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    Question " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 22 August 2013

    The start of the meetings' document of honor »Amid lack of confidence
    22-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

    Began yesterday in Baghdad, the first round of talks between the political blocs on the one hand and the National Alliance on the other hand in order to activate a document of honor, which was launched three months ago, Iraqi Vice President Khodair al and received finally the support of the National Alliance as the largest bloc in the Iraqi Parliament (159 members from a total of 325 ).

    The leader of the list of Iraq and spokesman bloc united Dhafer al-Ani told «Middle East» that «what is happening in the country now breaches nearly collapsing security and despite the rhetoric tense and strained to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered requires us to interact all with no effort can lead to the dismantling of the crisis and the way to develop positive solutions.

    He said al-Ani, that «talks with such collective between all the blocks begin tonight (yesterday) after it had been two or three in order to test the waters and to clarify some of the points here or there while it is different as everyone now will give its position on this initiative, which we hope will be an initiative everyone Because time began يدركنا well that any failure this time means the end of the road.

    RL: Tables are turning yet AGAIN.. Looks like the ball is in a different. I am a little RUSTY maybe..but Maliki's Party NO LONGER has the UPPER HAND. Or so it seems. With the Vice President involved, it certainly raises MY eyebrows. The general attitude appears as though this is the LAST DITCH EFFORT and if this doesn't work, they will be at a total loss of what to do next. This is if I am comprehending correctly and IMHO as usual.

    The Ani that «our position in the block are united positive points in this initiative because it is almost covered all the fears and concerns faced by the political process, but we have to know that good intentions alone are not enough even if they are honest» referring to «we are all late in the initiative genuine reconciliation which can be given to this important initiative in this circumstance where we now live within a regional congestion of a special kind, especially at the level of the developments of the Syrian crisis.

    RL: We keep seeing THE SAME CYCLE OVER and OVER.... it SEEMS. We can always have hope that they will achieve fairness and justice for the people and their country by these greedy politicians. The HUMAN element seems lost on most over there.. It's all a POWER struggle. Let's PRAY someone will BREAK the CYCLE here.

    A member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance Burhan Mohammed Faraj told «Middle East» that «the initiative itself is welcome and will interact in turn positively with dialogues current in order to stabilize the situation in the country because we are approaching a crucial stage which is the next election and therefore the work must be be serious, especially because we live tense security situations.


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    Parliament is still incapable of questioning security chiefs .. And the presence of the Minister of Justice is uncertain at today's meeting
    22-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / Range

    Accused the deputy of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary government and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of stalling to discuss the security crisis worsening in the country under the dome of the parliament, and pointed out that the Parliament will listen today to the report of the parliamentary committee on the incident of the escape of hundreds of prisoners from the prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji last month.

    It was scheduled to host the parliament security chiefs in its first session after the Eid holiday the day before yesterday, in addition to the discussion of a report on the escape of prisoners from the prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji presence of the Minister of Justice, but the agenda devoid of these issues, with pride, parliamentary sources to threats Parliament suffered an intention to break into the premises and postponed research in important topics.

    A member of the security and defense committee in Parliament MP Hakki Mashhadani "long" that the parliament session today will be where to read the report of the fact-finding committee representative on the incident flight of hundreds of prisoners from the prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji, which took place last month, ruling out the presence of the Minister of Justice to the meeting.

    He added that the government prevent security leaders from attending parliamentary sessions to discuss the violence that hit the country recently, while not turn the presidency of the parliament to discuss the security crisis between the House of Representatives and the announcement of security chiefs refused to attend the meetings to be allocated to security.

    To the Kurdistan Alliance, said that the request of the representative of minorities Kanna to increase the number of minority seats in the election law was rejected in debates regarding the amendment of the law the next legislative elections.

    The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil at a press conference in the parliament building, and attended (range Press), "we called we are in a coalition of Kurdish forces to allocate 5 seats for Aesidein and 5 seats for Christians and 3 seats for a response Faili and seats for the grille and seats of Armenians under the election law."

    Khalil added, "We are giving all benefits to all minorities do not accept reducing the seats of any of minorities in accordance with the quota granted to them," pointing out that "there is a response from the political blocs to our proposal and we will try them through negotiations allocation of these seats," adding "We refuse to speak Yonadam We as minorities. "

    She stressed the virtue Parliamentary Bloc, the need for ratification of the election of the House of Representatives, "contributes to broaden the base of participation and helps to overcome the political crisis in the country."

    He said the head of the Virtue parliamentary Ammar Tohme during a press conference the parliament building and attended (range Press), said that "it is necessary to pass a law House of Representatives election, so as to create equal opportunities for competitors and ensures expand the base of participation as an essential step to overcome the crisis and the political problems emerging in the country, and provides motivation to increase voter turnout in the electoral process, "and called for" the adoption of the open base and multiple departments, and the system of distribution of seats according to the mechanism we proposed. "

    He Tohme that "the allocation of seats to the lists must be by relying on the percentage of what you get from the Vote For example, the list winning 20% ​​of the valid votes for the constituency of certain grants 20% of the seats in that district," adding that "this mechanism is the most equitable way and justice. "

    Tohme declined to "determine the proportion of seats within called compensatory Balhad, because they resemble a closed-list system, where candidates are selected by the head of the entity or the block, and this is contrary to democracy"


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    Iraqi Kurdistan Struggles With Influx of Syria Refugees

    By: Mustafa al-Kadhimi for Al-Monitor

    Between Aug. 10 and Aug. 20, more than 15,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees fled from Syrian Kurdish areas adjacent to the Iraqi border to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. This is after the fighting in Syria intensified, and those areas were subjected to attacks by terrorist groups and a blockade that disrupted citizens’ everday lives.

