" The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 20 July 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 20 July 2013

    Kurdistan and the Liberals unite their proposals on the election law and Maliki's coalition continues to reject the "Saint Lego
    20-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    "J Baghdad / Wael grace

    Revealed the Legal Committee of Parliament that the coalition of state law requiring that no amendment of the law of parliamentary elections with the exception of paragraph relating to the system counting, so as to avoid a repetition of losing big in the provincial elections, would prefer to see the Kurdistan Alliance to make amendments comprehensive law where the integration drafted proposed with the wording of the Sadrist movement and appeared in one project.

    This comes at a time when Democratic Movement announced its commitment to St Lego system in the distribution of votes per constituency and open the menu.

    A member of the Legal Committee of the Liberal bloc MP Naji bright "long" that "there are two proposals to amend the election law forward by the Liberals and the Kurdistan Alliance," stressing that "the Commission proposed legal and united in a single proposal."

    He disclosed that the draft integrate proposals require to change some technical points and prevents dual nationality from standing in the elections, and make your vote on polling day the same year in order to avoid fraud, and some points on the guarantee of the existence of two registers primary and final of the voters, and it supports the proposed circuit multiple at the provincial level and in inside, and it takes the open-list system.

    Naji said that the state law objected to the amendment of the electoral law and demanded to amend paragraph only نقضتها Federal Court relating to the electoral system and the method of calculating the votes, while the Kurdistan Alliance objected to the opinion of Maliki's coalition and preferred to modify the rest of the paragraphs and not a single paragraph.

    He explained that the proposed mass Liberals includes reading the amendment to the paragraph that نقضتها Federal Court such as reading the first and leave the amendments to the discussions between the blocks during the sessions, stressing rejection of the Legal Committee of the proposal made by some lawmakers to extend the work of the parliament for one year in case of security conditions or any circumstance compelling impossible conduct of elections and in order to avoid a constitutional and legislative vacuum, pointing out that the Legal Committee rejected the proposal fully because it is unconstitutional because the constitution confirms that elections take place before 45 days of the end of each legislative session

    On the other hand said Liberal MP, said his bloc and a coalition of citizen support the open list and multiple circuits, revealing that the Iraqi List wish list closed, for reasons he says a member of the Legal Committee that it "related to guaranteed choose deputies competent Iraqi be responsible for them."

    It draws Naji that the Kurdistan Alliance wants one constituency regardless of closed or open, as saying that state law declares its wish list open, but asserts that it "appears contrary to the lining," likely that Maliki's coalition is seeking to list closed, indicating at the same time blocs did not reach yet an agreement on the electoral system, whether Hundt, or Saint Lego. "

    And rejected the religious authority to adopt the closed-list system in the upcoming parliamentary elections, مشترطة balance and prevent refrain from participating in the elections in any amendment to the election law.

    Moreover, said a member of the Executive Office of the Democratic Movement Jassim Hilfi that the components of democratic power with the open-list system and a single constituency system and the adoption of Saint Lego, citing that the MP will be representing all of Iraq and not to a specific province or region.

    Hilfi said the "long" that "Democratic Movement wants to achieve justice in the elections and is keen on voter's voice is not lost," revealing that power tends to open and list per constituency, and the use of a system of "Saint Lego" to calculate the votes.

    Hilfi confirms that single circuit system commensurate with the situation in Iraq, which suffers identity conflict and the risk of division, noting that the choice of MP on a per circuit basis will result deputy Per Iraq and not to a specific region.

    But an expert on elections, Adel al-Lami said that the open list with one circle is difficult to achieve technically, revealing that the system of "Hundt," he is talking about some not much different from the "St. Lego."

    He said al-Lami in connection with the "long" yesterday that "the system Hundt for the calculation of votes like Saint Lego," noting that "Hundt is counting votes on the numbers odd and even," while "Saint Lego divides the valid votes on individual numbers only." Lami describes "Hundt system as a system for the complexity of calculating the votes."

