" The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 9 October 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 9 October 2013

    Federal pension legislation and get lost in the midst of the debate on the election law

    09-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

     Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
    Deputies said that discussions amendment and adoption of the election law, disrupted a legislation important and will refer some of them to the legislative session coming, They pointed out that the most prominent of these legislations laws of the parties and the Federal Court and the public pension, in addition to a legislation ready to vote, including the law of the official language and national anthem, arguing the need to end phenomenon busy law blocs and one and leave the rest of the legislation aside.
    A member of the legal committee MP Hussein net "long" that many laws were disrupted because of the preoccupation of the Legal Committee and chairman of the parliament election law, citing law canceling pensions for the three presidencies, which reached to the Legal Committee by more than 10 days, and to allocate the presidency of parliament to the Committee for the purpose of discussion and we have formation of a committee, but we have not been able to hold one meeting because of concern over the electoral law is difficult, in addition to the disruption of legal political parties, and the Federal Court. "
    He added that "there are other laws package disrupted by preoccupation with the electoral law and subject to referral to the next parliamentary session," pointing out that the phenomenon of the parliament preoccupation with one devotes all her time and effort are incorrect and require correction. "
    The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mahma Khalil to disrupt the rest of the laws in exchange for discussing the election law is a matter of course in the legislative work in the country, pointing out that the election law is very important and is linked to the rest of the laws that were delayed, adding that if the law was passed ballot consensus and compromise, there is a chance to approve the rest of the laws the same mechanism.
    Khalil added in a statement to the "long" there is important legislation should be approved, including the Federal Court Act, and the law of parties, and pointed out that his bloc supports the adoption of these laws and not to disrupt the upcoming parliamentary session, stressing the need to find a consensus on them.
    It accuses the MP for the rule of law on Alfalh, chairman of the parliament to disrupt the legislative role, explaining that "the work of the parliament should not hang at the expense of a single law, considering disabling laws completed in committees poor management and planning of the presidency of the Council.
    He said Alfalh, chairman of the Committee on Culture and Media parliamentary "long" that "the Commission has completed the drafting of legal language, the national anthem, but ignored the presidency and the lack of attention to these laws make us frustrated," adding that all the political blocs want that there should be national anthem and official language because they were and constitutional laws that prescribed by Parliament during this session.
    Furthermore, member of the Liberal bloc parliamentary Jawad al-Jubouri "long" that the adoption of important laws need to be an atmosphere appropriate, pointing out that the conflict on the election law Holiday Package important laws could have been approved within a few weeks, but it is now vulnerable to deportation to the parliamentary session next .
    He Jubouri that "the State need a revolution in the legislation, there are laws controversial as law of oil and gas, parties and a general amnesty and retire, are major causes of differences blocs, pointing out that these laws are controversial and may not be voted on because it needs compatibility and configuration political."
    Jubouri called on Parliament not to neglect the laws that are important and relevant political necessity, and attention to the laws raise the living conditions of the Iraqi citizen, indicating that the bloc will adopt a package of laws after the resumption of the work of parliament
    To be passed.


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    Planners and Accomplices of Erbil Bombing Arrested
    By RUDAW

    The assault, in which all six attackers and seven Kurdish security guards were killed and 40 others wounded, was the first such act in Erbil since a 2007 strike on the same target.

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The planners and accomplices of a deadly September 29 bombing on the intelligence headquarters in Erbil have been arrested and are being questioned, Kurdistan’s National Security Council (KNSC) said.

    “The perpetrators aimed at infiltrating the Asayish (security) headquarters by using two car bombs, following which two armed suicide bombers planned to exploit the security vacuum created by the car explosions,” the council said in a statement.

    The assault, in which all six attackers and seven Kurdish security guards were killed and 40 others wounded, was the first such act in Erbil since a 2007 strike on the same target.

    Last month’s attack has been claimed by al-Qaeda’s Iraq wing, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    In a claim posted Sunday on the Honein jihadist forum, it said, “The attack was a response for the support by the Kurdistan Region’s President Massoud Barzani for the government in Baghdad and for the Kurdish forces fighting jihadists in Syria.”

