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    " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 21 October 2013

    The joys and sorrows of an Iraqi flavor
    21-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - Investigation
    Of the festival in the hearts of Iraqis special place associated with the customs and social traditions practiced by the families Baghdadi throughout the ages, and sees the elderly that the feast has changed a lot with the progress of modes of life, some of whom believed that simplicity was the most beautiful and the best, there was no traffic and no fear nor disturbances can encounter as revelers nowadays. fulfillment Valentines
    (Visit the graves obligatory, but stay at home better) this phrase begins Abu Ali saying: that most families allocate the first day of the feast to visit dead relatives, a tradition recognized him, especially after the kidnapping of death a lot of relatives and would like us result of wars system Previous indiscretions and the increasing number of martyrs because of the terrorist attacks, everyone is subject to known inherited which to begin the morning of the first day of the feast, a tour of the graves.
    Under Qais al-Jubouri, 50, the first day in a cemetery in Dar es Salaam in Najaf is his four children to visit his wife after her death after an incurable disease, he يتجشم much trouble to travel from Baghdad to the province of Najaf in order to achieve that goal, he says Jubouri: no longer Holiday any meaning after the death of my wife, three years ago and I اواظب on had at the feast for the most recent current after leaving her And what ينقصني the its absence? The truth is I prepared my visit to the grave part of the fulfillment of beautiful reportedly ten good that we spent together, which is the least I can do to renew the memory of those good days, and moreover, the four of my children insist always accompany me on this trip for the same reasons.
    If Qais not much different from the case of Umm Mohammed الطاعنة age, have spoken voice brimming with sadness and bitterness, saying: Gadratna joy since the death and I have only to an explosion claimed his life and the lives of his son's small, and years ago and I visit his grave in a cemetery in Abu Ghraib caused for the feast, not Festival after his absence, and shared talking wife of the deceased are described: they are visiting the cemetery on the first day of Eid al-Adha tradition and social custom and religious practice.
    The Abu Ahmed stand in sigh and apologizing to the tomb of his mother and Affha term, did not find the opportunity this time to visit her grave as a result many reasons was forced to stay at home with his family to read her light morning of the first day of Eid, and confirms Abu Ahmed said despite the difficult circumstances that prevented him from visit the grave of his mother, which is critical circumstances, but he feels guilty for failure to fulfill the duties of that visit, he does not forget the tenderness of his mother and سهرها on comfort and nurtured him and lose to the conditions of, even after his marriage and out of the family home, and finds that the visit loved ones after the loss of evidence love and loyalty and recognition of gratitude invaluable.
    Joys and تهان of
    Citizen peace Hadi (42) years received Eid al-Adha joy of success, and his son pristine phase medium following the announcement of the results of the third round before the feast, indicating that the Eid great joy, Atzaur the loved ones and friends, pointing to spend the fourth day of the Feast with his family at lunch one of the restaurants the Jadiriya area.
    Nabil Naji (30)-year-old spent the day of the Feast Pantzaraudh father of pilgrimage, and prepares to receive well-wishers and guests, as agreed with the butcher to slaughter the sacrifice and put decorations on the house and on the street, said Naji to suitable return pilgrims are common joy and give the atmosphere of Ahla on the day of the Feast that increase weft relatives, neighbors and friends.
    Ahmed Nasser (29) years, celebrated on the second anniversary of beaming the birth of his eldest daughter, which he called (sacrificed) named after the Eid Al Adha, said nine months ago and I am looking forward to see my daughter and hear her voice, it is upon us in the feast to multiply joy doing, wishing that the future prosperous.
    Marwan Kassem took advantage of (27) years of the third day of the Feast to live his wedding, he said: continued Khtabtna years full and she wants coincidences that choosing the wedding date is located in the Eid al-Adha between the joy of family, relatives and friends.
    While headed family Mahmoud Karim (45) years for the city of Sulaymaniyah to spend the holiday at one of their relatives living in, he says: We invested holiday, which lasted five days hiking Balmassaev and tourist sites in Sulaymaniyah, which has evolved considerably, and hoped to be the capital Baghdad this level in order to Atdtr to leave the families in the holidays and feasts.