    The terrifying scene of the influx of refugees, the suffering that forced them to emigrate, the many routes they took to arrive in the Iraqi Kurdistan and the frightening stories about the level of violence in their areas are coupled with the suffering of the Kurdish region in northern Iraq, which has faced pressure greater than its capabilities to accommodate the growing numbers of refugees.

    The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Department of Immigration and Immigrants said that since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has received nearly 157,000 refugees, of whom 14,000 were sheltered in Sulaimaniyah, 40,000 in Erbil and more than 100,000 in Dahuk. The recent wave increased the total number of refugees to more than 172,000. This has pushed Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani to urge the international community to assume its responsibilities and support the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in handling the increasing numbers of refugees.

    In a statement issued on Aug. 19, Barzani did not hide his concern that the Kurdish areas of Syria were being stripped of their population under the pressure of an open war there.

    Apart from the political side of the crisis and the humanitarian and nationalist positions of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq regarding the suffering of Syrian Kurds, the capability of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to take in these increasing numbers of refugees and provide the existing refugees with basic services and required assistance depends on how fast the international community can lend a helping hand to assume this task.

    It could be said that of all regions taking in Syrian refugees, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has not received the required care and attention at the international and regional levels.

    There is no doubt that the human factor in the refugee issue is completely separate from the political. Yet, this rule obviously has not been applied in the Syrian refugee crisis, at least when it comes to how regional governments supporting Syrian refugees — who are distributed among Syria’s neighboring countries — have dealt with this issue.

    Mustafa al-Kadhimi is an Iraqi writer specializing in defense of democracy. He has extensive experience in documenting testimony and archiving documentaries associated with repressive practices.


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    Jihad for Kurdistan?

    By Judit Neurink

    The video posted on YouTube is not very capturing. Nine men stand before a camera, their faces hidden. One reads from a piece of paper, shouting his message: This is the Jihad for Kurdistan. For more than three minutes there is nothing but static, and at the end of the video the men all raise their fists in a vow.

    The nine youngsters declare they will fight in Syria against Muslim groups linked to al-Qaeda, such as Jabhat al-Nusrah and the Islamic State of Iraq.

    Their jihad is clearly political, not religious: They stand in front of a flag that is connected to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian wing of the militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

    Watching the video, I was reminded of my visits to the PKK camps in the Qandil mountains. Once I met a young man who had lived in The Hague, where his parents resided. He had chosen to leave them to fight for a free Kurdistan. I met young women who had left their villages to join the fight. These were young people -- just like the nine in the video -- attracted by the idea of giving their lives for Kurdistan.

    A lot has changed since then. Iraqi Kurdistan is a federal state within Iraq, with almost all the rights of an independent entity. In the capital, Erbil, Kurdish politicians from all the different regions will come together at a Kurdish National Conference next month to discuss the future of their dream for a bigger Kurdistan.

    The PKK is talking to Turkey, and has agreed to lay down weapons. PKK fighters are welcomed in Iraqi Kurdistan as part of the peace process to empty their camps on the border with Turkey.

    And now, the attention turns to Syria, where Kurds have quietly worked on creating a status quo since the civil war against Bashar al-Assad started: An autonomous Kurdish region in Syria, where power is shared somehow between the PYD and other Kurdish parties.

    With Iraqi Kurdistan settled and the war in Turkey all but ended, peace seemed to be around the corner and the role of the PKK just about finished: No more new recruits are needed if you have to close your camps and lay down weapons. But the newest developments in Syria have changed all that.

    A closer look at those developments shows that the PYD and the Islamic groups seem to be fighting over territory that the one wants for the Kurdish state and the other for the Caliphate.

    Recently, reports sent out by the PYD – and transmitted by Russian and Iranian media – spoke of a massacre against the Kurds. Some observers even mentioned genocide. Some 450 women and children are reported to have been abducted and killed by the extremist groups.

    Yet, independent reports have placed doubts over the story. Human rights groups say there was no massacre; there has just been fighting between the PYD and the Islamic fighters. The PYD images that were provided to the media have already been found to be false -- old footage from other conflicts.

    Why would the PYD make up such a story? Could it perhaps be that the PKK has seen a way to stay alive by turning all its attention to Syria? Did it need something catchy, like a massacre, to attract new recruits or launch a military operation again, like before in Turkey?

    In this sense, it is interesting to listen to some quotes of the nine angry young men in the video:

    -- “The Kurds in Syria have been able for the past two years to strengthen their foothold democratically, but the occupying forces and those who grudge the achievements of our nation continuously attack our people and commit genocide against us in the most brutal way.”

    -- “Just like when the Anfal campaign was carried out by the Baath regime in south (Iraqi) Kurdistan, now the same is being committed against Kurds by the militia groups with the support of NATO, the US and Turkey.”

    -- “We have decided.... to join the ranks of the YPG and lay down our lives in its way. Those who attack Kurdish children are Arab fascists, agents of the United States.”

