" The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 10 October 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 10 October 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 10 October 2013

    Shaways looking with the European Commission to activate relations
    10.10.2013 12:00 AM

    BAGHDAD - morning
    Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways, with the President of EU Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, ways to develop relations between the الجانين, upgrade them to the highest levels, stressing the need to activate the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement signed between Iraq and the European Union.
    pointed statement by the Office of the Vice President Ministers, received «morning» copy of it, that Shaways, browse through the shed, which combined with the President of EU Commission Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels, attended by the head of the investment Sami al-Araji, and Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan region Ali Sindi, political developments in Iraq, and made a brief explanation of the provincial elections, and the elections of the Kurdistan region, stressing that Iraq other in the way of strengthening the democratic experience.
    pointed statement, that Shaways, expressed Iraq's desire to attract international companies to invest, indicating that the acts of the investment conference, which was held in Belgium, reviewed the progress actually economic, and Iraq's desire to cooperate with companies and businessmen from Belgium and the European Union to work in the country, particularly in the field of production and distribution of energy and oil. According to the statement, the two sides تدارسا the security situation in the region and its impact on all aspects, explaining that Shaways, said he and although Relapse security in some areas exploited by terrorism, is that Iraq is full of many stable areas in security and safe investment, especially areas of the Kurdistan region and the southern provinces.



    Investment agreements pave the way for Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization
    10.10.2013 12:00 AM

    BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
    counting Economists investment agreements and economic signed by Iraq with the countries of the world one of the important steps that pave the way for Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization because it is considered a first step towards collective bargaining.
    economist and academic, Dr. Acer Yassin said in a statement (morning): The "hold these agreements to the benefit of both sides through the exchange of experiences and attract investments and allow foreign investors and the Arabs."
    said Yassin said the Iraqi investment law gives the group guarantees and benefits for foreign investors, especially in the field of construction and reconstruction, these benefits have not benefited Arab investor in the past few years, as it did not try to invest in Iraq and the trend towards the Iraqi economy because of security conditions, so it must attract Arab investors to be construction projects pilot.
    noted expert that these agreements are considered privilege for the investor, as being able to own land, which implements the project, especially as the Iraq less signatory countries of the agreements guaranteeing to invest at the level of countries of the world, noting that it encourages investors and give them guarantees and additional benefits, as well as the advantages granted by the Investment Law, and opens the way for agreements with other countries, especially as the investment agreements in the field of construction and reconstruction benefit Iraq because it needs to residential units, which were estimated by the experts of two million units, but the country needs more than this number, especially in the provinces, he said.
    noted that the National Investment Commission has signed contracts investment with two Blorm and Handal Alamarateten Inc. Shamara Holding last month, for the construction of housing units are in the cities of the future (1 and 2) in the region of الدهنة by 30 thousand residential units, and the Committee of Baghdad in the area of Dabbash by 20 thousand residential units.
    Government has shown its willingness to consider any amendments serve the process of construction and investment and cringe difficulties encountered in the work of investors and companies the private sector, while stressing the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates and managers of UAE companies investing in Iraq's intention to increase the presence in the Iraqi market, expressing their aspiration to support the Iraqi government for construction projects undertaken by the UAE companies, and pledged at the same time its completion deadlines.


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    Baghdad International Fair demonstration to activate economic, foreign investment

