" The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 28 July 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 28 July 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 28 July 2013

    Hakim to send initiative of Citizen Bloc over canceling MPs' retirement salaries to Nijaifi
    Sunday, 28 July 2013 00:15

    Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, announced that he will send the letter of the Citizen bloc that includes its initiative over canceling the MPs' retirement salaries.

    Hakim, after receiving the letter from the MPs of the Citizen bloc, stated "I will send this letter to the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, to inform the MPs and the ministers about it."

    He expressed his hope over "Voting on this suggestion by the Council of Ministers and send it to the parliament to endorse it."


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    Barzani: We have national consensus about the Constitution of the region of Iraqi Kurdistan

    Baghdad, July 27 / Qena / The head of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government Barzani, said there are commitments from the two major parties in the Kurdish region regarding the National Constitution of the Territory.

    Barzani said in a press statement today, We want our Constitution to represent the political and social partnership between all in Northern Iraq and not cause Division and alienation. He announced.their party's commitment to the agreement with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on the extension of his term as President of the Region, the Kurdistan Parliamen will stay on to achieve national consensus on resolving the issue of the Constitution of the Territory.

    The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union are committed to our strategic agreement which commenced June 29, 2013 that resulted in the decision of the Kurdistan parliament to extend the terms of Barzani and Kurdistan’s Parliament.


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    Iraqi spring is imminent!!
    Hassanein Fatlawi
    Saturday, July 27, 2013

    (10) years have passed since the fall of the tyrant Saddam and it still feels like we’re still in 2003, so what's new?, What change have we seen and achievements have been realized compared the time elapsed?, I'll leave that answer to the Iraqi citizens exclusively because they are like field experiments in successive stages, through which they have tasted the scourge of war and injustice at the hands of the rulers.

    Colonial occupier and dictator exploiter are the same side of a coin! One goal and ambition that, converges toward dictatorship and we all consider him an occupier like Saddam and his regime utilized dictatorship that ravaged Iraq setting it back 100 years, He took advantage of his influence, authoritarianism and his Entourage in Iraq and the rest of the people in Iraq lived in years of embargos and ignorance.

    The Iraqi people started out patient with the situation but things continue to remain under policies of marginalization and warnings of a new dictatorship that will not be accepted by the Iraqis and will generate a SPRING in Iraq again, but!!, contrary military coups and revolutions; Iraqis have expressed their anger through the ballot box that has insured Maliki’s ouster, constitutionally, there is no way that the citizens of Iraq will allow the country to go back to square one and phase out rules the constitution that was voted on by Iraqis who shed blood during the past period.

    That the results of the Provincial council elections expressed a clear and explicit messaged to the leadership as to the will of the people, Maliki’s State Law took the largest lashing indicating evidence that Iraqi is discontent and rejects the political arrogance pursued by al-Maliki.

    The Prime Minister give his citizens many options, he has to leave marginalizing and excluding his partners, abide to a commitment to the Constitution and apply it literally, move away from politicizing in order to stay in power. The writing on the wall made clear to the Iraqis through false promises based on letters of credit day after day. The situation for the Iraqi citizen is getting worse as levels are down as it pertains to income, rampant unemployment and virtually non-existent services and projects, the security situation is still deteriorating and is subject regarding security plans are failing despite the billions of DOLLARS that are spent annually on the Iraqi Army and Police without any result.

    O Prime Minister, where are you with all of this?, Iraqna needs to real reform after the smell of corruption has soured in all the State institutions we must have leaders on the basis of efficiency not on the basis of nepotism as the most important step. We need to have a strong base of security with fair leadership based in national building towards erecting a modern State.


