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    " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 9 September 2013

    Kurds agree on a transitional administration: the temporary constitution within 40 days
    09-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    London - Ibrahim Hamidi
    Monday, September 9, 2013
    Signed «Council of Western Kurdistan and the Kurdish National Council» project yesterday the formation of a transitional interim management in the Kurdish-majority areas in the north of Syria and north-east, the agreement puts a 'National Council' with the Syrian National Coalition opposition at bay.
    And Kurdish officials said the «life» that arduous negotiations between representatives of the «Council western Kurdistan» and »National Council» at «the Kurdish Supreme» in Qamishli yesterday, resulted in the signing of the project, which was «Democratic Union Kurdish» led by Saleh Muslim proposed weeks ago . The agreement rate on «the formation of a committee for drafting the interim constitution after agreed upon by all the ingredients in a maximum period of 40 days and to provide each party a number of members they represent in the interim, which will be composed of all the ingredients and manages the election process» that this body b «formation Democratic administration after the completion of joint interim constitution and drafting an electoral law. Another official questioned the possibility of applying the agreement because of tension between the two Kurdish parties on the ground.
    According to the agreement also «Leaders interim transitional considered the reference Executive and is building its institutions to facilitate their work in the administrative areas of political economic social and cultural security and protection» to be the task of the security forces «to ensure security and stability in the Kurdish areas and common, which is a national institution is committed to all international laws and conventions and accountable to the transitional interim administration. And tracking for the Council on western Kurdistan 'fighters' protection forces the People 'and' police forces »(asayish) who are currently exceeding 25 thousand.
    The signatories agreed to attend regional and international observers to monitor the «democratic and fair elections within six months of a transitional administration. The elected council, according to the agreement, the legislative body for «all the ingredients in the Kurdish areas and shared, and shall prepare a new constitution after the end of the transitional phase.
    He said a senior Kurdish official told «life» that the next step is the formation of committees within 40 days and the start of preparations for the elections for the conduct of matters areas, waiting to reach a final solution for the future of Syria, pointing out that «minor adjustments very» made to the draft submitted by the «democratic» and discussed Muslim in his visits to both Tehran and Istanbul in previous weeks.
    However, the official Kurdish pointed out that the new agreement will affect the agreement, which was been reached between the «National Council» and »the coalition» and resulted in the receipt of the President «National Council» Abdul Hakim Bashar on behalf of the presidency «coalition» and join the Kurdish entity to the opposition bloc. This included an agreement 16 items, including the recognition of the constitutional rights of the Kurdish people and the launch of the name «Republic of Syria» instead of «the Syrian Arab Republic», in addition to the annexation of 11 members of the «National Council» to the General Authority for «coalition» Author of 114 members and three members to political body, which includes 19 members.
    This agreement raised controversy in the Kurdish community. As the Muslim told «life» at the time: «As long as the agreement has not been with the Supreme Kurdish Authority, we will not accept it, pointing out that no one related to consult before signing the agreement. But «National Council passed a few days ago with some reservation recording members.
    It is scheduled to discuss the «coalition» at a meeting of its General Assembly on 13 and 14 what it was mutual understanding between the two sides. The official said: «There are doubts can approval».
    Moreover, the official stressed that the Kurdish initiative President Omar Osei who is close to the Syrian authorities two days ago, arrived in Arbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, for talks with «Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani, and the Democratic Union of Kurdistan, led by Jalal Talabani. Frequency and he was carrying a proposal to unify the two chambers in the Kurdish «Supreme Kurdish Authority is to open a dialogue with the Syrian regime for self-management.


