" The Dinar Daily ", Friday , 13 September 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Friday , 13 September 2013

    Sadr ends a long controversy because of his retirement from the political scene

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa - Finished the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr politically contentious long way since announcing more than two months before his retirement from political action and leaving to Qom in Iran to stay where instead of Beirut taken over the last three years based semi-permanent residence.

    Sadr said in a statement after arriving the day before yesterday to the holy city of Najaf to participate in the ceremony held there to commemorate the death of his father Mohammed Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr in 1999, said that, although I «I tend now to retire and isolation from society, I could not stand silent in front of this crowd good newly industrialized secured to her father's chest, and chest منقذها, and editor of the dark chest, those crowds that gathered and each chest, love and loyalty to him.

    He said al-Sadr According to the statement, addressing his supporters: «Vtqubl God's deeds and حشرنا and you with this great man and reference the great Mr. Galilee and the guardian met with pure, thank you, the visitors lost Otpettm and Akm us al-Sadr, and thank you for workers and thanks for the views, security and services», pointing out that «the pool This crowd pleasure Enter friend and infuriated enemy, and where رأيتكم and I saw many are you and your organization has optical Khha and rained tears. He called leader of the Sadrist movement, participants protocol to «Islamic integration and ideologically and culturally, organizationally and administratively, autism and dressing and leave the world to the people of the world, praying to the Almighty to our eye recognizes you for the victory of Islam and Muslims and Iraq and Iraqis.

    For his part, was considered a member of the Iraqi parliament for the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani, «Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr can not in any way that leaves the political action or abandon its pivotal role in the delicate circumstances through which Iraq and the region. He said Kanani told «Middle East», that «the issue very clearly that Mr. Sadr will not interfere in the details of political work daily, where he issued authorization of the Political Commission of the Sadrist movement to follow up this matter and issue appropriate decisions so within the framework of vocabulary political work everyday and the required or the merits of maneuvers require delving into the details may be unforeseen », adding that« it is a positive development in terms of institutional building in the work of the current and institutions through different distribution of roles and missions.

    He Kanani, that «Mr. Sadr wants to give an area full of political movement, as well as a reasonable distance from the executive bodies that address so», indicating that «offices Martyr al-Sadr dealing with matters of jurisprudence and legitimacy is still and will remain linked to the leader of the power directly, so the chest is and keep on everything, but it Sadrists institutions authorized to work as long as the remaining issues in the context of faith in the rib line.

    Sources close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, has revealed on the fourth of August last year about his decision to retire from political life, and the abolition of political circles associated with it, and stop participating in any political action directly, during the next phase, while confirmed the Liberal bloc, a subsidiary of the current, said the decision came as a result of «Sadr refused to participate in any conspiracy against Iraq by staying in the political process.

    However, al-Sadr issued on the thirteenth of August last statement in which it warned of the reverse image of 'ugly' for al-Sadr, and 'exploitation' their name in the 'collecting money and spoils. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has declared his support to retire from political life chest, a position raised by the angry reactions by leaders of the Sadrist movement, especially the chest drawer had sharp criticism for the owners to the extent described dictator.


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    Urgent…Hakim dismisses Sileti from Citizen bloc within Basra PC

    Basra (AIN) – The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, dismissed Sheikh, Ahmed a Sileti, from Citizen bloc within Basra Provincial Council on Thursday.

    A statement by Hakim received by AIN cited "We promised our people in Iraq to follow up their issues and to preserve their interests above all considerations."

    "Citizen bloc formed the bloc of Basra First by allaying with a number of other blocs to coordinate the efforts to launch a new stage for Basra and its citizens," Hakim added.

    "We approved Sileti's membership in Citizen bloc as he confirmed his loyalty to the general project of the bloc that is intended to build the province," Hakim continued, noting that "In practice, Sileti preferred his personal interests and violated the decisions of the bloc many times."