    Older يرهنون their holiday happily their children more the sons happy was their festival longer for so they differ from the rest of the slides Children rejoice holiday for themselves and young people as well as because of its atmosphere noisy, and the elderly no holiday for them, but the presence of those around them understand the melt in the joy of others, who are giving without Opp. Um cream woman nearing seventy-year-old said: this holiday and the one before it made no sense they are busy extent Province sleep one of the sons of the employees of the Iraqi army in the city of Qaim and the anniversary is the safety of her son and says: I wish I could be with us in this Friday beautiful between brothers and sisters and their families have always had is the flavor of a family every Friday.
    Haj Ali Salman displaced from Diyala province said: It's hard to rejoice anniversary Fana man I am 76 years old, has stormed Dare group of boys, teenagers who killed my son and grew Ali also said that they allowed me to go out and take my family only after فخخوا Betty and فجروه.
    Salman described the case as a double sense of it demands a perfect sense of family in front of him to attempt to drive them out of their isolation and reality and to enter a little bit of a smile on them, but crying in a moment retire from the people.
    Abu Saad translates well-meaning holiday parents in the presence of their children is the one who watched voted door, what the car stands at the door of his home, but feel the voice engine and close the doors, Abu Saad pointed to the sweetness of the collection of his sons at the same table is a unique occasion Atzaur where loved ones and family areas and different cities.

    Security plan
    Citizen Ibrahim Alaa (45 years) seen in the plan of traffic that have been applied during the Eid al-Adha as a plan court and better than plan Eid al-Fitr, because areas that contain entertainment spots have been shut down completely and prevent the entry of civilian vehicles were limited to the transfer process on government vehicles assigned to transport people to places Recreational such as Zora Park and the Baghdad International Fair Therefore, any citizen streamline the movement of passers-by did not notice an intense presence for military سيطرات in those areas.
    Anwar Mohamed (32 years) confirmed that the streets of Baghdad, especially the Karrada district witnessed the busiest great throughout the day of the Feast which made most of the citizens averse from entering again because Zhamat severe occurring from frequent checkpoints security and which make revelers waiting for them for more than an hour, causing them discomfort and tension, especially after the explosions that occurred in the criminal adjacent areas adjacent to them.
    And I was surprised by Salwa Abdul Qadir (25 years) when traveling to a hotel in Baghdad to attend the wedding of her friend to prevent them from passing through one of the streets important and vital capital they can not afford Baja special and so for security reasons necessitated the security plan and traffic on Eid Al Adha, forcing it to seek alternative route and late arrival for the start of the wedding party, this has made the Salwa decides not to go out during the day of the Feast because of those actions.
    Were not most of the parks and Games the level of ambition of the citizen, this is what occurs by Qassim Hassan head of the family, who came with five children to the park Zora he says: Because of the lack of a garage and parking for cars I had to leave my car at home and hired (taxi) for the purpose of access to the park Zora, But the taxi driver he could not access to the park and we had to go down near the international train station and then we cut the distance on foot to get to the park.
    Umm Ayman (school) said: We know that security measures its purpose is to protect citizens from terrorism, but it caused Balzhamat suffocating and led to the closure of most of the roads leading to the amusement parks, which made most of the families leave their cars and go on foot, and in the same family have fathers and mothers are unable to travel long distances amid the hustle and scramble at the doors of entertainment spots that were not good level because of the small area and the lack of games where, indicating that the recreational facilities of small privately run did not provide its services well for citizens to lack of infrastructure integrated therein, as the spaces very small and not enough to the crowds which packed Yards those parks.