    The statement by the KNSC, which oversees the security, military and intelligence services, said that the accomplices had confessed to assisting in the attack. It promised full details soon.

    As the rest of Iraq has been drowning in sectarian violence since the 2003 overthrow of Saddam Hussein by US-led forces, the autonomous Kurdistan Region in the north has remained the country’s only peaceful oasis.

    The three-province self-rule enclave is home to a predominantly ethnic Kurdish population. But it has also provided shelter to thousands of Arabs and Christians fleeing violence in other parts of Iraq.

    More recently, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has provided sanctuary to some 250,000 mostly Kurdish-Syrian refugees fleeing the war next door.

    Authorities say that over the past year security forces have thwarted multiple attacks by jihadi groups, whose goal is to export their extremist ideology into Kurdistan, praised internationally as the region’s only successful experiment in democracy.

    The energy-rich enclave, which has its own government, legislature and constitution, is in the midst of an economic boom, attracting nearly every international oil major and airlines from Europe and the Gulf reporting record passenger growth on flights to Erbil.


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    PUK Reels in Turmoil Since Election Defeat
    By RUDAW

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The months-long absence of its ailing chief, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, is just one of the many reasons that leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) blame for the party’s lackluster showing in last month’s parliamentary elections in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

    “There are not one or two issues that got PUK such election results: There are subjective, objective, internal, external, technical and strategic factors behind the results,” said PUK spokesman Azad Jundyani.

    Talabani has not been since he suffered a stroke in December and was flown to Germany for treatment. The party went into the September 21 elections for Kurdistan’s own 111-seat assembly without Talabani or another strong leader.

    The dominant Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) received the largest number of votes but the PUK, its partner in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), did not fare as well. It lost its standing as the second-strongest party to the opposition Change Movement, Gorran. As a result, the PUK may not be part of the next government.

    Jundyani, together with fellow PUK members Adnan Mufti, Farid Assasard and Arif Rushdi were tasked with drawing up a report to address the leadership vacuum and other issues that led to the poll rout.

    “We have contacted people to get their views about the reasons that led PUK to the current situation,” said Rushdi, a member of PUK’s leadership.

    He told Rudaw that the party still has a chance to get back on its feet.

    Despite PUK’s efforts to re-energize and revitalize itself through the five-page report, some members are skeptical about its impact on the PUK’s situation.

    Assasard said that the leadership issue will be tackled and settled during the PUK’s plenum, or conference.

    The PUK appears divided over whether it should join it should take part in joining the next government with the KDP, with which it signed a Strategic Agreement in 2007.

    But both senior and lower-ranking PUK members fear that would be suicidal, because the KDP has emerged even stronger from the polls, while the PUK has little leverage left with its partner.

    Goran Azad, a senior PUK member and MP, believes his party should go into opposition in the next government. He also reiterated that PUK must cancel its Strategic Agreement with KDP.

    The PUK’s internal turmoil has led to a reshuffle of some senior posts. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, Talabani’s wife, resigned as head of PUK’s headquarters in Sulaimani, but she has retained her position as a member of PUK’s politburo.

    According to a source within the PUK politburo, Ahmed’s resignation has nothing to do with the party’s election defeat.

    The source said that Ahmed is not ready to relinquish authority over sensitive positions such as foreign relations, finance, intelligence and the Peshmarga forces to anyone else.