    10.10.2013 12:00 AM

    Start of the session of the (40) day
    BAGHDAD - Hussein ثغب Tamimi - Mostafa Hashemi
    Camera - Nihad al-Azzawi
    under the slogan "the Baghdad International Fair Forum trade and investment" starts today the opening ceremony of the fortieth session of the Baghdad International Fair which will take place on the land of the exhibition with the participation of 17 countries, along with a number large local companies, as well as Britain's participation and Croatia for the first time with wings show.
    confirmed by experts and interested in economic affairs the importance of the exhibition, which was the best Altguenat world that can be used in all economic sectors. important step , assembling the Iraqi industrial Abdul Hassan Shammari said: that the exhibition represents a step important where comes the international effort to within the country and with the attributes of the best technologies available and the size of large projects, which requires implementation in the country in all sectors must pay everyone from the private sector and public presence among global companies that participated in the exhibition during its current session, which is a step important on the road to activate the investment business. He said in an interview for the (morning) to the possibility of dealing directly with these companies without the need for an intermediary, pointing to the need to take advantage of the show to find out when the participating companies specialized in the field of housing, which can build residential units fit the reality of the country, as well as to contain the population pressure. genuine partnership expert Commercial Naseer student pointed out that this carnival economic and trade large came to define the citizen role of the Iraqi trader in the overall Alhamlah economic, and work the relevant authorities matter to overcome all the obstacles they face and work to create a genuine partnership between Iraqi companies and their counterparts the world in order to stimulate commercial interior and exterior. He pointed out that the size of the contribution of Iraqi companies good and contributes in any case, to keep pace with modern developments and the use of advanced technology in this field and the possibility of benefit to the development of the reality of trade interior and foreign affairs in Iraq.communicate with companies either head of the International Federation of developmental businessmen Ali Hilfi pointed out that the importance of that contributes to show its current session in the introduction of better technologies work in the world to Iraq through communication with the companies present at the exhibition. Among the technologies developed is an important step on the road to activate the economic sectors, especially it holds specifications of high quality and that have been adopted projects worldwide. Stressing that the international companies that attended to Iraq comes the technical expertise better world, and this will lead to the training of a large number of manpower Iraq, which lacks experience in this field. stressing the need to work on the work of special questionnaires the adequacy of the laws in force for an ambitious global investment firms that attended to view services, pointing out that the legislation in force must be examined thoroughly by professionals in the public and private sector. demonstration of global economic For his part, Managing Director of the Company progress competent to organize exhibitions and business conferences Ali Bashir al-Naimi told the (morning) that the Baghdad International Fair represents demonstration commercial Aqtsadahaalmih in Iraq, adding that companies of different nationalities keen to participate in this exhibition it represents a gateway opportunities that do not compensate for her to enter the Iraqi market. said Naimi said the Baghdad International Fair will witness the presence of a large number of international companies specialized in the field of infrastructure, energy in addition to other companies for the implementation of housing projects and urban. , and stressed that this demonstration annual economic contribution to finding a ground for competition between the companies to provide the best Ntegadtha through which expects to get contracts directly to the implementation of projects strategy in Iraq. choose companies and pointed out that Iraq needs days after the last entry international companies specialized in the field of construction, energy and infrastructure in general, adding that the Baghdad International Fair, its current session represents a good opportunity for Iraq to choose the companies that hoped to carry out investment projects different. said Naimi said the measures in some countries to participate in foreign exhibitions and time-consuming while Iraq seeks to ease the routine followed in the procedures for the entry of products and mechanisms of border crossings and down to ward her on the show floor. between the managing director that the establishment of international exhibitions contribute to find common ground between private sector companies and public also contributes to the definition of each Bntegath and abilities and potentials for the purpose of competition to provide better services. assesses Iraq's annual events for the Baghdad International Fair kicks off in the first of the month of November of each year, which was the beginning of the Baghdad International Fair in 1956 when he held the exhibition of industrial and agricultural, who supervised him متصرفية the Baghdad Brigade. noted that the first session of the exhibition was launched in 1964 This was the real beginning of the Baghdad International Fair Participation was modest in terms involving five Arab countries only. continued sessions on an annual basis and took characterized by quality and quantity, and the expansion of the size of the halls and posts has increased the importance of the exhibition on the local and international level because it represents the interface of civilization and media and economic Iraq. joined the gallery Baghdad International to the International Trade Union (UFI), which is based in Paris, to gain international character during the eighth session and became a member on the basis of the decision taken at the meeting of the Union, which was held in Malta in October 1971.