    Some citizens called to build a theme park on the outskirts of the capital, Baghdad, as well as the presence of big yards for parking can facilitate the movement of families easily and cost them the trouble of mobility by bus, especially if families find it difficult to passenger cars and the Ministry of Transport that are packed with young people, boys, Khalid Abdullah (employee ) indicated dissatisfaction with families from moving bus governmental organizations that deliver revelers to areas and parking taxis which exploits the owners lack of transport modes and they impose a price increase on the people, as it shows Abdullah he was forced to pay $ 15 thousand dinars taxi transfer from the Alawi to the apron Aden while the cost of not more than 5 thousand dinars, pointing to the need for the institutions involved in the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to reconsider the organization of tourist and recreational facilities in Baghdad and other provinces.


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    Magda Al-Tamimi: Iraq did not lose $ 45 billion
    21-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

     Baghdad / term
    Said Dr. Magda Tamimi, a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, said the estimates are imprecise rate of export of oil in the budget for 2013, does not mean that Iraq has lost 45 billion U.S. dollars, also noted a report published term on 13 of this month, confirming that the problem of estimates wrong it confuses the budget and increase the proportion of fiscal deficit and lead to an imbalance in spending plans, task, stressing that it did not authorize any number outside this framework. She said Tamimi Disclaimer his mission to "long" that the estimates were based upon the budget was that Iraq will be issued two million nine hundred thousand barrels per day, while the rate of export of oil during this year about two million, four hundred thousand barrels per day, meaning that the difference under the level of 500 thousand barrels, which led to a significant increase in the budget deficit, but that does not mean that Iraq has lost $ 45 billion. According to the MP, an expert financial and professor in economics, she said Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussein al-Shahristani, once at a news conference addressing the lack of precision in the estimates of the export of oil, and you do not then referring to him in a statement to the media, because important to address the deficiencies do not focus on people . He also explained that the intended completion of 35 per cent of the budget is the budget for the development of the regions, while the percentage of achievement in the ministries did not exceed 21 per cent.


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    Marathon ballot law resumes tomorrow .. And return to the legislation in force requires an amendment

    21-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

     Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah
    Resume parliamentary blocs on Tuesday negotiations on the Law of the ballot where convenes a meeting between the chairman of the parliament and leaders of parliamentary blocs in an attempt to find a consensus on amending the election law, otherwise it will be Parliament obliged to accept the law of the 2010 elections, which also needs to adjustments pursuant to the judgment of the Federal Court on distribution method vote, but the Kurdistan Alliance bloc said that both proposals unwelcome has renewed its call for the adoption of a single constituency.
    Parliament voted in 7 of the current month on the decision to hold elections in the House of Representatives constitutionally scheduled no later than April 30 of next year, and called on the government to budget for the Office of the exchange.
    A member of the legal committee in the parliament Hassan al-Yasiri in connection with the "long" that "negotiations between the political blocs on the election law parked," revealing the existence of a meeting between the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the heads of political blocs on Tuesday before the start of the session in order to resume negotiations again between political parties.
    He Yasiri, a deputy from the coalition of state law that "Ktltna submitted a proposal to the adoption of the Law No. 16 of 2005 amended in 2010 with the introduction of the opinion of the Federal Court, including the mechanism for the distribution of seats and Yezidi component share."
    The Federal Court recorded a reservation on the Law of the 2010 elections in paragraphs own way distribute the votes of the electorate which provides for the distribution of votes voters entities that did not reach the electoral threshold, the winning blocs, in addition to the paragraphs relating to the distribution of quota of minorities own Balsabih and Shabak are also among the objections Court .
    He Yasiri that "the Federal Court has shown through its objection to the mechanism of the distribution of seats old on the grounds that it is unfair because it gives the voices of someone to another and this way, according to the opinion of the Court Mjavih of justice, requiring the adoption of the way Saint Lego or Hundt."
    He went Yasiri that "the Federal Court called for increasing the number of seats quota for the component Yezidi on the grounds that the allocation of one seat is not consistent with the number without specifying the number or the number of these seats," pointing out that "the adoption of a new election law work is rightly, because the duration short in front of the parliament nor We can take all the political blocs and the proposals included in the new law. "
    He explained that the Iraqi List, supported a proposed state law, depending on the law in force in addition to other blocks (did not reveal her identity) supports this trend.
    To that indicated the Kurdistan Alliance bloc that the applicable election law and the law that is being drafted carrying the same in terms of content approval multiple constituencies which is inconsistent with the demand by making mass elections according to one constituency and open lists.
    A spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance, pro-Tayeb in an interview with the "long" that "Kurdistan is expected meeting of heads of blocs, which will set a deadline for a vote on the old law or the new with the introduction of amendments to the Federal Court," pointing out that our demands basic concentrated around the circle one and increase the seats of minorities own Faili Kurds and Armenians, Shabak and Yezidi and Sabean, and explained that "We still have a week to agree on a formula satisfactory to all."
    The Speaker Osama Najafi first confirmed yesterday that the electoral law will pass during the next two weeks to enable compliance deadline for the holding of elections in the thirtieth of April 2014 the next, "denying" the existence of any intention to postpone the elections or extend the life of the current government. "


