" The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 18 August 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 18 August 2013

    Hamid Buffy: the security file must be transferred to local governments in the provinces by the Constitution

    18-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Called the Kurdistan Alliance MP Hamid Buffy to the transfer of the security file to the local governments in the provinces by the Constitution.

    He said in a statement today: "The security situation in Iraq had reached the status of near-collapse and pitfalls dangerous and alarming levels, is no longer the federal government controls the security situation in both cities and the territory of Iraq, Iraqis are threatened everywhere by terrorist groups and advocates of violence and armed militias sectarianism , and I think that some of the practices and behaviors is the national government and the failed plans and policies are also misconceptions that increase insult to injury and the complexity of the problems are more and more. "

    And saw Buffy: "The best solution to security problems is to abide by the constitution and re-consideration of the formation of the armed forces and the security services in accordance with Article IX of the Constitution, and make it include all the components of Iraq to take account balance and the similar nature of the non-marginalization and exclusion of any component, and under the command of a civil authority balanced is other, and not to interfere in the internal affairs of political differences and suppress the people and prevent freedoms and confiscation of their rights, but should be entrusted with the task of keeping the security of Iraq's borders and defend it. "

    He added: "The commitment to the Constitution and its application requires limiting the mission and the validity of the federal government to assume jurisdiction exclusive contained in Article (110) and shared in Article (114), and not to encroach upon the functions and powers of local governments, as contained in Article (115), etc., and so upright things and reservation souls funds maintained, because the people of Mecca know بشعابها. "

    He pointed out: "The security file in light of regional interventions can not be managed by a single person or a single block, or even a certain range, Iraq is in need of defense minister and another for internal and officials from all Iraqi components of each office and the military leadership and the security and intelligence upper and formations, to lead Iraq partnership Mkoonatih real balanced, and under the consideration of the House of Representatives and control by constitutional competencies. "

    He continued: "What he finds today Observers of the Iraqi political, military and security service that there is a breach of the Constitution and the encroachment on the freedoms and rights of citizens ingredients and the powers of local governments in the regions and governorates that are not organized in a region."

    He called Buffy references and religious scholars and political leaders and the House of Representatives and all Liberals and nationalists to: "serious review of Iraqi politics strategy and adapted according to the Constitution and the structure of the federal system, and an end to all appearances violation of the Constitution and the law: armed formations and sectarian militias, practices and actions of government non-national, and stop the corrupt officials, Valasraa in the transfer of the security file and handed over to local governments is essential and the duty to preserve the rest in this regard is very dangerous, forbidden and a crime - legitimately and legally and humane - to shed the blood of Iraqis pure every day injustice is not right, and without feeling the Iraqi official responsibility and guilt before God and before the people . "

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    Expectations by asking important laws during the next session of parliament Tuesday

    Khalidi: the bulk of which will discuss the implications of the security reality of


    Muhannad Abdul Wahab

    said the decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi allocation of the bulk of the age of the next parliamentary session to discuss security repercussions suffered by a number of cities during the past few days, stressing that Tuesday's session will also incorporate a number of important laws, particularly legal elections, and military retirement.

    comments come Khalidi, in sync with calls for parliamentary, stressed the importance of corner political differences, and work to bring the country's security crisis which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people, stressing the need to pass laws that did not get consensus on them, as a result of Tqataat political developments in former times.

    and hoping to hold the House of Representatives, its first after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, the day after tomorrow Tuesday, a meeting which is expected to witness pass a number of important laws, due to get consensus between the political blocs.

    Khalidi, said during Speaking of "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," said the parliamentary session next witness extensive discussions to discuss the security implications serious, and how to put an end to violations, which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people, pointing out that the agenda of the meeting will also include the election law and military retirement, some important laws Other that would give leeway to regulate the laws of the State of the window.

    and the decision the House of Representatives, the allocation of the bulk of the session to study the security situation, in order to prevent further terrorist attacks, as well as discuss how they can be achieved thanks to which the security of the citizen and ensure the safety of Iraqi society from any terrorist attacks, praising it on the capabilities of the army and security services other Iraqi, explaining that "the House of Representatives will devote every effort in order to put an end to these terrorist attacks.

    urged Khalidi, all parliamentary blocs and political to lay down their differences and Chnecatha away, and orientation towards resolving the problems facing the through the political process in the country, seeking also to achieve the security of Iraqi citizens who sacrificed a lot for the success of that process.