    I have to warn those youngsters who are looking for the romance of the guerrilla. I would like to remind them of the story of young Iraqi Shiites who recently went to fight on the other side, for the Syrian regime. They wanted to defend the Shiite holy places in Syria, but in reality they were used to fight the opposition.

    Sometimes things are not what they seem. Do make sure that the “defence, revenge and honour” you declare to be seeking with your jihad for Kurdistan are really on offer. Do not let yourself get caught in a web woven for political gain.

    Every human life is a gift. Do not just throw it away.


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    Mr. Hakim warns of the danger of corruption at the Iraqi state and describes ally of terrorism

    Baghdad: Stressed Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq on the need to fight corruption, returned to him the direct cause of the deterioration of the security gripping the country.

    He said in the forum weekly cultural, which was held in his office on the presence of a large rally that "really responsible is the one who takes responsibility and moves within the vision and plan and not in an emotional or random, pointing out that there are countries exposed to the conspiracy such as being exposed to Iraq, but holding the placing procedure, stressing Terrorism transgress Iraqi blood At the same time there are those who address the responsibility after he arrived until he became corrupt tools Vulnerability enters including terrorism.

    He warned of the threat of corruption of the Iraqi state and the Iraqi project because it protects the officers delinquents and allows some of them write reports proactive unrealistic and disperses voltage security and appoint officers losers in locations intelligence and causes over the car bombs of checkpoints, stressing that the answer to the question citizen when to stop terrorism? Is the elimination of corruption.

    He described the corruption criminal culture, stressing that corruption silhouetted security men and caused a lot of security holes that have become a source of terrorism, stressing that terrorism and corruption are inseparable allies that found I found II.

    He warned of the danger of the next phase that will pass by Iraq, noting that talk about the notification is not newly dramatize and must face the dangers in ways that reflect new and wills of powerful and practices of quality and alliances sober and sacrifices, calling to address the problems of young people because they are in the process of structural state of the modern Iraqi.

    Iraqis no choice but victory in the next challenge whatever the cost

    And Mr. Ammar al-Hakim The next stage do not work with half measures and half achievements or victories Almdzuh or المجتزأة, returned the next stage phase of state-building and review the draft of the nation and to engage in the process of installing the presence of political and moral and community, stressing that there is no option for the Iraqis, but the victory in the next challenge whatever all costs, pointing out that the Iraqi project will be subject only to the interests of the Iraqi people.

    He said that the Iraqi project project home and project the nation and the success of the project is paid to the service of this project and make great sacrifices, recommending political forces to carry a broad vision with a capacity of risks facing Iraq, noting that clear vision must be clearly see conspiracies lurking in Iraq and a comprehensive vision comprehensively attack target, adding that the visibility of the honest expression of real political action and strategic, indicating that the political process in Iraq remains fragile, despite the passage of a decade hence increasing role in maintaining the hardness homeland and the citizen and the protection of the project.

    On Iraq to be influential in the new map of alliances for the Middle East and is not influenced by the

    Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq confirmed that there is a new understanding of the Middle East is clear from reshape the political map of alliances regional strategy is no longer the region as they were, pointing out that many countries have started to review its policy and undone and others began reviewing its alliances and regional implications of international, pointing to the change evident in the concept of freedom and justice campaign to more than one meaning, and the movement of peoples and ثوراتها no longer spontaneous and became a target and an opportunity to many parties, stressing change the location of the victims, it was oppressed become unjust and was مستضعفا become a tyrant, referring to the change of terms and the continuation of arson from Syria to Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt Add to ambiguity and fragility of the situation of Libya and Tunisia and Yemen, pointing out that some countries out of principle reset crises to drowning, calling for Iraq to be influential in the new map of alliances for the Middle East and is not influenced by them.

    Iraqi youth problem the lack of proper planning and systematic in dealing with them

    Mr. Hakim expressed regret to the feeling of Iraqi youth frustration and their desire to emigrate from the country with the budgets of stardom and one of the largest economies in the region, citing the problem of Iraqi youth is half the society and the absence of proper planning and systematic in dealing with this slide, noting that the private sector is limited and disabled, forcing young people to search for appointment in the public sector, which suffers from administrative bureaucracy, corruption and cronyism, noting that Iraqi universities often do not produce young academically and scientifically nor young educated a real, attributing the cause to after Iraqi university level practical for their counterparts in the region and the world and adoption of methods and systems of old obsolete outdated, noting that the Iraqi universities turned often to government departments, not universities, scientific produces knowledge and culture and give real opportunities for youth development, which generates frustration and a deficit of creativity among young people, pointing out that economic crises and services in the country, including unemployment and the decline in the scientific level and the housing crisis, corruption and cronyism surrounding the young , returned to address the problems of young people pour into the systemic treatment of the modern Iraqi state.

    Teamwork is the foundation of success

    Promised Mr. Hakim narcissism and selfishness condition infect everyone, expressing regret for the prevalence of selfishness when a lot of politicians that they are in power on or off, indicating that there is a kind of politicians believed to be capable of solving problems and will depend universe بتوقفه work, warning soundly Balnrjsuh and Alana and the belief that autocracy leads to success, noting that if the autocracy to succeed succeeded dictatorships, returned teamwork is the foundation of success.

