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    " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 3 October, 2013

    Najafi: Iraq is at a crossroads militarily and politically
    03-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat

    Considered Osama Najafi, head of the Iraqi parliament, that Iraq «stands on the crossroads in front of the challenges faced by security and political crises. Nujaifi said in his speech at the effectiveness of the World Day of Peace established by the House of Representatives in collaboration with the United Nations in Baghdad yesterday that «there is a historic opportunity mission to walk towards peace if we agree to resolve differences in partnership and consensus in light of what we are seeing from the ferocity of targeting people of this country and left hundreds of the martyrs and the wounded.
    Najafi stressed that «the Iraqi people in front of him the opportunity to build solid democratic experience reservation sovereignty over their homeland and its independent decision and be فنارا democratic شاخصا in the region and the world. The speaker expressed the hope that «These Hits add quality task on the road to maturation of the concept of peace and peace and security in the world in general and in Iraq in particular.
    In the same context, the Commission on Human Rights in Parliament expressed concern «adult» Iraqi human life because of the suffering of the acts of violence, saying that the size of the victims reached a level «can not be tolerated in any way. Said Salim al, Chairman of the Committee, in a speech during the ceremony itself that «at a time where the United Nations declares Iraq the first country in the world in terms of the number of victims because of the violence (...) comes this important occasion in the life of mankind, where the image formed opaque In our Limoges variables. He Jubouri: «I would like to أبوح everything بصدري of great concern to human life in this country, reaching the seriousness of the size of the victims daily level may not be tolerated in any way, and here I do not want to blamed on a person or a particular institution, everyone assumes a degree of moral responsibility and even official. The Jubouri that «the system of peace community are threatened by outlaws, and warlords and leaders of armed groups and al-Qaida and the militias and the users of strife community, and more seriously, Mahtmin cloak of law and sheltering authority the state and rely on CNF institutions».
    He said al-Jubouri, saying that «the victim's first and last of the rivalry and strife community is rights in various spectra and ethnic groups and categories», adding that «the beneficiaries are unscrupulous of المتسترين cover international, sometimes, terrorist, at other times, they are few aristocratic obscene ambition, unlimited brutality eroding the bodies of ordinary people affected and disadvantaged groups, which are still living under the poverty line, and in areas of extreme heat and non-existent services, does not in any way suitable for human living.
    For its part, the Iraqi government announced are other deep concern the high rates of violence, warning at the time of the danger of escalation Almottagabl, leading to the creation of the reactions may be difficult to control. Said the spokesman of the Ministry of Human Rights Kamel Amin told Al-Sharq al-Awsat that «our ministry and official bodies all parties sharing and the concerned organizations on what is happening, where the situation is very worrying. He said the Secretary that «there is growing clear for terrorist operations and fear is a reaction because there are labels and names new but operate outside the context of the law, but bearing the names of religious and sacred than complicate matters further, so that the government will be embarrassing and difficult situation, which constitutes a clear threat to civil peace». He stressed the Secretary that «what keeps the situation under control is to avoid an escalation which would exacerbate things», adding that «attacking the security services, for example command would create the consequences of incorrect because it is in spite of all our reservations is still the safety valve at a time abounded labels and names of the armies and factions, but at the same time we must recognize that terrorism does not address military action alone but must fight the ideology thought.
    In response to a question about the negative consequences that result from terrorist operations and the imposition of collective punishments here and there, Amin said that «there is already negative repercussions for many in the event of terrorist attacks here and there as the area of ​​Latifiya (south of Baghdad), for example, and the visiting teams have found that placed very tragic, as it is because of the control of armed groups seem subject of what they want and that the competent authorities can not provide basic services to her and that there are already consequences are working to minimize the effects. He revealed the Secretary that «Iraq will host an international conference on terrorism and violence on the ninth and tenth of this month, and will go where issues of this kind by hosting political figures and international academic and research in this regard in the hope of obtaining results can be useful to discuss the consequences of terrorist attacks and their impact on Iraqi man ».


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    *** courtesy of mimiover21 ***

    > I had recently heard someone else say that there was a government shut down with Pres. Clinton just before the Kuwaiti reval was consummated. So I started a little research this morning. I was always under the impression that Clinton was in office when the KWD RV occurred. To my surprise-not so. He may have ultimately been the benefactor, but not in office when the RV actually happened. Here's a short timeline of events: Iraq invaded Kuwait August 1990 and the Kuwaiti Dinar value dropped. Saddam was ousted in February 1991 and KWD revalued March 25, 1991.