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    Partisan resentment of the Federal Court decision to replace dozens of members of the provincial councils
    09-09-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - Hussein Ali Dawood
    Monday, September 9, 2013
    The decision issued by the Federal Court to cancel the membership of dozens of members of provincial councils and replace them with others, the wave of resentment in eight provinces covered by the decision, amid fears that the return of these decisions the process of forming the provincial councils, which came after unanimously. The Federal Court sent letters to eight provincial councils demanding the abolition of a number of its members and replace them with other members, said a member of the Board of Commissioners that the thrust of the resolution is the redistribution of the share of women among the winning blocs.
    The head of the electoral administration in the Commission's Mekdad Sharifi «life» that «the Commission is not responsible for the decision of the Federal Court because the Commission an executive of the decisions issued by the Federal Court. He pointed out that «the content of the recent decisions of the Federal Court of eight provinces to replace 43 members in eight provinces with others intended to redistribute women's share amounting to a quarter of the members of the councils on the winning blocs evenly.
    He pointed out that «the problem was that some of the blocks had its share of women more than the specified percentage, while there are blocks did not provide members of the winners of the women on the grounds that all four seats must be including one woman. The problem emerged in the blocks that got three or two seats or one seat, which is vast.
    He pointed out that «the decision required some blocks replacement of members of women by men and vice versa for the distribution of the quota equally among all winning blocs.
    But some provincial reservation announced the decision of the Federal Court, but pointed out that these decisions may make the formation of local governments meeting illegal, and require re-vote, which came after weeks of controversies, some are still in place until now. A member of the provincial council in Diwaniya, Khuzai governor for «life» that «the replacement of members of the provincial council would disrupt the work of the Council after members were distributed to the committees in the provinces and they started their business, and described the decision the Federal Court بالمتأخر. He added that «the court's decision came four months after the approval of the Commission on the results, and the formation of committees after the Council unanimously. He pointed out that the court issuing the decision before the ratification of the results and during the process of consideration of appeals submitted to it. He pointed out that «the court's decision is clear and we do not see sufficient justification for its release, and that the province of Diwaniyah Council formed a committee to study the legal decision, and consider providing challenged in coordination with the provinces covered.
    A member of the Council of the province of Babylon, Hassan Mohammed, said that «the Federal Court's recent decision to replace the members of the others came because of a cons St Lego system in the distribution of seats in the provinces method adopted by the Electoral Commission. He pointed out that «the Federal Court decision came retroactively session means that the formation of the local government must be returned. He pointed out that the mass of 'citizen' to which he belongs intend to file an appeal on the election of the Governor and the President of the Council. The representative of the religious authority Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai criticized the recent decision of the Federal Court and considered late and will generate confusion in the work of the provincial councils, and hurt the credibility of the election results, and demanded not to repeat such delays in such decisions in the future.


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    Dozens of Kurdish Women Kidnapped Under Saddam Found in Egypt
    By RUDAW

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – For decades rumors have circulated that more than a dozen Kurdish women, captured in ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s brutal Anfal Campaign against the Kurds, had been kidnapped and sold in Egypt by the former regime.

    Now, Kurdish businessman Rushdi Saeed says there are 40 such women living in Egypt -- not 18 as previously thought -- and that he has video accounts of some of them telling their tales.

    “Some of these women are now married and have children,” he told Rudaw. “And some of them live in villages and live on handouts from people.”

    “In the video these women speak about their families,” said Saeed. “Some of them also speak about how many of their family members were killed in the campaign.”

    Saeed said it took him years of work and more than 30 teams of investigators to find the women.

    He managed to interview six of them on video, and has given the evidence to the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Anfal and Martyrs.

    Saeed said that four of the victims are Faili Kurds, one is from Khanaqin and another is from Kalar, towns located in an area of Kurdistan that was hardest hit under Saddam’s anti-Kurdish campaign in 1987-1988. Tens of thousands of Kurdish villagers were taken captive and executed in Iraq’s southern deserts.

    Saeed said that due to the political turmoil in Egypt in recent years it was not easy to follow the trail of the Kurdish women. But someone he met who knew some of the women finally helped him solve the case.

    At a press conference last week Aram Ahmad, the Kurdistan Region’s minister of Anfal and Martyrs, confirmed he had received the videos of six Kurdish women in Egypt. But he added that none of the 18 women registered in the ministry’s files is among the women in the videos.

    Ahmad said that the women tell stories of imprisonment and torture in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities before ending up in Egypt. He said that based on the dates the women say they were captured, such as 1983 and 1989, some of them may have been captured before or after the Anfal campaign.

    Ahmad said that the videos do not confirm the long-believed notion that the Kurdish women had been sold to nightclubs by Iraqi intelligence officials.

    “The women say that they have worked in menial jobs in Egypt, but none of them says anything about working in nightclubs,” Ahmad told Rudaw.

    Relatives of the missing women in Kurdistan have seen the videos, according to Ahmad, but none of the women in the interviews was identified.

    “Taking into account the women’s current circumstances and choice, as to whether they want to return to Kurdistan or not, we will try to solve this issue,” Ahmad said.