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    Parliament: 30 April deadline for the parliamentary elections and amend the law after the feast

    Wednesday, 09 October 1 /2013 18:12

    BAGHDAD / Yousef Salman

    Political blocs failed again to reach an agreement to ensure amend the election law to decide the Presidency of the Council of Representatives vote on a resolution gives the Commission power to prepare for the elections and determine the timeframe for completion of the negotiations after the holiday as a prelude to the vote.

    The House voted on a resolution to that conducted parliamentary elections as scheduled constitutionally and which not to exceed April 30 of next year, but the Kurdistan Alliance bloc pulled out of the session, the meeting of leaders and heads of the blocks with the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary discussion of the election law after a dispute over Article 23 of Kirkuk. The MP said Ashwaq dry that the Presidency of the Parliament and after consultation with the heads of the leaders of blocs agreed to continue discussion and dialogue on the electoral law and determine the 22 of this month as the date for a vote on the law. Dry added that the House of Representatives committed the Electoral Commission to hold public vote as scheduled and no later than the date of the 30th of the month next April 2014 whether to amend the election law or not.

    Dry confirmed that the Presidency set to vote on the election law in the 30 of October at the latest current or return to the old election law for 2005, if he fails to vote to amend the current law to be adopted at the next election. It showed that the parliament committed the Commission to update the voter register and instruct the government, regardless of all financial dues. In the meantime new coalition of state law demanding the adoption of the electoral law in force for the failure to approve the new election law.

    MP Hassan said Yassiri that the coalition presented a proposal to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives eliminates reference to the 2010 election law. He pointed out that the dispute over the distribution of compensatory seats still existed. Yasiri said the current law proposal will be subject to an appeal from some quarters that will not vote and some of the blocks with few seats that do not agree with some of the texts.


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    Close To The Owners Of "Honor" .......?

    BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq - Former Israeli Security Minister «Avi Dichter» saying yesterday that the goal of Israel's strategy is not to allow Iraq to exercise its role Arab and regional .. He said Dichter during a lecture at a research center for Strategic and quoted reads the newspaper «Giorzleom Post »Israel: that Iraq has faded as a military and as a country united and neutralized will be by devoting the conditions of the current security and this is an important strategy does not deviate by one iota.

    Noted the Israeli official now there is a Kurdish state already that this state has all the elements of state land and people and the power and economy of yield promising oil and this looks to be a state border is not the Kurdistan region of but annexation northern Iraq Whole .. City of Kirkuk in the first phase and then Mosul and perhaps Salahuddin province along Jalawla and Khanaqin ..

    The official confirmed the security of former Israeli or Israel's duty literary and moral to remain alongside the Kurds and take their hands until they reach the national goal, which borders which is to achieve self-rule in the first stage and the stage of independence الناجز then we will support the Kurds armed heavy in order to establish their own state desired, he said. remains for us to ask all those who sleep on cushions ostrich feathers of the leaders of "the political process and a document of honor" Why are you doing and plots hatched in more than a kitchen outside the Iraqi border?!

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    Parliamentary security for the future of Iraq: Maliki's visit aims to thwart terrorist plot

    The future of Iraq: As revealed close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that he will begin his upcoming visit to Washington later this month in the light of more than a formal invitation presented to him by U.S. President Barack Obama, described the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary visit to "task" very, being come to coordinate with the United States U.S. to thwart a terrorist plot aimed at Iraq, while not shown the list of "Iraq" optimistic about the move.

    Says a source close to al-Maliki, on condition of anonymity, for "the future of Iraq," Ban "The prime minister will visit Washington later this month at the head of the delegation of senior government level to discuss a number of issues and developments in the region, especially the Syrian issue, noting that "this visit came a desire pressing President Obama on the background of directing more than a formal invitation to the owners in this regard during the recent period.