    George HW Bush Presidential term January 20, 1989-January 20, 1993.

    Bill Clinton Presidential terms January 20, 1993-January 20, 2001.

    Here's a listing of the most recent US government shutdowns since Bush Sr.

    1990 October 5- October 9 for 4 days

    President George H.W. Bush vowed to veto any continuing resolution that was not paired with a deficit reduction package, and did so when one reached his desk. The House failed to override his veto before a shutdown occurred. Congress then passed a continuing resolution with a deficit reduction package that Bush signed to end the shutdown.

    1995 November 13 - November 19 for 5 days

    In the shutdown of 1995 and 1996 President Bill Clinton vetoed a continuing resolution passed by the Republican-controlled Congress. A deal was reached allowing for 75 percent funding for four weeks, and Clinton agreed to a seven-year timetable for a balanced budget.

    1995 December 16 - January 6, 1996 for 21days

    Subsequently the Republicans demanded President Clinton propose a budget with the seven-year timetable using Congressional Budget Office numbers, rather than Clinton's Office of Management and Budget numbers. However, Clinton refused. Eventually, Congress and Clinton agreed to pass a compromise budget.

    2013 October 1 -Ongoing

    Due to disagreement regarding inclusion of language delaying the Affordable Care Act,[11] the Government has not passed a funding bill. Negotiations have come to a stop and the United States federal government shutdown of 2013 is in progress.


    > This does not change my opinion of this investment at all. I previously was under the impression that Bush Sr. liberated Kuwait, lowered the KWD currency value and revalued shortly after Clinton took office in order to help out the Clinton administration. Clinton did eventually benefit from the KWD revalue, but it was after Bush Sr. had about two years with the KWD. I do recall that in the last couple years of Bush Sr's tenure, the economy started to rebound, but the political damage was done by then and he subsequently lost the next election to Tricky Bill.
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    Part 1 Millionday Discussion

    [millionday] ok here we go here is some news - and first if i had a chance to show you what i had been working on like i have it to make sense -- would be better but anyway

    [millionday] here is some information on what a sovereign rating does and is for a country - the way that most of us would remember it would when ours was threatened

    [millionday] the us had threats or at least risk of our credit rating being lowered not too long ago and that is what they were talking about

    [millionday] so here is this ---- Sovereign ratings have become increasingly important as countries around the world tap the international bond markets.

    These credit ratings - issued to sovereign entities like national governments - take into account political risk, regulatory risk and other unique factors to determine the likelihood of a default.

    The three most popular issues of sovereign ratings are S&P, Moody's and Fitch.

    Since they were introduced in the early 1900's, sovereign credit ratings have had a turbulent history.

    Moody's and other ratings agencies were taken by surprise after the Great Depression caused 21 out of 58 nations to default on their international bonds between 1930 and 1935.

    And since then, more than 70 governments have defaulted at least once on their domestic or foreign currency debt. Where to Find Sovereign Ratings

    The most significant sovereign ratings are published by the three major credit rating agencies - Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch.

    While there are also a number of smaller boutiques that offer ratings, these three agencies have the most influence over market decision makers. Investors can find sovereign ratings from these three ratings agencies using the following links:

    •Standard & Poor's Sovereign Ratings •Moody's Investor Services Sovereign Ratings •Fitch Ratings Sovereign Ratings

    [millionday] note -- notice before we move on a few things in this report --- that it is normally with the issue of bonds to use as a tool of their gain and trust in the country as in any credit rating

    [millionday] also notice that they are gathered from the country paying their bills with any credit rating as well

    [millionday] Ratings agencies use a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to calculate sovereign ratings. But in a 1996 paper entitled "Determinants and Impact of Sovereign Credit Ratings", Richard Cantor and Frank Packer used a regression analysis to narrow the process down to six critical factors that explain more than 90% of the variation in credit ratings.

    1.Per capita income comes into play since a larger tax base increases a government's ability to repay debt, while it can also serve as a proxy for a country's political stability.

    2.Strong GDP Growth makes a country's existing debt easier to service over time, since that growth typically results in higher tax revenues and an improved fiscal balance.

    3.High inflation can not only signal problems with a country's finances, but also cause political instability over time.

    4.A country's external debt can be a problem if it becomes unmanageable.