    Reveals Lami difficult to hold elections on the basis of "open-list and constituency" one, because it would require candidates, many for the whole of Iraq is entitled to voters vote for them from anywhere in Iraq, and perhaps the number of candidates each block then to 650 candidates in a single list, which is twice the number of members the House of Representatives, "325", the Commission will face difficulties in counting the votes. He said al-Lami closed list unconstitutional "because it does not allow voters to know the candidates," revealing at the same time for surrender brings a challenge to the Federal Court system, "St. Lego" because of his failure to determine the "quota" of women and deprive some of the male candidates from getting the job, stressing that he is supposed on polling day a "two boxes for the elections and one for women's quota and the other for the rest of the mixed lists."

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    Parliamentary Integrity: $ 130 billion fled in the past 10 years and pursue 120 officials involved
    20-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

     Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi

    Revealed the Integrity Commission, parliamentary, on Friday, about the size of Iraqi funds that "ran away" out of the country since 2003, up to $ 130 billion, in addition to prosecuting 120 government officials, including ministers and managers عامون, linked to the files of financial corruption and money contraband. He criticized members of the Parliamentary Committee on the Integrity Commission and the Department recover the money, accusing it of selectivity to follow the money smuggled and the prosecution of officials involved. They pointed out that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII will further embarrass the government because most involved are Mahsopon on "the ruling party."

    The United Nations announced last June, the ratios of administrative corruption in Iraq "continues to increase," asserting that about 60% of the civil servants in Iraq, "offered" taking bribes, while confirming that the rates of corruption in Baghdad, higher than in the rest of the provinces , while the provinces of Kurdistan, at least, indicating that the Iraqi forced to pay a bribe "four times a year," on average, and confirmed that corruption increases if the transaction was with the police or the real estate staff.

    The Directorate recover money one profiles the new Integrity Commission as provided for in the law of integrity number (30) for the year 2011 in Article (11) and mission refund corruption smuggled abroad in cooperation and coordination with the concerned authorities and includes مديريتين, one to retrieve the money and the second to bring the accused and prosecuted in Iraq.

    The MP said Jawad Alshahyla, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, to "circle recover money in the Integrity Commission failed to recover Iraq's money smuggled to the absence of a law regulating the work as well as selective in choosing characters that are prosecuted."

    He revealed Alshahyla, in a statement to the "long" yesterday, that the "value of money smuggled out of Iraq than the $ 130 billion since 2003, and so far," adding that "money laundering and smuggling are still ongoing amid the silence of the Department of the Directorate recover the money."

    The MP said the Liberal bloc by saying that "the money that had been smuggled out in more ways than one, there Arab traders backed by Iraqi political parties, and many of these funds ran through fund the reconstruction of Iraq, which began its work in 2003 until 2008."

    He pointed out that "the Integrity Commission, submitted to the judiciary and the integrity corrupted files more than one character at the level of minister and adviser to the general managers, but they failed to deal with them and hold them accountable," calling on the government to follow the money "to hold bilateral agreements with countries where there are defendants to استردادهم and recover the money that Herboha ", noting that" the presence of 120 personal now enjoys with Iraqi money in different countries, but the government turn a blind eye them. "

    He Alshahyla that "out of Iraq from Chapter VII difficult things retrieves Iraq his money contraband because states and international companies that deal with it Sttabanna the names of these officials involved smuggling money," likely "The government will refrain from giving details about personalities considers sovereign and symbols and national."

    He said the Liberal MP said that "the ruling party is the highest in relation to the personalities involved smuggling money and that the Iraqi judiciary to deal with this issue of double and clear."

    It criticized the MP high Nassif, a member of the other in the Integrity Commission, Directorate recover the money smuggled out of the country, noting that "Interpol Aataaon with the Iraqi side and the procedures are complex," and felt that "the department did not succeed retrieves the money smuggled and the workload is not consistent with the amount of money. "

    She explained Nassif, in a statement to the "long" yesterday that "measures Interpol complex and is very similar to the routine of Iraq because the international police determine the period of 60 days and requests irrefutable evidence and memoranda catch against the accused," pointing out that "this period short for the measures taken by the Directorate recover money , "asserting that" billions of dollars were smuggled by the officials, former ministers. "

    The MP for the Iraqi white that "the law banning dual nationality, which the government is seeking to legislation will greatly help in reducing the smuggling of money in the future," asserting that "all accused of smuggling their wealth are dual nationality."

