" The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 12 August 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Monday, 12 August 2013

    Iraqis hold politicians responsible for the deterioration of security
    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat

    Seemed the streets of Baghdad are almost empty yesterday, only a few passers-by who seemed to fear and clear them, the day after the bombing for 16 car bomb or improvised explosive devices, targeting cafes and markets in the capital and elsewhere in the country on Thursday evening, killing more than 70 people and injuring 324 others injured.

    Download Iraqis in Baghdad and other areas of political and security forces responsible for the deterioration of the security situation.

    Said Abu Samer (64 years old), a retired agronomist who works in the shop, said that «political conflicts and security leaders, corruption and weak multiparty all that the cause of what is happening in our country». And improved conditions in the future, said Abu Samer, who bleached his hair completely «if the presence of the parties and conflicts among them will never improve the situation in Iraq.

    The «no longer have any confidence in politicians because many promises, and the outcome of their work is what is happening to the country every day.

    Ali al-Shammari, a seller of cigarettes (35 years), which combines the remainder of Warcraft smoke that blown by the explosion, said that «weak security and intelligence is not the only reason for the occurrence of explosions and repeated attacks», adding that «the large number of parties and political conflicts are the causes of stands as well as behind the violence. He said Ali, who works in this area that have been many explosions, ten years ago that «there is only one party and another shows him much better than the dozens of parties, even though they said about Iraq that governs the dictatorial regime. He added that «this much better than the dozens of deaths daily.

    In the Shaab district in northeastern Baghdad, where two car bombs exploded yesterday which led to the fall of eight dead and 24 wounded, security forces imposed strict measures included the closure of the main road leading to the waterfall market where the explosion occurred.

    The United States condemned the attacks, and described the perpetrators as 'enemies of Islam'. The spokeswoman said the U.S. State Department Jennifer Bsaki in a statement that it «cowardly attacks (...) targeted families were celebrating Eid al-Fitr. She added that «the terrorists who committed these attacks are the enemies of Islam, who are the common enemy of the United States and Iraq and the international community», note that the «U.S. bounty of $ 10 million for each piece of information will help the authorities in the arrest or killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi» al-Qaeda leader in Iraq .

    The cycle of violence continued yesterday, as six people were killed and 12 others were injured in the attacks, as reported by security and medical sources. In Hilla (100 km) south of Baghdad, said an officer with the rank of lieutenant in the army that «the three soldiers, including an officer with the rank of lieutenant were killed and nine others were wounded in a roadside bomb targeted an army patrol. He added that «the blast occurred in the early hours of the morning in the area of ​​the rock cliff (40 km) north of Hilla. In Baquba (60 km northeast of Baghdad), said an officer with the rank of colonel in the police said that «the two members of the Awakening were killed and like them were injured in an armed attack on a checkpoint in Buhriz hand», located ten kilometers south of Baquba. In another attack, in Mosul (350 km) north of Baghdad, said Lt. «civilians bypass a checkpoint in the neighborhood of the message, in the south of the city, quickly despite warnings from the security forces, prompting to shoot him and kill him. The «woman was from the Shabak injured in IED explosion at the door of her home in the Algiers neighborhood, in eastern Mosul.


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    Barham Salih: the next parliamentary elections in Kurdistan will be decisive
    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: Shirzad Shikhani of the

    Mark Dr. Barham Salih, Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, that the next parliamentary elections in Kurdistan «will be crucial, and will show the results landmarks way for political action future in the region», referring to «the National Union for Asthakaqan important, The first electoral maturity requires us to make efforts to ensure grassroots support for our party, and organizational maturity Conference IV, which will ensure partisan support base of the positions and policies of the party leadership and shaping the next phase. Saleh said in a statement to «Middle East» The current policy of the leadership of the National Union focuses its priorities on the resolution of the meeting of its board leadership, which emphasizes achieving national consensus on the draft Constitution of the Territory, then contest the next election an independent list, and also focus on the importance of sustaining the relationship strategy with the Democratic Party of Kurdistan led by regional president Massoud Barzani, a relationship important and urgently needed, because it is commensurate with the higher interest of Kurdistan, as the strategic alliance between the two parties paved the way for achieving many of the gains patriotism, nationalism, and therefore should be sustained so that we can provide better services to the people of Kurdistan, with the assurance that the National Union will not accept to be subject to any party whatsoever, because that would lead to its collapse, and therefore we always strive to balanced relations with all parties. The «along with the development of the strategic alliance between us and the Party of Barzani, assumed parallel also work to normalize our relations with the MDC opposition, despite the existing differences between us and them, you must stop the media campaigns and the use of letters convulsive and the language of slander and accusations of treason and open old wounds that hurt both sides, we have to we are together, whether before or after the elections to normalize our relations, because we are in the end we all need some kind of political stability so that we can serve our people and achieve renaissance Cardstanna ».

