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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 13 October 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 13 October 2013

    Maliki's talk about his son raises widespread anger .. And parliamentary warning of "preparation" Ahmed, a senior position

    13-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD / Press-term
    He Iraqi lawmakers, on Saturday, that the statements of the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, on his son is a "marketed" pave the way for his extradition position security or politically thin, and that the index "dangerous" that the security establishment "subject to the ability of people and are not based on the criteria for institutional," In When called for the strengthening of the security discipline rather than being accused of "disability," demanded an apology from Iraqi forces for his statement "abuser" in which he described the officers that they are afraid or reluctant. To that criticized a number of activists and journalists, Maliki's comments on his son, and stressed that "our picture of the country like the State of gangs and mafias is not one in which respects the law," and demanded that al-Maliki "to clarify his remarks and apologize to the people and the security services who detracted them," and called for the prosecution and the Council SJC to "investigate the position of the son of al-Maliki." He said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, during a television interview on Wednesday, that his son Ahmed, do something to arrest the right big businessman lives inside the Green Zone, after failing security forces and hesitated in the implementation of the arrest warrant. It also said it had carried out other operations are similar officers did not dare to implement it.
    In this context, says MP Shwan Mohammed Taha, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, said in an interview to (range Press), said that the "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a statement job security or official position, which is being handled by his son Ahmad al-Maliki, and gives him authority to implement the arrest warrants against the accused , "returned to" al-Maliki's remarks on his son, a serious indicator shows that the security establishment subject to the ability of people and is not based on institutional standards. " For his part, MP Hamid al-Mutlaq, a member of the Iraqi List, the prime minister to "strengthen the security apparatus in order to discipline the duties instead of being accused of failing to carry out orders," noting that the "not carrying out orders not remain in those devices." Mutlaq saw, in an interview to the (Presse term), that "the law should be governor," he said, adding that it "does not have legal status should not be related to the subject." Turn MP Jawad al-Jubouri, a member of the Liberal bloc, in a statement to the "long" yesterday, that "the modern-Maliki for his son, is perhaps the beginning of the marketing for the position of security or political level, especially since it holds the joints of leadership in the government and the Dawa Party," and expressed "concern disobeying orders security services leaders. " Meanwhile, MP Ali inch, citizen member bloc, al-Maliki to "apologize for his statement, security forces her abuser," adding that "the statement mentions in time former administrator of the praise to his son." Male inch, in an interview to the (Presse term), that "the security agencies lacked only switch some of their leaders and plans to exceed its deficit," stressing the need to "restore the prestige of the state, through the support of those devices instead of the accused."
    In the same context, he said 24 activists and the media, in a statement received, (long-Presse) a copy of it yesterday, "We are a group of journalists and intellectuals, writers, academics and activists express surprised and Asthjanna extreme of these statements in the time in which they live the country's worst crises of the deterioration of security and service and boiling my people. " He activists and media by saying, "the time that must be sought where everyone to lay the foundations of the state institutions and the rule of law and the same dust factionalism and regionalism narrow that dominated Iraq for three decades, peered us the Prime Minister, which represents the highest executive authority in Iraq, which holds a mass party and parliamentary Name (state law) to tell us about the exploits of his son, who hacks the arrest of a contractor after he failed security forces Badtha and number of which more than one million security element for his arrest, for more than hair beta severe that his son deal does not fear anyone. "
    He activists and journalists that it was "better for Maliki to take advantage of platform media to sent assurances to the Iraqi people and console thousands of bereaved and orphans who Khalafthm gory bombings in Baghdad and the provinces that have rocked the country from end to end, and the recognition of failing to protect citizens from terrorist attack fierce which we are exposed and honest with the people . "
    The student activists of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to "provide an explanation and clarification on his recent comments and an apology to all the Iraqi people and the sons of the security services who detracted from them and our picture of the country like the State of gangs and mafias is not one in which respects the law, and that the security forces are unable to arrest a single individual within more heavily guarded areas in the capital. " The activists and journalists that "if ignored al-Maliki made the call or make an apology, we call for the prosecution and the Supreme Judicial Council to be exercised role than Badr of the Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and investigate the post he has held Ahmed son of al-Maliki, to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution and the establishment of the foundations of justice and right and sympathy. " The statement signed by both of Sadiq al-Musawi / president of the Center Iraq for Information and International Relations, and Mohammed mint / educator, and Falah Hassan Abdullah / secretary general of the organizing democratic, and Mohammad Shafiq / activist and journalist, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed / writer and journalist, Ahmed Jabbar West / writer and journalist, and Salah glimmer / writer and journalist, and Maan Mohamed Hassan / writer and journalist, and Jalal lipoidica / activist, a civilian, and Ahmed Al Shammari / journalist, and sword-Qaisi / journalist, and Hussein Al-Kaabi / journalist, Mohamed al-Lami / artist, and Mohammed Al Kaabi / tribal leader, Ahmed al-Darraji / journalist, Hisham luxury / media, good Naim / activist, a civilian, and Abdel-Rahman Najim Abdullah / activist, a civilian, and Haider Daami / journalist, Firas Al Saadoun / journalist, Qasim السنجري / poet, and Majed Abu tirelessly / activist, a civilian, and Jacob Sauada / activist Madani, Ali Hashim / civil activist, Riad al-Ahmad / news.