    "For these reasons, we are obliged to announce dismissing Sileti from Citizen bloc and we urge all other political blocs as well as media institutions to deal with him as a figure who has no relation with Citizen bloc," he concluded.


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    Corner stone set for largest industrial city in Kirkuk

    Kirkuk (AIN) –The Governor of Kirkuk province, Najim al-Din Karim, set the corner stone of the new modern industrial city situated on Lelan-Binja Ali road in the province.

    Kirkuk Governor reported in a statement received by AIN ''We are setting the corner stone for the industrial city since Kirkuk province is expanding to coincide with the reconstruction and development in the world.''

    ''The goal of the project is to establish an industrial place to contain all the shops and plants that are not suitable to be within residential neighborhoods,'' he added, noting that ''The project represents the first industrial city in Kirkuk and the largest in Iraq."

    The Governor thanked Kirkuk Investment Bureau, Kirkuk Municipality and other directorates for contributing in the implementation of this project.


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    Did the Federal Court modify the local governments?

    Baghdad: A few days ago received a new local governments in eight Iraqi provinces a decision issued by the Federal Court requesting the replacement of 24 members, the other members, and the court justified its decision that the quota of women did not materialize in the said councils.

    The Federal Court is the highest judicial authority in Iraq, tasks, according to Article 93 of the Constitution centered around control of the constitutionality of laws and adjudicate disputes that arise between the federal government and the governments of the regions and governorates.

    The Article 94 of the Constitution, contends that "the Federal Supreme Court decisions are final and binding for all authorities."
    Court decision on the provincial councils stand by supporting women in the provincial councils and restores women's constitutional right boards, but it was late and confused work of these councils which commenced its members in their as Bedtlk prepare councils to appeal again to the same court.

    The decision came after it completed the formation of local governments, which have suffered from the throes of Asir and weeks of debates between the winning blocs, may threaten the new formations and calls for the restructuring of the provincial governments covered by a decision of Babylon, Salahuddin and Nineveh, Baghdad, Diyala, Anbar and Muthanna, Wasit.

    Mekdad Sharifi board member of the Electoral Commission said the "debate" that "the Federal Court decision boils down to the need to achieve the proportion of women constitutionally allocated in the provincial councils and specified that a quarter of the members are women."

    Sharifi added that "Saint Lego system that has been applied in the distribution of seats in the elections led to the failure to achieve a quota or some blocks did not contribute to achieving the quota and provided only men candidates, and the court's decision came here to get things back to normal."

    According to the interpretation of the Commission that won blocs, for example, in the four seats do not have a problem because they provided three candidates men and one woman, and the same thing applies to the blocks, which won eight seats as six candidates submitted men and two women.

    But the problem that has emerged is that the results produced blocks winning three seats and less can not provide candidates according to the percentage mentioned, فالكتل which won three seats provided all the candidates of the men and blocs that won seats two candidates presented men.

    Court demanded the replacement of male candidates with other women candidates as demanded by some provinces that provided the winning blocs where more women candidates from the quota share allocated according to replace men.

    Most of the blocks that Sttalha replacement process won the ballot with three seats only or two seats and will have to replace one of its members of the men in one of the women, even if the number of votes obtained by the candidate's men more than women's share of that be replaced as well as the case for women winners who Sistbdln men losers .

    But the Federal Court's decision was not welcome by some provincial governments covered by resolution where it considered exciting for being a mess reshape their governments and its functions after it began operations weeks ago.

    Wasit province, which will have to replace four of its members women and one of the provinces objecting to the decision and said a member of the Council of maintaining Mahdi Eyal's "talk" I "We were surprised by this decision which will affect our plans in the provision of services."

    He added that "the application of the Federal Court decision will lead to the cancellation of some previous resolutions of the Council Resolution issued late after occupancy officio members and assuming their duties."