    Anniversary of targeting the United Nations headquarters in Iraq

    Mr Ammar al-Hakim expressed regret to the memory of targeting the United Nations headquarters in Iraq, killing Representative of the Secretary-General at the time Sergio Dimlo who was familiar with and understanding of the Iraqi situation, urging the United Nations to continue Leave them to the Iraqis and help for the success of his project.

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    Decade of Violence Threatens To Uproot Iraq's Christians

    By: Bassem Francis Hanna Translated from Al-Hayat (Pan Arab).

    This fall, Rafael Aichoa, an Iraqi Christian in his 40s, will emigrate to Australia, joining the rest of his brothers and relatives. Aichoa realized that his connection to his ancestors' land had completely come to an end late last year, when he discovered his parents' mutilated bodies.

    Only four months earlier, Aichoa had found the body of his brother Edmond dumped in a trash pile in Baghdad's southern Doura district.

    Unlike Aichoa's parents and brother, Saad Touma, a young Christian Iraqi, succeeded in escaping from his captors in the winter 2008. Now, along with the rest of his family, Touma is preparing to leave the relatively safe Iraqi Kurdistan Region for Turkey as a prelude to permanent migration to Europe.

    Like thousands of other Iraqi Christians, Aichoa and Touma fear that the circle of violence in Iraq will widen to include all parts of the country. This is especially true after al-Qaeda succeeded in carrying out attacks that have killed more than 2,600 Iraqis and injured 6,000 others in the past three months. Most of the victims were young Iraqis, with the bombings targeting soccer fields, cafes and popular markets throughout Iraq. Furthermore, on July 21, al-Qaeda freed more than 600 of its field commanders and fighters after launching calculated raids against the Taji and Abu Ghraib prisons, using about 100 mortar shells, 12 suicide bombers and nine car bombs.

    Touma still remembers his ordeal with al-Qaeda militants who kidnapped him at a fake checkpoint north of Baghdad. Miraculously, he was released following an agreement between his older brother Adwar and the leader of an influential tribe. The latter gave the militants $80,000 dollars and kept $30,000 for himself.

    Yet the amount of money that saved Touma was not enough for his compatriot Fadi Suleiman. The latter's mother paid his captors $100,000 in exchange for his release, but this didn't happen. She later paid an additional $20,000 just to receive his body. After burying the body that they claimed to be Fadi's, his mother emigrated with her daughter to Sweden.

    Season of migration to the West

    The journey of Aichoa, Touma and Fadi's mother — like thousands of other Christians who have emigrated to the West — is a warning that this country, where Christians have settled since the first century A.D., is about to lose them forever. The Iraqi government failed to protect these Christians from death and displacement at the hands of al-Qaeda and other militant groups in the years following the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq.

    The wave of killings that caused the deaths of about a thousand Iraqi Christians at the end of 2012 was the bloodiest since the massacres of Assyrians in 1933. These massacres, which left nearly 600 Assyrian Christians dead, were carried out by Iraqi forces with the help of Arab and Kurdish tribes. The recent wave of killings was also more deadly than the Baathist regime's 1969 massacre in the village of Soria, which claimed the lives of more than 90 Chaldeans, with dozens being burned alive in a cave where they had sought refuge.

    In the face of repeated targeting, nearly 700,000 Christians emigrated from Iraq, out of a total Christian population estimated at 1.4 million in 2003, according to international reports based on church records and civic organizations. Ablahad Afraim, the head of the Chaldean Democratic Union Party, believes that the number of Christians remaining in Iraq is less than 400,000.

    Third place

    Rev. Emile Isho believes that, inevitably, the remaining half of Iraq's Christians will leave, joining the half that has already emigrated. Those remaining in Iraq suffer from despair and a fear of what is to come.

    Isho's colleague, Rev. Youhanna Bazi believes that Iraq will lose all of its Christians citizens within the next 10 years if the situation remains as such. Meanwhile, the Archbishop of the Erbil Bashar Matti Warda said that Christians would transform into a small component of society, unable to influence the course of events in the country or even protect themselves.

    In a questionnaire the author of this report posted on Ankawa.com, an Iraqi Christian website, nearly 84% of Christian respondents agreed with Isho, Bazi and Warda, and felt that Iraq will inevitably be emptied of Christians — or at least this is a possibility — in the next 10 years. This view hardly differs from that of the dozens of Christians I met with in Baghdad and the cities of Iraqi Kurdistan, along with civil leaders, sociologists and Christian leaders. The latter felt that their was an ominous triad affecting the lives of Christians and pushing them to migrate out of Iraq. The first part of this triad is the escalating violence and ongoing sectarian and ethnic conflict in the country. Meanwhile, the second component is the extremist religious trend that has intensified in Iraq and Arab countries in recent years.

    According to Christian activist Muhannad Girgis, despair will be a main cause of Christian emigration from Iraqi Kurdistan. Over the past few years, this region has come to be known as the last safe haven for Christians within Iraq's borders.

    According to Girgis, it's difficult to ignore the difficulty of living in Iraqi Kurdistan for Christians since it is a conservative society that holds you responsible for every movement. Furthermore, the language barrier prevents integration, and religious rhetoric against Christians has increased to the extent that celebrating birthdays is considered a form of apostasy.

    Girgis noted that young Kurdish extremists are being recruited by Jabhat al-Nusra to fight in Syria, a worrisome trend for Kurdistan's future. The extremism that now characterizes the Kurdistan Regional Government could explode in the face of Christians at any moment.