    On the issue of Iraq, did not hide his Kurdish leader concern for the future of the country because of the crises that are repeated, and said: «crisis generated the crisis in Iraq, and each new crisis is the worst and deeper than its predecessors, in addition to the suffering of Iraq originally from problems accumulated and old conflicts rooted in political reality Iraqi, interventions and regional conflicts over matters worse, and fueling turn these crises and complexity more, so we are facing a serious condition in the country is supposed to work all Iraqis to solve it, فسوء administration and rampant corruption and political unrest and chaos the current security, all lead Iraq towards the abyss if not Politicians يتدارك current situation ».

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    Iraqi Bar Association accuses Maliki «ignorance Constitution»
    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

    Download the Iraqi Lawyers Syndicate Mohammad Faisal heavily on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and on the back televised remarks to the owners in which he accused of being behind lawyers 'procrastination' death decisions.

    He said al-Faisal, who belongs to the Sadrist movement led by Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said in a statement issued by the Bar Association that Maliki is unaware of the Constitution and the principles of human rights asking him to submit a formal apology to the union.

    The statement, which got Al-Sharq al-Awsat, a copy of «We have read the remarks of the Prime Minister (...) We deplore and condemn these statements which indicate a clear ignorance and obscene to the Constitution and the law and the principles of human rights». He said al-Faisal that «the prime minister failed to protect the lives of the people is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces», following that «after the deficit-Maliki for combating administrative corruption in his government failed after its inability to provide services taking Looking for a peg to hang failures and failures and his fluctuating attitudes in all areas of the Nile slice lawyers and noble profession.

    The Iraqi Bar Association that «Maliki wants to abolish the role of lawyers in defending the rule of law», told al-Maliki «not for the role of lawyers for executed criminals not innocent were released. He demanded Prime Minister Faisal b «formally apologized, calling at the same time members of the Bar Association to 'urgent meeting' today 'to take the necessary».

    For his part, Ali al-Moussawi, media adviser to the prime minister, told «Middle East» that «this speech, which says captain lawyers talk is political, not legal, and that such talk can not be released from the man of law, as well as that of captain Iraqi Bar», saying that «political goals behind this talk, we Nstanl the language and style and motives, because it shows that this man is a political no man of law».
    Al-Moussawi said that «the words of the Prime Minister was clear was not an indictment of the Bar Association or detraction of lawyers and jurists in Iraq, but talked about the specific facts in the context of litigation against the defendants who reach the provisions of some of them to become final, whether execution or for life, as it faces some lawyers and under or Takrigat the pretexts for retrial, which confuses the work of the judiciary and delay the sentencing.

    He added that «Maliki launched from the fact that the security operation as well as the judiciary are interrelated and تحتاجان to the process of coordination between the parties or integration in case got delayed or delay in one of the episodes, this would affect the course of the executive power alone can not without help eliminate tasks entrusted to it. He stressed that «the sentencing process against the accused or convicted of passing out many but often get claims in the decisive moments of the trial by some lawyers would delay implementation of it by continuing to make appeals to the judiciary, which is reflected negatively on the security in the country», He pointed out that «Maliki had demanded the amendment of this paragraph of the law so that it does not get a delay in the implementation of death sentences against terrorists and murderers.

    He was surprised Maliki dialect used by the chairman of the Bar «especially that al-Maliki was not aimed at the union and not all lawyers but spoke about cases of this kind, it is supposed to take notice of the union to those lawyers who volunteered to defend terrorists boast about including Icomonh its massacres daily in different parts of Iraq without a shred of conscience ».

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    Central Bank Calls for detecting counterfeit currency
    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (Iraq) / Samir Ali

    CBI acknowledged the existence of Banknotes fakes in the commercial markets and sent Aamama to all banks to take the necessary.

    And called for an official document issued by the Department of counting in the Directorate General of issuance and cupboards at the CBI under the title «coin fakes» to check on the possibility of the existence of coins forged in deposits achieved with these banks, institutions or individuals who are dealing with these banks.

    (Details http://almustaqbalnews.net)

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    Susan Saad calls for the formation of a committee of Maliki's office and the parliamentary and local security to determine the causes of security breaches

    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Demanded the leadership of the Islamic Virtue Party Susan Saad formation of a joint committee of the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and members of the security and defense committee and parliamentary committees local security to find out the reasons for the breach security great, which occurred in Eid al-Fitr, which killed dozens of innocent people were killed or wounded.

    She said in a statement today: "The spread of financial and administrative corruption, which represents another face of terrorism in the security institutions and the goal of granting leave open its adherents against giving up part of their salaries for some of their officials, as well as underestimated vocations many to activate the intelligence, is very dangerous, because we have We have identified weaknesses in the security file leaving only work on the activation of all available capabilities, particularly through the monitoring of the amounts of the supplementary budget for the intelligence وزج elements efficient, fair and sincere, "he said.

    It continued: "There are some associates in the security services to Aitwajdon in their workplaces because they waived part of their monthly salary to the official exchange their stay in their homes, which led to a few number present at checkpoints, and thus easy currency penetration by terrorist groups."