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    Bankers: isolating the banking sector by the Central Bank Saeb procedure

    Date: Wednesday 09/10/2013 01:00 am

    Baghdad / follow-up Baghdad news
    Despite the appeal of some members of the Finance Committee and the parliamentary parties in the country's economic isolation of the banking sector Bank
    Central through legislation a special law allowing the establishment of a supreme body an independent banking sector in the country, so that the central bank's full-time work to support and stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, but that the number of bankers have expressed their rejection of this proposal and calling it harmful to the banking sector and market activity, being lose control over the work of banks and makes it work as you like without the presence of sergeant or Haseeb.
    They stressed in press statements that the body will be subject for partisan محاصصات and sectarianism and will be managed by the people is professionals which ستربك the work of banks and make the economy is moving towards the unknown.
    Executive Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, said: You can not isolate the banking sector by the Central Bank in any way, because the banks are permitted itself by the central bank operates under the supervision and control, there is no reason to move away from one another.
    Hassoun said: that the proposal, which goes towards the establishment of a supreme body to monitor the work of banks will not solve the problems of the Iraqi banking sector, saying there are many problems afflicting the sector and need enough time to consider it.
    He pointed out: that the Iraqi private banks in particular, they are not deficient work, but work as requested including the central bank, according to the instructions and regulations imposed on them.
    He explained: that local banks have evolved a lot and work according to modern technological and now has external relations, and its fully consistent with the work of the central bank, there is no need to isolate this sector by the Central Bank of Iraq.
    The banking expert wholesome Abbou has warned: asylum towards a proposal to isolate the banking sector by the Central Bank, stressing that it would disrupt the work of banks and impair the activity of the local market and thus harm the national economy in general.
    He said in a press statement: that this proposal does not hurt the interests of the economy, not even sector banks, that will make a floundering job banks without having control of the centralized control it, pointing out that the body that will be established, they could not resist what is going on banking and financial activities in the country .
    He added: that the work of the central bank is monitoring the performance of banks and ensure that depositors' money, through the continuous tracking of the workflow, in addition to policy-making and public interest and the nature of the credit and given the value of the mandatory reserves.
    He explained: there are bodies such as the Federation of Iraqi banks and the Government of the civil society organizations, is working to collect opinion and supplement the common policies of the banks studies to develop their work but they are not the Her sinks decision.
    While sees Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee MP Ahmed Faizullah it is necessary to work towards isolating the banking sector by the Central Bank through the creation of a special body dealing with banks for the purpose of organizing its work and development.
    Faizullah said in a press statement: that the Central Bank of Iraq did not achieve the desired goals in regulation and control and develop the work of the Iraqi banking sector because of concern the monetary policy of the country, and how to support the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.
    He added: that most of the developed countries, including the United States have a financial center is called the central bank Fed Federal consists of 12 center spread over a number of U.S. mission control and supervision of the work of banks in those states and regions, so as to facilitate the work of banks and financial transfers.
    He explained: that in the case of a center or a specialized body to the work of the banks are linked to the work of the central bank and directly, and this is what makes it an urgent necessity to isolate the Iraqi banking sector by the Central Bank after the establishment of an independent body of private banks and banks interested in working on development.
    Moreover, the parliamentary Finance Committee demanded the establishment of a special independent body concerned with the affairs of Iraqi banks are in isolation from the central bank to support the development of the banking sector in the country.
    A member of the National Alliance MP Secretary Hadi said in a statement: The committee called on the federal government to form an independent and non-affiliated private banks hand, focused its work to monitor and develop the work of local banks, two branches of government and the private sector.
    The condition Hadi: that shall be composed of persons professionals and people with competence and have a long tradition in the field of banking and non-affiliated to any political party, in order to continue its work towards the development of the banking sector, pointing out that the body is supposed to be in isolation from the Central Bank in order to devote himself to the central bank to stabilize the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S. dollar.
    The banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by the property (7) state banks and (30) Ahli Bank, including (7) Islamic banks, in addition to (devil) of foreign banks.


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    Gulf Business News - UAE’s Taqa Gets Approval For Kurdistan Oilfield Development

    Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (Taqa) has received approval from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to develop the Atrush Block in the autonomous region of Iraq, the state-controlled company said on Monday.

    Deals between foreign investors and the KRG to develop oilfields have angered the federal government in Baghdad, which rejects them as illegal.

    The government of Abu Dhabi holds a 72.5 per cent stake in Taqa but, like several western oil majors, is tapping into the region’s oil reserves despite the risk of angering Baghdad.