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    Foreign Policy: Maliki's visit to Washington a chance to get him to make repairs

    21-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Translation term
    American writer saw that Baghdad could be a key closes the region's conflicts worse if it just busted in her system.
    Said Marc Lynch, in a lengthy article in Foreign Policy magazine, that is scheduled to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to the White House on the first of November. This is an appropriate time for his country to break the crowded regional agenda.
    Washington needs, according to Lynch, to have to do in this visit more than oral pleasantries about security, pluralism and the permanent responsibility and partnership. It needs to convince the leaders of Iraq to finally play a role in mediating the brutal political divisions in the region, a role that Baghdad can only be played.
    See Lynch, an associate professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, said that the fate of Iraq is important not only because of the killing of thousands of Americans and what is said about half a million Iraqis killed over a decade of war. But because Iraq is in the heart of the fragile balance of forces in the Gulf, and shares long borders with Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. And renewed vicious insurgency which represents one of the most triggering the Syrian devastating war.
    As a country ruled by Shiites and semi-democratic Arab state, intersect in Iraq for three of the strongest lines of division in the Middle East today: Sunnis against Shiites, against what properties can be democracies, and the Gulf Cooperation Council against Iran.
    American analyst believes that without the existence of a new sense of urgency, the White House meeting is likely that revolves around something a little more trifles renewal of the strategic framework agreement neglected for a long time which is the cultural and economic relations and political.
    It is clear that al-Maliki has some things in mind it wishes to receive from Washington, such as the renewal of the exchange of intelligence information and weapons delivery systems.
    But high and empty discussions, in the strategic framework agreement can not be the only thing that gets Washington Maliki's visit in November. It should be a way for the owners and the President Barack Obama to hold frank talks on local Iraqi political crisis and its potential role in the regional system variable. It was Iraq's ambassador to the United States, Luqman Philly, told a Washington audience recently that his first to the United States is that Baghdad could be a reliable ally in a troubled region.
    Lynch believes that the existence of such a needed ally about very particular that this ally is deeply influenced by the outcome of the negotiations the U.S. Iran and the path of the civil war in Syria.
    But to Iraq plays like that, it reflects the direction of the Maliki government to exclude the Sunni minority, focused his authority.
    Maliki has excused the consideration of the other reading of the need for national reconciliation and a common goal blogger in the strategic framework agreement, what you deserve (which is something perhaps some hope to see him out of the U.S. Congress as well). U.S. officials have urged strongly that this is the responsibility of the Iraqi Prime Minister, as well as all other Iraqi politician remained seated quietly for a moment of time, for more than half a decade. Political Failure in Iraq is not new and has almost nothing to do with the withdrawal of American troops. Maliki ignore such advice when there were 140 thousand soldiers in Iraq; ignored when those forces began to withdraw; and ignored after they left all of them. What was to give such a compromise, but when he feels it is absolutely essential to survival is personally.
    Part of this to the temporary security gains to the strategy of "momentum" American and transformations of the Sunni insurgency, did not feel in fact he never made concessions.
    But in spite of this, so perhaps things are different now. Vhsad policy of Maliki playoffs was many months of the Sunni continuous protests, and the renewal of the insurgency, and the growing perception that the other country to rip it apart.
    Large increase in violent killings paid to the fear of the disintegration of Iraq and caught fire again. The dire consequences of growing violence during the current year and the political crisis could finally be enough to push al-Maliki to such concessions hesitant in arrears.
    The political instinct to stay - not American influence - has finally paid to comply. With elections crucial in the coming year and connotations tired that appear around the features of the new election law, and Washington should do what it can during the visit to push al-Maliki in this direction - and air all the incentives that can be activated under the strategic framework agreement (such as military assistance and intelligence that wants Maliki) in If doing so.
    It is likely that Washington can finally get him to conduct political reforms are necessary as part of a package of security assistance this.
    The United States has a great interest in seeing Iraq and is يهشم circle of sectarian polarization and consolidation of tyranny and insurgency. The owners have never never acted as if he shared those interests, but Obama's meeting with him next would be the perfect opportunity to push towards change course.