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    Adoption of the Law on the Protection of National products.. Today

    09.09.2013 BAGHDAD - Zainab al-Hassani

    According to a member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, on Sunday, that the law protect the product will enable our national competition from their foreign counterparts, indicating that all the political blocs have not objected to the law that will be voted on at the meeting tomorrow (today), while noted economist that Product protection legislation lies not only laws, calling at the same time to hold accountable those concerned not to give effect to those laws, which he described as important.

    A member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP Ibrahim stirrup in a statement singled out by the «new morning»: the Law on the Protection Products National is very important and formatted for discussion during the second reading, which will be held within the parliament on Monday (today), underlined the absence of any objection to the approval and will be decided by the At the next meeting, adding that the enactment of this Act will enable our national competition from foreign products, and animates the movement of industry and therefore the growth of the national economy. He pointed to the importance of the approval for the Protection of Industrial Products and to support the agricultural economy, noting that this law keeps on industrial goods and agricultural communities, and called on the stirrup to pay attention to agriculture being provide nutritional support for citizens and describing Iraqi crops as good as compared to other crops imported. Between economic expert Majid picture that «the protection of national product not be enactment of laws but a package of strong and decisive measures for the advancement of the economy in the country.

    He stressed that the success of the production process and the protection of the product requires the provision of supplies necessary and appropriate infrastructure, procedures and laws that are important for the success of the production process and activating the role of civil society organizations in consumer protection and reorganization of the network and the distribution of goods and reorganization and the dimensions of monopolists them or put real competition in order to put the real price in addition to censor and control the type of goods received to the country and particularly shoddy goods, which are often high prices are so low and compete with local product strongly, explaining that the industrial sector need special attention by the state and by economists and by the industrialists themselves to rise in this sector to achieve self-sufficiency in the most basic goods.

    Souri said that the House of Representatives and the government acknowledged many of the laws, but it did not do. He demanded to hold accountable those responsible for not enacting laws, explaining that the problem is in the management of the economy and what we do for the advancement of the economy, adding that so far we do not find solutions to the problem of electricity, the problem lies not with laws but to work in this legislation and laws.

    Suri continued that one of the main reasons behind the decline of the domestic product is controlled by greedy traders who Achtloa market and took control of it after 2003 for their own benefits and thus did not provide the right climate for local products. Suri pointed out that there are many proposals and solutions parked in the racks is not working by any party.

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    Iraq calls for the elaboration of a UN protocol to follow 'looted money'

    Baghdad morning's New

    Demanded the Iraqi delegation to the Third Session of the Arab Forum to recover the money held in the British capital London, the elaboration of a UN protocol to follow the 'stolen money' and recovered. The head of the delegation and Chairman of the Integrity Commission Alaa Jawad Hamid in his speech at the Forum: The «riches of the Iraqi people suffered for nearly four decades to drain and thefts systematic, cost the general budget of hundreds of billions of dollars and deprived the sons of the country's chances of growth and development and advancement of large and caused the emergence of phenomena of poverty, unemployment and corruption. He stressed that «the theft of money and smuggled out of the country has become an international crime, cross-border and threaten its effects serious negative development plans and programs of national and comprehensive and portend the collapse of the system of international economic cross-money laundering operations and employment practices are not legitimate many in the forefront of terrorist crimes». He called on the Commission on Public Integrity countries, according to the Fars «Twilight News», all the governments and civil society organizations to take tougher measures stricter about these crimes, especially money laundering operations or make way for «thieves fleeing» to invest sums of looted in economic activities to reap more profits. He warned «juicy some countries party for such practices under the pretext to take advantage of a part of that return and move the economy and absorb part of unemployment have will have disastrous effects on the overall performance of the movement of trade, economy and finance in the world. He pointed out that «Iraq is one of the countries that suffer from these practices. He called Hamid «international parties drafting a protocol to the United Nations Convention against Corruption is required signatory countries to bilateral cooperation and collective entry money looted or deposited in banks or invested in any commercial activities, economic and assist States looted their money to restore and deliver the thieves to it». He explained that «this would be a strict procedure which deter spoilers from the exposure of public money. On the other hand, the parliamentary Finance Committee renewed its emphasis on the importance of expediting the ratification of the establishment of a monitoring body and distribution of federal revenue for its importance in ensuring an equitable distribution of state revenues in order to serve the public interest. Committee member Amin Hadi stressed the importance of adoption of this law to ensure the equitable distribution of state revenues. Hadi said: «This law assures all components and provinces that state revenues will be distributed fairly and create some kind of trust between the components of the people. The MP added that the law no objections, but these objections are not guaranteed but are only cosmetic objections, and wished the committee formed in this regard to end its own version of it as soon as to be approved during the current parliamentary session. For his part, said a member of the Finance Committee Hassan Auzmn, al-Bayati said the importance of this law is the equitable distribution of the general budget revenue fairly to the Kurdistan region and the provinces. Bayati told «IMN»: The Act to establish a body to monitor the distribution of revenue is not the subject of the elimination of financial corruption, as some imagine, but will ensure the equitable distribution of federal budget revenues to the state. He pointed out that the boring routine and bureaucracy is one of the breed corruption in government departments, calling for the elimination of bureaucracy and reduce the powers of some government departments and granted, however, civic organizations and private bodies and chambers of commerce to support and develop the economy.