    In addition to administrative problems caused by the decision, the problems of legal and political face of provincial councils is that the members who have canceled their membership voted originally for the benefit of choosing the Governor and Chairman of the Board and the rest of the positions, and the new members who will take their place did not vote on these positions and this represents a violation of the mechanism for the election of local governments.

    Despite the fact that the Federal Court did not give details on the decision, and does require a re-vote on the formation of the provincial council, the high-level judicial sources confirmed for "discussion" that "members of the Federal Court are studying the issue and may issue them an explanation within a few days.

    But legal experts and observers stress the need to re-vote on the formation of the seven local governments, and will highlight the political problem here. Because as is well known, some provincial councils covered by resolution formed after lengthy negotiations that lasted weeks, paid some of the blocks to the province so narrowly succeeded in achieving a quorum for the formation of the local government, this scenario gallery to repeat again.

    What reinforces this scenario, a member of the Wasit Provincial Council on the mass of the "state of law" Ghalib Kazem which showed mass discontent of the way of forming the provincial council, dominated by each of the blocs of the "citizen" and "Liberal", announced the intention of its mass appeal legitimacy of the session to elect a governor and head of Board and their deputies.

    Kazim said the "debate" that "there is a possibility of a change in local government after was fully تهميشنا in the process of forming the provincial council." In return, the masses "Liberal" and "citizen" in Babil province, preparing to file an appeal calling for the restructuring of the local government, which was dominated by the "rule of law" and did not invite the two blocs to participate with him in important positions in the province.

    Member of the Council of the province of Babylon on the mass of "citizen" Hassan's Support for the said "Talk" The mass and its ally, that "free" will appeal to the judiciary re-formation of the government session after the Federal Court's decision to replace two others winners of two women. "

    The Federal Court has already issued a decision more than two weeks ago provoked the resentment of the majority of the political blocs except block "state of law", led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki when he refused to determine the law and the heads of state of the Republic and the government, parliament بولايتين and approved by the parliament majority.

    According to its own decision to be within the governorates of controversial decisions, while observers expect that not be the last amid accusations directed some of the big parties to court Bmjammeltha government and implement its wishes.


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    Maliki's coalition: Ahmed al-Alwani soon will be forwarded to the judiciary

    Baghdad - MP for the coalition of state law, on the Keywords, the existence of a consensus in Parliament to refer the MP absent in the Iraqi List, Ahmed al-Alwani to justice.

    Alwani had been threatened on the last Friday of the central Yards sit in Anbar to fight Shiites if responded to the Iranian scheme.

    The Keywords told all of Iraq [where], "It can not be betting and bidding on the blood of the people in order to win the next election and does so is a traitor," noting that "Alwani in his recent order to wage war on a large segment of the people, Everyone is upset about it and sectarian خطابته ".

    He added that "the parliamentary committee formed to investigate the remarks would be taken the decision to refer the Public to the judiciary."

    The special parliamentary committee to investigate the statements the Iraqi List MP Ahmed al-Alwani had decided earlier referred to the public prosecution because of his National Alliance, which he considered offensive in Iraq.

    The National Alliance demanded on the track Presidency of the Council of Representatives to lift the immunity of al-Alwani.


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    Hussein al-Asadi: closed and open the menu and compensatory seats and voting on the most important obstacles to the electoral law

    BAGHDAD - Counting the National Alliance MP Hussein al-Asadi, closed and open the menu and compensatory seats and special voting, the most important obstacles to the electoral law.

    According to al-Asadi told all of Iraq [where] today that "the electoral law of important laws, and the Legal Committee parliamentary ago in discussions snapped the views of the leaders of the political blocs have been held more than a meeting of the leaders of the blocks on the law and there is political will to pass, but there are some blocks have certain interests aiming to achieve through the new election law. "

    He added that "there are several points of contention in the law, including compensatory seats and your vote," pointing to the existence of an agreement on the circuit one but there are problematic about the list of open and closed, and all these problems are throughout the debate and concern among leaders of political blocs to move pass this law. "

    The Presidency of the Council of Representatives has identified 19 of the current month of September deadline to vote on a proposed law to amend the law on elections of the House of Representatives [16] for the year 2005.

