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    " The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 28 August 2013

    Liberals and Iraq: Kurdistan alliance with al-Hakim SISMI new prime minister despite the veto of the Federal
    28-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

     Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah
    Considered Ktlta Liberals and Iraqi Alaniapetan, on Tuesday, set aside the Federal Court Act determine States as "the elimination of democracy," and he was "a setback for the political process," and confirmed exposure of the judiciary to the pressures of internal and external in order to make way for al-Maliki for a third term.
    The two blocs confirmed they had Irahenan on the great convergence between the Sadrists and the Supreme Council of the hand and between the united list and the Kurdistan Alliance to agree on an alternative approach to al-Maliki, and determine the political map will take it upon themselves to assign the next prime minister. But the two blocs did not تخفيا Khchithma surprises and manipulation of the results of the parliamentary elections, or even canceled.
    The judicial source revealed on Monday's (range Press) for denunciation of the Federal Court for the Law of the mandate of the three presidencies, while counting a coalition of state law, which is headed by the Prime Minister, that the decision was "expected" because the proposed "proceeded in a manner of banditry," called "I do not want to," Nuri al-Maliki to "convince the street that they are better than him and not to exercise custody of the Parliament and the exploitation of people."
    The Iraqi judicial source said that "the Federal Court decided to veto the proposed law the mandate of the three presidencies voted by the House of Representatives last January."
    In this context, she said Iman al-Musawi, a member of the Liberal bloc in Parliament, said in an interview with the "long" yesterday, "The veto law determine the three states by the Federal Court decision is unjust right of all Iraqis," saying it "eliminates the democratic system does not yet exist the principle of separation of powers claim on the grounds that this decision is in the interest of the government not the people. "
    Moussawi said that "the decision was made to devote dictatorship that has become a danger, and the other is to circumvent the will of Parliament because he finished his work and his authority," and stated that "eliminating interference to disrupt the work of the House of Representatives representing a particular dictatorship."
    And saw an MP for the Sadrist movement that "there are foreign agendas pressed on the judiciary and politicians in order to overturn the law determine States for the three presidencies, which is in one of the neighboring countries and other regional," asserting that "the decisions of the Federal Court last were not national at all after the foreign intervention in it."
    She drew Moussawi that "the law determine States was not targeting the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki personally specifically, but what we want is not to assume the post of prime minister by any person for three consecutive sessions," note the existence of people "cling to the job and wish to continue it for as long as possible. "
    And a member of the Liberal bloc warned "there will of trying to rig the elections postponed or canceled in order to ensure these entities or persons they arrive back to power." But al-Moussawi emphasizes the existence of "substantial convergence between the blocks are united and the Liberals and the citizen in order to draw the political map will nominate the prime minister for the next session." Arguing that "this alliance in the event of continuation and furtherance of the final results of the ballot, will reduce the chances of al-Maliki for a third term in accordance with this current political map." However, it Astdrki said, "but we fear surprises."
    For its part, indicated unit Jumaili, MP for the Iraqi List, said in a statement the "long" yesterday, that "the Kurdistan Alliance bloc and the citizen and the Liberals and united and some independents in the State of Law coalition rejected the Federal Court decision in the denunciation of the law determine the States," and felt that "al-Maliki willing and more great to get the third term. "
    She Jumaili that "all the political blocs interested in the non-renewal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third session after not being able to and throughout the two constituencies of Astbab security and the provision of services, as well as his foreign policy is moderate and exclusion, marginalization and double standards used by with its partners, all of this led us to speed up the enactment of a law determining States. "
    She stressed the MP for the Iraqi List, said "The purpose of this legislation is to build a state of institutions after the existence of intent for some people to cling to power and stay for as long as possible, and this case applies even to some conservatives who failed to provide the most basic services to their citizens," describing the decision to veto the law determine States as "a setback for the political process."
    Jumaili indicated that "the Dawa Party and the goal Maliki wants to dominate the power, and therefore it does not care for the ballot box because anyone can rigging elections through the use of money and other things let alone a prime minister whose hand the money and the security forces."
    And follow up by saying that "al-Maliki is keen to take the approval of the United States and Iran on his nomination for a third term, and his trip to Washington next, but the best proof of my words in order to get blessings and assurances on the re-nomination."