    Expected source said that "carry this visit a lot of surprises, especially since President U.S. seeks to break a deadlock over the Syrian crisis through the activation of the Iraqi initiative put forward previously to contain the crisis through dialogue and stop the fire. "As a member of a coalition of state law is useful Albulada, indicates the presence of the urgency of much of U.S. President Barack Obama on Maliki's visit to Washington as soon as the Background directed invitations official in this regard, but asserts that the visit was postponed to the end of this month. part, reveals a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Chuan Mohamed Taha's "Future of Iraq" that "al-Maliki sought during his upcoming visit to Washington to coordinate with the U.S. administration in addressing the attack terrorist suffered by Iraq through the activation of the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries, especially in relation to the effort intelligence. "

    Taha adds "There is the threat of possible terrorist target country is implications dangerous to the Syrian crisis on the internal situation of Iraq," noting that "al-Maliki will be asked during his visit advertiser reported, security support from Washington via the coordination effort intelligence between the two countries in order to thwart this scheme dangerous cross addressing groups terrorist. "

    In the same context, did not seem member of the "Iraqi" Yassin Ibrahim optimism about the visit al-Maliki's visit to Washington and will achieve the results will be reflected on The security situation in the country, stressing that the United States was considering the interests only and does not concern them in Iraq's interest, either closely or from afar, as he put it. says Abraham's "Future of Iraq" The list "supports this visit if they will address the problems of Iraq and to find effective solutions to the deterioration of the security by asking for support and assistance, both from the United States or other countries, "he did not see a mass on the program of the visit mentioned and goals until now.

    Announced the media adviser to Maliki, Ali al-Moussawi, Sunday, in a press statement that "the visit will be on October 28 this month and will be al-Maliki at the head of the delegation of senior government and focus in his talks with President Barack Obama on the situation in logic, especially the Syrian crisis and to discuss the Iraqi initiative, which calls for a peaceful solution and an immediate ceasefire. "

    He pointed out that "the U.S. administration began to realize very well that Iraq is a party capable of finding exit real and realistic to the Syrian crisis and ستتعاطى (positively) with the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon Baghdad contact the parties to the Syrian crisis. " and added that "the Iraqi efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis through diplomacy where the interests of Iraq first, because the continuation of the situation as it is now will lead to more complexity and the deterioration of security in the region - ARTICLE LINK

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    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki calls on the international community to cooperate with Iraq and to develop a global strategy to combat terrorism

    Said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki: Terrorism has become a global issue does not mean Iraq or any other country, but dangerous comprehensive and he can even access to Europe, America and the rest of the world. came through the presence sovereignty today the first international conference to expose the crimes of terrorism and its impact on human rights Iraqi and held by the Ministry of Human Rights.

    and called on Prime Minister international community to cooperate with Iraq and to take advantage of his experience which he lived with terrorism, to develop a global strategy to combat terrorism, hoping to come out of this conference with positive results serve as a beam or light or an idea to put an end to the terrorism that violated all human rights.

    added sovereignty: to be the elimination of the engines of terrorism, which comes in the forefront of fatwas penance, poverty and discrimination and government tyranny, and the development of ways to address them, and the best of these ways, promote science and culture, and ending the state of ignorance that provide the environment in which bottomed out in which terrorism, and non-discrimination between citizens and treat them alike.

    denounced Mr. Prime Minister attempts some suspects broadcasting sedition among the Iraqi people through exposure to the Companions of the Messenger of God and religious symbols, considering that he comes within the scheme of sedition, which aims these ignorant people to achieve.
    He stressed the need to establish the principle of the sense of citizenship among all citizens, and to provide rights and needs, particularly with regard to aspects of living, housing and others.

    Mr. Prime Minister: It is difficult we have to fall a martyr and one of the sons of the Iraqi people, but what we find in some of the media is to hit that number in (10), Because the goal of this political means and not in the media, because they think they are and in doing so beat the political process, and be able to impede the investment of wealth and life on the various trends. ARTICLE LINK

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    Parliament proposes to borrow money from the central bank rather than resort to payment on credit in the implementation of infrastructure projects

    10-10-2013 07:07 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. I suggest a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Dler unable, using existing cash reserves with the central bank rather than resort to the method of payment on credit to companies in the implementation of projects included in the law of infrastructure.

    He is capable (of the Agency news): that the administrators of the central bank announce from time to time and an increase in monetary reserves of hard currency, while not invest even a fraction of this money abundant in projects that serve the country.

