" The Daily Dinar " ..........SATURDAY, 29 June 2013
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Thread: " The Daily Dinar " ..........SATURDAY, 29 June 2013

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    " The Daily Dinar " ..........SATURDAY, 29 June 2013

    Hours after Iraq concludes from the provisions of Chapter VII, the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar soared against the dollar.

    As a member of the Association of private banks Saif Al hilfi, “Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar has seen a return to normal levels after Iraq output resolution of the provisions of Chapter VII.”

    John said in an interview for (News Centre for the Iraqi media network): “the rate of the dinar against the dollar stabilized at 1210 dinars per dollar,” pointing out that the coming days would witness continuous rise of the Iraqi dinar value.

    and John explained that override the provisions of Chapter VII a huge benefit, and that everyone has confidence in Iraqi dinar, Iraq has large financial reserves.

    The next phase will witness a new investment trend is popular companies and investors and citizens to invest in the Iraqi dinar, stressing that the economic scene readings indicate a significant demand for the dinar will contribute to raising the price paid to foreign currencies.


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    Zebari: “Practically out of CH VII” and reduces the importance of Kuwaits statements; Agrees $11b needs paid to fully exit

    Zebari reduced the importance of the Kuwaiti statements: Thread infinite .. Iraq came out completely

    Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Friday, reduced the importance of the Kuwaiti statements about keeping the file of compensation under Chapter VII, saying that the “Agreed.”

    The Kuwaiti Information Minister Salman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, that the file of compensation owed ​​by Iraq of Kuwait is still under Chapter VII, which amounts to about $ 11 billion .

    Zebari said in a statement to Al-Hurra television, seen by “Twilight News” that “this paragraph ($11 billion payment) shall continue to exist but the fact there is an agreement on the payment mechanism between us and the United Nations and the Kuwaitis, and these funds to be applied.”

    “And we do not have any problem. Agreed this is a subject and not controversial. Thread infinite.”

    Zebari added, “I’d say the door to emphasize that Iraq went out completely and practically from the provisions of Chapter VII. This is in our hands, if we can pay this money today this paragraph will be a thing of the past”.

    The UN Security Council has voted unanimously Thursday to Resolution No. 2107, which comes out of Iraq in part from the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and an end to the mission of the Special Coordinator of the United Nations responsible for my Kuwaiti missing persons and property.

    And the transfer of the Security Council under resolution My Kuwaiti missing persons and property under Chapter VI to the work of the United Nations Mission to help Iraq (UNAMI) and keep them under the umbrella of the UN Security Council review.

    He urged Iraq to continue his efforts in the search for missing Kuwaiti property, including the National Archives through the Joint Ministerial Commission between the two sides.

    Relates to Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations cases of threats to peace and acts of aggression, which the Security Council can take non-military measures or the use of force for the maintenance of peace and security in the event of failure of the parties to the conflict to resolve their differences.

    Relations Iraq – Kuwait marked improvement, especially in the recent period where the two sides exchanged visits at the highest levels, and agreed to resolve the outstanding problems, which notably border demarcation and navigation and missing.

    And entered Iraq under Chapter VII in 1990 while move the former Iraqi regime troops for the invasion of Kuwait, prompting the Security Council to pass a resolution to use force to eject Iraqi forces in a military operation with the participation of coalition forces broad international, led by the United States knew a storm desert in the January 27 general 1991.

    Since then, Iraq has become under the weight of economic sanctions ended only after the fall of the former regime in 2003, when Iraq began to slowly regain its relations with neighboring countries.


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    Part 1 Millionday Discussion

    [millionday] this is very important as we watch the transformation so lets read this i am bring this report in sections and then we will talk about it

    [millionday] After local and international consensus on Iraq exceeded the provisions of Chapter VII and entered the international incubator, and its impact on economic development and became the world enjoys the confidence and freedom of control over his money.