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    Najafi accused the security agencies to disrupt the work of the Iraqi parliament
    28-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat
    New Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi to emphasize that there are points of working to disrupt the work of the parliament and paralyze his will, stressing continue to work despite the security threats received by the parliament last week, which caused so far in cutting off roads and streets leading to the Green Zone, the headquarters of the parliament.
    And coincided assurances Najafi continue to work despite the threats with the implicit rejection of the Iraqi government demonstrations scheduled to be held in Baghdad on Saturday to demand the abolition of the salaries of members of parliament, which was considered by the decision of Parliament Muhammad Al-Khalidi «part of the campaign against the parliament.
    The accusations came Najafi on disrupt the work of Parliament after attending a ceremony held by the Parliamentary Education Committee to honor the top students of junior high school graduates, which was held in the parliament building yesterday. He for Ngeevi told students that «Your presence today serves as a clear message to refute all التخرصات and fabrications that have tried some tendentious glued parties unfairly and deliberately House of Representatives, and the latest security threats that wanted to disrupt parliamentary and legislative role. The Nujaifi that «the House of Representatives vows before you commitment to continue to work for the purpose of improving the educational aspect through the adoption of the necessary legislation and control institutions for the advancement of environment education», pointing out that «the Council was able to propose a law grant elementary school students, and we will seek to be proposed law a comprehensive also for students the secondary phase. Najafi stressed that «the House of Representatives renews its support and sponsorship for each effort or action that could help in the development of the educational system and enhance its role and gives rightful place».
    For his part, considered the decision of the parliament told «Middle East», that «the parliament and unfortunately exposed to the campaign of unfair since the period and by the various destinations purposes and passions, but collected one goal is to try to determine how the Parliament politically either fabricating stories has no basis or over to ask Some of the issues and Parliament was is obstructionist her without other ». He Khalidi that «In addition to the security threats that target the parliament, which is not new because Parliament had already been subjected to more than aggression, the talk about balancing the parliament and shed talk them selectively irresponsible and inciting public opinion Parliament underlines that there is a plan and a clear target Parliament », adding that« everything that is being talked about on Parliament's budget is incorrect because it is still the proposed law will be discussed at length with the state budget. The photography is as if Parliament is responsible for the issue of salaries and benefits, although it needs to be legal legislation which we are working on, but it is evidence that the campaign has another goal coincides with the approach of the next election. In response to a question on targeting the presidency of the parliament, especially the boss Osama Najafi, Khalidi said that «the decisions of the collective presidency and therefore there is no uniqueness in the decisions of the House of Representatives, but there are those who do not want to build a state of institutions in this country.
    At the time did not mention it Najafi to those described Bamoredh which works to disrupt the work of the parliament in addition to the security authorities, the Zafir al-Ani, a spokesman for mass «united» led by Najafi, said the «Middle East» that «there are attempts by the executive for non-cooperation with the parliament and the presidency to the extent that come with every now and then the Prime Minister's speech jerky and sharp, which does not lead to a positive result as it leads to confuse the political scene, including work on the confiscation of the opinions of others and gagged », pointing out that« democracy in any country in the world and in order to succeed they need to Democrats, first, because it can not build democracy through miscarriage methods and accusations of provocation, which could reflect negatively in particular that we all suffer from the growing security threats in the country ».
    In light of the security threats has demanded that the Interior Ministry young Iraqis to 'postpone' demonstration scheduled for next Saturday to demand the abolition of pensions for parliamentarians. The Interior Ministry said in a statement yesterday «We welcome all activities peaceful legitimate guaranteed by the constitution for all citizens, including freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration», afterthought «But we remind those who call for demonstrations and assembly conditions of the country difficult and challenging security serious and overcrowded streets and squares capital due to precautionary measures ». The ministry pointed out that all of these requirements dictate the postponement of the rally, warning that «there are from lurks citizens (...) and is keen on targeting criminal bloody attacks increase the security and political scene in the country's complex».