    He pointed out: that the law of the infrastructure, which objected to it some of the blocks, including the assignment of projects to international companies on credit and payment method this Stqaibd country big money and Stthaglh debt for many years and the increase in value due to profits.

    He added: it can dispense method of payment on credit and avoid future problems of the country by resorting to the Iraqi central bank and borrow money from him to the implementation of infrastructure projects in the country, and be paid in the coming years.

    This was announced and Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki agency for increasing cash reserves of hard currency to more than 76 billion dollars after it was (74) billion dollars in the last month of May.


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    Finance Committee: local banks still lag behind global
    10-10-2013 10:29 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. The Committee noted the existence of parliamentary financial technical and administrative problems have prevented the development of the banking sector in the country, stressing that local banks still lag behind the world in terms of the techniques and developments.

    The Vice-Chairman of the Committee MP Ahmed Faizullah (of the Agency news): The local banks still follow traditional systems old and used craftworks, especially in the operations of Statistics and other, causing delay the completion of banking transactions and increase the cases of financial and administrative corruption.

    He added: that the Central Bank of Iraq to Aithml responsibility for failure of the banking sector alone, but the entire state bears responsibility for it, either from the government or the House of Representatives not to prepare them the appropriate environment in which
    Allow for the development of this important sector.

    He pointed out: that there are technical and administrative reasons prevented the development of the banking sector, calling to overcome in order to support local banks technologies through the use of modern technological mechanization that facilitate and speed up the completion of transactions.

    It is noted that the banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by ownership between (7) state banks and (30) Bank Ahli including (7) Islamic banks in addition to 6 of foreign banks.


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    Fatlawi calling for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to address failing passage of the election law and not to bow to the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance

    10-10-2013 10:43 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. MP called for the rule of law Hanan al, National Alliance not to alienate the rights of voters in the election law by yielding to the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance, claim the presidency of the parliament to address its failure to approve the law.

    She Fatlawi in a statement received by the Agency (news) a copy of it: it calls for the National Alliance not to alienate the rights of voters in the electoral law and not to bow to the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance, describing the Kurdistan Alliance, they are trying to stretch the expense of others, Once demanding an increase of compensatory seats and once demanding an increase of seats minorities and demanding time per circuit and once demanding the enclosed list.

    And demanded: that the distribution of seats fairly on the basis of the proportion of the population and not on the basis of the desire and the deals that are trying to put forward some political blocs, indicating that any seat will be given to another party would be at the expense of entitlement to other provinces.

    And called for: the Kurdistan Alliance left the threat of withdrawal policy, noting that the respect for the will of the majority of which are embodied mechanisms of democracy and to express their opinion within the parliament through a vote and not through the threat of withdrawal and not previously تنفعهم when they exerted issue vote on the budget.

    It also demanded: the presidency of the parliament that failing to address the passage of the law for several times so that it became the House of Representatives of the material is scarce and sarcasm.

    Condemned: lack of respect for the law and rules of procedure of Parliament, saying instead Showing law to vote and acceptance of its findings in any form and respect for the law and rules of procedure of Parliament resorted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to pass a resolution scrawny, less Mayocef he laughed at the Iraqi street, pointing out that the resolution includes the identification date of the election and they know This appointment unconstitutional and does not need a decision and not the prerogative of Parliament, but a decree issued by the Presidency of the Republic.


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    Thursday, October 10, 2013 11:16
    Chalabi declares its readiness to take over security in Iraq

    Baghdad / Baghdadi news / .. The President of the National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, Thursday, ready to take over security in Iraq.

    Chalabi wrote in his, on the social networking site "Facebook" that "after the failure of security (the Great) announced readiness to receive the security file, fully."

    She / Baghdadi news / Chalabi page and spotted comments interacting with what was written.

    One interacting asked, "Why does not work firewall apartheid wall is located in Israel Takes Baghdad with the lifting of all checkpoints in the capital, because Israel did not stop the martyrdom operations, but in this way".


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