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    Albulada: political blocs will fall impasse with the people in the event of postponement of the election date

    12-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    MP for the coalition of state law beneficial Albulada on the need to hold the next parliamentary elections exact timing nor, pointing to the existence of a mass popular demand political stresses the need to hold them in the next 30 to forget.
    The Albulada in a statement today that "most of the political blocs agreed on the need to hold elections on the scheduled date, the fact that the Constitution stressed the need to hold elections on time," adding that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki stressed the need to stimulate the political blocs and the Electoral Commission for elections in order to hold parliamentary elections on April 30, 2014. "
    He added that "this confirmation about when it came to avoiding falling impasse with the Iraqi people, the fact that there are demands of the public and religious, human rights and civil society organizations of the need to hold elections on schedule."

    Media Attorney Office

    For a coalition of state law


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    U.S. diplomat: al-Qaeda strategy aims to cut Iraq and activity will be a crisis for Washington

    13-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Translation term
    Saw an American diplomat large that al-Qaida in Iraq is trying to ignite a civil war where everyone against everyone, pointing to the existence of a direct link between the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq late in 2011 and the escalation of al Qaeda activity it deems "strategic" in the strikes in Baghdad and other areas.
    Said John Bolton, U.S. ambassador former ambassador to the United Nations, in an interview with Fox News on Friday about the current security situation in Iraq, the situation in Iraq "reflects the general deterioration of the security situation over the past years since the withdrawal of U.S. forces."
    Fox News indicated hanging on the current situation in Iraq that more than 7 thousands of Iraqis have been killed so far this year. As nearly one thousand people have been killed in the past month alone, according to the reports of the UN mission in Iraq.
    The U.S. network said that in the last year, emerged as the base of a new Iraq, and began to carry out attacks in Baghdad and the surrounding provinces. The network felt that this escalating violence has such security challenges to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his government.
    Bolton sees a direct link between the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq in the year 2011 and the escalation of violence, and that "momentum strategy ordered by former U.S. President, George W. Bush, left the organization who took defeat back strongly after the U.S. withdrawal."
    Bolton confirms that "as a result of the withdrawal of U.S. military forces is that Iraq itself now becomes unstable again", adding that "al-Qaeda is back even though it was defeated during the American strategy momentum in 2006 and 2007."
    The organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, linked to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility Monday for the implementation of the September bombings in the Kurdistan region, and other areas.
    The world saw news reports that this attack in the Kurdistan region is unusual because it was the first major attack in the Kurdish region since 2007, which is a safe and stable to a large extent as compared to other areas of Iraq.
    Bolton believes that this attack was "particularly important." As the al-Qaeda shows that he adopt a particular strategy in the strikes, which aims to tear the country apart on sectarian lines.
    He said the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations that "it seems that they [al-Qaeda] are trying to do ... is to provoke the Kurds and pushing them to do the act in order to prevent Shiite their attention away from Sunni areas even this can in no case be precipitate the outbreak of war where everyone against everyone" .
    Bolton draws out that "the outbreak of civil war in Iraq could be useful for this terrorist organization." He believed that "as is the case in Yemen, as in Somalia, as in Libya, as in Syria, established al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations rooted in a messy Basically, have used these organizations to make the situation in Iraq cochlear her." He said, adding that this matter could turn into a security crisis for the United States.