    Expressed by many experts are optimistic reflection on the Iraqi economy is positive, he said the President of the International Economic Developmental Ali Hilfi (morning) that the next phase will witness the revival of the Iraqi economy by opening up to the outside world,

    pointing out that witnessed the corridors of the UN accepted Iraqi delegation from most of the delegations of the year, if not all shows how important the resolution on Iraq's relations with various countries of the world. Iraqi yard work
    Read More Link On Right
    [millionday] He pointed out that all member states of the Organization of the United Nations recognizes the importance of Iraq on the global economy and there has operating companies in the country and the other is looking to enter the arena of Iraq,

    especially after he became Iraq's state does not threaten international peace and is seen as a friend of the peoples of the world turned the page a bitter struggle with the remnants of the former regime had exhausted by Iraq politically and economically.

    The UN Security Council voted unanimously, on Thursday evening last day on June 27 being on the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII, and to refer the issues related to Chapter VI, the Council decided to end the measures provided for in some paragraphs of UN resolutions 686 and 687 adopted by the Council in 1991 after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

    [millionday] For its part, the researcher said Suhad economic virgins: The liberation of Iraq from its international obligations would make him focused on the reconstruction of infrastructure and the establishment of projects that will absorb and reduce the rampant unemployment rate among young people.

    She told the (morning): The departure from Iraq of Chapter VII will make it an oasis vocals of strategic projects, which is in dire need them, as well as it will see the commercial activity unrivaled due to the influx of foreign companies to him after the restriction Chapter VII prevent them from entering the power to exercise various economic activities.

    [millionday] And confirmed that it would be a country with a potential powerful few years after the actual direct reconstruction, and expected virgins that if the speed of reform of economic laws currently in force, Iraq will be one of the best economies in the world because it has the elements of an excellent qualify him to be the incubator ideal for foreign investment.

    She pointed out the need to maintain this done incarnation projects on the ground through to speed up the reform of laws and dismantling cross and interlaced including allowing investors and foreign companies to the implementation of their projects Almtovqh or deferred because of these overlaps and intersections between the laws of economics

    [Sager] Iraq will be one of the best economies in the world because it has the elements of an excellent qualify him to be the incubator ideal for foreign investment. WOW!

    [millionday] smile

    [DT N AZ] agreed

    [millionday] To that stressed economic expert Hadi هنداس that the country is now kiss real corporate global investment competing for access to Iraq, which is one of the largest markets in the world, noting that the country has become able to events of sustainable development, economic, social and health in all areas of life.

    And the return of the country to the international community incubator after more than two decades is a positive gives the country the ability to economic advancement after it has met all its international obligations and this opens up wider horizons in economic transactions.

    [rollonjohn] Happy dance!

    millionday] He pointed out that Khurj from the provisions of Chapter VII will bring huge gains international enables full control over the economic sovereignty and that is freedom of trade and move the money to import goods without the need for the international mediator as it gets during the last period.

    He pointed out that override the provisions of Chapter VII lead the country toward greater freedom in dealing with its assets frozen in international banks and removes him all restrictions that determine advancement and economic development. millionday] whooo hooo

    [cookie2] Iraq is going to kiss real corporate global investment !

    [millionday] The echoes of newspapers around the world was coming out of the provisions of Chapter VII puts Iraq in front of new challenges and responsibilities, most notably the protection of his assets abroad of lawsuits, especially those affected by the regime of Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

    While Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a statement to Al-Iraqiya that Iraq was checked Balastairadat task in public and economic life, and it was he can not import devices and equipment necessary for the work of laboratories and joints of production, etc.,

    indicating that control our money and our property and build our defense capabilities and buy weapons and maintain the rule of the country this was one of the contraband on Iraq, the country is on the verge of the largest position in the eyes of the world and will give us more credibility in front of the international community.

    [zoomer199] Wow

    [Godsalli/Jim] This is SO good Million

    [millionday] huge

    millionday] Director of the department of foreign companies in the Ministry of Commerce Huda Ali confirmed that since it began indicated exit Iraq from Chapter VII and directed the United Nations by announcing his release from the provisions of Chapter VII began a number of large foreign companies (which projects were implemented strategy giant previously in Iraq) to come and install their feet again and strive to get big contracts with the government for the implementation of infrastructure projects, after it was the consequences of Chapter VII prevent it only by international mediators.