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    Shahristani denies misleading Maliki and holds the Ministry of Electricity responsibility for failure
    28-07-2013 | (صوت العراق) - 28-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)
    بغداد: حمزة مصطفى Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
    في وقت اعتبرت فيه وزارة الكهرباء أن «الخيارات المتاحة أمامها ضيقة جدا» لتحسين واقع الكهرباء في البلاد رغم إنفاق عشرات المليارات من الدولارات منذ عام 2004 وحتى اليوم على هذا الملف، فإن نائب رئيس الوزراء لشؤون الطاقة حسين الشهرستاني نفى أن يكون قد ضلل رئيس الوزراء نوري المالكي بإعطائه معلومات غير صحيحة حول واقع الكهرباء بمن في ذلك ساعات التجهيز. At a time considered by the Ministry of Electricity that «the options available to them is very narrow» to improve the reality of the country's electricity, despite spending tens of billions of dollars since 2004, and even today on this file, the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani denied that it has misled the Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki by giving incorrect information about the reality of electricity including hours of processing. يأتي ذلك في وقت فتح فيه المالكي ولأول مرة النار على حلفائه داخل التحالف الوطني الشيعي وفي المقدمة منهم التيار الصدري بزعامة مقتدى الصدر والمجلس الأعلى الإسلامي بزعامة عمار الحكيم، فضلا عن نوابه داخل مجلس الوزراء، وبالذات الشهرستاني الذي يقود كتلة «مستقلون» داخل ائتلاف دولة القانون الذي يتزعمه المالكي. This comes at a time of opening the al-Maliki for the first time fire on allies within the National Alliance Shiite and submitted them to the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr and the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, as well as deputies inside the cabinet, and in particular al-Shahristani, who leads the bloc «independent» within the coalition of state law which is headed by al-Maliki.
    وكان الشهرستاني قد أعلن بعد يومين من هجوم المالكي أنه اعترض على شراء توربينات غازية لبناء محطات توليد جديدة لعدم توفر الغاز الجاف لعملها. Shahristani had announced two days after the attack, al-Maliki that he objected to the purchase of gas turbines for the construction of new generating stations to the lack of dry gas to work. وقال الشهرستاني في بيان له حصلت «الشرق الأوسط» على نسخة منه، إن ««قرار وزارة الكهرباء شراء توربينات غازية لبناء محطات توليد جديدة اعترضت عليه حين كنت وزيرا للنفط لعدم توفر الغاز الجاف لعملها»، مؤكدا أن «مجلس الوزراء وافق على شرائها بناء على التزام وزارة الكهرباء بأن هذه المحطات ستعمل على أي وقود متوفر، وخصوصا النفط الأسود، وتم استيراد التوربينات وبقيت في مخازن الوزارة». Shahristani said in a statement received «Middle East», a copy of it, that «« decision of the Ministry of Electricity buy gas turbines for the construction of new generating stations objected to it when I was minister of oil to the lack of dry gas to work », adding that« the Council of Ministers approved the purchase based on the commitment of the Ministry of Electricity that these stations will work on any available fuel, especially black oil, were imported turbines and stayed in the ministry stores.

    من جهتها، اعتبرت وزارة الكهرباء أنها «تسعى من أجل رفع القدرة الإنتاجية وأنها حصلت على دعم لا محدود من قبل رئيس الوزراء نوري المالكي من أجل تنفيذ المشاريع الخاصة بالطاقة». For its part, the Ministry of Electricity considered it «seeks to raise the productive capacity and they got the support is not limited by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the implementation of energy projects. وقال المتحدث الرسمي باسم الوزارة مصعب المدرس في تصريح لـ«الشرق الأوسط» إن «الإنتاج الحالي للطاقة الكهربائية في العراق يبلغ عشرة آلاف وخمسمائة ميغاواط، وذلك بزيادة نحو سبعة آلاف ميغاواط عما كان عليه الوضع عام 2003». He said the ministry spokesman Musab al-teacher told Asharq Al-Awsat that the current production of electric power in Iraq is ten thousand five hundred megawatts, an increase of about seven thousand megawatts situation than it was in 2003. وأضاف أن «الشركات التي تتعاقد معها وزارة الكهرباء تختلف في العادة عن الشركات التي تتعاقد معها أي وزارة أخرى لكون عمل هذه الشركات معقدا وبالتالي لا بد أن تكون رصينة وكفؤة، وقد أبرمنا عقودا مع شركتي (جنرال إلكتريك) و(سمينز) لإنشاء محطات حرارية وغيرها وهي عقود مهمة، وقد دخل قسم منها الخدمة»، مشيرا إلى أن «قضية الكهرباء سلسلة مترابطة مع أكثر من جهة ووزارة بمن في ذلك الجانب الأمني لأننا كثيرا ما نعاني عدم إقدام الشركات على إرسال منتسبيها إلى العراق بسبب تحديات الوضع الأمني»، كاشفا عن أن «أكبر محطة حرارية في العراق وهي محطة المسيب خرجت منها الآن نحو 1200 ميغاواط بسبب عدم وجود مشغلين حقيقيين لها لأن الكفاءات العراقية غير فاعلة وبعضها لا يمتلك الحرص الكافي على أداء الواجب، مؤكدا إعادة 800 ميغاواط الآن بعد جهود حثيثة لتحسين واقع الكهرباء في فصل الصيف الحار. He added that «companies contracted by the Ministry of Electricity differ in habit for companies contracted by any other ministry to the fact that the work of these companies is complex and therefore does not have to be sober and efficient, and we have concluded contracts with companies (GE) and (Sameenz) to create a Fossil fuel power stations and other They decades task, has entered the department, including service », pointing out that« the issue of electricity a series interconnected with more than one point and the Ministry including the security aspect, because we often suffer not ventured companies to send their members to Iraq due to the challenges of the security situation », revealing that «largest thermal plants in Iraq, a station Musayyib out of them now about 1,200 MW due to lack of operators real her because Iraqi competencies ineffective and some are not owned careful enough on the performance of duty, stressing re 800 MW now, after unremitting efforts to improve the reality of power in the hot summer .