    A parliamentary source for [where] that "the presidency of the parliament identified the nineteenth of this month deadline to vote on the election law, as identified 17 of the same month as the date for a meeting with leaders of parliamentary blocs on the law."

    He added that "the parliamentary legal committee announced the lack of readiness of the electoral law, warned against House Speaker Osama Najafi lack of approval, which will lead to the postponement of the elections."

    The House of Representatives has postponed its meeting on Monday to vote on the law of the general election.


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    Vice chest demanding the dismissal of the Director of the Iraqi Media Network for failing to manage and work as one of the party

    BAGHDAD - MP for the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani dismissal of director of the Iraqi Media Network, Mohamed Abdul-Jabbar Carp, against the backdrop of financial issues and the lack of representation of the network of state and representation of one party and the pale of neutrality required, calling for the need to find a new administration to ensure neutrality of dealing with all parties and be keen on public money.

    He said Kanani told all of Iraq [where] today, "demanded the resignation of director of the Iraqi Media Network being away in his administration have for neutrality required, as well as the fact that the financing of Al-Iraqiya over the financing of its peers, while we note the big difference in the impact of these channels at home and abroad Iraqiya effect. "

    He added that "the credibility of the Iraqi channel shaken its image in front of the viewer of Iraq," and "we are with the new administration of the network and must be honest on public money and an independent and impartial and that the address will be present to have autonomy."

    The Liberal bloc has been accused, earlier, the semi-official Al-Iraqiya "not neutral and double dealing with the political blocs," indicating that "Iraq has become a one-party channel and per person."


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    Maliki's coalition: the national meeting will be held at the government palace in the presence of 350 personal

    Baghdad - MP for the coalition of state law, Kadhim al-Bahadli, the location of the national meeting will be held at the Government Palace and ستحضره [350] character.

    It is hoped to hold a national meeting on [19] this month, during which the signing of the Charter of Honour, according to what reported by the MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki.

    Bahadli said in a statement to all of Iraq [where], "[350] Personal attend the conference, and we hope to be attended by all political forces and civil society organizations."

    He pointed out that "the success of the conference is supported on an agreement on the political forces and social peace document," noting that "the document seen by everyone has been a change in the wording in line with the aspirations of all powers."

    The meeting was held last Monday at the headquarters of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the presence of the three presidencies and many of the leaders and representatives of the political blocs to discuss the latest developments in the political scene and the Syrian crisis.

    The closing statement for the meeting of political leaders "reject military strike potential and invite the parties calling for them to support peace efforts instead of resorting to the military option and adopt the initiative of Iraq to resolve the Syrian crisis and the mobilization effort political, diplomatic and popular to make it work and the importance of ترصين national ranks and work to resolve internal problems through the development of a mechanism to perpetuate dialogue between the political blocs at the top of the initiative of social peace and national conference to be held and work to calm the scene and renounce sectarian rhetoric and provocation from any party whatsoever, and invite hardware media to remain professional and stay away from incitement, and to ensure the rule of law and the prestige of the state and the accountability of Etjaozaaly it. "

    The participants in the statement is also the need to "respond with full force to combat terrorism, militias and sectarian practices and inventory of weapons, however, the state and take a positive attitude of the demands of the political forces and the legitimate demands of the demonstrators in all parts of Iraq, and approval of the national balance and support the security forces in their plans to combat terrorism and armed groups, and adoption of Security and not to the intersection with the constitutional rights of citizens and continue to support the national reconciliation project and support the efforts of the five committees and Seven and supporting Matouselt the him of solutions. "


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    Hakim separates Sulaiti of its mass in Basra and emphasizes "calculations are narrow and without prejudice to the decisions of the majority"

    Range Press / Baghdad - The President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, on Friday, chapter member bloc citizens in the province of Basra, Ahmed Al Sulaiti for "تغليبه personal interest on the public interest," and among the "calculations tight, and was evasive maneuver and procrastination, beaten and unity, and prejudice to the decisions of the majority are ديدنه" , called "the other political blocs and the media and political institutions to deal with him now in his personal capacity."