    In turn, said Ahmed al-Jubouri, a member of the Integrity Commission a list of patriots, that "all the corruption issues subject to bargaining between the blocks and that most of them will be migrated or Tsuifaa and Iraqis to forget these funds."

    He said al-Jubouri, in a comment made by the "long" yesterday, saying that "the work of the Department recover the money was not the size of the billions that have been smuggled in," but he also said that "the Integrity Commission since its inception has succeeded once the recovery of the money that Achtlsthe one of the employees Baghdad Municipality, either Minister files and other characters, it is settled inside. "

    To that seen Attorney Aziz Okkaily, a member of the Integrity Committee that "the committee limited its work on the follow-up and send the files to the judiciary."

    He Okkaily, in an interview for the "long" yesterday, that "the number of officials fleeing outside Iraq of 37 responsible, including 3 ministers and 9 general managers and 25 others below the level of director general," ruling that "is retrieved the money, because all those involved have the nationalities of the non-Iraqi . "

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    MP Hadi al-Yasiri announce his intention to collect signatures for submission to the Presidency of the parliament to make the vote on the House of Representatives election law and public show of hands
    20-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Announced a member of a coalition of state law, MP Hadi al-Yasiri his intention to collect signatures for submission to the Presidency of the parliament include the claim introduced the session devoted to vote on the House of Representatives election law openly to the media and silence a vote by show of hands, not a secret vote.

    Yasiri said in a press statement to his press office said on Saturday that "the general election is a constitutional right of the Iraqi people to choose their candidates in a transparent manner and in line with the aspirations of Wi bidding on this right is is unacceptable from us and from the reference and the Iraqi people."

    He added that "our choice is clear we have announced him several times on the list and open circuit multiple Wi-choice will not allow passing inside the dome of the parliament in any way the fact that that happened it would be a betrayal of the era, which Aksmnah When we arrived in Parliament prevail interest of the citizen to the benefit of parties and blocs."

    He Yasiri that "there are some blocks trying to bid on the fate of the Iraqi people by declaring something to the media وشئ another behind the scenes, the one who is the door of truth and credibility in front of the citizens who put their fate in our hands, we will give a request signed by a number of deputies to the presidency of the parliament includes مطلبين The first is that the meeting be held publicly and directly without cutting in front of the media and the second to be a vote on a show of hands law and not by secret ballot to become the Iraqi people who want to open menu and say something and do something else. "

    Media Office MP for the coalition of state law, Hadi al-Yasiri

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    Aziz Mayahi MP criticizes the mechanism of the presidency of the parliament to include laws in the Council's agenda
    20-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Criticized the leader of the National Bloc MP Aziz Sharif white Mayahi mechanism followed by the chairman of the parliament to include laws on countries of the Council.

    He said Mayahi in a press statement to his press office said on Saturday that "the agenda of the parliament and several months ago to Anri the laws SOA awaited Iraqi citizen, but focused on the laws of protocol generally unrelated to the concerns of the Iraqi people and their demands," noting that "some laws that put is currently not There is a political consensus or understanding, including the national anthem, which was put forward at a meeting on the day before yesterday. "

    "The presidency of the parliament demanding to exploit political calm in this holy month by introducing laws services that have direct contact lives of citizens and spearheaded by the law of infrastructure because of its importance in many fields no need to be repeated for the information all the people and politicians بايجابياتها."