    وردا على سؤال بشأن قصة الوحدات الغازية التي شابتها هذه المرة «شبهات غباء» وليس فسادا فقط طبقا لما أعلنه المالكي قال المدرس، إن «الأمر لم يكن كذلك وإنما عملية الاستيراد تمت على أساس أن هذه المحطات تعمل بأربعة أنواع من الوقود وإن كل نوع من هذه الأنواع يمكن أن يقلل من طاقتها الإنتاجية حاليا بنسبة تتراوح بين 20 و40%، لكن ما دفعنا إلى استيرادها لكون العراق بلدا منتجا للغاز بكميات هائلة وإنه يمكن بعد 3 أو 4 سنوات بعد إنتاج الغاز إعادتها إلى العمل به لأنها قابلة للتحوير». In response to a question about the story of gas units, which was marred by this time «suspicions of stupidity» and not corrupt only according to the announcement Maliki said the teacher, said that «was not the case, but the import process has on the basis that these stations operate four types of fuel and that each of these species can reduce the production capacity is currently at between 20 and 40%, but what we paid to be imported to the fact that Iraq producing countries for gas in huge quantities and it can be after 3 or 4 years after gas production returned to work it because they are impressionable ». وأوضح المدرس أن «هناك مشكلات أساسية نعانيها مثل أننا ليس لدينا المياه الكافية لبناء محطات حرارية وذلك بسبب شح المياه والمشاريع التركية والسورية على نهري دجلة والفرات، وبالتالي فإن مستقبل المحطات الحرارية غير مضمون»، لافتا إلى أن «ما لدينا من محطات حرارية حاليا مهددة بالتوقف في غضون سنتين أو ثلاث إذا ما استمرت أزمة المياه على حالها». The teacher that «there are fundamental problems نعانيها like we do not have enough water for building heating plants due to water scarcity and projects Turkish and Syrian on the Tigris and Euphrates, and therefore the future of thermal power plants is not guaranteed», pointing out that «what we have Fossil fuel power stations now threatened to stop Within two or three years if it continues the same water crisis ». وأكد المدرس أن «العراق يشتري حاليا من إيران ستة ملايين ونصف المليون لتر كازاويل لأنه ليس لدى وزارة النفط إنتاج كازاويل وهذه كلها معاناة لا أحد يعرف بها». The teacher stressed that «Iraq is currently buys from Iran six and a half million liters Kazoel for it does not have the oil ministry production Kazoel and these are all suffering no one knows them. وكشف عن أن «من بين الخطط المستقبلية للوزارة هي بناء محطات تعمل بالطاقة الشمسية ولكن أسعارها مكلفة جدا ولكنها مهمة للمستقبل وسوف تكون البداية بـ50 ميغاواط إلى 400 ميغاواط». He revealed that «among the future plans of the ministry is to build a solar-powered stations, but their prices very expensive but important for the future and will be starting with 50 MW to 400 MW. من جهته، اعتبر عضو البرلمان العراقي عن المجلس الأعلى الإسلامي وعضو لجنة النفط والطاقة فرات الشرع في تصريح لـ«الشرق الأوسط» أن «مما يؤسف له أننا وصلنا إلى مرحلة أن المسؤول الصغير يعمل على خداع المسؤول الكبير وأن الكبير يلقي باللائمة على من هو أصغر منه مثلما حصل للسيد المالكي حين حمل الشهرستاني المسؤولية التي حملها بدوره لوزير الكهرباء»، مشيرا إلى أن «المحصلة أنهم جميعا يتحملون المسؤولية وأن هناك خللا لا بد أن يعترفوا به قبل فوات الأوان». For his part, was considered a member of the Iraqi parliament for the Islamic Supreme Council and a member of the Commission on oil and energy Furat al-Shara told «Middle East» that «Unfortunately, we have reached a stage that the official small works to deceive a senior official and the large cast blame on who is younger than him as happened to Mr. al-Maliki when al-Shahristani, took responsibility carried by the turn of the Minister of Electricity », pointing out that« the outcome they all bear responsibility and that there is something wrong do not need to admit it before it's too late. وأضاف الشرع أن «أي تبرير لم يعد مقبولا وأن ما شاهدناه من تبادل اتهامات أكد عدم وجود متابعة وأن هناك عملية تضليل وخداع وهو أمر لم يعد ممكنا السكوت عنه، خصوصا إذا عرفنا أن المبلغ الذي أنفقناه على الكهرباء يبلغ 37 مليار دولار وهو مبلغ يبني بلدا بكامله وليس كهرباءه فقط». He said al-Shara that «any justification is no longer acceptable and that what we have seen from the exchange of accusations confirmed the lack of follow-up and that there is a process to mislead and deceive, which is no longer possible to remain silent about it, especially if we know that the amount أنفقناه on electricity of $ 37 billion, an amount that builds the country as a whole and not only Kahrabah ».
    الشرق الاوسط Middle East