    [wmawhite] millionday .....the media marketing campaign continues...........

    [Godsalli/Jim] They couldn't even build their power grid because the necessary materials were banned under Ch 7

    [wmawhite] millionday .....they are telling us exactly what is going to happen.

    Godsalli/Jim] This is freedom for a sleeping giant

    [millionday] note -- no advancement in technology was a huge problem hold on there is more

    [millionday] Iraq is the arena promising for foreign investment at the moment, in spite of all the circumstances surrounding it, but he and since 2003 began major countries to send its giant to Iraq to work on reconstruction projects and the advancement of the infrastructure destroyed by wars and misguided policies that put him under the tutelage of the United Nations and restrictions Iraq was indispensable to access them and submit to international sanctions have hurt its economy very much for many years.

    [millionday] Although the political and economic conditions were not stable in the country for decades, but the signs of hope renaissance economic looming and foremost was after the change and the beginning of the entry of foreign companies and the growing prepared registered in the Ministry of Commerce,

    which is hoped to double after the departure of Iraq's proven Chapter VII in addition to the growing air activity and re airlines offices, including Arab and foreign to work in the country.

    Where 2003 saw record 6 foreign companies - as reported by the Department of Company Registration Department at the Ministry of foreign trade - despite the fact that the general atmosphere and the situation at that time was not stable at all and did not help the advent of companies and until reconstruction direct.

    [millionday] However, despite that, this is a point in favor of Iraq recorded him, despite the conditions of unstable, it is a country attractive for investment and fertile ground for the establishment of giant projects in which he also represents a golden opportunity for foreign companies, is likely she is suffering from economic crises, which seeks to compensate through contracts to implement projects major in Iraq.

    millionday] And the number of foreign companies registered in the year 2004 two hundred companies have been recorded in the same circle and after the relative stability experienced by that year. They pointed out that many of the airlines, Arab and foreign, reopened its offices in Baghdad after being registered in our circle, noting that he is certain the number will double after that came out of Iraq from Chapter VII of the Charter of United and move to Chapter VI.

    Reported that the number of companies that have been recorded during the year 2012 amounted to 457 foreign companies a variety of disciplines, including oil companies and other Contracting and reconstruction of infrastructure and electricity,

    noting that the record companies until the middle of this year amounted to 162 and it is hoped to increase its presence in Iraq after the United Nations announced that Iraq no longer poses a threat to international peace and security.

    [Sager] millionday it is a country attractive for investment and fertile ground for the establishment of giant projects in which he also represents a golden opportunity for foreign companies sweet

    millionday] love it

    [NUMBERS] did anyone see the vietnam newspaper article a few days ago??? the message to the people was clear saying they would see a revaluation of their currency on friday 6/28/2013.

    [millionday] MP Mansour al-Tamimi said in a press statement: It is important today that Iraq out of Chapter VII and the government should invest so heavily even plays Iraq role of regional and international dramatically in favor of his people, and ended with this international trusteeship on Iraq, which had been imposed during the era of the dictatorial regime dictatorial, especially after the invasion of Kuwait.

    He said this day would be a history of a landmark in the relationship between Iraq and the international community and indicates that the decisions of Chapter VII became part of the past and that this date would be a qualitative development in the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait and all the negative aspects of the relationship between them has become one of the past because we will focus on the present and the future of our relationship with him .

    [zoomer199] NUMBERS so did it happen?

    [Godsalli/Jim] Numbers it de-valued

    [Papatom] millionday time to breath???

    [millionday] hold on lets talk about this report if we could

    [Godsalli/Jim] Sorry

    [millionday] just a sec and i will quit for a sec to chat

    [zoomer199] Godsalli/Jim surprise!!

