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Thread: BGG help me out here......please

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    Angry BGG help me out here......please

    Today is July 5th.

    I just got done reading Enorreste's comments on Dinarguru and I am at a loss as to
    why what was said was said. He actually says that now it could go to Jan 1, 2014.

    Then, the next post is from TK where he says it could be now...... Am I losing my
    mind or are these folks having a tough time with reality?

    Even Poppy says it could be ASN. Can you do a call and clear this up? I am disappointed
    with the dinar community in general anyways. They continue to get hopes up, then slam them to the
    ground the next minute, ALL to be done again the following week.

    I would be happy to hear nothing, and have them STHU til it actually happens.
    I listen to each one of your calls and would appreciate it if something was said about the
    sillyness and hurtful crap being said. If they don't know and only want to hear or see themselves in print,
    they need to get in the comic strips !


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    Truly, CaptSpiffy, no one knows, and those who have been on this crazy ride for a while have learned to accept that. I did not read the particular post you are referring to by Enorsste, but I have read many of his posts and listened to numerous conference calls hosted by him with other researchers. I use the term researcher, rather than guru for a reason. Steve Enorsste relies on facts, as do the people with whom Steve most closely associates in what we call "dinarland". He relies on articles coming directly from reliable sources such as the Central Bank of Iraq, the Finance Committee in Parliament, the IMF, WTO, United Nations, and credible, reputable news sources who are in country/region. I know he has a few key sources that are in Iraq and the Middle East, but even these sources don't always agree on what is transpiring, so he keeps information from those sources "close to the vest" and does not directly quote them. His goal is not to get people "hyped-up" but to inform them, and he certainly isn't in the "I called it first" race to the finish line. I have followed Enorsste and a few other researchers rather closely because I don't like roller coasters, any roller coasters. When I go to Six Flags, the only thing I will get on is the merry-go-round. Sometimes I throw caution to the wind and ride it twice! And, I learned early on in this investment that listening to the "rate and date" sources is like being on the worst kind of roller coaster, one that never ends. I listened to Enorsste on a CC as recently as 3 days ago, and I'm sure his position has not appreciably changed since then. Also, if you seek out the right sources, blogs, and web sites, you can read the same articles and thoughtful analysis by well-informed seekers who have spent years analyzing all aspects of the IQD realm just as Enorsste does, and just as I have. I learned about the dinar about 3 1/2 years ago from my doctor. I was in to see her (she has become a good friend over the 20+ years I have known her) yet again due to job-related stress and she said, "You know, if you checked out this investment I just invested in, you might be able to retire and get out of there. Save yourself a few years of your life." She told me about it, sent me a few emails, and I thought, ""Yeah, and I could wake up in the morning and be a size 2." About 6 months later, I was in to see her, yep, same stress related issues, and she told me the same thing. This time, I listened and discussed it with my husband, who is a very conservative, pragmatic person, and stays informed on global and political issues (you can ask him just about anything going on in the world today, and he can tell you something about it), and he felt it sounded like a plausible investment based on what we knew about the potential in Iraq (we have 2 kids who served over there, so we had a vested interest to know what was going on). We decided to "stick our toes" in, but felt we were looking at a long-term investment with the potential to pay off handsomely down the road. Then we started doing the Internet search, found myriad websites with conflicting information and declarations of ASN by dueling gurus, and we were worried that the RV would happen before our first wire transfer was confirmed! We then spent a few months thinking we would wake up each day and that would be the day we would be RICH, as we invested more money in dinar. We finally set a figure to invest in dinar that would be ENOUGH, found reasonable, reasoned resources for credible information, articles we could read ourselves and conference calls that would help us make sense of all the information out there. We stopped reading and listening to all the hype telling us our "blessing" would materialize ASN. I learned that all these gurus who tell you they have confirmed with a dozen sources that all road blocks have been cleared and we will be at the bank on Monday morning, those dozen intel sources are actually other gurus who are all confirming with each other. So, my point is, if your want to stay up in the stratosphere circling in a plane, keep listening to those sources, but if you want to stay on the ground and have a "normal" life, get informed yourself, read the articles, do the research, and you will find that Steve Enorsste probably knows what he is talking about, as do a number of other people who have studied this blasted or blessed (depends on how you look at it on any given day) investment. The chances of waking up tomorrow to a rate of 3.44 or 11.86 or any other ridiculous figure are about the same as my waking-up tomorrow and being a size 2 AND being elected the next Pope, on the same day. Just think about it logically. Do you have any idea what that would do to the people of Iraq, to the country of Iraq, to have that kind of wealth overnight? 192 currencies resetting at the same time? Seriously? The notion that Iraq is going to go back to their pre-1990 rate overnight is ridiculous. Do I think it will eventually get there. Probably. When? 2-5 years. Maybe. Next week? No. The idea of an overnight event has been pretty much put to rest according to information put out by the CBI and the Finance Committee over the past year or so. You can read it yourself. Disappointing. Yes, somewhat. It appears more likely that the currency will will come out at a low/lower rate and allow market forces to "float" it or economic strategies to "manage" it (according to differing opinions; see, there are even differences here) up to a rate equal to the USD. Some say, as Enorsste does, that it could be opened up soon (there's your ASN) IF-IIIIIFFFFF- certain critical laws are enacted (oh, yeah, you have to follow what the parliament and the GOI are doing as well), it could be-IT COULD be- 1:1 by January 1, 2014, and they can bring out the new currency at that time. I know others think the references to a gradual rise in the value of the dinar means it will come out at a staging rate of 1:1 and float up from there. As I said in the beginning of my response, no one knows. So, we can listen to the gurus who get their information from Alibaba's camel or we can read the articles and follow knowledgeable individuals like Steve Enorsste and any number of other people who are not on the roller coaster, but who, like me, prefer the merry-go-round, and we are enjoying the ride and, when all the factors line up and the pieces of the puzzle are in place, are in a position to all have a brass ring. How's that for a mixed metaphor?

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    I feel your pain. I have been in this investment for a while now and I have learned it is a Faith walk. Only someone with Faith in God could hang out with it this long. The World would give up pretty fast! With that being said with all the mess going on these last few days it would be great to hear from Poppy and BGG. I listen to those Guys because they are the voice of reason among this mess of Dinarland. Most of all I come here and listen to Poppy and BGG because they are Men of Faith and as a Christian you can tell they are led by the Holy Spirit. I sure would love to meet these Guys some day as I am a small Rancher in New Mexico and would love to talk with Poppy about Horses and about his faith in the Lord.

    Hang in there CaptSpiffy. I think from the recent Articles on the Blog things are coming together. Our day is coming my friend. We all just must trust the Lord. Don't pay any attention to these Clowns that talk trash on the Internet. Go to the Lord in Prayer and trust what he tells you.

    I listen some to the Big Call and Tony with TNT Dinar but I get grounded from Poppy and BGG. I have to believe Poppy and BGG will do a call very soon as so much stuff is happening. I hope to hear something soon on this Christian March in Washington DC and hopefully the folks of Dinarupdates could maybe come together Post RV in DC for the 10 Million Person march. I am in if we are all going. I saw a License Plate the other Day in Phoenix, it said "Faith works". Keep the Faith my friend, Romans 8:31. God is on our side and nobody can come against. Keep the Faith my friend for the Lord is about to show us his stuff very soon! Be blessed CaptSpiffy!!

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