    The organization of the so-called "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria," the pro-al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the attack on the Kurdish Security Directorate in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq last month.
    The organization said that the first attack of its kind in Erbil since 2007, came in response to "threats," the region's president, Massoud Barzani, fighting the "jihadists" in Syria, as well as in response to what the enemy is also a declaration on the part of Barzani's "willingness to stand with the government of the Safavid and the protection of rejecting Baghdad. "
    There were violent clashes, more recently, between groups of "jihad" and the Kurds in the large areas of northern Syria, where he managed the Kurds, who have declared "clarion year" of the expulsion of Islamist fighters from a number of areas.
    On September 29 of last year killed seven Kurdish security elements in suicide bombings targeting belonging to the Directorate asayish the center of the city of Arbil, in an attack that did not exclude the government in Baghdad, to be associated with the Syrian events. It was the first of its kind that targets the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It was May of 2007, targeting the headquarters saw the same security with a truck bomb in an attack that killed 14 people.


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    Tamimi: We lost $ 45 billion budget deficit has increased by a third because of Shahristani estimates

    13-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah
    Revealed a member of the Finance Committee MP Magda Tamimi that the proportions of the completion of the budget in 2013 until July last year without advances, amounted to 35.44%, indicating that the country lost $ 45 billion this year due to estimates wrong for the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani on the amount of Iraqi oil source, who Kan was on the calculated value of the budget of 2013, pointing out that the deficit increased to 27 trillion dinars after it was estimated value of 19 trillion dinars.
    She Tamimi said in an interview with the "long" yesterday that "there is a rise in the rates of the oil price offset by a decline in export rates where the export rates higher than the rates of price increase," adding that "the budget 2013 and placed under that the quantities of oil exported two million nine hundred thousand barrels per day , according to estimates of the Ministry of Oil and Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani, but confirmed that the rates of export two million and four hundred thousand barrels. "
    She drew Tamimi said that "this error endures Oil Minister Shahristani, being the responsible for this file, because their estimates of oil were wrong, considering that the budget is calculated on the basis of these estimates Any error in تقديراتهما will lead to confusion expensive", but pointed out that "the country suffers from a decline in the export of oil by 500 thousand barrels for the quantity specified in the budget according to the account, which means we lost $ 45 billion in one year.
    And on the budget deficit in 2014 Tamimi explained that "the planned deficit for 2014, according to the draft budget bill currently in the Council of Ministers is 35 trillion dinars, while the budget deficit in 2013 to vote on budget 19 Trliuna".
    She added that "an increasing proportion of the budget deficit caused by other fiscal policy followed, which did not address the deficit but on the contrary has been compounded."
    She drew a member of the Finance Committee that "the problem lies in not giving a chance to participate in the planning competencies fiscal policy based on clear economic vision."
    It stated that "capital is eroding, while supposed to run and develop through the operation of factories strategy which could dismiss them any budget," pointing out that the budget of the year 2014 in which allocations huge to the ministries of defense and interior, reaching 22 trillion dinars, while some called for the allocation trillion dinars and one to protect the borders of the province of Baghdad and the country, but the others refused to do so. "it said Tamimi that the proportions of the completion of the budget in 2013 to a very 31/7 and without advances amounted to 35.44% for the development of the regions, while the ministries with the calculated advances amounted to 21.13% from either without advances Yet Kurdistan region and revive the marshes did not exceed 18%, either without the region and revive the marshes of 9.10%, was less in the percentage of completion provinces, Nineveh and Basra, Diyala, Diwaniyah and Babylon, as shown in the following table:


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    Officials Najafion the: corruption holidays 80% of the sewer systems and the construction of a hospital campus and 16 schools

    13-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / Wael grace
    Local officials said in Najaf that corruption in the province during the previous session led to the delay completion hospital with a capacity of 400 beds, the construction of 34 building materials construction entered the country illegally in addition to haphazard construction of buildings, and they confirmed that the most prominent cases of corruption in the province of those that accompanied the project "Najaf Capital of Islamic Culture "where disrupted three projects of its own even today despite the allocation of 150 billion dinars, and revealed that 80% of the sewage networks in the province parked, along with a failure in the completion of 16 schools had been scheduled to enter the work this year.
    The head of the Integrity Committee in the House of Najaf and Sam الزجراوي in a statement to the "long" yesterday that "the relay since it was formed projects implemented in 2011 and 2012," revealing the Committee received more than 50 complaints regarding the issues of corruption, bribery and the delay in the implementation of the Ministry of Construction and Housing of by the citizens of the province within three months. "
    The الزجراوي that "most corrupt files in the province that are investigated concerning the establishment of residential buildings and commercial inside the city near the shrines violation of the terms of construction," he said, adding that "34 building was built with materials construction illegally entered into the province was increasing the number of floors of the number permitted by law. "
    He added, chairman of the Integrity Committee in the House of Najaf, said the "Help does not allow building architecture more than three floors inside the city," pointing out that "the buildings offense raised the number of floors to 12 floors," stressing the involvement of gangs and former members in the province of Najaf in the introduction of building materials and allowing the establishment of Buildings in violation of the regulations and instructions.
    Meanwhile, a member of the provincial council in Najaf Khaled Aljcami in an interview with the "long" that the most prominent projects lagging in the province, which marred by corruption, are the projects that pertain to "Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture" and allocated by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, stressing that the Housing Ministry referred the three projects concerning "Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture" at a cost of 150 billion dinars, and achievement since the period ended a year and six months, has not been completed of the three projects.
    The Aljcami shows that one of the projects which the Palace of Culture, which was accomplished by 95%, but the final work is not yet complete, revealing that the problem that hampered the work of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Construction and the Turkish company implemented.
    And indicates local administrator that the provincial council "student ministry and maintaining disclosure of the reasons for non-completion of the palace, but did not receive an answer," expressing his surprise that he "has not been withdrawn license Turkish company implemented despite the delay in completion a year and a half", in addition to The Turkish company executing placed on the black list (according to lists of the Ministry of Planning) for failing to implement other projects.
    He added, "With regard to the second project, is a tourist hotel from within the project" Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture "is still just a structure," he said, adding that the hotel is carried out by a Turkish company, it seems to partner Turkish company Other implemented project palace, to use the same mechanisms .
    He Aljcami a member of the provincial council in Najaf for two, "The third project on بإنشاءات the Ministry of Construction, is by" around "adjacent to the hotel and the palace, and also Stopped Working since the year and a half, was pulled work from the company (Turkish III), which is implemented, and formed a committee of by the Ministry of Construction to complete the work at the expense of the Contractor.
    To the detection of Aljcami projects where suspicions of corruption related to establishment of two tunnels in the city of Kufa, the first tunnel "Maysan" and port by Turkish and Iraqi worth 25 billion dinars and shops by the Ministry of Construction, was completed work done before one month, and after opening one week only Water overflowed and damaged concrete, adding that the company has the work of a new prosthesis Concrete pouring over the old, and this will affect the work of the tunnel.
    Among Aljcami that "the provincial council objected earlier in the design, the company approved the design as" unknown, "and urged ratification of companies" professional and respectful, "stressing that the same thing applies to the tunnel" Muslim Ibn Aqil "in Kufa, where it was forwarded from by the Ministry of Construction to "a Jordanian company is known as the" $ 25 billion dinars, has not been approved designs of "respectable offices," referring to that still Mtlkia the action in the implementation of the project.
    In regard to the education sector and the construction of schools revealed Aljcami that the Ministry of Education referred the construction of 16 schools since 2011 at the time of final exams, was demolished in the case and the latest upheaval for students and their families, noting that schools are not implemented and not one of them yet.
    He also revealed the delay in the completion of hospital with a capacity of 400 beds in Najaf, was referred by the Ministry of Health to a German company for its implementation, due to problems in obtaining a visa, "Visa" for experts and technicians Germans, and related problems remittances.
    He explained that 80% of the sewage Najaf stalled due to the reluctance of the work processing unit for heavy water, which has been referred in large amounts by the Ministry of Municipalities since 2008 to an Iraqi company, has not been completed so far, despite the fact that the contract includes completed within two years.


