" The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 12 September 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 12 September 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Najafi protesting against the 'missing text' in the final statement of the meeting of the three presidencies

    Baghdad: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat - The Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament Osama Najafi, an additional reason for not attending the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, a meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs on Monday evening when Tlvasih footage showed the final moments of the Iraqi leaders before the recitation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's final statement.

    Najafi, who leads the united bloc that fall under the Iraqi List, clearly expressed his displeasure to raise your text demands of the demonstrators, which was agreed upon between the leaders, although the main article in the meeting were the Syrian issue.

    According to the deliberations of the food that took place between Maliki and Najafi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari, head of the National Alliance Shiite, on the final statement, which was written according to the information traded handwriting Khalid Al-Attiyah, the head of the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, none of the three had not been briefed in advance on the copy The final, which made the Najafi and after we confirm the absence of the paragraph concerning the demands of demonstrators protested and asked al-Maliki and audibly saying: «Where paragraph protesters' demands that we agreed?», replied al-Maliki, who was surprised to intercept Najafi, saying: «sit down to discuss it with us and we add.

    It seems that the statement, which was published in final form on the site Maliki met the request Najafi was included in the seventh paragraph of the statement, which stated that «the meeting stressed the need to respond with full force to combat terrorism, militias and sectarian practices and inventory of weapons, however, the state and take a positive attitude towards the demands of the political forces and demands legitimate demonstrators in all parts of Iraq, and the adoption of national balance security and hardware support in its plans to combat terrorism and armed groups, and the establishment of security and not to the intersection with the constitutional rights of citizens, and continue to support the national reconciliation project.

    The leader of the Iraqi List, has left the eve of the meeting, accompanied by Ahmad Chalabi to Arbil to discuss with the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, after he expressed his dissatisfaction with the meeting presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs. Allawi but went far beyond that when he decided not to attend the national meeting scheduled for the end of this month to sign a code of honor, which was called for by the Vice-President of the Republic Khudair Alkhozai.

    Commenting on the inclusion demands of the demonstrators in the text of the final statement of the meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs, said Sheikh Ghassan Ithawi, a member of the coordinating committees popular demonstrations western provinces, told «Middle East» that «demonstrations carried in order to achieve the demands of legitimate and well-known has not changed since then In addition to history that the public nature of the demonstrations remained peaceful.

    In turn, the Shamkhi Jaber, General Coordinator of the popular movement in Iraq that «What concerns us now is the draft law submitted to Parliament and we have a lot of notes it is that will determine the next step for the popular movement. He Jabr that «most of our observations relating to Articles 38 and 39 relate to double service pensions for members of parliament and local councils in addition to the so-called service jihadist that looks vaguely», pointing out that «there are institutions currently exist, such as the Martyrs Foundation and political prisoners dealt with such matters not We need to be included in the bill, added to the retirement of the three presidencies is not subject to a time limit.


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    Hashemi: Iran abandoned its ally Syria, and the next battle in Iraq
    11-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Range Press / Baghdad

    Vice President of the Republic, the former required by the Iraqi judiciary on charges of "terrorism" Tareq al-Hashemi, on Wednesday, that Iran was "abandoned its ally Syria will give up soon for Hezbollah," and pointed out that they "prepare for the battle ahead on the land of Iraq," stressing that "Iran threat to everyone. "

    Hashemi said in comments published today on his personal social networking site "Facebook", and briefed them (the long-Presse), "finally abandoned Iran ally Syria will give up soon for Hezbollah," adding, "but preparing for the battle ahead, but on the land of Iraq . "

    Hashemi added that "the coming battle Iran indicators are starting a campaign of sectarian cleansing against Sunni Arabs in Baghdad and continues to car-bomb attacks on Shiite areas and the displacement of the members of the MKO," asserting that "Iran is a threat to everyone."

    The MP for the Iraqi List, Ahmed al-Alwani attacked, yesterday Monday, strongly visit, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Iraq, and between that Zarif "came with instructions to subordinate to him in Iraq to create sectarian strife, to coincide with the strike Syria," expressing his refusal "to visit any Iranian official , "and attributed the cause to that" Iran is responsible for killing Iraqis Palmfajkhat and الكواتم. "

    The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has revealed on Tuesday that Moscow urged Syria to develop chemical weapons under international control and disposal, if that would prevent a U.S. military strike potential, while welcoming the Syrian government initiative Russian, in order to avoid any Western military action against it.

    It is that the United States is preparing for a possible military strike against Syria, against the backdrop of a chemical attack accuses the Syrian regime to implement, but the Security Council awaits a report from the international inspection team left Damascus after an investigation in this regard.

    Experiencing Syria, since (15 March 2011 the past), a protest movement wide popularity began to raise demands for reform, democracy and ended claim fall of the regime after encountered violently bloody unprecedented by Syrian security forces and what is known as "Shabiha", resulting in even today fall More than 100 thousand people, and tens of thousands of detainees, as well as more than a million and a half million refugees and displaced people.