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    Finance parliamentary: the Ministry of Finance finish preparation of the next year's budget
    Sunday 08/09/2013

    BAGHDAD / WAP / announced member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh effect from the end of the Ministry of Finance to prepare their own version the public budget for the coming year 2014.Sari told the news agency Baghdad International / WAP / Sunday, "The Ministry of Finance has told the Legal Committee that the budget has been completed in the ministry and is now awaiting a vote by the Council of Ministers of the order to be sent to Parliament to carry out the steps task about them."Sari predicted that the budget takes time in the Council of Ministers to discuss the paragraphs before the vote and send it to parliament.He called the Council of Ministers to send the budget to the House of Representatives before the fifteenth of next month, and not presented to the committee, which formed inside the cabinet last year to put pressure on the budget in 2013 and caused a delay approval on schedule.


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    Member of the economy: the application of the law to support the unemployed do small and medium-sized enterprises of the country

    09-09-2013 07:13 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Jassim Mohammed شنكالي, that application of the law to support the unemployed properly industrial projects will support small and medium enterprises in the country.

    He said شنكالي (of the Agency news): The economic problem experienced by the country is not the laws currently exist, but in a way implemented, where it had not been implemented properly, noting that the law support the unemployed applied the wrong way, though he the economic benefits great for the country.

    He added: Support Act of unemployed includes the establishment of a fund allows the granting of financial loans affordable for the unemployed and the period of repayment distant and financial benefits reduced, stressing that this law, if applied correctly, he could of promoting domestic industry by supporting small and medium enterprises.

    The House of Representatives passed in previous sessions Support Act of unemployed, which includes concessional financial loans for the unemployed.


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    Specialists: the opening of the British Standard Chartered Bank branch in Iraq will support the banking sector and promote development of the country

    09-09-2013 09:23 AM

    Baghdad (news) / report / Hussein Faleh / .. Iraq emerges from the provisions of Chapter VII internationalist who was imposed on him by the United Nations since the nineties of the last century to stimulate foreign companies discreet and well-known international banks to enter the Iraqi environment in which to operate.
    Where he expressed 'Standard Chartered' British, which has branches in various countries of the world intense desire to open a branch in Iraq, after he made a formal request to do so.

    He had said the CBI, agreed in principle to the British Standard Chartered Bank opened a branch in Baghdad to its banking practice before the final of this year.

    Specialists in the field of banking and economic confirmed their talk (of the Agency news) on the importance of allowing international banks to open branches in Iraq, so as to support the banking sector in terms of gaining experience and capacity development, as well as to promote economic development in the country through its contribution to the financing of development projects in the country , arguing that the bank 'British Standard Chartered is one of world sober Vdjulh the banks to Iraq addition will give vital support for the Iraqi economy.

    Member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / AMEER Mayahi, said: that the opening of bank Standard Chartered, the British branch in Iraq will give impetus morally for the advancement of the banking sector of Iraq by virtue of experience, global and technological modern uses, it will stimulate the local banks to develop its limited capabilities, in addition to that will encourage other global banks to open branches in Iraq.

    He said Mayahi (of the Agency news): The Standard Chartered is one of the global banks discreet which have a long tradition in the field of banking and well-known in the world, Vmpadrth to open a branch in Baghdad and the provinces will achieve a quantum leap in the field of the Iraqi banking and the national economy, in terms of its contribution to the advancement of reality of investment and create a competitive atmosphere between him and the local banks.

    He continued: and so it will affect the dinar exchange rate by increasing the price in front of hard currency, so that should be encouraged banks to open branches in the country, and take advantage of their expertise in the development of the Iraqi banking sector, which still suffers from underdevelopment.