    turn expressed MP for the rule of law Aboud Issawi expectations, that is witnessing the parliamentary session next inclusion of a number of laws that deported before Eid al-Adha, especially Show amendments Committee of Five on some paragraphs of the General Amnesty Law, and adjust the salary scale, and the law of the public pension and electoral law.

    pointed deputy in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," said the security situation will take the space most of the discussions within the parliament, stressing that the meeting will also discuss the issue of escape of prisoners from prisons Taji and Abu Ghraib, as well as discuss a number of important topics concerning the development of Iraq's national security and facing the challenges.

    called Khalidi, the Presidency to the completion of important laws that will improve the living conditions and service, in order to be discussed at the next meeting , especially since the Parliament in the legislative term last years of age, reason everyone to carry out their duties to the fullest, and pass laws directly affecting people's lives, stressing "the need to seek all the political blocs to work on the study of the laws extensively and agree on the approval of for the Iraqi people.

    to the MP for the coalition in Iraq Raad Dahlaki the need to discuss the decline in the security reality in Iraq, and teamwork to put an end to those consequences that claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people, adding that the decline naturally led to increased security breaches that including the escape of prisoners.

    and MP for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that there are laws postponed until after the Eid al-Fitr, including the law of public pension and adjust the salary scale, stressing the need to seek the Presidency of the Council to include laws that directly affecting the lives of people on the agenda of the next meeting.

    between MP "The final chapter of the life of Parliament is nearing completion and all the political blocs to diligently pursue through committees set up by the Presidency to reach an agreement to pass important laws, which constitute a turning point in the lives of the Iraqi people, stressing" on the need to understand the political blocs stage and the security situation and what is required of agglutination among Iraqis.

    For his part, sees MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mohammad Qasim, the need for the Council to discuss extensively, the election law, so as to close as scheduled. He expected the MP for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," hosting a number of security leaders, to discuss the deterioration of security serious that killed Iraqis, stressing the importance of new ideas to prevent a decline in the security situation to this extent, as well as the coming together of all the blocks to eliminate terrorism.


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    Deputy for the law: Parliament will discuss the election law as soon resume itsSunday, August 18 / August 2013 08:27 | PDF | Print | Send to a Friend

    {Baghdad: Euphrates News} The MP said the coalition of state law were part of the National Alliance, Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri that the most prominent laws that will be discussed in the session {20} of the month is the current electoral law.

    Yasiri said the Euphrates News Agency {} on Sunday that "this law whenever sobering been agreed upon by all the political blocs will establish the House of Representatives New Users can lead his duties as required."

    He continued by saying that "the government in Iraq parliamentary rule Means that the Representatives Atnkhb the Council and Prime Minister of the Republic and approves Ministers and the Federal Court therefore, the election law is the surest guarantee for Iraq's political future in the event of approval on the ground. "

    Noted that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives had decided earlier that day be the {20} of the month of August, the current date for the resumption of meetings of the Council, and the MP for the list are united Knight السنجري that the most important reasons that led to disruption of meetings of the House of Representatives until the {20} From this August is the insistence of the Kurdistan Alliance deputies disruption for a week after the holiday, in addition to the travel of the President of the Council Osama Najafi to London for an operation in the ear.

    And different powers and blocs on the system and the mechanism of the election in the upcoming legislative elections, where preferably each system, which was used in the provincial elections non-performing province in 2013, a {St Lego}, while insisting others to change this system, demanding blocks the application of closed-list system and تخالفها other and moving towards open , to be the speech chapter on the subject of good religious authority which has expressed its opposition and its categorical rejection of the closed-list system.

    The mass of the citizen representative, has expressed some time ago, support for the list of open and constituencies multi-election in the House of Representatives next, where between MP Abdul Hussein Abtan that "the bloc confirms its support existing open-circuit multi However system {St Lego} that being it simple modification , "adding that it" supports the proposal not to run dual nationality for the elections, "explaining that" dual nationality paving the way for many to escape to the officials outside country after Achtlashm of the state funds. "finished 8


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    Maliki: the demonstrations that will emerge in the future entered by parties seeking to confuse the situation

    18/08/2013 - 08:36

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, while attending the opening ceremony of a youth camp in Hilla

    Alsumaria News / Babylon
    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said Altzzepehrt that you want to go out in the coming period entered by the parties seeking to confuse the situation, noting that Iraq deal with demonstrations every mind did not dismantle the sit-ins by force, while detect the presence of bodies reported based on projects by giving them money to stop their projects.