    Killing based on religion

    According to Rev. Wathiq Boutros, the targeting of Christians was initially limited to individual kidnappings and killings. But starting in the summer 2004 — which saw 210 Christian deaths — this transformed into wider targeting that included car bomb and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks on churches and monasteries.

    In the city of Mosul, home to Iraq's second largest Christian population, militants have carried out sophisticated killings of Christians. Even monks and priests did not escape the "justice" of these militant groups. Gunmen stormed the home of Rev. Mazen Aichoa Matouka and killed his father and two brothers when they did not find him. Later, gunmen killed Rev. Ragheed Aziz, along with three deacons, as they were leaving Sunday mass.

    This was followed by a series of attacks targeting priests, the most horrific of which was the killing of the head of St. Ephrem Church, Rev. Paul Sargon Behnam. In the fall of 2006, al-Qaeda militants beheaded Behnam and placed his body, cut into four pieces, in a large container in front of the church door. This act was repeated in March 2008 when Archbishop of the Mosul Archdiocese Paulos Faraj Rahho was killed, along with three of his aides. Their bodies were later found, showing signs of torture.

    Targeting churches

    Before, during and after the killings of Christian clergy, churches and monasteries were a prime target for al-Qaeda. These attacks were aimed at forcing Christians to leave the cities they inhabited, as their religion was considered "unwelcome" among Muslims, according to Girgis.

    From 2003 to 2011, Christian organizations reported that more than 60 churches and monasteries were targeted by bombings and raids in Iraq at the hands of al-Qaeda. The organization used car bombs and IEDs in attacks that killed dozens of Christians.

    In early August 2004, seven churches in Baghdad and Mosul were targeted by car bombs and IEDs during Sunday mass, resulting in 18 deaths and dozens of injuries, a day known as "Bloody Sunday."

    Direct displacement

    In the winter of 2008, the family of Deacon Youssef Benyamin, along with more than 1,380 Christian families, left the city of Mosul to Iraqi Kurdistan. According to Benyamin, at the time, al-Qaeda's "new assault" had begun, which aimed at forcing the largest possible number of Christians to emigrate. During this campaign, 12 Christians were killed and three churches bombed. The campaign came to an end with a public statement broadcast on the loudspeakers at several mosques saying that Christians had 48 hours to leave the city.

    Before the deadline ended, 1,380 Christian families — including that of Benyamin — had left the city. Many "could only leave in their pajamas," according to Benyamin.

    In Baghdad, al-Qaeda developed new, horrific tools to force a Christian exodus. On Oct. 30, 2010, al-Qaeda suicide bombers broke into the courtyard of the Church of Our Lady of Salvation in central Baghdad and detained more than a hundred Christians as they were performing Sunday mass. They demanded the release of what they claimed were "Muslim Egyptian women who had been abducted and forced to convert to Christianity by the Coptic Church in Egypt." Later, the militants detonated their explosive belts, surrounded by a number of hostages, including children. The massacre ended with 58 dead and dozens wounded.

    Soon after, more than 1,500 Christian families left Baghdad, heading toward the Ninevah plain and the cities of Iraqi Kurdistan. This does not include the estimated 30 families that migrate directly out of Iraq on a daily basis.


    According to Christian activist Benjamin Isaac, the most notable form of suffering afflicting Christians is the gradual isolation carried out by extremists. According to Rev. Kiryakos Hanna Matouka, the pastor of the Church of the Virgin Mary in Bartalah, religious extremism is one of the most prominent reasons for the emigration of Christians out of Iraq.

    The former director of the Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights, William Warda, agreed with Matouka, and said that increasing religious extremism throughout the world has caused a growing wave of violence against Christians in Iraq. According to Warda, "With time, extremism is leading to a clash between religions themselves."

    According to Warda, Western countries bear a large part of the responsibility for the violence. Dozens of Christians were injured following the publishing of offensive caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in Western newspapers.

    During celebrations marking the hijra of the Prophet Muhammad last year, the patriarch of the Chaldean Church, St. Louis Raphael I Sako, addressed Iraq's Muslims, saying, "Keep your hearts open in the event that the West commits acts of stupidity, and don't hold us responsible."

    According to Sako, the future of Christians in Iraq has for years been "vague and very scary." The inflamed situations in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt has cast doubts on the status of Christians. Meanwhile, extremism is growing among a large proportion of citizens of Muslim countries. This particular issue, according to Sako, "is what worries Christians and pushes them to think of migrating to the West."


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    Millionday Discussion

    [The s family] But, if the three zeros project will be over....wouldn't they wait to raise the rate when it's over?

    [millionday] The s family they have to change the rate before it

    [The s family] Right, but maybe wait towards the end?

    [millionday] bringing in the currency is a result of the rate change -- it is the only way any of us will give them back including the citizens they will only exchange them in if the prices are different

    [millionday] Qabas newspaper said, quoting Iraqi sources and unnamed informed that "Iraq and the United States putting the finishing touches on completion of an agreement between them to establish a U.S. military base in Iraq after the growing threat of al-Qaeda.

    Newspaper, without giving residence of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Iraq has been since months bombings continued almost daily target markets and public places and football stadiums popular and cafes as well as government institutions and security forces, and was in the month of July,

    which counted the bloodiest since 2008 as the number of victims in which more than three thousand people dead and wounded.