    He added: that the entry of international banks to operate in the country did not need legislation to new legal or amendments to some laws in order to bring global banks, and that it took the House of Representatives and the Finance Committee are ready to enact a law that allows for the entry of those banks and facilitate its work in Iraq in order to serve the country.

    As head of the Center of Information Economic Dergham Mohammed Ali, praised the step bank Standard Chartered, which is one of the major banks in the world for the opening of a branch in Iraq because it is carrying more than the benefit of Iraq and one of the features of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and will develop banking in Iraq and open the door to international banks to open branches along the lines of this bank.

    He added, Muhammad Ali (of the Agency news): that of Shan open this section provide services and banking facilities and credit and opening credits levels is currently available to customers of Iraqi banks which constitutes a new phase of banking dealings in Iraq, in addition to give confidence to the Iraqi currency than before via traded by the bank and supports Iraq's efforts to enter the international credit rating.

    He stressed: that the seriousness of this bank in the provision of modern services, accessible via its branch This is what will make the imperative for the local banks, both government was or civil that the development of its performance bank to maintain the spirit of competition with foreign banks that the performance of local banks is not considered acceptable, even if the minimum and that their capital mostly low and limited activities practiced by high interest rates on loans are no longer able to compete, but to re-evaluate this performance and scalability to keep pace with the evolution of banking in the world.

    For his part, said banking expert wholesome Elias Abbo: The foreign banks since its entry into Iraq, and has so far failed to provide something new up for what they offer local banks owned by the private sector, noting that the private banks began to develop its work according to the technological modern banking and offer their services and usefulness of the Iraqi economy, despite the absence of government support.

    He explained Abbou in his speech (of the Agency news): that in the event of entering British bank aspirations of a new different from what made Abannhk other foreign grants soft loans and amounts of good and low interest, it will give impetus moral of the economy, while if his work was a regular, it would be unchanged if any local bank Local or maybe exceeds it.

    However, saying: Standard Chartered Bank has considerable experience in the banking industry may benefit from Iraq developments owned by the bank, so they kind of gain experience and sophistication.

    The Department of Standard Chartered Bank UK, announced on Monday (February 11, 2013), its intention to open three branches in southern and central Iraq and north, and the foreign companies operating in it, especially the British and Korean are looking for Financial Services 'more supportive' in its business there.

    It is noteworthy that Standard Chartered Bank was established in 1969, through the merger of two banks separate, two Standard British South African, and the Bank of lawyers in India, Australia and China, taking advantage of the expanding trade between Europe, Asia and Africa, and works in the bank is currently 87 thousand people, speaking 170 language, representing 130 nationalities, and has more than 1,700 offices, branches or sales outlets in 70 countries around the world.


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    Member of the parliamentary regions: Bids for some political blocs behind the cancellation of some relevant paragraphs of Article 23 in Kirkuk
    By khabaar khaba

    Member of the parliamentary regions: Bids for some political blocs behind the cancellation of some relevant paragraphs of Article 23 in Kirkuk

    Brother - Baghdad

    Confirmed a member of the Parliamentary Committee of the Regions for the Liberal bloc Iqbal coracoid history of some political blocs are behind the cancellation of some paragraphs of Article 23 of the provincial elections law.

    Coracoid said in a press release, the agency received for News News (et) a copy of Kirkuk has become in history and political differences, stressing that the mass rejects Tdzoh province to Iraqi she like the rest of the other provinces.

    She added that the province that includes all sects and components and not some political blocs agreement on the proposal to hold elections led to the Federal Court set aside for special items mentioned provincial elections.


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    The presence of al-Maliki .. National Alliance emphasizes the need to strengthen the role of Parliament in consolidating the work of the government
    09-09-2013 04:51 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. met the General Authority for the National Alliance headed by President of the Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and the presence of the Prime Minister, Vice-President and Vice-blocks internalized inside. statement said Jaafari's office received the Agency (news) copy of it: that the meeting included to provide detailed reports on the local situation and the regional by-Jaafari, Nuri al-Maliki, Khodair al, discussed later assembled developments in the political and security situation in Iraq and ways to strengthen the role of the House of Representatives in the consolidation of the government's work, and work within the principle of complementarity; to assess the political work, and the provision of services to the citizen. of On the other hand discuss meeting the Syrian situation, and the risk of aggravation of the crisis in the event of the implementation of the military offensive, and its impact on the region's security and stability. added Albin: The attendees agreed on the need to resort to peaceful political solutions in particular that Iraq presented his initiative to the Arab Parliament to contain the crisis.


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