    Maliki said in a speech during a ceremony for the opening of camp youth in Hilla, on the occasion of World Youth Day, in the presence of governor of Babylon honest meaning and some deputies province, and was attended by "Alsumaria News", that "there are events you want to be out in the coming period, but entered the destinations you want created truth with falsehood and seeks to confuse the situation, "noting," We are not against the protest but should not be out of the legal framework and take them a way to banditry and be Baath interior and al-Qaeda. "

    Maliki said that "Iraq is dealing with demonstrations and sit-ins in all did not mind NFC sit-ins by force," adding, "We can decode any protest or demonstration in one hour, but do not want to kill one country and increase tension."

    He said al-Maliki said "Sunnis and Shiites agree only a handful of those who have moved toward the devil", criticizing "certain satellite channels that are trying to falsify the facts, including Al-Arabiya and some media disinterested, who insists that the number of martyrs in recent security incidents are eight while fell 15 martyr" .

    And wondered Maliki "Any Islam disbelieve who say certificates, and why the blood of Shiites cheap and describe the millions of Muslims Balanjaas," calling supporters of terrorism to "stop killing others and not to destroy the country, that no country in which part of democracy in Iraq."

    The Coordinating Committee for the abolition of the salaries of deputies campaign pensions announced in the Aug. 16, 2013, that the demonstration, set to begin in the 31 of the current month of August, will be launched despite the threats, saying it popular civilian campaign organized by civil society organizations and activists away from any political party.

    And on the projects being implemented in the country-Maliki said that "there is information we received on the reporting by some quarters based on projects by giving them the money they want in order to stop their projects," and urged to "get away from the harassment and profit and loss accounts of the election."

    It is noteworthy that the majority of Iraqi cities need to implement large-scale projects in the fields of electricity, health, education, sanitation and drinking water, as a result suffered from the devastation and neglect over the past decades witnessed by the country during the war and the economic embargo that was imposed on Iraq after entering Kuwait.


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    Najafi coalition: the blocks are grouped on the Changing Faces Crisis not a third term for the owners

    Sunday, August 18 / August 2013 10:28

    Twilight News / ruled out a coalition "united" led by House Speaker Osama Najafi, Sunday, assume the current Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's office for a third time, and as pointed out that This is linked to passage of the law defining the mandates three presidencies بولايتين, confirmed the existence of a consensus of the blocks on the theory of "change" faces.

    alt A member of the Coalition MP Mohammad Iqbal, in a statement received "Twilight News" that "rule to take over Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's third term," noting that "the political blocs assembled on changing the current faces."

    Most demanding blocs participating in the House of Representatives and the government except a coalition of state law not to nominate Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to office for a third term; against the backdrop of what they called the failure in several files, including the security file and services and autocracy.

    Iqbal said, "The renewal of the mandate Maliki as prime minister linked to the law prescribed by the House of Representatives and we mean by the law defining the mandates three presidencies بولايتين the", مردفا that "the Federal Court did not challenge until now the law according to the request made ​​by the rule of law."

    He explained that "blocks grouped on the new theory is to change the faces, meaning change policies, and the earlier stages," stressing that "we do not want repeated a third term, and continuing crises configuration of more than it is to build the better."

    It is worth mentioning that the House of Representatives voted on the mandates of the three presidencies, the Presidency of the Republic, and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Presidency House of Representatives بدورتين, and that the activation of the decision pending the outcome of the appeal submitted by a coalition of state law in Federal Court.


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    Zebari: We can not stop arms shipments from Iran to Syria and the Peshmerga will not fight

    Sunday, August 18 / August 2013 10:35

    Twilight News / Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq can not stop shipments of weapons sent by Iran to Syria through its airspace, because it does not have the techniques that allow him to do so.

    Iraq announced over recent months for inspecting Iranian planes on their way to Syria and said it devoid of any military equipment or weapons.

    Zebari said in an interview with Al-Arabiya, "Twilight News", the transfer of arms has eased compared with the previous period, after a protest Iraq and informed U.S. officials to do so.