    Mayahi called Presidency of the parliament "to activate service laws in this holy month in order to be an opportunity to clear the negative image surrounding the council over the past years, including giving a good impression on the Parliament and we are at the end of the current election cycle."
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    Iraqi Deputy Ambassador's remarks in Riyadh provoke anger and disapproval among Iraqis
    20-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    After تهجمه on Shiites
    Najaf / Haider Hamidi

    Raised the statements made by Deputy Iraqi ambassador in Riyadh with al-Obeidi angry reactions to activists and journalists on the social networking site Facebook as trading activists statements Obeidi, much of the anger and disapproval, demanding the government represented by the person of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki held accountable Obeidi after تهجمه the largest components of the Iraqi people in comments the Saudi newspaper Asharq said prominent media Haider Nazar Today on his on Facebook

    "If I were al-Maliki initiated immediately, without any delay, to withdraw Deputy Iraqi Ambassador in Saudi Arabia who insulted more than 800 million Shiites in the world, of whom two-thirds of the Iraqi people, and underestimated the minds of two billion Muslims in the world, and misled the 6 billion people on the face of the ball ground and lied to Allah and His Messenger in God holy, Ramadan, lying willful one breaks the fast unanimously scholars, when he said in an interview with Al-Sharq Al Arabia that Shiism political movement founded by the Jewish Yemeni Abdullah bin Spa divide the unity of Muslims, without remembers that the Wahhabi shade under its political tribal backward ruling in Najd and Hijaz is a political movement founded by the Zionist movement, global, and with the support and the assignment of the Government of His Majesty the Queen of England, not intended to disrupt the unity of Muslims, but also for the slaughter of Muslims and other fatwas of atonement that incite violence and hatred.

    Ya Head Iraqi government Anatonha by Bcieih:

    You have exceeded invitee who attends constitution entities sectarianism and racism and terrorism.

    As he exceeds fitness diplomacy which require it to respect the Iraqi people individually, Mtbuniath and privacy.

    I hope that does not shows Maliki inability of making such a resolution, Vigibna, that the invitee does not belong to his party, which was appointed بالمحاصصة of which is protected from any legal accountability or the other. "

    He said Nizar, who runs the Iraqi Center for Media in Washington, "if it does not appear to Prime Minister any immediate reaction commensurate with the size of the humiliation that her invitee to the Iraqi people and to the Republic of Iraq, on the grounds that claimed the constitutional imperative upon the defense of Iraq and its people, I call on Iraqis everywhere to send letters to Prime Minister conviction who did not know how to choose who represents Iraq and abroad. "

    He was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives Hamoudi without on his Facebook that he "contacted the Iraqi ambassador in Riyadh to investigate the validity of the issuance of these outrageous statements and decision-making about it." The activist called on the social networking site Mohammad more and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari to "Iraqi Deputy Ambassador in Saudi Arabia immediately because he offended a large component of the ritual of Iraqi society"

    To the electronic newspaper polled mirrors the opinion of a number of activists and journalists in the provinces of Najaf and Babil

    Who Asthjnoa the statements of Iraqi Deputy Ambassador in Saudi Arabia and demanded Bmhacpth of being abused to the Iraqi people, he said lawyer and civil rights activist student Ziadi "This subject deserves to adopt and put pressure on the government and foreign, in particular the need to isolate it from the

    While assuring civil rights activist Mohamed Gouda, saying: "pot exudes including the first personal'm Sheba does not exist historically found in various periods of history sometimes in the era of the Prophet, and the second in the Umayyad period and another attributed his appearance on the Abbasid era! Either مسئلة cooperation with the Persians and others they suffer of the historical problem because all Vgahaúhm and scholars are Persians and Afghans, for example, but not limited to the Abu Hanifa Afghan and Bukhari, Muslim and nuclear and Ibn Majah mare and Shiites follow the doctrine of Jafar ibn Muhammad Sadiq Arab Hashemite it is where he came from Jews and Persians of the Shiites "poured and accountable "

    For his part, the journalist Akil rich Jahm Agency Director Najaf News news agency "n this view, which issued a fatwa by al-Obeidi calls for sectarianism and hatred among the Iraqi people per well as he narrates historical facts fake and false and baseless Valsadh that describe them are Imams Huda descendants of the Prophet Muhammad ( r) and this is what saw him the Koran and the Sunnah and the men of science and religion throughout the ages, and this statement more than sedition and encourages rebellion and assault on the rights of others and this is what condemned by Al-Azhar a short time ago, saying the attack on Shiites, killing as one of the most evil and the biggest sins prohibited by Shara

    On the other hand call on the government to verify the order and this barbaric permit them to send people who represent the people of Iraq and speak his name not to a particular category of it "and was Iraq's deputy ambassador in Riyadh attacked Shiites in an interview with the Saudi newspaper Asharq

    Describing Shiism "political movement initiated by the Yemeni Jewish [Abdullah bin Saba] in cooperation with the Persians until the Islamic make their grade," he described.