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    Iraqi political blocs are preparing for a new round after the veto 'proposed law' of the mandate of al-Maliki
    28-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
    Did not exceed the Federal Supreme Court in Iraq scheduled time to take its own decision on the proposed law submitted to parliament for determining the state of the three presidencies. Before the deadline, four days later, the Federal Court overturned the law before yesterday. According to the legal descriptions came veto a formality which means that those who took to provide the proposed law, which is different mass Parliament, must now turn to another method in order to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister in Iraq.
    State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki expressed his pleasure for this appeal, saying that «the law was originally born dead, according to the reported by Al-Sharq al-Awsat coalition member of parliament, Dr Hassan al-Yassiri. He added that «the main reason for this appeal is expected that the proposed law is contrary to the Iraqi constitution, as there are no single article in the Iraqi constitution sets the mandate of Prime Minister», pointing out that «the forces in favor of it trying to play on words by saying (defining the mandates presidencies), While intended specifically is the mandate of the Prime Minister because the mandate of the President of the Republic specific بدورتين, and therefore do not need to talk about.
    The Yasiri, that «the political blocs that passed this proposal in Parliament and I went by to the Federal Court was aware that if they went this proposal to the government in order to turn it into a bill, the government would not have voted for him and so resorted to this trick that did not تنطل the Federal Court has It returned to the proper redress.

    While does not seem there is nothing new in the position of each of the blocs of Iraq led by Iyad Allawi and the Kurdistan Alliance on the determination of the state and appeal the Federal Court in its law, the ball moved to the Stadium of the National Alliance Shiite and especially to the most important blocs in which two Sadrist movement led by Moqtada al-Sadr and the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim . But before that, there is what might be striking in the position of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, who wrote on his personal page on social networking sites, saying that «Select parliament and state three presidencies بولايتين, no one has the right to object and to circumvent the law». Allawi did not refer to appeal the Federal is the entity authorized senior in Iraq settling disputes between presidencies and the interpretation of laws, but only saying that he was «the adoption of the law in the House of Representatives to limit the jurisdiction of the three presidencies بولايتين, but there are attempts to circumvent the laws and the Constitution».

    However, the Prince Kanani, a member of the legal committee and parliamentary leader of the Liberal bloc Vest, confirmed the «Middle East», that «veto carried out by the Federal Court of the proposed law, but it is a formality because it is essentially not a bill to be undone completely and in terms of content, but is the proposed law, which means that the tour has not yet been resolved.
    He Kanani that «there is a restriction legally from running for positions of the three presidencies, including a university degree, and not to be covered by the law of de-Baathification and good behavior, reputation and determine the period بولايتين for the presidency of the Republic», pointing out that «the proposal identify prime minister بدورتين We believe it enhances democracy in the country and there are other countries, including neighbors like Iran determined Presidency بدورتين and also the United States also. In response to a question on the definition of the presidency in Iraq, too, said Kanani said that «this is the irony of it, as the constitution select mandate of the President of the Republic, which is to have no powers, بدورتين while launched by the Prime Minister, who has all the powers».

    Kanani said, that «the solution that will turn to the political blocs is the conversion of the proposed law to a bill and send it to the government for approved and then come back to Parliament for a vote and when that turns to the law in force. And about the state law on objections that although the post of prime minister, however, remains the largest Shiite bloc apart from people, Kanani said that «the problem of state law, it is quite helpless on her are Othaddaha to discuss such a matter in the presence of al-Maliki.

    The Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim has confirmed the words of his spokesman, Sheikh Humaid Maaleh Saadi, that «the Federal Court is due to be disputed and this is the mission originally Apart from our position or our vision, we must respect the constitutional contexts and therefore we do not have what we say about it only because we hope that the law was introduced in a legal way, because the Federal Court based its veto is not the contents of the law, but on formal contexts. And saw Saadi in his statement told «Middle East» that «supposed blocs of political provide law properly and we were our support in his time because we are away from the people who are all respected the renewal means pumping new blood also cling to power can be inherited dictatorship paid for everyone».