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    Officials: united Kurdish list Mosul Christsman form a government within days
    28-07-2013 | (صوت العراق) - 28-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)
     بغداد/ وائل نعمة  Baghdad / Wael grace
    تناصفت كتلتا "متحدون" بزعامة محافظ نينوى المنتهية ولايته أثيل النجيفي، وقائمة التآخي والتعايش، عدد المقاعد والحلفاء التي حصلوا عليها بعد سلسلة مفاوضات اجرتها كلا الكتلتين على حدة، وأفضت عن حصول كل منهما على 14 مقعدا تمكنهم من حسم تشكيل الحكومة المحلية للموصل بشكل مريح، وفيما رجح مسؤولون محليون من الطرفين باحتفاظ النجيفي بمنصبه، اكدوا آن التآخي والتعايش ستحصل على منصب رئيس مجلس المحافظة ورجحوا تشكيل الحكومة المحلية خلال الأسبوع الحالي. Tnasft Ktlta "united" led by the governor of Nineveh outgoing ethyl Najafi, and a list of brotherhood and co-existence, the number of seats and the Allies obtained after a series of negotiations conducted by both blocs on the unit, and led all get on each 14 seats, enabling them to resolve the formation of the local government of the connector snugly, The most likely local officials from both sides retained Najafi his job, confirmed that the fraternity and coexistence will get the post of head of the provincial council and local رجحوا the formation of the government during the current week.
    ولمحافظة نينوى 39 عضوا في مجلسها وتحتاج عملية تشكيل الحكومة المحلية الى توافر نصف عدد الأعضاء زائد واحد ليتحقق النصاب القانوني لعقد جلسة اختيار المحافظ ورئيس مجلس المحافظة ونوابهما. The province of Nineveh, 39 members in the council and need local government formation process to the availability of half of the members plus one for the quorum to convene a meeting to choose the governor and provincial council chairman and deputies.
    وكان محافظ نينوى المنتهية ولايته، أثيل النجيفي اعلن، قبل يومين عن تشكيل كتلة "النهضة" التي ضمت متحدون الى جانب حلفائها من الفائزين، وضمت 14 عضوا. The governor of Nineveh outgoing, Liberation of Iraq announced, two days before the formation of the "Renaissance", which included united along with allies from the winners, and included 14 members.
    وكشفت مصادر مطلعة في الموصل لـ "المدى" ان اجتماعات جرت بين النجيفي وبعض المعارضين بينهم غانم البصو رئيس قائمة "الوفاء لنينوى"، تتضمن اجراء تحالف بين الطرفين لخوض مفاوضات تشكيل حكومة الموصل المحلية معا، على رغم عدم وجود اعلان رسمي حتى الآن. Sources familiar in Mosul, "long" that the meetings took place between Najafi and some opponents, including Ghanem Albeso head the list of "loyalty to Nineveh," includes an alliance between the two parties to contest the negotiations to form a government of Mosul local together, although there is no official announcement yet.
    وأضاف ان التحالف الجديد الذي شكلته متحدون مع حلفائها والذي سمي بكتلة "النهضة" سيلعن خلال أيام تحالفه مع قائمة التعايش والتآخي الكردية كنتيجة للتعاون والتقارب الذي جرى خلال الشهور الماضية بين محافظة الموصل واقليم كردستان على الصعد السياسية والاقتصادية. He added that the new alliance formed by the united with its allies and named after the mass "renaissance" سيلعن of during the days of his alliance with the list of co-existence and Kurdish brotherhood as a result of the cooperation and convergence, which took place during the past months between Mosul and the Kurdistan region on the political and economic levels.
    ورجحت المصادر ان التحالف بين النهضة والتآخي والتعايش يفضي إلى إعادة التجديد للنجيفي محافظا لنينوى، فيما يكون منصب رئيس المجلس للتآخي والتعايش على ان تتقاسم مناصب نواب المحافظ ورئيس المجلس مناصفة بين الكتلتين. The source believes that the alliance between the Renaissance and the brotherhood and coexistence lead to the regeneration of Ngeevi governor of Nineveh, while the chairman of the Council of fraternity and coexistence to share the posts of Vice-Governor and President of the Council shared equally between the two blocs.