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    MP: Nujaifi's tour aims to revitalize relations with neighboring countries and find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis
    12/09/2013 08:36:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the State of Law coalition, Mufeed al-Baladawi said the meeting of the blocs and the three presidencies was successful and the agenda of the Chairman of the House of Representatives for his visit to Turkey and several countries was represented to activate relations with neighboring countries and find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.

    He added in a press statement on Thursday 12, Sept: "Iraq has become an important state in the region and is seeking to reach a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis." Noting "the last meeting of political leaders is the fruit of the National Alliance's efforts to achieve a unified position towards the Syrian crisis and unify media and political situation about the Syrian crisis."

    "The meeting also came to unite efforts to stand firm to face terrorism and support the security forces, noting that" the conferees agreed that there will be a visit to the neighboring countries, including Turkey, Iran and others to discuss a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis and revitalize bilateral relations. "

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    The congressional primer cited by " Okie " makes no mention of any court action or proceedings as a remedy for grievance and in pertinent part states as follows :

    >> " The IMF can exercise “firm surveillance” but it cannot compel a country to change its exchange rate. Nor can it order commercial foreign exchange dealers to change the prices at which they trade currencies. It can offer economic advice and discuss how changes in countries’ exchangerates might be in their own interest. It can also provide a forum, such as its new multilateralconsultation mechanism or discussion on the IMF executive board, where other countries can urge a country to change its exchange rate procedures. However, in the end, the authority to makethe change resides with the country alone ; and,

    " As noted before, the IMF Articles of Agreement prohibit this currency manipulation for thepurpose of gaining unfair trade advantage, but the Fund has no capacity to enforce that prohibition.

    >> " By contrast, the WTO has the capacity to adjudicate trade disputes, but to date it has done nothing to suggest that trade issues linked to currency manipulation are within its zone of responsibility. " ;

    MOREOVER, as to the World Court : Isn't It Time We Rejoin the World Court? (We Left in 1986) - See more at: http://hnn.us/article/1465#sthash.wg9qRLDZ.dpuf ;

    and, Jurisdiction ( WORLD COURT )

    b.The jurisdiction of the World Court of Justice is purely declarative. The court has no powers to enforce its judgments, and the value of its judgements is moral and consultative.


    Someone please inform me how the United States can be subject to a ruling by a court that it does not belong / recognize and even if, a court that has no power to enforce it's own declaratory judgments ? Much less issue any injunctive relief ?

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    Hello Chattels... I do know this... All of the central banks worldwide are controlled by elite banking families... Which is why there is bribery going on within our government... Laws in reality do not matter for the most part... And the agenda continues for a world dominated by a central government... That is why the news is always so confusing, and convoluted... To cover their tracks, and divert people's attention to other matters as they continue to exert more control...

    But of course it does go much deeper than this... For it is a spiritual problem that has blinded most to this... Because so many would much rather believe lies than the Truth about such matters... We believed a lie in the garden of Eden, and it has only worsened through the ages... Transgressing God's eternal without repentance involved does have consequences...

    The only solace I take in all of this is that our Creator is in ultimate control of the situation, and the devil can only do what he is allowed by God... Since 1913 we have really not been a sovereign country... The Federal Reserve has become the governor of the United States... Even President Wilson lamented after the fact when he allowed this central bank to take over the governing of our affairs through monetary means.. Money does make the world go around... Behind the scenes of course... The front men used are only pawns in the game... They are rewarded for their service to the "shadow" government... The government behind the government... The blessings we have received by God as a world power have been usurped by this elusive governance... They control the media as well so we are only told what they want us to know or believe... And generally most are compliant because it is what is presented via media sources... Most do not want to dig for Truth... Afraid of what one may find, and realize that we have been strung along all this time... It was a reality I had to face... But it is such a relief because I no longer feel like a dog chasing its tail...

    In the end Chattels, this is a spiritual war, and the reality of it is that is in fulfillment of biblical prophecy... Humanity is nearing the end of this age before the Son of Mankind returns... Gird your loins, and trust in the Lord... Make Him your best friend... For the flesh will not save anyone from what will come forth at some point in the future... Be wise and know what the enemy is doing.. Remembering also that those who will do harm to those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ "do not know what they do." Loving ones enemies is not a natural human characteristic... It does indeed take a power far greater than ourselves... Thus the need for God's Holy Spirit to guide our inmost being... For the flesh is weak, but willing... Having the right intentions we still do not possess the strength to endure when our physical survival is on the line... We need Christ Jesus in us...

    It helps to have our Wonderful Counselor guiding us when the news is filled with such distortions, and lies... He can help us to see through them... To God's eternal kingdom... Which will rule and reign forevermore...

    Thanks for your service Chattels.. May the Good Lord continue to bless you...

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    Zebari refuses to authorize Najafi contract with the oil companies
    12-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Twilight News

    Provincial Council member refused Nineveh دلدار, Zebari, on Thursday, to authorize the governor of Nineveh province, negotiation and contracting with the oil companies, while noting that it is "incompatible" with interest.

    And authorized the Board of Nineveh province, yesterday, the governor of Nineveh province, Ethel Nujaifi, negotiation and contracting with oil companies to invest and extraction of oil and filter in all areas of the province.