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    'Modify' at the leadership level in the party Talabani and Barham Saleh to Tehran to discuss the 'situation of Kurdistan'

    21-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Sulaymaniyah - Akram al-Haj
    Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is preparing for a meeting described as significant, to discuss the conditions of the Interior, while waiting to be paid, Barham Salih, a leader of the party, to visit Iran to discuss "the evolution of the situation of Kurdistan and the relationship between the two sides." It came at a time when Kurdish source confirmed early for "the world," that the National Union prepares to make crucial adjustments in the near future, "up to the leadership pyramid."
    The spokesman of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Azad جندياني, for a forthcoming meeting of the Committee of the Patriotic Union leadership to follow the decisions of the mini-conference and discuss the internal situation of the party in the coming period. He جندياني, according to the official website of the Union, the Leadership Council will hold a meeting this week to follow up the recommendations of the Conference mini-V, will also discuss "the upcoming visit of Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Barham Salih to Iran at the head of the delegation of high-Union and topics that will be touched upon between the two sides and challenging agenda business visit. "
    "It will be the formation of a delegation headed by Barham Salih, in the coming days to visit Tehran and meet with officials there to discuss bilateral relations and developments in Kurdistan and Iraq."
    In contrast, the Kurdish source said earlier, that "it is unlikely that the meeting will result in a decisive and radical decisions, but coming period will witness a remarkable transformation in terms of the performance of the party." The leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) earlier suggested the formation of a joint council to manage the affairs of the party in the absence of Talabani, but seven months have passed has yet to reach an agreement on the person who will run the party and what are the next step.
    The source added, "maybe up upcoming changes to an abrupt events at the level of the pyramid of leadership in the Union."
    The Kurdish newspaper said earlier that five of the top party leaders, Jalal Talabani "lost patience trouble managing party affairs" amid the absence of the patient's boss since last December, demanding the disclosure of the party money and make changes to its decision-making process.
    And newspaper روداو revealed that senior officials of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), "threatened to resign unless conducted review of the decision-making process", which is still officially in the hands of the head of the patient is absent for months, according to the newspaper quoted informed sources from within the party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
    The newspaper issued in Erbil, citing a source close to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, saying that "Barham Salih, the second man in the party after Jalal Talabani, threatened to resign is four officials in leadership changes that have not been proposed by them."
    The source said that Saleh and his supporters four, sage capable, Mahmoud Sangawi, Amin Ali, Azad جندياني, they want to make changes in the decision-making process in the party, and in the management of his money, and in relations with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the ruling partner in the Kurdistan Regional Government.
    The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, a Kurdish political parties President in Iraq, was founded on 1 June 1975 and raised the slogan of the right to self-determination, democracy and human rights of the Kurdish people in Iraq, led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, and I guess in the first election of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region in 1992, half of the seats.
    The party achieved a rival and ally in Ann, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani, ranked Alawlh in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament elections, followed by the MDC led by Mustafa Nushirwan, while solving the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by Jalal Talabani in third place.


