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Hi Everyone,

Heard that the 4th of July is independence day in USA so I hope you all celebrated well on that special day, enjoyed it, had BBQ and went swimming or something....

I thought a quick update might be appropriate since there is still no RV and I am hearing lots of anxiety. I am not a bit discouraged.

There is really not much to bring to the post now. The finance committee continues to roll out the activation of the SMART cards to the people. They have and continue to announce on the TV and news media the groups that will be activated and when. So far they are on right on their schedule.

The rate is still $3.44 on the cards and this has not changed. Also the TV and news continues to tell the people they will have the strongest currency in Middle East (if not the world).

I can tell you that I was told this entire rollout process will take approximately 7 days. Can we connect the dots? Read on, this is amazing stuff but you all should already know this.

Let me say this about this news. I know it all sounds a little confusing. Some of you are asking how in heck can they give out a $3.44 rate on the cards while not going international with a full blown RV?

Also why would they keep telling the people they would have the strongest currency in the Middle East (if not the world) and yet already be giving them $3.44 on the cards?

This does not make sense. Is $3.44 not the RV we have been waiting for?

No! Emphatically No, No , NO ! Did I say No? Listen No!

Kuwait is still higher is it not? ...and these are all good questions to be asking so let me clarify and help everyone see the BIG picture and understand what is going on.

I just had an interesting conversation with a contact in Iraq. This call cost me mulla money to do so I hope ya all appreciate the news.

Okay so lets take a minute to think about these questions. Remember I have always said for you not to lose sight of what you already know. Some basic facts are the very foundation of this RV. Sort of like a dinar 101 class. Lets sort it all out.

By the way this is not me assuming this info this is my contact telling me this is what is happening. I verified it with a second source and they both agree this is how the finance committee and the CBI is rolling out the RV.

First let me remind you that I have repeatedly said in many of my past posts that the rate would first come out low initially at around $1.13 to $1.17, then 3-5 days later (somewhere around that timeframe) we would then see the full RV. I was wrong on the low rate (it was $3.44 instead of $1.13 -1.17).

I also kept telling you that the initial rate would not be the RV but an in country rate to satisfy the citizens only and pay some bills. We might never even see this rate international at all. Remember? Do I have to re-post that information for you? I find it amazing how easily you all get confused when things don't work out EXACTLY as you imagine.

But I know many of you read my post and discard it as rubish and ignore it. So for all of you I can not help. You all keep waiting for the RV to begin but the process has already begun.

I tell this is going forward right under you noses and yet you refuse to believe. Tony is also telling you the same thing. So unless we both have the same contacts and they are trying to fool for some reason? But I don't believe that for one second. Some of you just need to get off the stubborn streak and stand to listen or reason.

The world does not revolve around you or me. We will never know the full plan for this crazy RV but we do know these basic facts. Stay true to these facts and the rest is easy. Folks this will be done and over shortly whether you like it or not!

So I too was at first a bit confused when I heard about the $3.44 and the SMART card being activated earlier this week. I had to ask myself - what the heck is going on? However I remembered what my contacts kept saying in the past..(in fact insisting over and over again) that there would be rate that would come out initially, it would be a low rate (at the early days they said .86 to 1.17 range) and then it would go up dramatically with a full RV.

My contact also said (and I hope you can remember my many posts on this too) that the initial low rate would follow a National Convention or just prior to and all would agree to implementing Erbil and all the points and laws associated with it would be done and implemented.

The low initial rate would pop out just before the convention or just afterwards. We all just assumed it would pop out at the same time in the USA.

This is not the case nor in the plan. So thinking all of this I had to make another call to the middle east and confirm what I thought was going on. I took some notes and made the calls. I outlines my suspisions and explained to them what I thought was going on. I asked for a confirmation. All they said to me in reply was this "you are spot on...perfect".

Well here is what happened and I am not making this up. Just assumed that everyone would remember what I have posted in the past and connect all the dots. Don't worry though even I got confused. So let me help you out now and pass this good news to you.

So here it is in BLACK and WHITE for you:

First - June 27, official release from Chapter 7 sanctions. Goal of this meeting? To tell the world.

Second - June 29, Huge National Meeting (or conference). Dancing in the streets, political show, dog and pony show for the public and press.....They are out of chapter 7 ..hurrey,,hurrey....and it was announced they would activate the SMART cards in the coming days. This message was plastered all over the Iraq news media at this time. Remember? Also can you remember articles coming out from announcement from the finance ministry back in January that the SMART cards are to be activated July 2013.

They made simular announcements in the past many times and each time they cancelled their announcement by telling us months prior that they changed their minds and moved the date out. This time they did not move the date out. They activated the cards..period ! Don't believe me I don't care.

Third July 1 - SMART cards are activated right on schedule as announced, out pops the initial low rate at $3.44 to support the money loaded on the cards (I got the news on JULY 2). It followed a couple days after the National Meeting just like they said it would. So this is why we see the $3.44 but no RV yet. Make sense? Keep reading...

Fourth July 2-July 7- We wait 3-6 days after the initial low rate comes out, then the full RV, as I was told many, many times many months ago to watch for these events lining up, ignore all else.

Okay - here it is Dinar Reval Class 101 all over again.
How long do we have to wait for the full RV? Raise your hand and be nice to the teacher.

Can you remember what I just wrote in the above paragraphs in this post? You should know it is now about time for us to see the RV, however another golden rule from dinar 101 class is ...drum roll please...."no one will know the exact time or rate"! We are definitely in the window beginning today. We are getting very close to seeing it. mulla, mulla, mulla

If you said around 3-5 days later after seeing the intial low rate...BINGO and give the guy a cigar....that would bring us to what date?.....