    “The Kurdistan region of Iraq is an exciting exploration frontier and has tremendous potential,” David Cook, head of oil and gas at Taqa, said in a statement.

    The first development phase of Atrush is expected to produce around 30,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd), with first oil expected by early 2015.

    Subject to KRG approval and further field appraisals, a second phase could add 30,000 bpd of oil production, along with some associated gas for the domestic market.

    Kurdistan’s relatively safe operating environment, compared with southern Iraq, and favourable production-sharing terms have attracted western majors such as Exxon, Chevron and Total SA to the region, despite threats of blacklisting from Baghdad.

    The two largest listed energy companies in the United Arab Emirates – Taqa and Dana Gas – have also invested in Kurdistan but have not yet ventured into the rest of Iraq.

    “Taqa is a listed company driven by commercial interests,” a company spokesman said.

    “We look at business opportunities in Federal Iraq wherever the opportunity arises.”

    The KRG field development approval foresees Taqa and its partners pumping as much oil as possible from the field over 25 years, the company said.

    Taqa holds a 39.9 per cent working interest in the company set up to operate the field, with Canada’s ShaMaran Petroleum holding 20.1 per cent, U.S.-based Marathon Oil holding 15 per cent and the KRG 25 per cent.


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    An Economist: money market hampered the Iraqi threat to the country's economic development path


    Baghdad (newsletter). The Economist called cute Abdul Salem Al-uqaili, the need to promote investment and transfer of Government convertible to contribution to the support and development of Iraq market for securities. He said Al-uqaili in analytical study (News Agency): that Iraq is on a mission to provide most of the daily needs of goods and commodities markets around the world, the import process is a constant drain on the financial resources and foreign exchange reserves, has led to the marginalization of national production space, and increased unemployment. He continued: there is no doubt the seriousness of this situation on the overall economic activity, which imposes on the State the drain natural resources to cover the amounts of imports, together with a formal employment in the governmental apparatus to absorb unemployment, without any added value, and is the leading threat to the task of the State in economic, political and social construction. He added that the Iraqi Constitution select the General directions of the State in the face of economic problem by relying on the support of the private sector and development, as well as investment promotion, but the outcome of the final application on Earth had not been successful, due to the adoption of a leadership style is hard, forgotten more ways and easiest. Al-uqaili said: the application of the Constitution in this context requires investment which can be done scientifically according to two methods, the first method of indirect opportunities to domestic and foreign investors to exploit them directly, not limited to being display opportunities hotels, industrial factories, farms, residential complexes and other activities on investors wishing to exploit. And increased in the study: it is obvious that the Commission and its branches in the governorates that work which is an important objective for the national investment Commission attention they deserve despite the difficulties and complexities of requirements that are not currently available in Iraq as correct. Said: it is particularly smooth, electronic transaction system and integrated legislation, in addition to the need for more realistic solutions to the problem of land and overlap between ministries and between the provinces and the methods of financing and other needs. He noted: the second method is a method of indirect investment, which depends on establishing stock companies and go to the investors who subscribe to them, and the election of the Board of Directors is able to implement its goals, an easy method and guarantee of achieving flexibility like many foreign investors, adding to his collection of savings, small, medium and large in the Crucible one represent the company. And Al-uqaili in his study: I cannot say that the Iraqi Government has hundreds of companies and institutions, convertible into stock companies, besides owning Iraq many convertible investment opportunities, as well as the possibility of concluding a contract of hundreds of huge transformation into joint stock companies, moreover, have Iraq money market is old and, subject to the contribution of American and international organizations on the issue of development and support and the necessary funds to carry out its work according to the latest global systems. He continued: it was passed its law in 2004 as the New York Stock Exchange Act, according to specialists, this market could attract more than $ 100 billion in new investments over the short period of not more than two years, along with his ability to assist in the establishment of dozens of companies that provide hundreds of thousands of jobs, while half the needs of Iraq, as well as providing hard currency. Explained: in other words, this market could achieve much of the social and economic security of the country in a very short period and without State financial burden but that the State would receive huge revenues from these companies, and an illustration of the above point to the wide interest shown by the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment in the Iraqi Council of representatives on the money market, where the Commission is represented by several members visited the headquarters of the Iraq market for securities with the participation of the Finance Committee, met with investors and representatives of companies and responsible management The market, listened to many opinions and proposals, as well as international experience in this regard and hiring experts to assist in developing a realistic plan of action for the development of capital market and used in the process of economic development. He continued moreover media quoted from speeches made by a number of members of the House of representatives, that the legislative and executive branches together and strongly supported the Iraq market for securities, and are working to develop this market in earnest, true, adding that the planned development will be put into practice very soon. He pointed out: the failure of the departments to achieve economic renaissance under possession of Iraq means and instruments to achieve them quickly, in addition to legislative and executive institutions in support of this vision makes the reader confused, and at the same time, the Government search constraints to the orientations that can make a qualitative leap in the development process. He studied the obstruction of effective Iraqi capital market lead to the threat of Iraq's funds and property so out of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and to Iraq, that the problem of booking the historic Iraqi Airways problem trivial compared with bookings that may get Iraqi funds at home and abroad.-