    In the introduction to the dialogue conducted by the Middle Arabia with al-Obeidi quoted him as saying that "there are people that Iraqis go to [Messrs.] and يتبركون them and begged them, and visit the graves of the dead from them, and give them offerings," adding that "since he was a child he disdains such acts, and criticizes his mother and tries to discourage the habit, explaining that these [gentlemen] nothing to do with Shiites and Sunni, returned Shiism political movement initiated by the Jewish Yemeni [Abdullah bin Saba] in cooperation with the Persians even make their Islamic Unity through the beliefs and rituals contrary. according to newspaper reported Saudi Arabia " .

    After his question about the relationship between the Arabs with the Kurds, Turkmen and how to live between these components, especially that he was born and lived in Hawija in Kirkuk conservative mixing Almkoonati and growing up the whole religious Obeidi said that "the students who I taught them was the most committed religious, and generally the Kurds do not have a compromise, Either be committed to the religious and militant extremists, either just the opposite, and at the level of the Kurdish Human Relations find either a friend or an enemy, there is no middle or neutral. " As he put it.

    He said al-Obeidi said "the Turkmen quite the opposite of the Kurds, perhaps because they feel that they are a minority, and generally find that Iraqi Arabs excellent relations with the Kurds and Turkmen who are outside the framework of the party, and this also applies to the Arabs, whether Sunni or Shi'a, if the income of a person in political party be a bad relationship with him, and outside the party be a very good relationship socially and humanly. "

    After asked about the presence of drift him behind the trend or direction given replied Obeidi "We have moved away from many of the issues, trends and currents, and even for many of the rituals and customs practiced by some members of the Iraqi society, there are people who go to [Messrs.] and يتبركون them and begged them, and visiting graves the dead of them and give them offerings and other such superstition, but I since I was a kid I did not admit that Mr. and gentlemen, but I disdained such acts

    He defended al-Obeidi from the former regime, said after asking for his opinion about what the truth of the rumors that there is a narrowing of the Khanaqa on religious military, especially in states ruled by the Baath party, such as Syria and Iraq previously denied Obeidi, it said, "is not true, and I hear words like if not belong to the Baath Party will not allow you to complete graduate studies, but I went and studied in the Department of Political Science and got a master's with that I am not a Baathist Baath I do not know, and I do not have a resurrection link to this moment

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    Deputy accuses Kurdish Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister to 'raise sedition'
    20-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: «Middle East»

    Saw Deputy Kurdish «Kurdistan Alliance» that whenever there is a breakthrough in the political crisis in Iraq, especially the normalization of relations between the center and the Kurdistan region, show there are attempts of some people and leaders, to inflame the differences between the political parties, noting that «Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, a who seek to sabotage the relationship between the leadership of Kurdistan and the federal government provocative statements come out from time to time.

    The MP longings dry for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc House of Representatives of Iraq in connection with the «Middle East»: «Since the beginning of relations crisis between the governments of the central and regional moving toward more of détente and normalization, and clearly shows the efforts of the parties and their determination to overcome the problems and crises and strive to solve them, we hear Here and there are voices trying to abort efforts of normalization and reconciliation and resolve the outstanding problems between the region and the center, and private statements convulsive fired by Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani, so I call on the President of the Federal Government Nuri al-Maliki that puts an end to his deputy and his provocative and distribution charges on others and blow up the relationship that moving towards normalization and pacification between the regional and central governments.