    5.Countries with a history of defaulting are perceived to have a higher credit risk.

    6.More economically-developed countries are seen has less likely to default.

    [millionday] last part of the summary --- Sovereign ratings have many effects on countries around the world. Several studies have shown that better sovereign ratings are associated with lower spreads.

    In turn, these lower spreads equate to lower financing costs for countries issuing bonds. Cantor and Packer estimated in the aforementioned report that a single notch downgrade can raise these spreads by as much as 25%.

    The effects of these higher spreads and financing costs can include:

    •Inflation Risk. Central banks that print more currency to cover current and future debts risk causing inflation, which itself can lead to a number of economic problems.

    •Political Instability. Countries that are unwilling or unable to print more currency may undergo austerity measures to cut their costs, which can result in civil unrest. •Fewer Options. Central banks facing high borrowing costs may not find it as economical to provide stimulus packages or other growth incentives during difficult times.

    [millionday] now the reason i have brought this is because of the news reference and the upcoming meetings i will be reporting on throughout the next few days

    [millionday] so let me show you the report now -- A member of the Association of private banks and bank manager Ashur Sherwan Anwar Mustafa importance , for Iraq on a global sovereign rating .

    Mustafa said in his speech for the (morning) : " There are simple ways and mechanisms to get Iraq to this category, especially that all countries in the world dealing with the institutions of the international calendar ."

    [millionday] He said a member of the Association that " in order to deal rating agencies andinternational calendar with Iraq, must be monetary policy stable without fluctuations , and maintain the stability of cash and commitment to international conventions,

    noting that the current trend is going in the way of the signing of international treaties that give a guarantee to the investor , which is " mattress " for any organization evaluating an international assessment of the situation in Iraq in general backing and support of UN organizations .

    considered Mustafa that the sovereign rating important issue for the country and deal internationally, especially at the level of financial institutions, noting that any goods up to Iraq , the cost of shipping charges and export extra, because the absence of an international classification for him.

    [millionday] now we have committment to many many international conventions -- we also have many treaties and agreements with guarantees on debt

    [millionday] the benefit is financial and will lower their cost of doing business as it does for anyone -- as in interest rates - so as we see -- this is huge huge news

    [millionday] very very interesting and of course shows us where they are headed and where cbi is headed international !!!! brb with more

    [millionday] Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary MP Nahida Daini inclusion of a paragraph in the law of the Ministry of Commerce include the opening of branches of the Department of Registration of companies in the provinces of economic and commercial activity .

    She Daini told the (morning) that the Ministry of Commerce is concerned party registration Acharkalt especially that Iraq now need to enter the investment companies to the provincial economic border to take its role in the development process.

    Pointing to the need for accounting firms lagging according to the law and to develop new regulations to reduce administrative corruption for companies involved in investment projects.

    They pointed out that the law of the Ministry of Commerce under discussion in the House of Representatives , and it is hoped that the positive changes happening in the work of the ministry.

    [millionday] so now is the time to open at the border for the trade to go on and they will be including the law for local imports and exports for a market

    [millionday] this ties directly in with what we saw last night saying that they changed the way that foreign investors will be able to get their visas and licensing and permits -- online and with the one stop shop they started working on about a year ago if i remember right but we read about it some time ago economy also

    [DT N AZ] but they need a currency to work with

    [millionday] this ties directly in with what we saw last night saying that they changed the way that foreign investors will be able to get their visas and licensing and permits -- online and with the one stop shop they started working on about a year ago if i remember right but we read about it some time ago

    [millionday] what this would mean is that they would pay fees to multiple ministries and also have contact with them by email and by internet

    [Domino] millionday This is great news although not something we question given the # of times we've seen it. I love it and of course love results (past tense) even more.

    [millionday] yes they need a currency to work with and a trad-able currency to take any part in the benefits of all of these things -- the credit rating is

    [millionday] we have seen it as goals -- not as action -- so this is much better smile

    [millionday] we knew that these things would be coming to light when they were ready and the isx was ready because of the direct effect it has on their stock market and also the markets that have contracts with them -- and the ball rolls

    [millionday] brb with more smile

    [Domino] millionday Can you say why it's better, it still seems to be worded as "need to"?

    [millionday] now if this doesnt make you smile -- check your pulse

    [millionday] Domino because now they are trying to get iraq to the point they have a credit rating -- among the ways are the things listed that i told you already had done and this is simple –

    this is what they said that makes it better to me >>>>>>>>>>>> " There are simple ways and mechanisms to get Iraq to this category, especially that all countries in the world dealing with the institutions of the international calendar ."

