreign aircraft."


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    Specialists: the new labor law paradigm shift in society and the economy
    11/23/2013 0:00

    Minimum of it parallels the tenth grade to him salaries of government employees

    Baghdad - the joy of pumice - Mustafa al-Hashemi was considered specialists said the draft labor law will happen a quantum leap in Iraqi society, as it will bring advanced economically significant because it is in line with the market economy.
    comes at a time revealed the Action Committee and Social Affairs parliamentary completion of Version stomach to vote for the bill, to be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament for the purpose of listing on the agenda of the meetings in order to vote on it.
    Committee Vice Chairman Saleh al-Asadi said in a statement singled out by the (morning): "The committee submitted the final draft of the bill to the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary thereafter submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives after the completion of the legislative recess current. " many amendments added Asadi said the committee has worked a lot with the ILO and the labor unions and the Federation of Iraqi Industries and representatives of the government to break the law meets the aspirations of workers in the country, stressing He has added a lot to the light of the proposals made by stakeholders and the amendment him a lot, where he became a law up to 200 items for beneficiation, to be a balance between workers and employers and to ensure the rights and interests of the Iraqi working class. And that was the formation of a tripartite committee composed of representatives of the government and the Federation of Industries represents employers and unions and trade unions representatives of the workers, to determine the wages of the workers, as it will meet annually to modify these wages, taking into account the level of inflation, ie, if the increased annual rate of more than 5 percent, will be adjusted wages (workers), as well as the formation of a committee to end services that define the rights of the worker in the event of termination of his services. working relationships and explained that the law covers all labor relations in all sectors, private and mixed public, except for government employees, especially identical to that of international standards and serve the interests of the working class, as it guarantees the rights of working women in relation to maternity leave and nursery children, as well as the minimum of the worker's salary equivalent to tenth grade for state employees. interests of the workers felt that this law achieves economic development, because it is in line with the market economy and the interests of the working class and pay in the private sector and employers for more tender and incomes for the economy and investment, it also achieves stability social, and because the working class is an important factor in building the country and its stability will also be his full rights parallel to state employees, achieving social stability. controlled implementation called al-Asadi, the need to enforce the law after approval, because the monitoring real is the Ministry of Labour and the unions involved, so it has to be that is doing its part in raising the awareness factor to this law, in addition to educating employers the rights of the worker and give him his full, especially that there are penalty clauses and sanctions have on the employer in the event of breach of the rights of the worker. considered that this law is linked to the law of retirement and to ensure that workers, what constitutes a guarantee full factor, noting that the three laws (labor and trade union organization and retirement and ensure workers) will revolutionize the quality of the Iraqi society and then in the national economy. law aims to regulate the relationship between the worker and the employer in the private sector and mixed year, in terms of working hours, wages, and health insurance, and professional rights compared to state employees. guarantees a better turn, said Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Nassar al-Rubaie told a news briefing, "that" the new law is the body of law developed in the region, as it offers better guarantees for the workers of the previous laws. " labor agreements either member Action Committee parliamentary Kadhim al-Shammari said that the project of the new labor law is a direct outgrowth of the signing of Iraq on 66 international labor conventions of the total 68. said Shammari in a press statement that this law is necessary to correct the situation of workers in Iraq, according to international labor laws, noting that the law in force Old and goes back to the seventies of the last century.


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