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    The government sets a five-day holiday from Tuesday to Sunday
    08-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Twilight News / Council of Ministers announced that Eid al-Adha holiday starting from next Tuesday until Saturday as it always starts on Sunday.
    A statement from the Council of Ministers, received "Twilight News a copy of it, said the council" decided to holiday Eid al-Adha, starting on Tuesday, October 15 current and up on Saturday, October 19, "indicating that always will be on Sunday, 20/10."
    Noteworthy that Saudi Arabia had announced that the ceremony to stand on Arafah will be on Monday, the ninth of Dhu al-Hijjah be Tuesday, the first day of Eid.


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    Alkhozai: modern legislation gives a good opportunity to invest
    10/09/2013 12:22 AM

    Goodwill Ambassador met with South Korean and the new Canadian Ambassador
    BAGHDAD - morning

    Vice President Khodair al that the legal guarantees provided by the modern Iraqi legislation, represents a good opportunity for the international investment companies to work in Iraq.
    A statement by the Office of the Vice President of the Republic received the "morning," a copy of it, that "Alkhozai met in his office on Tuesday, Goodwill South Korean parka سنجا and economic delegation accompanying her," adding that "the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between Iraq and South Korea, and the importance of activating economic cooperation and investment to ensure the promotion of the common interests of the two friendly countries. "Alkhozai During the meeting, pointed out the potential of Iraq promising material and large, Khuzai welcomed the entry of Korean companies to work in Iraq and Almsahh, in the implementation of service projects, housing and health. For its part, the Korean Ambassador, expressed her sincere desire to develop bilateral relations with Iraq. On the other hand, Deputy President of the Republic during his meeting with Canadian Ambassador new ambassador to Baghdad Bruni Sakamouni, that the gates of Iraq are open to all friendly countries in order to build relations based on mutual respect and common interests. Said in a statement to the Office Alkhozai received "morning," a copy of it, that " Alkhozai received in his office on Tuesday, Ambassador Sakamouni who presented his credentials the new ambassador of his country to Iraq, "he said, adding that the two sides agreed to exchange experiences and to increase cooperation between the two countries in all fields." stressed Alkhozai during the meeting that Iraq wants to open a new page of relations with countries brotherly and friendly countries to reflect the new image of Iraq and its aspirations for the future.
    Canadian Ambassador turn his government's keenness to develop relations between the two countries, adding that the government delegation and economically high-level visit Iraq soon in order to enhance the opportunities for cooperation in the fields of economy and the contribution of Canadian companies campaign reconstruction and sustainable development in Iraq.