    Hakim said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "I Aahidnakm O sons of our people in the province of Basra Faiha, to be responsible for our men in word and deed, and to follow their careers and their careers in the service of their wallets and their homeland, through to be the public interest have above all else and take care of the interests of the people the highest of all would. "

    He said al-Hakim "The block consisted citizen with a number of other blocks of the beloved sons of their respective owner and formed a block (Basra I.), so that these oppressed maintain above and intersections interests above the corruption and nepotism, and to be a new beginning for Basra and its people."

    The wise "and I have agreed to join Sheikh Ahmad Al Sulaiti to block citizen after that showed his dedication to the project year, and declared his faith in public interests and compatibility with our national project in the construction of our provinces and our nation and its commitment to the decision of the bloc, but when the performance of duty In the realm of responsibility and we found the opposite of what we promised."

    Hakim explained "It was the personal interests precedence over the public interest and accounts narrow the introduction of the accounts of the unit and the community and the Agreement, and was evasive maneuver and procrastination, beaten and unity, and prejudice to the decisions of an is ديدنه the majority."

    And the wise "our commitment to our responsibilities and respect for our commitments to our people Basri, we declare the separation Sulaiti of the mass of the citizens in the province of Basra, and on the other political blocs and media institutions and political deal with him now in his personal capacity, and without any relationship to him with a mass of citizens and institutions represented by the the province. "

    Hakim stressed, "We have given Sulaiti enough time to review the decisions and behaviors within the provincial council, and to abide by its commitments with the mass of the citizen and the first block of Basra, but he did not respond and did not react and continued his provocative approach, personifying the attitudes and preference for narrow self-interest."

    And finished Hakim his statement by saying, "To teach our visual that we are committed to our project for the nation prosperous, and that do not put red lines in front of any personal obstacle between the citizen and the rights and interests, and between us and our enterprise renaissance in to be with the citizen in every citizen, and to be Basra first word and deed . "

    The deputy head of the Basra provincial council, Ahmed Al Sulaiti accused, on Wednesday (27 February 2013), the Office of the province not to implement most of the decisions taken by the Board during its current session, while the governor denied Khalaf Abdul Samad disable or ignore the decisions of the Council.

    It is noteworthy that the Basra Governorate Council its current session consists of 35 members, including 19 members belonging to the mass of a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, including the head of the provincial council morning Albzona and purses behind Abdul Samad, the latter one of the leaders in the Islamic Dawa Party, and conservatives the few who were born in Basra and lived there, as most of the former governors since the founding of the Iraqi state were not people of the province, and the Vice President of the Council Ahmad Sulaiti, he is a senior cleric in the province, politically and belongs to the mass of citizens.


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    Finance Committee: the proliferation of counterfeit currency in the market would hurt the economy and the concerned authorities to take deterrent measures

    Baghdad (news) Warned the Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Ahmed Faizullah, the spread of counterfeit currency in the local market because it would harm the national economy, calling on the concerned authorities of the central bank and the security agencies to take the necessary measures to reduce them.

    He said Faizullah (of the Agency news): The spread of counterfeit currency in the domestic market due to the deteriorating security situation and the absence of effective control on the market, in addition to the lack of patriotism by the citizens to inform the security services to any situations in which the damage to the country. He added: that the security services of the Directorate of Economic Crime control of local markets and know the sources of these currencies to catch on from that by promoting in order to save the national economy from economic disaster if the continuing spread of this phenomenon.

    The local market is witnessing the emergence of groups of forged Iraqi currency, particularly the class (10000) dinars.


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