    It showed Saad: "The bombings feast bloody affected most of the provinces and cities of Iraq and embodied the desire of terrorism unbridled to kill the security of the citizen, regardless of nationality and his community, which requires a serious stand and united by everyone to stand up in the face of this dangerous scourge that you want to break up the country."

    And demanded Saad to "give full support to the employees of the fourth estate (media) who put themselves at risk in order to move the event, as they show the positive side and laud him, the heart of their duty to highlight the negative aspects in order to take their way to treatment."


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    Appointment of Ismail al-Dulaimi, the leader of the island forces instead of Saadi
    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Anbar (Iraq) / Shehab happy:

    I learned the "future" from informed sources that the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered the dismissal of the island's chief of operations Hassan Saadi Group (which was said to have been assassinated last week and is not sure of the news) from his team and the appointment of Ismail Shihab al-Dulaimi, instead of him. According to sources who declined to give her name for "future" yesterday (Sunday, August 11, 2013) The Land Forces Commander Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan visited Anbar province two days ago and met at the headquarters of forces island with security leaders in the province and told her that the decision of the General Command Set-Dulaimi, instead of Saadi. And on what has been said about assassination team Saadi, sources denied this news altogether, but other security sources pointed out that the team Saadi ..

    Read more on: http://almustaqbalnews.net

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    In the document «Facebook» Education Minister accuses fraud
    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (Iraq) / Walid al-Mahdi

    Trading a large number of social networking sites and document said to have graduated to the Minister of Higher Education Ali al-Adeeb from the Faculty of Ibn Rushd entitled 'Abu education certificate forged ... Writer received a bachelor's degree and a 19-year-old just does not ».

    He wrote activists in publications them that the certificate Astkhrjtha «College Ibn Rushd» to the writer on 30/9/2010, for his nomination for the post of Minister of Higher Education looks completely natural and everything depending on the assets, but look at the history of graduation and get a bachelor's degree in Education and provided for in the attached certificate It 30/06/1965 and degree 'very good', and this means that the minister graduated at the age of 19 years only because the writer was born in 1946, the governor of Karbala.

    And sealing activists talk claim «Integrity Committee summoned the minister to investigate the validity of his testimony or awarded 'youngest college graduate in the history of modern Iraq.

    (Details http://almustaqbalnews.net)


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    Tamimi calls for political blocs to gain the trust of the Iraqi people by offering concessions
    12-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    He Edoaútlav state Aleghanonalnaúb Mansour al-Tamimi, the need to find radical solutions to the political situation by offering concessions from all the political blocs.

    Timimi said in a press statement: "The political phase through which Iraq is one of the more stages dangerous and must be on all the political blocs to make concessions to reach a radical solutions to ensure the country's stability at all levels of political, economic and social as well as the stability of the security situation in the country, which was causes crises Political sequence.

    He added that today is not responsibility of a particular person or a particular block as much as borne by all the political blocs and whose duty today to return even a small part of the Iraqi people's confidence before the next parliamentary elections. Ended

    Information Office of the Vice-Mansour Al-Tamimi


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    SLC MP accuses Turkey, Qatar, KSA, Israel of Eid bombings
    Monday, 12 August 2013 13:48

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Mufeed al-Baldawi, of the State of Law Coalition accused Turkey, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Israel of the bombings that took place in Iraq during Eid Al-Fitr.

    In a press statement received by AIN, he said "Some regional and Arab countries are involved in supporting the terrorist groups to target the security of Iraq because these countries do not want Iraq to be stable."

    "The security forces attacked the terrorists and the terrorist attacks represent a reaction to the response of the security forces, but this is not a justification for the security forces over not holding the responsibility to protect the citizens," he added.

    He called "The government and the parliament to cooperate and face the terrorist groups in addition to holding an exceptional parliament session to discuss the security situation."


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    Othman severely attacks government, describes it a failure government
    12/08/2013 09:06:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The independent MP, from the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman attacked the government for failing to provide security and services to the Iraqi people, calling it a failure and inefficient government.

    Othman told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the parliament is disabled and the political blocs are absent from what is happening on the ground from bombings that targeting citizens to the lack of services, which reflected in the performance of the government and its security services, which has become incapable to provide security and services for citizens, calling the government a failure and inefficient ".

    Othman called "the government to recognize its failure to provide security and services to the citizens, instead of promising to provide security services after the bombings, noting that" what is happening in the country is something strange and the country is moving towards worse. "

    He explained that "the series of bombings that hit different areas in the country simultaneously are continuing and this is alarming, unless immediate effective solutions placed to stop terrorist attacks."

    It is mentioned that several car bombs exploded in Baghdad and several provinces on Saturday, killing and wounding dozens of people, in spite of strict measures imposed by the security forces at the entrances of the cities and major streets as well as intersections. "

    For his side, a member of the parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense, MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hassan Jihad confirmed the need to confront terrorist attacks by activating the intelligence side.

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The House of Representatives must work to grill security chiefs, which became an urgent need, to know what is happening in the country, since the terrorist attacks took another turn by multiple attacks without being limited to certain places, since the holy month of Ramadan. "


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