    وافاد مراسل "المدى" في نينوى بأن المحافظ المنتهية ولايته وخلال جلساته الاخيرة انتقد بشكل صريح، مدراء دوائر الزراعة والتربية، في إشارة الى نية إجراء إصلاحات على مستوى المدراء المحليين في الموصل. The reporter said "long" in Nineveh that the outgoing governor and in recent sessions explicitly criticized, directors of departments of agriculture and education, in reference to the intention of reforms at the level of local managers in Mosul.
    ورجح رئيس تجمع "عشائر ام الربيعين" زهير الجبوري في تصريح الى "المدى" امس الاعلان عن تشكيل حكومة نينوى نهاية الاسبوع الجاري، على ان تفضي لتجديد ولاية المحافظ أثيل النجيفي للمرة الثانية. He favored the president of the "clans or Rabiein" Zuhair al-Jubouri in a statement to the "long" yesterday announced the formation of a government of Nineveh end of this week, that will lead to the renewal of the mandate conservative Liberation of Iraq for the second time.
    وأوضح الجبوري أن كتلة "النهضة" قريبة من اعلان تشكيل الحكومة مع كتلة "التآخي والتعايش"، وتحقيق نصاب قانون اكثر من المطلوب بـ28 عضوا من اصل 39 وهو عدد أعضاء مجلس محافظة نينوى، كاشفا ان 11 عضوا مازالوا خارج التشكيلة المقترحة، 7 منهم لم يتحالفوا حتى الآن مع اي كتلة، وهم كل من غانم البصو الذي لم يعد يحتفظ الا بمقعد واحد، وتجمع البناء والعدالة العراقي بزعامة "ديلدار الزيباري" وحصل على ثلاثة مقاعد، وائتلاف "نينوى الموحدة" برئاسة عبد الله حميدي عجيل الياور الذي حصلت قائمته على ثلاثة مقاعد. The Jubouri that block "Renaissance" close to the announcement of the formation of the government with the bloc "fraternity and coexistence", and to achieve a quorum law more than required by 28 members out of 39, a number of members of the Council of Nineveh province, revealing that 11 members still outside the selection proposed, 7 of them did not يتحالفوا yet with any block, and they are all of Ghanem Albeso which is no longer retains only a single seat, pool construction and Iraqi justice led "ديلدار Zebari" and won three seats, and a coalition of "Nineveh standard" headed by Abdullah Hamidi al-Yawar, who got his list to three seats .
    الى ذلك قال رئيس قائمة "التآخي والتعايش" السابق في نينوى قاسم صالح ان قائمته تبذل جهودا مع قائمة النجيفي لتشكيل الحكومة المحلية في الموصل، موضحا في الوقت نفسه ان التآخي والتعايش لاتضع أيّ خطوط حمراء باتجاه باقي الكتل. Meanwhile, a head of the list of "brotherhood and coexistence," the former in Nineveh Qassem Saleh said the list was making efforts with Najafi list for the formation of local government in Mosul, pointing out at the same time that the fraternity and coexistence not put any red lines toward the rest of the blocks.
    وكشف صالح في حديث مع "المدى" امس ان قائمته ترغب بإعطاء منصب المحافظ الى اثيل النجيفي، وعزا ذلك الى اسباب تتعلق بالوضع الخاص لنينوى وبان القومية العربية هي الأكبر في المحافظة، لافتا الى ان "التآخي والتعايش" لا تفكر بمنصب المحافظ وستحصل على المنصب الثاني الذي يليه في إشارة الى حصول القائمة الكردية على رئاسة مجلس محافظة نينوى. And Saleh revealed in an interview with the "long" yesterday that the list you want to give the post of governor to Ethel Nujaifi, and attributed this to reasons related to the special status of Nineveh and that Arab nationalism is the largest in the province, pointing out that "fraternity and coexistence" I do not think the position of the governor and you'll get a job II which is followed by a reference to get the Kurdish list on the Presidency of the Council of Nineveh province.
    وكانت المفوضية العليا المستقلة للانتخابات، أعلنت، في 21 تموز الماضي، مصادقتها على نتائج انتخابات محافظة نينوى، وبين أن الهيئة القضائية في المفوضية حسمت جميع الطعون المقدمة بشأن نتائج الانتخابات في المحافظتين. The Electoral Commission for elections, announced, on 21 July, ratification of the election results of Nineveh province, and between the Commission's judiciary resolved all appeals filed on the results of the elections in the two provinces.
    المدى Term