    The MP Kurdish: «After the Prime Minister's visit to Kurdistan and the visit corresponding to the regional president Massoud Barzani to Baghdad, there was a breakthrough is important in the relationship between the two parties humans orientation of things towards a solution, understanding and convergence, and the positive atmosphere that prevailed during the recent period require support for continuity so that we can all overcome the our problems and achieve national reconciliation around a lot of the problems faced by Iraqis, but hear such sounds cacophony raises a lot of questions, especially when they come from leading figures in Iraq, which calls for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to put an end to it, because that would affect already On the positive atmosphere that hangs over the situation in Iraq now. The criticism focused Shahristani's remarks against the leadership of the Kurdistan region on the oil side, as deputy prime minister for energy affairs. Shahristani takes on the Kurdish leaders responsible for exporting large quantities of discovered oil fields in recent years, Kurdish abroad via Turkey and the acquisition of resources, considering that the process of 'smuggling'.

    In the most recent developments in this regard, published yesterday's press reports about the presence of a Turkish company close to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan holds the transfer of Kurdish oil extracted from the Kurdistan region to European markets, where the newspaper «Hawlati» MP Ayton Geraa of the mass of Republican People's Party Turkish parliament that «there is a Turkish company called (Power Trans) close to the Turkish Prime Minister, run by his son, and shall transfer the amounts of oil extracted Bhkulai Taq Taq and Khurmur Kurdistan to European ports, and that the company made a profit of up to 200 times during the two years of its formation ».

    The newspaper pointed out that «Company (Power Trans) licensed by the Turkish government, as well as from the Kurdistan Regional Government, and has yet to transfer many of the meals from the two fields from October (October) last year to April this year, but not There is very little information about this company and its activities.

    Recall that since July of last year, the Ministry of Natural Resources, led by the Minister Kurdish drastically to export an estimated 15 thousand barrels of crude oil per day, and by truck to Turkey, but the federal government, in the words of al-Shahristani has repeatedly stressed that the export of such The amounts smuggling, presumably accounting Government of the Territory it, because the revenues do not fall into the Iraqi treasury, but go to the pockets of influential power in Kurdistan.

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    Foreign Policy: Washington to delay the F16 deal helps Iraq to evade Iranian aid to Damascus
    20-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

     translation term

    For months the Obama administration tried and failed to persuade Iraq to stop Iran flights passing through its airspace to Syria, which the United States believes that it helps in the corridor than the regular army on the Syrian rebels.

    Although U.S. officials confirmed the existence of an Iranian air bridges provide critical lifeline to the Assad regime, officials in Iraq say they can not stop the Iranian military supplies; Iraqi air force is very weak and can not do so.

    Today in the new Iraqi ambassador to the United States for the treatment plan diplomatic impasse boils down to the principle of "Help me to help you." In an interview last Wednesday, the ambassador said Luqman Feily he is busy trying to convince U.S. officials that in the case of agreeing to support the Iraqi air defenses, it will improve the ability of Iraq to prevent the passage of weapons coming from Iran.

    He says Philly "is not for us complete control over our airspace for not امتلاكنا air defense system integrated, and this is the cause of my conversations with Alcapittal Hill and with the State Department and the Pentagon, where previously asked for the system as well as Apache helicopters worth $ 10 billion, and this is beneficial to the United States."

    Relations have grown between Iran and Iraq in recent years, what is causing concern to American decision-makers. In spite of the billions of dollars the U.S. to the Iraqi government every year, the ethnic and economic relations and regional issues between Iran and Iraq has made the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ally can not be predicted.

    In the case of Syria, even the best efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry has failed in Etienne fruit. Kerry said, speaking about his negotiations with al-Maliki in the month of March, "said the prime minister that overflights coming from Iran is in fact to help keep Assad in power."

    But with the reason behind Iraq's request for the transaction is not surprising, the American military experts acknowledge that legitimate in Feily point, which is that Iraq is not able to stop arms shipments now even if he wanted to.

    The Iraqi air force is composed of some reconnaissance aircraft and light transport aircraft, but to possess what is called the capacity air defense of confrontation and fixed-wing. Currently there is an agreement for the United States to provide Iraq with F-16 fighter jets, but it has not yet received.

    Says Chris Harmer, senior analyst at the Institute of Maritime Studies hostilities "that Iraq's position in terms of not having an integrated air defense system and fixed-wing fighter jets and attack helicopters to abort the aircraft crossing the Iranian airspace, the position is technically true." Hammer adds, "All that is now owned by Iraq is civilian air traffic radars, and the Iraqis can see the Iranian aircraft cross but do not have the military capability to force it to land and undergo inspection."