    With Al Qaeda adopted several operations carried out in Iraq, including the attack on the coronary prisons, Abu Ghraib and the smuggling of its leaders, in addition to the bombing of several car bombs and assassinations.

    Fresh] Markets will get a big boost or drop in about 20 minutes... 2pm est the minutes from latest FOMC meeting will be released... Wall Street is looking to see if FED is beginning the taper process of reducing it's $80 billion / month purchase of MBS in September or if they will remain unchanged for those following the US Markets

    [letsroll] The s family .. past cbi articles stated 3 zero's co-existing with the (new) for up tp 2 years in the marketplace if I remember ... just wish the coexisting started 2day ... cheers

    [millionday] The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas reported, according to the same sources, "the U.S. military base, will contribute to addressing the grass that is growing organizations active in parts of Iraq, while showing that the security services and the inability of the Iraqi military on the face of escalating this activity and the expansion of terrorist operations."

    According to experts, "the number of members of al-Qaeda in Iraq, as between 2007 and 2008 at the height of terrorist attacks against U.S. and Iraqi forces by about 5 thousand element, most of them non-Iraqis, and has now reached about 20 thousand, mostly Iraqis, so that became al-Qaida in Iraq locally.

    According to the newspaper. According to Iraqi sources, who spoke to the newspaper, "the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who feel the government is concerned about the growing al-Qaeda operations and the seriousness of the security situation,

    sent a few days ago to Washington and security delegation politically senior, featuring political adviser Tariq Najim Abdullah, a leader of the Dawa Party, which is headed Maliki, and Minister of National Security Faleh Fayad in addition to Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari that already exists in the U.S. capital

    [millionday] Fresh what ? where do you see that hun -- lets look at it

    millionday] this report is saying that the US may be coming back to help with the bombings meaning military

    [Fresh] millionday it's all over local financial news.. obviously what our FED does here will ripple through the bond, currency market in particular around the world

    [millionday] oh -- i will look at market watch later - thanks hun

    [Fresh] I was just giving a little summary for those following markets - gold, stocks, bonds, forex (currency) - in about 14 minutes things should fluctuate wildly

    [millionday] this whole room is following currency -- smile

    [millionday] Working Securities Commission to enter Iraq to the world body for the securities after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter provisions of Chapter VII. said Chairman Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi said that "the authority is working to prove their worth in the domestic market through the investment of the shares of companies operating in the country to revive the Iraqi economy."

    Saadi added, "we seek to enter as permanent members of the world body for securities which gives the body a name in the field of global equity trading, as is the case in the global markets where huge amounts of money trading control economies giant".

    [millionday] this is talking about securities as in the stock market and the many markets brb with more

    millionday] Iraq has many achievements in the field of re-expansion of relations and restoration of international stature from being a country with many advantages, including wealth multiple reflecting robust economy and his accession to the level of developed countries,

    and acquired this reputation by its commitment to the conventions and covenants International Vtgda sometimes represented by the Centers Nizatih famous and in other committees prestigious and today it has been accepted Business Council Inc and joining the Global Compact of the United Altddh to score another success in his quest to take a leadership role among nations.

    [millionday] smile this is major news for iraq

    [millionday] has got approval yesterday to join the Business Council of the Iraqi National to the Global Compact of the United Nations, which includes the ten principles in the field of labor and anti-corruption and the environment and human rights.

    said Chairman of the Board National Business Ibrahim al-Baghdadi (morning) that this done which prides businessmen to achieve but reflects earned them the confidence of international organizations and is a success factor for the role played by Iraq as part of his quest to regain its leading role in the work of the international system and to confirm his commitment to commitment to conventions and international treaties in the interest of the international community.

    [millionday] adding that joining the Council to this prestigious institution will provide its members opportunities for partnership strongest with international companies of the member states in building the new Iraq also reflects his commitment to building international relations and in line with international standards of this Charter and the adoption of its ten principles .

    Baghdadi explained that this acceptance will enable businessmen grouped under the dome of the use of the emblem of the Charter in the business card and paper official envelopes officially approved in the Council and by the form approved by the Office of the Charter of the United Nations, pointing to the preparations undertaken by the Administration Council of the printed card business in Dubai for all members Council.

    [millionday] should be noted that the Charter of the United Nations World featuring discreet organizations and institutions all over the world, which enjoys the benefits of the Charter.

    [bluedog2] millionday That means Iraq will soon be a world player? That's how I'm reading it.

    [brett123] bluedog2 i agree

    [millionday] so as we see this is huge for the iraqis to join the un charter as in the business council

    [millionday] bluedog2 yes and with the conventions that have been signed with the active members of the wto -- it is a good thing to say the least

    [bluedog2] millionday ok, that gets a guarded whoop, whoop!

    [millionday] whooop whooop is right this is huge for them in the last few days they have done alot and joined and signed many agreements and activated many as well

    [millionday] it is steps we should be seeing for the new iraq and the thing is that they are even referring to it as the new iraq

    [RickeyT] dow now down @120.

    [millionday] RickeyT RickeyT RickeyT --- can you please explain why this is important

    [RickeyT] millionday the only thing that has kept the U.S. economy floating is the Fed's dumping our "dollar" into the bond market, it is artificially inflated, a lot of the world is running from the dollar, which is real money right now. Do I need to go farther?