    *** " ........because the Federal Court based its veto is not the contents of the law, but on formal contexts. " means in my opinion that the substance of the term limitations law is not unconstitutional but that procedurally the law was unconstitutional, i.e., the manner in which the law was initiated and arguably a technicality or formality ***
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    Campaign for crucial parliamentary elections in Kurdistan starts today
    28-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: Shirzad Shikhani of the
    Starts today campaign for the parliamentary elections scheduled to be held in the Kurdistan region of Iraq on 21 September next. The consensus in the region agree that these elections will be crucial, especially since they will be under the multiple changes occurred in the recent period.
    Perhaps at the forefront of these changes is that for the first time fighting a bipartisan Presidents (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by regional president Massoud Barzani) parliamentary elections two lists independent of the total three elections the previous parliament, as well as the provincial elections, and parliamentary and municipal elections in Iraq.
    For the first time also engaged in the Patriotic Union of these elections in the absence of Secretary General Jalal Talabani, lying now in hospital in Germany for treatment of stroke, making the ability of the leadership of this party in the absence Talabani at stake, especially with regard to the guidance and leadership of the party in the absence of Talabani, who was a tent University of the leaders of this party rules. Hoadha, elections are held in the light of the growing role of the Kurdish opposition (Movement for Change and the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group) in recent months, especially its opposition to the renewal of the mandate of the president of the province and its refusal to extend the mandate of Parliament, and will be percentage of the vote received by each party in this election, an indication of the extent of his popularity, both The by actor Prime authority region renewed mandate, or the opposition, which has rejected the extension. Per therefore say Bmeseria upcoming parliamentary elections right in this area, especially if we take into consideration the size of the political entities that waged, and almost all of those entities have similar quality of selected candidates for this election in terms of competencies and specifications relating to candidates, most entities adopted this time on candidates Youth , as well as artists, writers, journalists, youth and social faces accepted in the community, everyone wants to account for the largest number of votes by asking candidates accepted public and not as partisan as it was during the previous elections overshadowed by the participation of traditional party leaders and veterans.
    31 entities involved in these parliamentary elections, competing for 111 seats of the parliament, (11 seats go to the quota Christian, Turkmen and others, and the remaining 100 seats will compete for the 31 entities, including traditional parties, including the new parties emerged finally). The political map of the parties and forces actors engaged in this election are as follows:
    1 - List of Kurdistan, which has fought previous elections alliance party Barzani and Talabani St., held انفرط, and will descend from both parties (and the Democratic Union) two lists separate. And they have 59 seats in the previous elections by (30 seats for Barzani's party, and 29 seats for Talabani's party).

    2 - MDC led Nushirwan Mustafa previous elections won 25 seats, is locked in a separate election list also.

    3 - Islamic Union (the Muslim Brotherhood Movement) led by Muhammad Faraj got 6 seats in previous elections and locked in a single election list.

    4 - the Islamic group led by prince Ali Baber got four seats locked in a single election list.

    5 - List of the Kurdistan Socialist Party led by Mohammed al-Haj Mahmoud got two seats and locked in a single election list.

    6 - the Kurdistan Islamic Movement won two seats in the previous elections next election locked independent list.

    7 - Kurdistan Toilers Party, led by capable Aziz got one seat, and run in the next election on behalf of the future Party (PKK) after the defection party toilers him.

    There are other Christian parties and other Turkoman and fought the previous election lists allied or individually and got a number of seats in the current parliament and will enter the next election as the previous version, namely:

    1 - List of parliament Assyrian Chaldean Syriac (two seats).

    2 - list Rafidain Christian (two seats).

    3 - Armenian existing (one seat).

    4 - Turkmen Democratic Movement (three seats).

    5 - List of Turkmen in Erbil (one seat).

    6 - Turkmen reform (one seat).

    7 - Communist Party of Kurdistan (one seat).

    8 - Independent menu (two occupied by منشقان seats for the Kurdish MDC).