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    9 days to amend the election law and the ongoing disagreements blocks

    21-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (Iraq) / Yousef Salman
    Iraqi Council of Representatives resumes its periodic tomorrow (Tuesday, October 22, 2013) and the top of his agenda amending the election law within the next nine days, at the time still an ongoing conflict between the parliamentary blocs to amend the law or not.
    The MP for Iraq to meet and pink for "future" yesterday (Sunday) that the Kurdistan Alliance objected to the distribution of compensatory seats clings to the National Alliance, the electoral system and the mechanism of the distribution of votes.
    Pink showed that the binding parliamentary blocs to reach a compromise formula before 30 of this month and otherwise resort Parliament for the 2010 application of the law in force and there is a parliamentary resolution to do so.
    Pink confirmed that the most prominent objections to the Federal Court on the law in connection with the distribution of voters contained in Article 3. She noted that the paragraphs relating to the allocation of quota are other minorities within the court's objections.
    In turn, the Kurdish MP Mohammad Qasim that the Kurdistan Alliance made too many concessions in the electoral law, especially with regard to seats allocated to the quota and compensatory seats what makes the other parties are required to submit some concessions. He pointed to the existence of communication between the blocs about the election law on despite the many differences around him.

    Read more on: See more at: http://almustaqbalnews.net


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    Sadr urges demonstrators to involves Presidencies in their calls to cancel pensions

    Monday, 21 October 2013 08:10

    Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, described the campaigns to collect the signatures to cancel the MPs' pensions as "Incomplete because they did not include canceling the pensions of the officials of the three presidencies."

    In response to a question raised by one of his followers, he said "Limiting the campaign to the MPs' pensions only is unjust and incomplete because they do not include the three presidencies."

    Over the legitimacy of these pensions, he assured "Those who do not serve the citizens are not allowed to have these pensions."


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    Muhamadi expects adopting former elections law
    Monday, 21 October 2013 09:18

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Waleed al-Muhamadi, of the Iraqiya Slate expected adopting the former elections law, ruling out conducting the vote on the new elections law draft during the next session.

    He stated to AIN "Two articles within the former elections law will be amended as requested by the Federal Court."

    He wished "The parliament to settle the disputes over this law during its next session."



    Bjari expects next parliament session not to witness vote on elections law

    Monday, 21 October 2013 11:20

    Baghdad (AIN) –Member of Iraqiya Slate, Noora al-Bjari, expected the next parliament session not to witness voting on the elections law.

    She stated to AIN "The session will have the vote on this law among the agenda," noting that "Without reaching a compromise over the disputed points, the blocs will not vote on the law."

    "The huge disputes require long time to be resolved," she concluded.

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    MP calls to increase seats for Shabak community inside parliament

    Monday, 21 October 2013 10:27

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Ashwaq al-Jaf, called to increase the seats allocated for Shabak community as a quota up to three seats.

    She stated to AIN "Shabak must have their representatives in the parliament similar to other communities."

    "Shabak community is an important part of Iraqi communities and they were subject to displacement and terrorism so they have to have some figures to defend their rights," she concluded.


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    Yasiri: Political blocs to adopt former Elections law if they fail to endorse new law

    Monday, 21 October 2013 12:21

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Hadi al-Yasiri, of the State of Law Coalition headed by the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, stated that the political blocs to adopt the former Elections law if they fail to endorse the new one.

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said "The Kurdistani Alliance is not satisfied over the amendment of the Elections law where it wants to get more compensative seats and the other blocs reject this issue."

    "We hope to settle this issue and endorse the new law during the next parliament session, but we will adopt the old law if the political blocs fail to endorse it," he concluded.


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