    [millionday] we saw a few days ago that market watch was predicting a change and a huge one

    [millionday] RickeyT right -- great point and let me add for everyone

    [Fresh] markets ripped off the lows and are approaching the level they were at prior to release at 2pm... building steam - consensus is they think the economy is getting better but not better enough to make full reduction of MBS purchases projected by September - possible they reduce by a fraction of what they planned or do nothing at all ...

    [DINARHOPES] millionday i don't believe that article about removing zeros in june 2014, they arent going to say when it is going to happen so i feel that we are closer than ever

    [millionday] the reserve that is expected from an rv like this or any change as far as that goes --- is expected to change and support the value of the usd and therefore those paired with it

    [millionday] now the way that a rate is figured is with many things but one of them is the reserves they hold so rickey is making a good point

    [miraclehands] millionday RickeyT thank you

    [millionday] the change coming makes the market fluctuate and that is a sign in a change coming

    tbob] millionday yesterday there was an article concerning article 140 . . is that the same as the HCL 140 we are looking for?

    millionday] tbob the hcl is the oil and gas law that should be approved and the 140 is the division of the areas as per iraq and kurdistan for profits and costs and responsibilities ect

    [millionday] so it also has to do with the division of money from oil proceeds and security pay ect ect

    millionday] DINARHOPES i think the strange translation on that one is the problem

    [tbob] millionday has the HCL passed?

    [DINARHOPES] millionday i agree

    [millionday] it was to be on the table and i was trying to bring something back up from a report i have

    [millionday] The 4th Iraq Mega Projects Conference & Exhibition will gather key stakeholders from across the mega projects value chain including government, national, international and independent oil companies and service companies to discuss project and infrastructure investment opportunities to enhance upstream oil and gas project delivery for the Iraqi oil and gas industry.

    [millionday] Register to attend the conference for the opportunity to gain in depth critical insights into operating in Iraq and meet with senior Iraqi professions, contract holders and the service industry.

    Distinguished Speakers Include: H.E. Dr Adnan Janabi Chairman of the Oil & Gas Committee Federal Republic of Iraq Ali Al-Mashat Advisor - Advisory Commission Iraq Prime Minister's Office Jaafar Oklany Deputy Country Chairman Shell Omar Moussa Vice President - Iraq Schlumberger

    [millionday] 2013 Distinguished Speakers include: H.E. Dr Adnan Janabi Chairman of the Oil & Gas Committee Federal Parliament of Iraq Ali Al-Mashat Advisor Advisory Commission Iraq Prime Minister's Office Stephen Kelly Business Development Manager Weatherford Arshed Akrawi Logistics manager South Oil Company Jaafar Oklany Deputy Country Chairman, Shell Iraq Ali Alwash General Manager State Company for Oil projects Zahra Al-Hammadi Head of Process State Company for Oil projects Jennifer Coolidge Executive Director CMX Caspian and Gulf Consultants Limited Mohammed Ali Zahid Al-Zahid Proocess Chief Engineer, Field Engineering Dep South Projects, State Company For Oil Projects (SCOP) Ghassan Ashqar VP Business Development SNC Lavalin Falah Al Khwaja Independent Consultant,

    Former DG of SCOP Ministry of Oil Daniel Matthews Regional Director, Central Iraq GardaWorld Richard Wilson General Manager - Iraq Pentagon Freight Services LLC Dr Mehdi Hafedh Chairman Progress Institute for Development Policies Former Minister of Planning Federal Republic of Iraq Asim Jihad Ministry of Oil Spokesman, Iraq's Ministry of Oil Jay New Commercial Director, Gulftainer Alex Borg Executive Director & Regional Co-ordinator of UAE & GCC Region The Chartered Institute Mohammed Riyadh Sabir Director of Projects NOC Andrew B Edwards Managing Director - Iraq GardaWorld Jabbar Lulaibi Former Director General of SOC Iraqi Ministry of Oil

    [millionday] smile

    [millionday] i would say the hcl should be going through if not already

    [DINARHOPES] millionday fantastic

    [millionday] The well received Iraq Mega Projects Interactive Workshop will be taking place once again this year. Register to attend and gain an understanding of: • Doing business in Iraq: commercial & legal knowhow • An overview of oil & gas opportunities & contracts •

    Issues regarding contracting with the Iraqi Government Download the brochure today for more information The fourth Iraq Mega Projects Exhibition gathers over 100 companies showcasing products, services and innovative technologies to operators and service companies currently working on Iraq's oil and gas projects.

    The IMP Technical Seminars provides an exclusive platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and services that are currently used in on-going projects in front of 40 targeted purchase and project managers operating in Iraq.

    [bluedog2] any announcement on dates.

    [millionday] how many? smile >>>>>>>>>>>> Book your exhibition space today and showcase your products and services to over 3500 trade visitors at Dubai's only Iraq specific oil and gas infrastructure exhibition. sept 30th

    [FeebSlayer] millionday doing fine, just got to work and figured I check out the scoop for the day. What I miss lol

    [millionday] iraq has joined the business council of the UN and signed the many conventions for 80 countries that are active with the wto and also activated all agreements

    [millionday] and rickey came in and said unusual market fluctuations are going on right now

    [FeebSlayer] millionday nice

    [millionday] that i just brought was the oil and gas convention and it is not anything like last years -- it is packed to the max

    faith1] sorry,,, I don't understand,, how can Iraq say activated all agreements and not have a tradable (currency of value) ??