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    Dollar game continues to rise - embezzling of millions

    The future of Iraq / special confirmed a senior political source, on Saturday, that the game of high exchange rate of the dollar is still valid, especially that it is the third largest way to embezzling millions of dollars a day and distributed to the partners of politicians and leaders of blocs and parties are prominent, as well as influential in government. The source said the "Future of Iraq" that "so-called" auction sale of the currency "by the central bank is only a way to manipulate the market and to keep the crisis of rising dollar, noting that" this auction did not get in anywhere in the world only in Iraq under the pretext of fixing the exchange rate of the dollar compared to JD. " The source pointed out that "continuing to sell the currency to resolve the crisis, the high price of the dollar came as a result of ignorance of economic matters," likely to continue the process, which he described as "a sitcom - Alambkih" to steal from which large sums of money of the people for a longer period. This is due, an economist Maytham Laibi, fluctuating exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar to change the policy of the Central Bank from time to time .. Witness the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar fluctuated between one period and another Economists attributed to many things is the instability of the central bank monetary policy and to the political differences that appear from time to time on the political scene.


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    Iraqi Politicians Need to Reconnect With Society

    Electoral campaigns in Iraq — such as the ones in 2005 and 2010 — refer to the days right before the elections, during which pictures of candidates are hung in public places and advertisements on television promote candidates, who communicate with tribes and clerics to urge them to cast their vote in their favor.
    About This Article
    Summary :
    Iraqi politicians local election campaigns are out of touch with the needs of the people.
    Original Title:
    Iraq: Amputated Readings of Electoral Campaigns
    Author: Mustafa al-Kadhimi
    Posted on: July 24 2013
    Translated by: Sahar Ghoussoub and Joelle El-Khoury
    Categories : Originals Iraq

    The truth is that the concept of an "electoral campaign" has expanded across the world, and has become an integral part of political practice — whether the elections are in the offing or not.

    On this basis, it is true to say that political practice serves in one aspect as an electoral campaign, through which politicians seek to assess the views of the street beforehand, work on changing negative attitudes and create deep positive feelings.

    However, this is not the case in Iraq. That is why we find a large gap between electoral slogans and political practice in Iraq.

    The Iraqi governorate elections that took place on April 20 were an occasion to test the changes in the Iraqi political mentality, before testing the voters’ inclinations.

    Iraqi politicians customized electoral campaigns and established that the election period is completely detached from actual political action. Thus, the three months that preceded the polling process were rife with activities, conferences and statements. Candidates visited remote villages, dealing with clans and clergy, and distributed financial aid to the poor. However, all this ended after the election results were announced.

    The winner was preoccupied with forming the new local governments — and his position in it — and the loser dragged himself out of sight, awaiting new opportunities.