    In the meantime preparing political entities participating «td» elections to start campaign from today in light of preparations for multiple, where he was declared the MDC for the establishment of a private television channel to broadcast election propaganda, as did the National Union, which was introduced in turn, a special channel elections, and the Foundation announced «Khandan »Kurdish widespread acceptance broadcast election propaganda for political entities.


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    198 dead and wounded, new toll for the Baghdad bombings
    Wednesday, August 28 / August 2013 10:11

    Twilight News / senior security official revealed on Wednesday, the high death toll in Baghdad bombings to about 200 dead and wounded.

    alt The source said the "Twilight News", said 33 people were killed in a wave of bombings in Baghdad.

    And exploded more than a dozen cars were distributed in the areas of Kadhimiya, chest and torch of freedom, the people and Mahmudiya and New Baghdad.

    The source added that these bombings have also led to the injury of 165 people with various injuries.


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    Advisor to the Prime Minister: international airspace Sintered We are very worried about the regional situation

    08/28/2013 - 12:19

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    Description media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi, Wednesday, regional and international atmosphere as "very overcast," and expressed concern about Iraq from the regional situation, especially Syria.

    Moussawi said in a statement to the channel "Alsumaria News", "The regional and international atmosphere clouded very not suggest relieved, and we are worried about the regional situation, especially with regard to Syria."

    "We have made our position clear on resolving the Syrian crisis, and we are against the use of force because they do not create solutions as was proven in the Syrian crisis has resorted to arms two years ago or more and the result exacerbate the Syrian crisis, and every day that passes becomes more complicated than the previous day" .

    Moussawi between "We call for the solution of forcing all parties, including the Syrian regime to dialogue and to reach a satisfactory solution for all."

    It is noteworthy that the events in Syria is witnessing a serious escalation, especially after the alleged attack to the Syrian regime forces الكمياوية weapons against villages in Damascus, The Tfidt news that the American military intervention is imminent in Syria.


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    Alsumaria News" published a text social peace initiative and the code of honor, who fired by Alkhozai

    08/28/2013 - 12:21

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    Vice-President of the Republic launched Khodair al political initiative in an effort intended to resolve the current political differences and find solutions to the crises that the country is going through.

    And met put the initiative and the code of honor, which is planned for signature during the next few days, the support of political leaders after making adjustments to them, where welcomed the political body of the Sadrist movement efforts of Vice President Khodair al expressed their support and support for the document of honor and the code of honor, as he emphasized the President of the Supreme Council Ammar Hakim on the need to work together to create a positive atmosphere for the success of a document of honor.

    A press release said the Office of Alkhozai, received "Alsumaria News" copy of it, after a meeting of representatives of a number of political blocs with Alkhozai in his office, at (25 August 2013), that "the political blocs agreed to the terms of a document of honor and the initiative of social peace in Iraq, were discussed all points of the initiative in a positive spirit.

    The vice president went Republic Khudair Alkhozai, on Tuesday (27 August 2013), to the Kurdistan region to discuss and document the honor and social peace initiative with the Kurdish leaders.

    It is noteworthy that the political process in Iraq is witnessing a struggle unprecedented between legislative and executive powers, at a time when several governorates acts of violence, in addition to the wave of armed actions on a daily basis not seen since the years of sectarian tension in 2006 - 2008, was attacks by car bombs and improvised explosive devices and assassinations Occlusive weapons of voice targeted houses of worship and popular markets and security forces killed hundreds of civilians and members of the military and the police.

    The following is the text of the two initiatives:

    Social peace initiative in Iraq

    This initiative aims to achieve social peace between Iraqi factions and the adoption of the principle of positive and constructive dialogue to find solutions to the problems that we believe are possible if there is sincere intentions and serious will and this is what we hope Bnkhbna politics Almtsidih.

    Action Steps:
    1 - the formation of a higher committee chaired by the Vice President and the membership of a number of leaders of political blocs agreed on the number of participants with a view to adopting a program of social peace in Iraq and the adoption of all the mechanisms leading to achieve and activated.

    2 - The Committee shall adopt the Constitution essential reference and a standard in every case stipulated because the constitutional provisions binding and can not disable the issues that kept silent about the Constitution Fbalamkan dialogue around and agreed upon and what does not constitute a conflict with any provision contained therein, including the political agreements and light it must be work to achieve what has been agreed upon them after the removal of all barriers to implementation.