    [millionday] i agree faith only makes sense that the largest product they have will have a price that makes sense -- meaning their currency so i will see everyone at newstime --

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    Keywords calls for political blocs to hold a national meeting to reduce the deterioration of political
    22-08-2013 04:39 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. Warned a member of a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Ali Alaak, the deterioration of the political situation in the country as a result of the continuing differences between the blocs, calling on the leaders of the blocks to hold a national meeting to end the political crisis.

    Keywords said (of the Agency news): that all political blocs realized the extent of the seriousness of the situation and the big influences on the political process, pointing to the existence of a general trend everyone has the national meeting should be held.

    He added: political stability will lead to stability and security, especially since the convulsive political speeches of some of the political blocs to target a particular block or component leads to a worsening of the situation and thus reflected on the Iraqi street is negative.

    According Keywords: political stability and the government's preoccupation completion of projects and provide services to citizens will cut off the opportunity for terrorists to continue their criminal work.

    The MP for / Rafidain List / Imad Youkhana, considered political blocs sitting at one table and debate on solutions to political problems, will give a positive message to the citizens, which is expected to solve these problems.


  9. #9
    Hassan Alawi calls for the National Union and Talabani to the family "to reassure the people on the fact that the health status of the President"
    Thursday, August 22 / August 2013 06:51

    [Baghdad - where]

    Independent lawmaker Hassan called upper Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the family of President Jalal Talabani: "People respond to the claims and reassure people and inform them of the reality of the situation Talabani's health."

    He said in a statement today the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it: "The Iraqi media and Arab, particularly satellite Baghdadi picked up numerous questions about the health status of the President of the Republic, and a reflection of the questions general concern to the Iraqi street, and in view of the many letters and phone calls and meetings that targets toward us questions themselves of the relationship intimate known history of struggle and intellectual convictions joint تجمعني His Excellency President for more than forty years, has been found of my responsibility personal friend and a brother and national politician and deputy adopting answer these questions after the cut off any information that could reassure the Iraqi people about the health of his boss , and therefore the importance of national and international. "

    He added the top: "The Jalal Talabani was not one day a name can blackout on him and his presence even when he was still a student at the Faculty of Law and an army officer and a member of the Bar Association and a journalist of high style, how can one imagine this name absent in the unknown world He held the post of the Supreme National at the top of the Iraqi state?, then Is not this enough to those who holds something of the diet, loyalty and devotion to this man and this state orphan in to ask about the fate of its patron and guardian of constitutional?, and whether it will be closest to the system of values ​​and ethics of struggle and social meanings ignore the question of the situation of the man of this size and these meanings? ".

    He continued: "I think the historical political and social does not allow me to be a part of the system of suspicious silence that surrounds the life and fate of the taller great Kjellal Talabani and put his life at the expense of deals and benefits in order to be more than one hand and more than a figure in the development of the beneficiary of this absence, but who are interested in putting it off to maximize private benefits infect the parties referred to and which to اتخفى about awareness and understanding of the Iraqi people and the varied nature of these benefits and the size of its benefits. "

    He added: "At this time I did not find what convinces me and explain the long silence of the Kurdistan Alliance to leave the presidency, ratified in political understandings share and maturity of the Kurdish people throughout this period vacant, unless the winnings from this vacuum the highest ranking of national interests and national Iraqi people public and private Kurdish people. "

    And went on top: "So I call on the faithful and language directly Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the family of the President in particular, by a shrug one can deny the size of the concern and its commitment to the safety of His Excellency, to respond to these popular demands sincere and transformation of the care sector to the national public, considering that Jalal Talabani is no longer Since his accession to the responsibility of the first position in the state just a husband or father to the family, but also became a leading Situated father is responsible for all the Iraqi people and the Iraqi state is entitled to know the conditions of the president. "

    And seal the top, saying: "I must here point out to shorten the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives gathered in this great tragedy and fraud is clear that يمارسانه against the Iraqi people and the Iraqi state regarding the بتغييب head of his people, in the past has not seen her political history ever seen in any country, But if goal is التوطئة to disable and cancel the remaining of this state entity, that all of the partners referred to them will be prepared to deceive and mislead public opinion negligently required to provide this information, one of the routine work in the countries of the world."

    The President Jalal Talabani, was injured last December stroke, and was taken to a hospital in Germany and is still lying where 7 Months ago it was announced last Sunday that he was injured last week, the inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. / End


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    Parliament held its session today without announce his agenda
    Thursday, August 22 / August 2013 09:11

    [Baghdad where]

    House of Representatives held the fourteenth regular session on Thursday.

    Not published the official site of the House of Representatives agenda of the meeting for the day, did not announce a decision Parliament MP Mohammad Al-Khalidi any details about them.

    The House of Representatives may hold a hearing on Tuesday, which voted to draft a legal animal health and the ratification of the Convention on the promotion and protection of investment between Iraq and Japan also discussed several other laws, not including the laws of contention between the blocks.

    The signatures were collected by a citizen block of council members to the enactment of the cancellation of the salaries of both the House of Representatives and the three presidencies and the ministers and members of provincial councils, governors and members of municipal councils. "

    The session also saw the need to host the Congress claims security leaders, including Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi, to discuss the security situation and the recent breaches.

    The Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi has the face of the security and defense committee in collaboration with the Vice-province of Nineveh, the follow-up to the suffering of the sons of the networking component of the threats.


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