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    MP: we have enough votes to endorse elections law away from KA
    Saturday, 12 October 2013 15:57

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Iqbal al-Ghurabi, of Ahrar bloc confirmed that Sadr Trend rejects excluding any political side from the process of making the political decision.

    She stated to AIN "There are enough votes to endorse the elections law without considering the opinion of the Kurdistani Alliance but the principals advocated by Sadr Trend does not allow us to marginalize other political sides."



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    Essawi: Maliki's visit to USA includes discussing security file, Syrian crisis
    Saturday, 12 October 2013 23:45

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said "The relationship between Iraq and the United States of America s limited to the Strategic Pact conducted between the two sides in all fields where the visit of Maliki to the USA is for the benefit of the two countries."

    "Iraq is interested in the national security especially in the Syrian case where it released an initiative to the Arab League and the European Union over settling the ongoing Syrian crisis," he concluded.


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    Kurdish security official reveals perpetrators of Asayish Directorate attacks not from Kurdistan Reg
    Sunday, 13 October 2013 00:31

    Erbil (AIN) –The Consultant of the Security Council in Kurdistan Region, Masror Barzani, stated that the perpetrators of recent terrorist operation that took place in Erbil province last month, are not residents of KR.

    The security consultant mentioned in a joint press conference held with the Commander of Asayish Forces in Erbil ''The forces arrested several terrorists involved in the terrorist attacks and they are not residents of Kurdistan Region,'' noting that ''The terrorists exploited the facilitations which were offered for tourists to enter Erbil province.''

    The Commander of Asayish Forces stated that ''The terrorists planned to storm the Asayish Directorate through two car bombs and several suicide bombers, but the security forces managed to foil their plot.''

    Series of suicide bombings targeted Asayish Forces Directorate in Erbil province and resulted in killing and wounding (46) persons of Kurdish security forces who managed to kill all the six suicide bombers who attempt to storm the security directorate.



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    GFP ranks Iraq in 58th position in Military Strength in 2013
    Saturday, 12 October 2013 23:30

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Global Fire Power released a static over the military strength of the world countries in 2013.

    The US website referred the most powerful armies in the world that are the USA, Russian, Chinese, Indian, British, France, German, Southern Korean, Italian and Brazilian armies.

    Iraq ranked the 58th position according to the world and 14th according to the Arab countries.


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    Popular Protests Trend formed in Anbar
    Saturday, 12 October 2013 16:47

    Anbar, Ramadi (AIN) –The Popular Protests Trend was formed in Anbar province on Saturday.

    The correspondent of AIN reported that ''The formation of the Popular Protests Trend is announced as a representative of the six protest yards in Anbar province preparing to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.''

    Many Iraqi provinces witnessed demonstrations and sit-in months ago that included various demands from the Government.

    The Parliament identified the 30/ April / 2014 as the date to hold the next parliamentary election, though the Parliament failed to vote on the controversial elections laws so far.



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