" The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 28 September 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 28 September 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 28 September 2013

    28/09/2013 11:52
    The absence of 141 deputies .. Parliament starts its headed by Suhail

    The meeting agenda includes the 22 House of Representatives to discuss the security situation, do you witnessed Iraqi cities, and violations.

    BAGHDAD / obelisk: began shortly before the Iraqi parliament session chaired by First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail the presence of 184 deputies and the absence of 141 deputies.

    A source for "obelisk", "The House of Representatives held on Saturday, its regular 22 last legislative term and that its agenda includes a discussion two most important Manahqh paragraphs deterioration of the security situation, which recently witnessed in the capital, Baghdad."

    "It will be during a session of the House of Representatives today to discuss the activities of committees such as the Oil and Energy Committee and the Agriculture Committee, as security leaders will be called to Manahqh the deterioration of the security situation witnessed in the capital, Baghdad."


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    Kuwaiti newspaper: Obama refused to meet with al-Maliki in Washington for the discomfort of his administration and the dimensions of the impression his support in elections
    Saturday, September 28 / September 2013 10:59

    [Follow-up - where]

    Kuwaiti newspaper revealed a source familiar with administration rejected a request to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

    The Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari has revealed in 19 of the last August that "al-Maliki will visit America in the near future," likely "The visit should be in the month of September [current] to discuss bilateral relations within the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries and cooperation in the field of armament and combat terrorism , as well as the latest developments in the region, especially the Syrian crisis. "

    The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas quoted the source as saying that "al-Maliki canceled his trip to New York on the back of this rejection, where he took part of the Iraqi delegation headed by Vice President Khodair al in the work of the General Assembly of the United Nations."

    According to the paper, "he According to the source, the reasons behind the rejection of the U.S. is resented the administration of Maliki's performance, and that Washington does not want to give the impression of their support to him in light of the approach of the Iraqi parliamentary elections next year, as well as to avoid the administration persist in nuisance Arabia, المنزعجة Originally from Washington's abandonment of a military strike against the Syrian regime on the one hand, and the sudden openness on Iran on the other hand. "

    The press reports pointed to accompany Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari during his visit to Washington last month, Advisor to the Prime Minister and his chief Tariq star with National Security Minister Faleh al-Fayad, for the purpose of persuading the United States Maliki's visit to Washington.

    As media sources revealed a request by Baghdad to the United States for help in the fight against al-Qaeda and other militant groups in Iraq.


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    Jamal watermelon: important laws will leave to the next parliamentary session
    28-09-2013 08:41 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. MP / Iraqi bloc white / Jamal melon, that important laws will leave to the next parliamentary session.

    The melon in a statement (of the Agency news): The important laws, particularly the law of infrastructure and oil and gas, and other general amnesty from deport laws to the next parliamentary session.

    He added: that much of the work of the House of Representatives did not pass and did not do because of political differences so the continuing differences and create new differences reflected negatively on the work of the House of Representatives.

    The MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Vian intruder, confirmed that the meetings of the House of Representatives with near the end of the session the current election, it devoid of resolve or even read the laws of contention, indicating that the political consensus is influenced to resolve important laws.


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    A member of the Finance Committee: gold price volatility does not affect reserves at the Central Bank
    28-09-2013 11:33 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the Finance Committee for the National Alliance MP Amin Hadi, that the fluctuation of global gold prices do not affect the reserves of the Central Bank of it.

    Hadi said (of the Agency news): More Government of Iraq to the dollar and gold is just frozen reserves, indicating that the low and high prices does not affect the central reserve.

    He added: that in the event of a recession in the money and the direction of sight about buying gold instead of investment and the development of the economy, will adversely affect the global economy.

    Specialists confirmed the absence of fears of the impact of lower gold price in the global markets, the central bank reserves, the fact that gold is a long-term investment and the current decline is that I am not in the long run.

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    Expert: the high inflation rate in Iraq unacceptable compared to the conditions experienced by the
    28-09-2013 10:28 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. Description economic expert Majid picture, the increase in inflation Iraq Palmqpol in light of the security conditions and the political and economic that has plagued Iraq.

    He said the picture (of the Agency news): There are many factors that lead to the increase of the rate of inflation, including higher wages and housing prices of consumer goods and durables, adding that the rise is the height of normal and acceptable.

    He added: that there is no rational for money management and economic development, especially in the rate of increase of income and consumption-oriented by the government led to a rise in the rate of inflation.

    The Ministry of Planning and announced in its annual report, the high rate of inflation in the Iraqi market.


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    CDs from the Iraqi currency in a bank
    Cabinet Secretary calls for review of laws "hinder the work of private banks" and calling on the government to bank balance

    Range Press / Baghdad

    UN Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers on the Keywords, on Saturday, reviewing legislation and laws that hinder the work of private banks, "calling on the central bank to" coordination between private banks and the government, "while stressing the bank on the need to" government support for domestic banks and give a chance for a balance between everyone . "


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    Republic of Iraq
    Statement by H.E. Dr. Khudheir AI- Khuzaie
    Vice President of the Republic of Iraq
    At the general debate of the 68th session of the United Nations
    General Assembly

    New York 27 September 2013


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    Adel شرشاب: the need for coordination between the executive and legislative branches to activate laws broken

    28-09-2013 12:44 PM

    Baghdad (news) .. The member of State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Adel شرشاب, to the need for coordination between the executive and legislative branches in order to reach understandings and solutions to activate the laws broken.

    He said شرشاب (of the Agency news): that most of the laws stalled in the House of Representatives task and have direct contact the Vtfielha citizen will have a positive impact on the lives of Iraqi citizens.

    He added: There must be cooperation and consensus between the executive and legislative branches in the activation of those laws are broken, and to support the political process which is witnessing a clear reluctance.

    This was confirmed member of the state citizen Bloc MP / National Alliance / Hassoun Fatlawi: that the House of Representatives has a good chance to pass Laws of contention between the political blocs during the last legislative year of the Council amid the current political calm.


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    Kurdistan's oil pipeline upsets Baghdad

    The Iraqi government has threatened to cut oil revenue to the Kurdish north, in a deepening standoff over a new export pipeline that companies from DNO International to Genel Energy plan to use to ship crude from the region, Bloomberg has reported. The government in Baghdad may refuse to give the 17% of annual earnings from oil sales allocated to the semiautonomous Kurdish provinces if they bypass central authorities and start operating a link through Turkey by year-end, Hussein al-Shahristani, deputy prime minister for energy affairs, told the news service. "We have our options, and you will hear them when we adopt measures, as this is a big loss for Iraq," he said. "No Iraqi would accept that they take 17% of Iraq's revenue from crude produced outside of Kurdistan and at the same time all of the revenue of the crude produced in Kurdistan."


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    Chairman of the Finance Committee receives representative of the World Bank mission

    MP Haider al-Abadi received chairman of the Finance Committee on Thursday, 26.09.2013 at his private office at the headquarters of the Committee, Ms. Mary Helen representative of the World Bank mission in Iraq.

    During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues related to the Iraqi economy and its importance in absorbing and creating jobs and giving a greater role for the private sector, also addressed the meeting, the budget in 2014 and the increasing volume of expenditure where the search for other sources of funding, such as taxes, as well as what has been accomplished on the application of financial management system (IIFMIS) and the new government accounting system and the World Bank's role in providing expertise in that area.


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