    It is exactly here where the imbalance in the Iraqi political circle — which built a solid barrier between political action and social work — has emerged.
    National elections will take place in Iraq some time in 2014. Starting already, electoral motives in escalatory statements and positions here and there can be felt.

    The politicians have learned that playing sectarian and nationalist chords during election periods can guarantee that they continue to get the votes.

    Yet, this interpretation is incomplete and stereotyped. It neglects that the political and electoral sense of the Iraqi street is evolving and is inconsistent, and to guarantee its votes, the street will need more than sectarian and nationalist slogans.

    In the local elections, talk of a 50-70% boycott of the voting process was a real wake-up call. The politicians should have felt and handled the reasons for this boycott, so that it does not turn into a growing phenomenon challenging the legitimacy of the whole democratic system.

    Today — less than eight months before the general elections are to be held — politicians should take to the street, share the street’s ideas, feel the suffering of the population and initiate launching social campaigns that prove the candidates are rooted in their communities.

    Simply relying on pictures and slogans launched a few days prior to the elections does not show that Iraq is a serious political society. Yet, it repeatedly demonstrates that Iraq is controlled by the experiments of amateurs who don't possess the keys to the future.

    Mustafa al-Kadhimi is an Iraqi writer specializing in defense of democracy. He has extensive experience in documenting testimony and archiving documentaries associated with repressive practices.


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    Issawi: three presidencies is the owner of the solution to all crises in the country

    BAGHDAD / With: MP for the coalition of state law Abboud al-Issawi, Saturday, that the gap between the three presidencies created a major gap in the political process and the government's performance.

    Issawi said in a statement received, said that "the three presidencies of the Republic, ministers, MPs are Her solution to all crises experienced by the country and if it was able to sit at the negotiating table and discuss what is facing the political process and the difficulties of state action correctly, they will come to solutions to these problems."

    "The meeting, which took place between the Prime Ministers and MPs Nuri al-Maliki and Osama al-Nujaifi need to be followed by other meetings are continuing to develop solutions to all the problems, especially that help the convergence of views between the two sides and help to improve the performance of the government and the parliament."

    The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi has met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the sidelines of a breakfast hosted by Najafi yesterday been in search of the political situation and the developments of the scene, particularly the issue of security prisoners escape from Taji and Abu Ghraib prisons.


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    Energy parliamentary: Aftan interrogation after the holiday and therefore abandoning responsibility of the decades-Shahristani -

    BAGHDAD / With: revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Sunday, Electricity Minister Abdul Kareem Aftan did not respond yesterday to questions that guided him through hosted in the House of Representatives, while confirming installed later questioned after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

    Committee member said Uday Awad in a press statement: "The Minister of Electricity yesterday did not respond to questions and his جهناها through hosted in the House of Representatives and flees to answer," noting that "later interrogated proven after the holiday."

    He added Awad that: "The Minister of Electricity to clear him of the charges against him on the contracts signed with foreign companies in the field of electric power and holds the deputy prime minister for energy affairs responsibility," pointing out that "the learning books official that al-Shahristani is giving approval contracts with foreign companies in the field of energy. "

    And hosted by the House of Representatives yesterday, and Electricity Minister Abdul Kareem Aftan to discuss the necessary electrical power with failure to attend the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussein al-Shahristani, a justification that not received a formal notice of attendance


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    Jubouri: detect corrupted files to officials of the political blocs election propagan

    The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad

    MP for the predicted mass and patriots Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri should try political blocs Ptsagat the opponents by detecting corrupted files to officials of the blocks, and that for electoral purposes for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

    Jubouri said in a press statement that the election campaign, started early and today the political blocs are trying to drop their opponents to open the files of corruption, and detection, adding: We believe there will be the appearance of corruption of files of officials of the blocks and blocks but I do not believe it will be resolved.

    He attributed the Vice-President of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, however, that the judiciary has become influenced by politicians and political, saying: We will see the files of corruption revealed but without Hmesha.

    It should be noted that, before every election seeing quarreled political between the political blocs and the escalation of sectarian and open files corruption or criticism of the block to the other, especially the large blocs, so for charging bases election for election, promised politicians that the upcoming parliamentary elections will be more conflict between the components of the National Alliance, because they are competing the prime minister, unlike the other blocs that are looking for increased its seats in the House of Representatives.


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