If you said around July 5th to July 7th for the full RV ...BINGO and give the guy another

Hope ya all like

Fifth - What will the rate be at the full RV just days from now? Well think about it. If they popped out a rate of $3.44 and they are calling this their low side then what the heck can we expect to be the high side? I am being told from my IMF contact we might very well see a rate over $6.00 when we see this pop this weekend sometime in the USA and finally go out internationally. I am not kidding! .

It will be on a free float for so many days with a managed cap. I know this may all seem all so unreal but it is happening right before our eyes and most are so blind to it. I hear bits and pieces of this story on the calls from Dan, Gary and Tony and others and kudos to everyone who is trying to help us all understand this mess. I am so greatful. I am sometimes ashamed at all the bitterness I see. What ever happened to the freindships and attitudes of three years ago? Oh well !

But you have to connect all the dots and stop getting stuck in only one piece of current news and then forget the rest. It's all connected. I am so lucky to have my contacts to help me understand.

I am no guru and I resent anyone calling me that. They have been such a blessing for me this last six months and I really tried to bring you all what I knew just as soon as I heard it. But it's time for all of us to be humble, pray, get real and connect the dots,this is sooooo close at hand.

Sorry for being a bit sarcastic in this post but its because I luv ya all and I just want you to relax and let the RV come to you.

We are all spirits that come to this wonderful planet to experience the beauty of the earth and the wonder of each other. Someday we will all be back to our real home ( some call it heaven) and what will we then say to those we meet that we have hurt so much while in this physical body? Really what will we say to them?

We are about to get this blessing like none of us could ever have imagined a couple years ago (for some a little longer). Back then we could not have happened this in our wildest dreams. Now where so go from here? Do we bring more peace and love or do we continue to sow the seeds of greed and in order to manipulate others? Just some thoughts.

My past posts:

Do I have to bang you over the head again with my baseball bat for you to understand? Just kidding Remember that post of mine going back many months ago when everyone was saying it was out of Iraq hands and it could happen any day or hour. How rediculous and I told you all that too. Iraq has always been the hold up. The other IMF factors too came into play but never did they hold this up. In fact Dr, Shabibi was ready to RV back in June 2012 so how can some outside forces be holding this RV up?

When Maliki cancelled the RV at that time I got really suspicious of what was really going on with this guy. It was then I began to realize he was in fact the hold up and key to the RV. As we got closer to the provincial elections and with talk and failure to do a no confidence vote on him, I then knew they were going to wait till after the elections.

These elections then became another piece to the puzzle, another key and would strip him of his powers and stop him from doing anymore damage to this country. Then all of a sudden we got some very positive news that Kuwait wanted to go forward quickly with release from chapter 7 and all the positive news in the area kept pouring in.

At this same time the election results came out, the laws were completed. It all just happened so fast, as they said it always would at the end. Before you knew it they were in the long awaited National Convention, the SMART cards are activated and we await the RV. All was good !

So I now ask you this question- Was Maliki always the stool pigeon put in place to intentionally hold up the RV until the international community was ready...I mean the big global reset we all heard about?

My personal belief is when they were ready all of a sudden he was to back down and support the new laws, the constitution and the RV. But he did not. He learned he might have complete control and power and stabbed those in the back that put him in the power seat to begin with. Then all hell broke loose.

Many articles about the USA no longer supporting him and John Kerrys' visit. The plan was finalized - to destroy him and the propaganda began to educate the people more about this guy prior to the elections. The protests also were so key to this plan too. These protests were long promised by Sadar.

When I saw all this I said it was just a matter of time. Time is on our side. Maliki's decline was inevitable. We now all see the road behind us and what the good guys took to castrate him. It was truely amazing! I now know why the no confidence vote would never had worked and might have brought them to the brink of civil war.

He had to be dealt with to go forward with any increase in the value of the currency since it was all connected to the laws that were to give and allocate money to the people, the laws Maliki and his goons held up for so long in parliament. Can you now see it all. I hope I was clear enough.
So lets get back to the RV-

You can't hurry it. Getting stressed out is not going to make it come any faster. Talking to my contacts they have a schedule to roll this out. But its not necessarily a calender schedule. It might seem really wierd to us but that is their plan and how they are doing it. When we hear of any event from a contact or article we must take a step back and see how it fits in the big picture.

We must all remember that even if it does not happen in 3-5 days it could around the 6th, 7th or even 8th day. But with Ramadam so close I am hearing they really want to get this done. This is a very dynamic situation and they are moving forward but not under our timeline.

Even my contacts don't know the exact dates as I truely believe no one does and I mean no one because simply put -there is no exact calander schedule! I personally believe once they activate all the SMART cards we will see it go international and get our mulla.

If they complete the activation of the SMART cards today, they will RV today. It could happen but I don't really think it will. My contacts plan to let me know when the SMART cards are completed. Iraq is moving off of events and market conditions not a calender timeline.

We should know by now they are late and never on time with anything. This is because the timelines they throw out are just benchmarks with all the good intentions. They are just basic guidelines for the international community to know they are making some kind of progress and what to look for in the future. Is this not apparent to everyone by now? I think perhaps this is the basis of all our stress and anxieties.

So let me rap this up for all of you who still may not fully understand what I just said in this post.

We should and I mean should (not will) see this full blown RV phase of the rollout by around July 7 and the rate should be over $6.00. So if you wanted a date and a rate....there it is. Good Luck and may all your wishes come true !

If I hear of anything new I will bring it to the forum in the coming days.

Peace and True Luv to ya all, Mnt Goat