    He said a member of the Association that " in order to deal rating agencies and international calendar with Iraq, must be monetary policy stable without fluctuations

    [millionday] so they are saying that all the countries are already dealing with them in one way or another -- with trade agreements or conventions and also treaties -- so they are getting iraq a credit rating by using these points that they didnt have before iraq was released or these agreements could be recognized

    [millionday] make sense ? ok so here is this

    [DT N AZ] yes makes sense but the simple ways to part has no time table to it

    [millionday] he must have gotten distracted

    [cookie2] millionday It helped us understand -- TY

    [millionday] i am going to be bring more on it through the week -- it is just showing how close they are to breaking out into full market economy -- it doesnt have to be done but saves on interest rates and all the things we studied before

    [millionday] The Central Bank summoned company (Western Union financial services, Inc.) to discuss the company's work in Iraq. A statement from the Central Bank received (News Agency), a copy of: the Central Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki Agency held a meeting with the company (Western Union financial services, Inc.) to discuss the company's future work in Iraq.

    [millionday] here we have the western union and we know what that means smile brb

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    Election Law: Agreement on the circle 18 and 30 compensatory seats .. And the majority resolved counting
    03-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
    Came out a lengthy meeting of the Legal Committee of parliamentary participation of Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, and the presence of Representative UN in the country, agreeing to take place the next legislative elections in accordance with 18 constituencies, and the number of compensatory seats 30 is divided equally between the quota of minorities, and the leaders of the blocks for the nomination of they want, on the to settle a majority vote counting method.
    And while confirming the Kurdistan Alliance bloc to accept the rest of the blocks بمقترحها that the distribution of compensatory seats on the basis of voter turnout on the ballot in each province, which will ensure not lost the right to the Kurdistan region, which will be the participation rate higher than the rest of the provinces, said a member of the Legal Committee that the proposals malfunction yesterday to vote on the law, first neglecting the voices of political entities that do not get the votes of less than 150 thousand, which will hurt small blocks, and the second increase of 15 parliament seats to the total number is 340 seats.
    The MP for the National Alliance Jawad's Albzona "term" that "the political blocs agreed yesterday evening on most of the points of contention regarding the amendments to the law of the forthcoming legislative elections, noting that the political blocs coincided on these amendments.
    He Albzona that "the most prominent changes were making Iraq 18 circle to make it a compensatory seats 30 seats split 15 of them to the quota of minorities, and 15 of the leaders of the blocks to compensate for their seats," explaining that "the most prominent points, which was a bone of contention is the type of method of calculating the votes," pointing to the "The groups had agreed to the inclusion of proposals blocks that get rid of Saint Lego rate, and Hundt Saint Lego proposed to vote and who gets the majority will be relied upon."
    A member of the parliamentary legal committee Mohsen al-Sadoun "long" that coincided blocs on some controversial paragraphs, noting that "the National Alliance approved the proposal of the Kurdistan Alliance compensatory seats, a substitute to make Iraq a single constituency.
    He said al-Sadoun, a deputy head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc that "the proposed compensatory seats, which تبنيناه demanded that the adoption of the distribution of seats based on the turnout of the voters and not just on the basis of the winners, in order to guarantee some seats in particular, and we are confident that the percentage of voter participation in the Kurdistan region will be the Top compared to other governorates, demanding the government solve the problem of the reluctance of voters in the rest of the provinces, and to provide an appropriate environment for them on polling day. "
    He explained Sadoun said "rival blocs trying to ensure its survival in power and we are not concerned so that our seats semi-settled and set out through the last election, and for the Kurdistan 60 seats or more will not be able to form a government, but the National Alliance is trying to ensure the largest possible number of seats to form the next government.
    But al-Sadoun said differences remain on some of the proposals, and said that even agreements that emerged from the blocks are preliminary and are not conclusive, in addition to the presence of some of the proposals that will be negotiated within a few days in preparation for the adoption of the electoral law at the earliest.
    The said the other member in the Legal Committee MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi "long" yesterday that "blocs failed to pass the law yesterday, despite the existence of the possibility for approval, but appeared points Khalavitan first relates threshold election, the second increase of the seats in parliament 15 seats for minorities to correct number members of parliament, 340 deputies. "
    He Alloizi in a statement to the "long" yesterday that some political entities large stipulated negligence votes of any political entity that does not get less than 150 thousand votes, and considering this figure threshold of a national order to avoid the loss of votes, which differs from the denominator of the electoral law requires that achieved by each deputy .
    He stressed that "the proposed Tmizaaly considering that there are deputies will investigate the price of the seat, but they are deprived of the lack of representation of their national threshold list, likely to be the subject of law stabbed in the case was about the compatibility of this paragraph by small blocs and independent lists.