    Zebari said in an interview with "Twilight News", that "the establishment of a refinery in Nineveh is an urgent need, but it must be in accordance with the formal context and not be in accordance with the method approved by the Council."

    For his part, Chairman of the Board of Nineveh province Bashar الكيكي, in an interview for "Twilight News", that "the authorization came under the decision issued by the Council at its fourth meeting, which decided by the Council by a majority of its members granted the governor the authority to negotiate and contract with the oil companies in the field of mining and oil filter for three years, with the governor to submit a report every six months for any results reached in this field. "

    He also expressed the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi wanted "cooperation of the Ministry of Oil with the province in meeting the needs of the province and accept direct coordination charted by law and the Constitution after it had closed its doors in the past and does not deal with requests for maintaining the seriousness appropriate," stressing the need to "open new horizons to maintain through this decision can be exploited. "

    Nujaifi said in an interview with "Twilight News", that "the province will work in this area according to the roof top available legally will not exceed the ceiling legal never, but it may exceed some bureaucratic restrictions laid down by some central departments," noting that "such an investment is available on across the province and is not restricted to a certain area is as wide as that of this wealth is distributed across the province. "


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    Allawi's movement reveal discussions with the political blocs to contest the next election
    12-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad - where

    Maysoon al revealed an MP for the National Accord Movement, which holds its general secretariat coalition of Iraqi President Iyad Allawi conducted talks with some of the political blocs to enter the list to compete in the next House of Representatives election.

    She Damluji told all of Iraq [where] that "there are discussions we are having and we are involved Iraqi national project and we welcome all who wish to join us."

    On the possibility of the survival of the coalition and Iraqi experience entering as a unified list in the next general election Damluji indicated "that, in principle, may become a cause different from some other lists that you want to come down list represent a particular doctrine or national."

    And the reasons for Allawi's failure to attend a meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of political blocs the Damaluji showed that "the majority of the menus today تشظت, including national and Kurdistan alliances and coalition in Iraq but our position on the issue, we want action, not agreements Habraly paper predecessors."

    The meeting was held last Monday at the headquarters of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the presence of the three presidencies and many of the leaders and representatives of the political blocs to discuss the latest developments in the political scene and the Syrian crisis missed him Allawi and the National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, who left at the time of the meeting to the Kurdistan region and met with the President of the region, Massoud Barzani .

    It is said that several political blocs, including the Iraqi coalition entered the blocks individually in the provincial elections last as divided Iraq into several forces and parties, notably the coalition, the Iraqi National Unified headed by Allawi and a coalition united under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi and Iraqi Arabic headed by Saleh al-Mutlaq what several observers cursor to change the map of alliances in the next parliamentary elections.


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    Vice holds large blocs responsible for lack of legislation important laws that do not meet their interests
    12-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - Wayne

    Description Iraqi List MP Ahmed al-Jubouri the work of the House of Representatives Palmtoada because of dilemmas experienced by the country and internal and external crises, blaming the large blocs failure to approve important laws.

    Male Jubouri told all of Iraq [where] today that "the major political blocs bear disable important laws that do not see their interest in legislation, including parties law and the law of the Federal Court and a lot of laws that concern the state serve the citizen."

    He attributed Jubouri poor performance of the parliament to the absence of a real opposition when working on evaluating the work of the government, but there are processes Tsagaitih between the blocks, referring to the lack of the spirit of democracy in the acceptance of the other in order to build the state but the contrary there are partisan interests and Ktheloah and possibly sectarian does not live up to the responsibility of state-building . "

    It is said that the parliament and the political blocs failed to pass several controversial laws including the Law on political parties and the oil and gas law and the law of the Federal Court and the failure to vote on the parliamentary election law. "


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    Maliki calls for national reconciliation again
    12-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (Iraq) / Future News:
    Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his weekly yesterday (Wednesday) that the internal situation in Iraq has witnessed a setback political and security because of the dangerous developments of the Syrian crisis, which requires internally support the steps of national reconciliation and rejection of sectarian incitement and fatwas takfirist and confront the militias and armed groups and discuss the demands of demonstrators, both of which was peaceful or otherwise, which stressed the need to implement them.

    Maliki said that Iraqi leaders have proved a great responsibility in their courses they have taken during their emergency meeting last Monday to face the repercussions of the crisis in Syria on Iraq and the internal situation, pointing out that the work should now be focused on activating and implementation of these decisions.

    Read more on: See more at: http://almustaqbalnews.net


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    Sudden evacuation of the parliament building
    12-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (Iraq) / Ahmed Mohamed
    Saw the Iraqi parliament building yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, September 11, 2013) the evacuation of surprise from all the staff was told that it came against the backdrop of the arrival of quick intelligence targeting security of the building from unknown destinations.

    And spotted «future» widespread armed elements regiment to protect the House of Representatives within the corridors of the building Parliamentary after midday and was followed by informing employees leave before the end of the official working hours, comes at a time when trading the staff of the House of Representatives talk about the arrival of intelligence information confirms that the House of Representatives will be subjected to terrorist attacks around time Third yesterday afternoon.

    Read more on: See more at: http://almustaqbalnews.net

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