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    Shaways: promising Iraqi market in various economic sectors
    10/09/2013 12:00 AM

    Search with the President of the Belgian House of Representatives to strengthen bilateral relations
    BAGHDAD - morning

    Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways, with the President of the Council of Representatives of Belgium Andre فلاهو, ways of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries and increase the volume of cooperation in various fields, stressing that Iraq is seen to experience Belgian democracy as one of the successful experiences in building federations in the world.
    This came on the sidelines of post Shaways in the forum of private economic investment in Iraq, which concluded yesterday in Brussels, at the invitation confirmed during which the Deputy Prime Minister, the need to invest in the Iraqi market, which he said had become "a promising market in various sectors of the economy," said a statement the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, received "morning," a copy of it, that Shaways search, during a meeting on the sidelines of the forum with the President of the Council of Representatives of Belgium Andre فلاهو ways to develop bilateral relations, and work to strengthen and deepen it for the benefit of the two friendly peoples. pointed statement, that the two sides discussed, the most prominent business resulted from the investment forum in Brussels, in particular identifying investment opportunities in Iraq, stressing the importance of holding such a forums to explain the economic reality and invite companies and businessmen to work in Iraq.
    According to the statement, he praised Shaways, a depth of bilateral relations between the two countries, pointing out that Iraq is seen to experience Belgian democracy as one of the successful experiences in building federations in the world. Moreover, browse Shaways during his speech at the conclusion of the Economic Forum, measures that have by the Iraqi government in order to create an environment suitable investment and attractive, praising at the same time, the size of the discussions that witnessed the forum, which touched on many areas of investment, especially energy and transport, as well as viewing the challenges that still face the investment process in Iraq. between شاوس in his speech, endeavors real efforts to develop the financial and banking sector, stressing that the sector needs to rebuild and develop and modernize systems, and help private banks to take the role in the development process, adding that the discussions witnessed by the Forum showed the actual need for the development of this sector, which will see more support to keep abreast of developments, in order to meet the needs of the investment market. and new Deputy Prime Minister, the government's determination to overcome all the difficulties in the country, which could affect the investment process and hinder the performance of businessmen and companies, and lead to the creation of an environment friendly to capital, including improving banking services and Sindh and accommodation facilities and to overcome the red tape and obstacles in the registration of companies in the border entrances and clearance and other output.


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    Tomorrow .. Starting cycle of the Baghdad International Fair

    o Baghdad / Qais chopsticks

    Began delegations participating in the 40th session of the Baghdad International Fair access to Baghdad in order to put the final touches to the wings, which will participate 17 Arab and foreign countries, which kicks off tomorrow, Thursday, in addition to many Arab and international companies.
    And the director of the company Sadek Hussain Sultan, that "the company mobilized its efforts for the purpose of early preparation for the establishment of the Baghdad International Fair distinctly gives a true picture of the extent witnessed in Iraq, developments in economic, security and political, as well as confirm the ability of Iraq to the success of the events major economic, which gives him a chance Log in Arab and international investments, large economic projects, the most prominent participants are (Japan, France, Germany, Turkey, India, China and the United States and Britain in addition to a large number of Arab and international companies).
    The Ministry of Commerce has announced that in 22 of the last month of September to bring forward the opening of the Baghdad International Fair to October instead of the current month of November, for the opening day of the session coincidence with the beginning of the month of Muharram.
    This was the beginning of the Baghdad International Fair in 1956, when the exhibition was held industrial and agricultural which supervised by متصرفية the Baghdad Brigade, and the Baghdad International Fair is an extension of the gallery above.
    The first session was held for the exhibition in 1964 and this is the real beginning of the Baghdad International Fair Participation was modest, where he participated only five Arab countries.
    Continued sessions on an annual basis and took characterized as quantitative and qualitative expansion of the size of the halls and posts increased importance of the exhibition on the local and international level because it represents the interface of civilization, media and economic to Iraq, and joined the Baghdad International Fair to the International Federation of Exhibition (UFI) and the Paris-based to gain international character during the eighth session and became a member of the According to the decision taken at the meeting of the Union, which was held in Malta in October of 1971.


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