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    Jobouri: Indications to endorse elections law next Thursday
    Wednesday, 02 October 2013 19:29

    Baghdad (AIN) –The member of the Legal Commission in the parliament, Omar Al-Jobouri, expected postponing the vote on the elections law to next Thursday session.

    He said to All Iraq News Agency "Some indications refer to postponing the vote for the session of tomorrow due to problems related to the compensatory seats."

    "This objection is from the Kurdish bloc, the Kurdistani Alliance, but we do not know the reason behind the objection and it may be for a demand to increase the compensatory seats," he added.


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    BREAKING NEWS Voting on Parties Law postponed until Thursday
    02/10/2013 20:43:00

    Baghdad (NINA) – Voting in Parliament on enacting the Parties Law has been postponed until Thursday, Oct. 3.

    In a statement to NINA on Wednesday, Oct. 2, lawmaker, Itab al-Douri, said that leaders of Parliamentary blocs agreed on postponing the voting.

    She added that Parliament's Chairmanship accepted the request and decided to postpone voting on the Law until 1:00 pm Thursday.


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    Rouhani’s Moderation Welcomed
    By Sistani, Iraqi Clerics in Najaf

    By: Ali Mamouri for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse Posted on October 2.
    The victory of the moderate faction in the 2013 presidential elections in Iran has been welcomed by the Hawza of Najaf. The religious authorities as well as the instructors there had hoped that the radical policies of the preceding eight years would finally come to an end. The election results have already brought a reduction in tensions between Iranian government officials and the religious authorities in Najaf, who did not receive former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They refused to grant him an appointment during either of his two trips to Iraq. In contrast, the current foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, visited all four grand ayatollahs in Najaf on Sept. 9, shortly after taking office, on his first trip to Iraq.

    Summary :
    After shunning the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad administration, Ayatollah Ali Sistani granted Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif a meeting, which has been distorted by Iran’s hard-line Arabic media.
    Author: Ali Mamouri
    Posted on: October 2 2013

    News reports on the interactions between Iran and the United States are being closely followed in the Hawza in the hope that violence in the region might be brought under control. Such changes in policy — interpreted by instructors and students at the Hawza as a sign that the Iranian government is moving toward moderation and away from radicalism — have been warmly welcomed. In the past, the Hawza had criticized some of the Iranian government's radical policies, and in retaliation, Al-Kawthar, the state-owned Arabic-language network, broadcast programs in which the institution and its religious leaders were themselves strongly criticized.

    The support the new administration is enjoying outside and inside Iran, the outcome of its moderated policies, has been greeted negatively by the radical faction inside Iran. Upon Rouhani’s return to Tehran from the UN General Assembly gathering in New York, a mob of about 100 people attacked the president’s car. At the same time, Keyhan’s Arabic edition, which has close ties to the Principlists, and Al-Kawthar broadcast reports about the meeting between Zarif and Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. According to their stories, Sistani considers the wise leadership of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to be the reason for the strength of the country's Islamic government and that all of Iraq's problems are because it lacks such leadership. In addition, Sistani called on everyone to take note of this fact and said that he prays every day for the leader of Iran.

    The broadcast of this story angered the members of the Hawza community. They called it an abuse and an immoral representation of the religious authorities and seminary schools. One instructor present at the meeting between Zarif and Sistani denied the accuracy of the story and briefly described what happened to Al-Monitor.

    According to him, “Ayatollah Sistani said to the foreign minister, 'I have read most of your book Mr. Ambassador, and I value your experience and consider you deserving of your position as the foreign minister.' Then he added that Zarif has a difficult road ahead of him in dealing with the nuclear issue and the sanctions and then emphasized the importance of complete transparency regarding the nuclear issue, especially in light of what he [Zarif] had said about its peaceful nature.”