    3 - The Committee shall and foresee attend meetings or emergency patrol when necessary to follow the stages of what has been agreed upon.

    4 - Treatment differences that may arise or get in the political scene in a consensual and that does not detract from the constitutional powers of the competent authorities.

    5 - To ensure social peace and the development of the political process through dedicating more democracy and abide by the constitution and complete the building of state institutions and work to strengthen and adopt the principle of separation of powers.

    6 - what comes out of committee is a reputable recommendations of the participants in the initiative seeks to create the appropriate atmosphere for implementation and in the interest of Iraq and its people.

    7 - co-participants in the initiative and the political blocs to find a common understanding between citizens and State represented its institutions concerned by providing reassurance and to find mechanisms to achieve and implement the demands of citizens and the legitimate protesters and possible in all the provinces which are not inconsistent with the Constitution.

    8 - face the phenomenon of terrorism and militias in all its dimensions and identify ways of eliminating it altogether by drying up their source and eliminate the factors that motivate and reasons for its existence and infinite arms However, the security official authority and responsibility of solidarity displayed by everyone.

    9 - to find practical and legal vision in dealing with the Baath Party and its components with the need to win to the victims of the Baath and its repressive policies and redress in order to achieve the goal that the Constitution sought to him and stated in its articles and clauses.

    10 - Commitment to the powers granted to the provincial councils and governors to achieve the constitutional and legal texts and to serve the citizens and achieve the desired development.

    11 - to balance the state apparatus and degrees higher civil and military as stipulated by the Constitution and its application smoothly and objectively does not cause confusion in Government Performance and this is done through the institutions of the state and the contribution of all political forces to participate in the earnest and sincere to achieve it, because it is reassuring to the people and the unity of its components .

    12 - the economic and social development Corner basis in political and social stability and the Commission statement foundations to achieve economic and social development in Iraq through a solid scientific vision.

    13 - The Council of Ministers adopts and in coordination with the Presidency of the Republic of drafting the necessary laws to solve the problems examined by the Commission, including confirms full compliance with the legal contexts in the case of the legislation of laws and legislation is no law holds government financial and political commitments without its consent.

    14 - Adoption of a code of conduct agreed to its terms and vows to everyone to respect and abide by and what constitutes a sure guarantee for the sustainability of harmony, understanding and cooperation in support of joint work and success and overcome the difficulties that stand in the way of the political process in a positive spirit and fraternal honest in order to strengthen confidence and dedication among all political forces to participate. God bless

    The text of a draft document of honor

    Our belief in the need to create the climate and the appropriate atmosphere for peaceful coexistence and strengthen the bonds of national unity and strengthen the social fabric and build bridges of friendship and brotherhood between all components of the Iraqi people and to devote the mutual trust between the forces in order to achieve common goals emphasize the following principles and pledge to abide by and reflected: -

    1 - the maintenance of national unity for the Iraqi people and the protection of the social fabric and do not let anyone finding religious or ethnic discrimination or sectarianism.

    2 - the principle of dialogue as the only way to address the problems and the contract that Taatari march of the political process and social coexistence in the country.

    3 - away from the use of the media to put differences and problems and resort to national or bilateral meetings and the search for solutions through constitutional means.

    4 - renounce the intersection and estrangement between the political forces in the event of crises and conflicts and seek solutions to them through direct dialogues.

    5 - to strengthen confidence between the parties to the political process in each hand with the Iraqi public on the other.

    6 - pledge to work as one team to serve the nation and citizens.

    7 - stand firmly against any risk or policy or practice of inciting violence and sectarianism.

    8 - criminalize all terrorist activities practiced by the enemies of Iraq, al-Qaeda groups or any combine pleading violence and terrorism to achieve its objectives.

    9 - the prohibition of the Baath Party and all activities, Usbandath and criminalization of his belonging and activate the law of accountability and justice for all.

    10 - Prohibiting and Preventing the use of state resources and the potential to target opponents and partners to change the political equation, whether in the government or parliament.