    And seeks Feily the start to explain his plan for American officials; it is supposed to present on Thursday enthusiastic ambassador presented his credentials to President Barack Obama officially give him permission to meet with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Says Feily "I do not see any benefit for the United States not to proceed in this matter."

    However, it is the U.S. side is still on the table questions about how to use Iraq to the newly established air power in the case of the approval of the United States on this deal. He says Stephen يكين Fellow of the Institute Hummer and research analyst in which "the Iraqi government in a difficult situation; she wanted and needed to maintain good relations with Washington and Tehran at the same time, Iraq could not engage in a confrontation with Iran and even has the ability to monitor its airspace, I expect that the parties reach a practical understanding constantly allow Iran to transfer arms to the Assad without Iraqi cooperation makes visible. "

    It is natural that this is just a hunch, but there is another effect should we put in our calculations outside of the issue of the civil war, namely the Syrian Kurds; Over the years he was President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, F-16s used as an important theme of the talks, "We have repeatedly Barzani said that the Kurds fear of al-Maliki to use advanced modern air force against them. "

    All of these factors greatly overshadow the decision of the United States in the delivery of F-16s to Iraq, which creates a number of interesting moves. He says He يكين "waiting for F-16s will help the Iraqi government where they can deny their ability to prevent Iranian trips and blames the United States, which maintains a kind of neutrality is stable."

    However that Feily insists that the Iraqi government play correctly and it is cooperating with the Obama administration by all possible means. Says Feily "We have asked the Iranians not to use our corridor, we do not want to be a conduit for the transfer of arms to Syria, but we do not have the ability to stop it."
    More: Foreign Policy

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    Official: Saddam-era Law in Kirkuk Deprives Kurds of their Lands
    by RUDAW

    Official: Saddam-era Law in Kirkuk Deprives Kurds of their Lands

    Kirkuk, which is said to be floating on an “ocean of oil,” is at the heart of a row over disputed territories that are claimed by both Iraq’s central government in Baghdad, and the Kurds who have their own self-rule Kurdistan Region in the north.

    KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region – An old map, falsely designating hundreds of square kilometers of land in Iraq’s disputed Kirkuk province as “restricted oil areas” in order to relinquish Kurdish ownership of the territories, still remains in force, claims a member of Kirkuk’s security committee.

    Ahmad Askari says that major Kurdish residential neighborhoods inside Kirkuk city -- such as Rahimawa, Imam Qasim, Iskan and Almas -- fall under that designation, outlined in a map from the time of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator ousted in the 2003 US-led invasion.

    “The idea behind this map is obvious: It is to uproot the Kurds from the province,” says Askari, who claims to have a copy of the map.

    He complains that, though territories were falsely classified as oil regions, they remain closed-off, causing major delays in implementing a master plan to improve Kirkuk.

    Askari’s advice is for Kirkuk’s representatives in the Iraqi parliament to work to repeal the law over restricted areas in force in the province.

    Kirkuk mayor, Kamil Salayi, says that the state-owned North Oil Company (NoC), which is part of the Iraqi oil ministry in Baghdad, has submitted an official request for the removal of a number of villages outside Kirkuk, on grounds that they are “within the designated oil areas.”

    “But I have asked the company to reconsider its request,” Salayi says. “Given that an oil well needs only 75 meters of free space around, it is not fair to demolish those villages.”

    Kirkuk, which is said to be floating on an “ocean of oil,” is at the heart of a row over disputed territories that are claimed by both Iraq’s central government in Baghdad, and the Kurds who have their own self-rule Kurdistan Region in the north.

    The Kurds hold major security and government posts in Kirkuk and have appointed two Kurdish governors since Saddam’s fall. But the Kurds complain they are kept in the dark about the affairs of the NoC, which is under the strict control of the central government.

    Askari says that the law was used by Saddam to deprive Kurds of their land.

    “Most of the designated area is agricultural land and not a single liter of oil has been extracted there,” he told Rudaw.