    In addition, a source close to Zarif's office informed Al-Monitor that the foreign minister has not granted any interviews on his meeting with Sistani and that everything being attributed to him in reports and broadcasts is therefore false. Both Keyhan and Al-Kawthar reported the story without clearly identifying their sources. More important, the timing of the story — almost a month after the meeting took place and shortly after Zarif returned from the United States — has added to suspicions.

    There appear to be two reasons behind the media's actions. One is opposition to the moderate policies of the Hawza of Najaf in trying to tamp down religious conflicts, actions in direct contrast to the more radical policies of the Principlists in Iran. Part of this opposition is also to try to weaken Sistani's position in Iraq by attributing certain words to him, knowing that they will increase nationalist sensibilities among the Iraqi people. The second reason is to sabotage efforts by Rouhani to improve relations with important actors in the region and beyond, while essentially hoping for a continuation or return to the policies of the previous administration.

    Ali Mamouri is a researcher and writer who specializes in religion. He is a former teacher in Iranian universities and seminaries in Iran and Iraq. He has published several articles related to religious affairs in the two countries and societal transformations and sectarianism in the Middle East.


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    Has Netanyahu Lost the Battle
    Over Nuclear Iran?

    By: Mazal Mualem for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse Posted on October 2.

    “Tragic” — this is the word Arieh Eldad chooses to describe the situation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after his Oct. 1 speech at the UN General Assembly.

    Summary :
    Right-wing ideologist Arieh Eldad criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "He gave up on the Land of Israel, but he also understands that he lost the battle over the Iranian nuclear program."
    Original Title:
    Arieh Eldad: “We Missed the Opportunity for a Military Strike against Iran”
    Author: Mazal Mualem
    Posted on: October 2 2013
    Translated by: Aviva Arad

    Eldad, formerly a member of the Knesset from the Ichud Leumi party and a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, argues that Netanyahu lost out on both ends: On one end he remains alone in the struggle to stop the Iranian nuclear program, and on the other end he missed the window of opportunity for a military strike on the nuclear facilities in Bushehr. He’s also disappointed that Netanyahu adopted the Israeli left’s program to divide the country in order to reach an agreement with the Palestinians.

    Read more : http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/orig...yahu-iran.html

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    A parliamentary source: Fuad Masum, demanding postponement of the vote on election law

    03-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    A parliamentary source said on Thursday that the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Fuad Masum, asked to postpone the vote on the election law, as pointed out to reach an agreement within the parliament to make the 150 electoral denominator thousand votes instead of 100 thousand votes.

    The source said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance Fuad Masum, objected, today, to the election law," noting that "students to postpone voting on it."

    The source, who asked not to be named, said "an agreement in principle among the deputies got to make the electoral denominator 150 thousand votes instead of 100 thousand."

    It is hoped that the House of Representatives vote at its scheduled meeting on Thursday (October 3, 2013), the election law after voting on it has been postponed several times because of disagreements on some of the political blocs paragraphs.


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    Liberals threaten to reveal names "المعرقلين" The election law is not passed today
    03-10-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    Liberal bloc threatened, Thursday, exposing the political blocs and the names of the deputies who defy passage of Alanthabat law in case it is not voted on at today's meeting, saying that some of the blocs and parties want to postpone the elections for the interests of the unknown.
    The head of the bloc Bahaa al-Araji, during a press conference held today, the parliament building and attended by "Alsumaria News", "The Presidency of the parliament held a meeting today with the heads of parliamentary blocs and the Parliamentary Legal," and threatened to "reveal the political blocs and expose the names of the deputies who block the adoption of law Alanthabat in case it is not voted on at today's meeting. "
    Araji said that "it was the completion of a draft election law after the ongoing discussions between all parties," he said, adding that "some blocs and political parties want to postpone the elections to the interests of the well-known".
    He said al-Araji, that "the Liberal bloc Out of the national interest and openness with the people has made clear its position explicit the importance of the vote on the law today and there is no objection to the delay of two or three in order to complete the dialogues condition that is settle the matter today's final vote on the law," adding " We have shown our point of view to the leaders of the blocks and the presidency of the parliament has understood the situation and found their response to our request. "
    The House of Representatives in order, on Wednesday (October 2, 2013), the vote on the election law, trap blocks Kurdistan Alliance it.
    The heads of political blocs agreed, on Wednesday (October 2, 2013), with House Speaker Osama Najafi to submit a proposal for election law vote during the meeting held yesterday evening.


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