    Iraqi officials associated with close ties with Iran, a key ally of the Syrian regime in Damascus, who faces an armed opposition to remove him from power.

    Zebari ruled out, sending the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan region of Iraq to protect the Kurds Syria after recent clashes with the "State of Iraq and the Levant" and "Front victory."

    And witnessing the Kurdish-majority areas in Syria because of the tense situations targeted by armed Islamist militants and claims and opinions war and mass murder against them, at the time controlled the differences in the form of the relationship between some of the forces and the Kurdish political parties that defend these areas.


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    Barzani lie to the news of the death Talabani
    Sunday, August 18 / August 2013 10:15

    Twilight News / lied to the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sunday, be Naچervan the Barzani has said the death of President Jalal Talabani.

    He said the press secretary to Barzani, Sami Erگoshi, in a statement reported for "Twilight News", said the site (Bzaf Press) published the day before yesterday a story claiming that the Prime Minister Naچervan Barzani said during a meeting with some of the security services of the provincial government that President Jalal Talabani, deceased since months.

    The newspaper claimed on the lips of Barzani as saying that the party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which Talabani serves as the secretary general did not announce the news waiting for a favorable circumstance to announce the news.

    The Erگoshi said that this news has no basis of health and far from the truth, saying that the prime minister (Barzani Naچervan) did not make any comments in this regard.

    The site Bzaf Bryce Kurdish had published the first Friday news source revealed that during the hospitality Prime Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani, a number of officers and ranks security (Asayish) and the protection of security (پarastn) Kurdistan said Barzani that Iraqi President Jalal Talabani had died months ago , stressing, Barzani said he visited Germany and make sure death.

    And assesses Talabani months ago in a hospital in Germany for treatment of a stroke suffered in Baghdad last year, underscoring his personal physician and governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim authorized only by his party to talk about the health of Talabani that the latter continues to improve.


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    Make way for the private sector to economic activity
    In order to alleviate the burden of the budget

    BAGHDAD - Hussein ثغب Tamimi

    said General Manager of Bank of Mesopotamia Islamic Abdul Hussein Mundhiri need to work on the revision of policies and economic trends short-and long-term in light of crises inherited from the previous regime in the areas of infrastructure in the sectors of housing, transport and services such as electricity, water, communications and other.

    said in an interview for the (morning) that this issue is important and is beset with many ramifications, he needs to redoubled efforts by everyone such as the Council of Representatives and the provincial councils and federations, trade unions, associations and bodies as well as government efforts Anyone who owns and manages public funds or private.

    managing the economy

    and pointed out that the responsibility Test bank economy of the country is a collective responsibility, whether to participate, directly or indirectly, and when our review of the economic sectors in the country, we find that there is a lack of communication and interaction between the public and private sectors and reason, as it seems confusing economic vision for the state, despite that the Constitution expressly stated that the market economy is the one who should prevail.

    He said that the lifting of economic reality and transferred to the mattress top and make it a strong economy and able to respond to crises and active in promoting development and treatment of repeated failures, requires make way for the private sector to reduce the state's role in Ashth service and business, especially in the provision of basic goods and services in different sectors of electricity, housing, transport three forms (land - air - sea) and this initiative will provide significant employment opportunities as well as to improve the types of goods and services, because the competition will be fierce for the largest possible market share. The budget thus Sngenb the financial burdens and the allocation of amounts in other facilities.

    development plans

    and pointed to the importance of the establishment of the Iraqi Council of economic policies and linked to the House of Representatives that includes a wide variety of academic and scientific expertise owners.

    To be accepted ideas and recommendations and to assist governments in addressing the economic problems and to enter in encouraging development plans economically feasible useful, as well as the establishment of industrial cities in various places of the country and by geographical advantage and nature areas. In order to raise the efficiency of the economy in all sectors to contribute to these sectors to promote ايردات the state and create employment opportunities for hands of skilled and unskilled, as well as these cities will be a magnet for foreign direct investment.