    11 - Prevention of dependence will Iraqi بإرادات and foreign agendas with respect to the relations of friendship with the powers and other nations on an equal basis.


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    Silverline: security leaders refused to attend the parliament set a dangerous precedent and a violation of law
    Wednesday, August 28 / August 2013 10:56

    {Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the National Alliance Karim Allioui said security leaders refused to come to host a session of the House of Representatives represents a dangerous precedent and violation of the law must be held accountable.

    The Silverline told {Euphrates News} on Wednesday that "the government response to the demands of the House of Representatives and to allow the leaders Alamnieh attendees to learn the causes deterioration of security happening in the country," adding that "Parliament represents the people of Iraq, also had a vision about security issues."

    And woke up the capital Baghdad on a series of terrorist bombings rocked areas {torch, the people and the Kadhimiya and Sadr City, Baghdad new and Sedea and Diyala Bridge inspired beautiful and spend Mahmudiya}, Asafaran the killing and wounding dozens of innocent civilians.

    Silverline added that "failure to attend security leaders to the House of Representatives is a dangerous precedent that threatens the security of the Iraqi people because of the continued violence in the country," stressing "the need to attend the parliament for the conditions of the security file and the plans that are facing the enemy."

    For his part, the head of the parliamentary citizen Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi, the failure of security leaders to come to the meeting of the Council of Representatives for hosting and for the tenth time is a violation of the Constitution.

    Zubaidi said that "the House of Representatives back not to attend security leaders to clarify the reasons for the collapse of the security gripping the country," and expressed regret for "leaders not to attend to hosting the session."

    The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations former in the country, Martin Kobler, had said earlier after a visit to the province of Najaf and meet the highest religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the religious authority expressed concern about what is happening more than ever in Iraq .


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    MP melon: neglected laws will leave to the next session due to fabricate differences within the Council
    28-08-2013 10:57 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. MP / Iraqi bloc white / Jamal melon, that important laws will leave to the next parliamentary session due to formal issues that make up inside the dome of the parliament.

    The melon in a statement (of the Agency news): there formality fabricating issues by members of the House of Representatives and the disruption of the work of the parliament so broken laws will leave to the next parliamentary session.

    He added: political blocs that counts resolve political differences on the initiative of Vice President Khudair Alkhozai and political blocs agreed to all paragraphs.
    He Watermelon: You may hope that the political blocs to overcome differences and bickering side to resolve outstanding differences and pass laws broken.

    The remaining life of the House of Representatives, less than a year, because it ends legislative term first-year legislative fourth and final in October next, and the cycle ends the second legislative by April of next year, with the presence of several laws that accumulated on the shelves of the Council because of political differences .


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    Mullah reveals the deal "suspicious" between al-Maliki and Barzani to sell the rights of Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk

    28-08-2013 10:59 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. detect the leader of the National Dialogue bloc MP / coalition in Iraq / Haidar al-Mulla, a suspicious deal between Maliki and Barzani to sell the rights of Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk.

    Mulla said in a statement (of the Agency news): The decision Federal Court Bengd the law of the mandate of the three presidencies agreement came after the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

    He added: that the Federal Court is not just 'politicized' but sandwiched itself in the political game through an agreement Maliki and Barzani نقذ the law of the mandate of the three presidencies against the veto of Article 23 of the Law on Elections of Kirkuk.

    The MP said the coalition in Iraq: Maliki and Barzani contract deal has been suspicious of which sell the rights of Arabs and Turkmen by al-Maliki compared Chpth in power.

    The Federal Supreme Court overturned the law defining the mandates of the three presidencies for violating the Iraqi constitution, in Article 23 of the canceled election law provinces of Kirkuk.

    It is said that States determine the law was voted on in parliament, but the coalition of state law made an appeal to the Federal Court, and the Court was rejected due to lack of formal requirements on the appeal, because the appeal presented before the publication of the law in the Official Gazette.

    And determine the law defines the mandate of the States three presidencies بدورتين and retroactively does not allow those who hold office for two terms to run for office again.


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