    Askari says that the law was passed after the Baath regime nationalized Iraq’s North Oil Company. But it included vast areas of land that included many Kurdish villages and farms.

    Askari adds that he has requested to see a copy of the law, but the NoC has refused to provide it.

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    Oil and Gas Law .. Parliament: the completion of the drafting of a number of controversial laws Including oil and gas, financial resources and political parties


    Parliament: the completion of the drafting of a number of controversial laws

    Including oil and gas, financial resources and political parties

    of Baghdad, Alaa al-Tai

    Revealed to the parliamentary committee for reaching into formats acceptable to enact a package of laws broken, and that in order to vote as a result of crosses political, stressing completed the drafting of all the laws that have seen the differences between the various parliamentary blocs, especially the laws «Court Federal oil and gas and financial resources of the state as well as the law of parties.

    Committee member legal Hussein Net said in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that his committee has completed the drafting of laws in its possession and accomplished fully, including the important laws and disputed by the political blocs which the Court Federal oil and gas and financial resources of the state in addition to the parties law.

    between net that laws did not recognize until the moment because there are points of contention remain a source of controversy between the political blocs, which led to a delay in the vote by the inclusion on the agenda of the House of Representatives, adding that «the meeting The Presidency and the heads of blocs held last week during which they agreed to form two first headed by Speaker Osama Najafi and the second headed by First Deputy Qusay al-Suhail of the amendment and to consider and discuss the points at issue.

    pointed a member of the Legal Committee «The leaders of the political blocs consider and are currently discussing laws be amended accountability and justice, and the prohibition of the Baath Party, and the Federal Court, praising the efforts that are being made in order to reach formats convincing all parties on the terms and clauses of these laws.

    To that explained Net «that reached definitive agreements to pass a number of laws contentious reflected positively and clear on the performance of the work of the House of Representatives , and its legislative, and passed laws broken, expressing hope that the successful leaders of blocs and committees formed in determining the formulation satisfactory to all parties.

    Meanwhile A member of the legal committee MP Mahmoud Hassan in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», for the completion of its all proposals for laws, and configured for a vote, expressing fears that the differences between the shift without approval blocs, especially the Federal Court Act, oil and gas and the prohibition of the Baath, accountability and justice '.

    He explained Hassan said the process of selecting members of the Federal Court is the most prominent points of contention that could lead to not pass the law, stressing that the Constitution prevents the appointment of judges by the House of Representatives to preserve the independence of the judiciary.

    pointed deputy to the existence of a point of contention Other objects to pass the law, relating to experts of Islamic law and jurists, stressing that the National Alliance is still adheres opinionated pro-decision, which is rejected by other blocs ».

    turn expressed member of the Legal Committee for the Kurdistan Alliance Muhsin al-Sadoun optimistic about the possibility of finding a consensus on contentious points in the important laws disputed that raise controversy between the parties political, including the law of the Federal Court, which is considered one of the most laws, the importance and sensitivity.

    pointed Sadoun the views itself that went forth MP Hassan, when he said «that the most prominent differences and objections to the law of the Federal Court is the mechanism to select the members of the Court and the appointment of judges», stressing the need to the nine members of the Federal Court of independents that do not belong to any category and are appointed by the Judicial Council and the Courts of Appeal »


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    Othman: The political parties have not reached to an agreement on important laws to be passed in parliament
    20/07/2013 08:55:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The independent MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman confirmed that the political parties have not reached any agreement on passing the important laws to in Parliament.

    Othman said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "passing important laws in Parliament based on consensus and political understanding among the blocs," indicating that "this thing did not happen until now," noting that" any law gets political consensus between the blocs will be passed easily in the House Representatives. "

    About the formation of the committees between the Governments of the region and the government of the Centre to resolve outstanding problems, Othman said: "The agreement, which took place between the two parties is not transparent, therefore there is no information about the time of the formation of committees to begin their work," noting that" mutual accusations between Deputy Prime Minister, Hussain al-Shahristani and the officials in the Kurdistan region are still continuing despite the recent agreement between the Governments of the region and the center," indicating that "these mutual accusations will stop, when oil and gas law legislated and approved in the parliament,"

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