Insurgency campaign collected 22 million signatures to drop Morsi

29-06-2013 05:14 PM

(News) .. announced insurgency campaign calling for demonstrations June 30 that the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, 'is no longer the legitimate president of Egypt' Based on 22 million signatures obtained from the people in order to withdraw confidence from the president.

She said the campaign at a news conference 'We declare that Mohamed Morsi, Ayat is no longer legitimate president of Egypt', and called the campaign 'General Assembly of the Egyptian people for the Sunday in Tahrir Square and in front of Palace of the Federal In all areas of the provinces to announce the withdrawal of confidence from Mohamed Morsi, and calling presidential elections'.

And invited to take over the head of the Constitutional Court ruling temporarily in accordance with specific terms of reference, to take charge of proven personal patriotism government to manage the affairs of the country. '

It also called, during the conference, to take over the National Defense Council of securing the country internally and externally, and the movement announced the resignation of all members of civil power in the Egyptian Shura Council, demanding the departure of Mercy. / End /