    Energy Bank

    Mundhiri reiterated the call for the structure of the Iraqi banking sector and under the supervision of the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers this time instead of restructuring planned funding and supervision of the World Bank did not achieve until now did not know why.

    stressed the need to create a bank of energy and be a sector mixed specialized financing energy projects of strategic exclusively so for the advancement of this vital sector, as proven that the State is unable alone on the funding and management of this sector, and this would be suitable to attract small investors to invest rather than put their money in their homes, as well as activate the investment market for securities Iraq enlightened experience Saudi Arabia, which has resorted recently to this trend, where the electricity projects new investors to ease pressure on its budget of more than $ 300 billion, including equivalent to three times the budget for Iraq. It has reserves of gold and foreign exchange more than ten times what possessed our country.

    insurance sector

    but Mundhiri did not address the problem of the financial sector in isolation from the insurance activity, he stressed the need to restructure the insurance sector, as the third part of the financial sector in addition to banks and the stock exchange, and called for an increase participation and effectiveness in the national economy, commensurate with the requirements of the next phase which will see the rise of a major economic in our country will enter the country patterns of new investment come by transnational corporations, which requires that preparing insurance companies and reinsurance Iraq to accommodate the demand for insurance services.

    note that our companies with a long tradition in the insurance activity is known for its expertise and experts, regionally and internationally.

    corporate self-funded

    and the importance of resolving the reality of companies and the Ministry of Industry and other self-funded and stalled activity ten years ago, and became these companies dependent on the budget, which was transformed from companies self-financing to companies funded centrally, and this is contrary to the goals Established for it, there are several solutions to address conditions including, privatization college or partial privatization or liquidation, according to the ability of each company to improve their situation and return to the production target and achieve profits and when you take the option of liquidation must transfer a section of the staff الفائضين into circles or other ministries so as not to them any harm. He concluded his speech by standing when reviewing the performance of tax policy as well, which represents is extremely important to make them achieve new revenue through the inclusion of more than one sector Balthacb tax, in addition to activating the law of customs tariff to achieve revenue task of the general budget of the state, as well as increase the number of free zones in more than one port sea, air and land to bring local and foreign investments increase the supply of goods and services and new profits for the benefit of the national economy.


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    Trade: exit Iraq from Chapter VII would open space for large global companies

    The Trade Ministry forecast a large global companies, to Iraq after emerging from Chapter VII, noting that out of the reach of this chapter free of the Iraqi economy. The Commerce Minister said Khairallah Hassan Abakar said in an interview for "alsumaria news", on the sidelines of a seminar hosted by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce with Baghdad, "Iraq's openness to the world commercially and economically it would be felt through the advent of global companies and foreign investment without fear, as well as global partnerships with private companies. "The exit of Iraq from Chapter VII free Iraq economic dealings with all countries of the world without exception", stating that "the Iraqi State and the private sector already working within compulsory cover name of Chapter VII." For his part, President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said Jaafar al-Hamdani in an interview for "alsumaria news", "out of Chapter VII presents an opportunity for the private sector to open economies and global companies," Iraqi companies could now get exclusive agencies of international companies or partnerships ". He confirmed that "the private sector has the opportunity to adopt a partnership with the Government of Iraq in building and investment", adding that "there are a lot of companies that will be present in the Iraqi market will work with legal safeguards." The UN Security Council voted on Thursday (June 27, 2013), unanimously adopted a decision to eject Iraq from Chapter VII, in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iraq, Hoshyar Zebari, Council held a meeting to consider amending its decision which was released in 1990 after the invasion of the former regime of Saddam Hussein to Kuwait.


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    Economy, the parliamentary adoption of the special law excludes banks


    Baghdad – my day
    Member of the Economic Committee ruled out the National Alliance MP Hussein almerapi, the adoption of the law on banks in the current parliamentary session, but for the mind of his study to the next session. Almerapi said: the banks need Intros first Central Bank because their sponsor and supervisor of all waltalmiat issued for banks is to export, adding: the Bank Act currently too old a long primer before the Constitution and some paragraphs and needs to review the law of the Central Bank Law 54 in 2004. He noted that all the countries of the world based on the modern banking system without update rules and survival mechanism and routine boring old policies would lead to a reluctance of companies that rely on the banking environment in their work, stating: the Banking Act in Iraq non-discreet and repellent to many international companies, adding that Iraq lacked the banks have the capacity to manage the vast amount of money if invested maarad residential units. He ruled that the Bank Act be adopted at the current session being saddled with a lot of important laws which unfortunately could not yet passed, but he did not drawback law debate at the current session and presented to the experts and economists, bankers and approval at the next parliamentary session. The banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by property (7) and banks (30) my family including Bank (7) in addition to Islamic banks 6 foreign banks.


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