    [rucky] numbers...on bloomberg last night it said vietnam was devaluing their currency

    millionday] it is not time for the dong yet i have a contact with them and a very very good one - it is not time yet - lets try to see what we have -- i am excited too and understand believe me ok here we go

    [millionday] Hours after rid Iraq of the provisions of Chapter VII of money, saw the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar rise against the dollar.

    According to a member of the Association of private banks Hilfi, the sword, "the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S. dollar saw a return to a normal pace after the decision to remove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII."

    Hilfi said in an interview (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): "The rates of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar stabilized at 1210 dinars per dollar," pointing out that the coming days will witness a rise continuously to the value of the Iraqi dinar.

    wmawhite] WOW

    [Papatom] wmawhite wow+

    [faith1] Wow wow That's Huge !!

    [DT N AZ] continuously?

    [millionday] And ills Hilfi so that the bypass provisions of Chapter VII gain large, and everyone became confident in Iraqi dinars, especially in light of the large financial reserves of Iraq.

    He added that the coming stage will witness a new investment-oriented is turnout companies and investors and citizens to invest in the Iraqi dinar, stressing that the economic landscape readings indicate the presence of a great demand for the dinar will contribute to raising the exchange rate against foreign currencies.

    [millionday] huge huge huge and huge so we will see it rise according to this but we shall see

    [Sager] millionday it seems they're setting them up to have confidence the iqd

    [Papatom] millionday +1

    [Godsalli/Jim] Agree could be news of the year

    [zoomer199] is this in country?

    [DT N AZ] everywhere

    [Godsalli/Jim] Zoomed, no such thing

    The s family] In the coming days....

    [millionday] they obviously have to pull in the three zeros because they dont have enough bills to operate the country

    [zoomer199] so are they floating?

    [Papatom] wmawhite amazing

    [wmawhite] millionday ..economic landscape....and great demand for the dinar.......wow.

    [Sager] millionday the 000 notes you mean? haven't they been doing this?

    [Godsalli/Jim] They HAVE to make IQD currency of choice

    [millionday] so this is exactly what we want to see Sager yes

    [zoomer199] sweet!

    [Papatom] millionday this mirrors some of the language in 13303

    [Trademan1964] They seem to be trying to get it to the 1000 to 1 then drop zeros....?

    [millionday] what they have been doing is pulling in the damaged that will still be on the streets meaning the 50s and the 100s this is great

    [wmawhite] millionday ....they are talking about this because this is getting ready to happen now................not later. If it was later there would be no talk about this.

    [faith1] when , when ,, He added that the coming stage will witness a new investment... when is the coming stage ?/

    [Godsalli/Jim] Coming stage= NOW

    [The s family] Wmawhite lord I hope your right!

    [millionday] wmawhite exactly -- what they are saying is it is rising now and the confidence and the whole enchilada is returning

    [wmawhite] The s family ......It is them/Iraq telling us this stuff.

    [millionday] meaning all the countries that left and all the wealth that froze is coming back

    [Godsalli/Jim] They always talk about things that never happen, but not this time

    DT N AZ] so we may see this tomorrow, sunday and Monday

    [millionday] this is what this is

    [The s family] But the statement in the coming days...

    [Godsalli/Jim] Lifting of Ch 7 has changed everything

    [zoomer199] again with the coming days

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    Part 2 Millionday Discussion

    [millionday] they are saying that now that chapter 7 is lifted -- they are now going to see the rise of the dinar back to normal

    [wmawhite] millionday .also,.it is not by accident or a last minute arrangement.....instead, these folks have been putting this together for a long time.

    [millionday] yes -- this has been a plan

    [zoomer199] what is normal?

    [millionday] now let me say this

    [faith1] so they are setting the stage now and it will roll out with no fan fair like Shabibi said years ago..

    [DT N AZ] so are they not going to RV, just let it rise on its own?

    [wmawhite] millionday ...exactly.
    Read More Link On Right
    [Papatom] millionday wmawhite 10 years of a plan

    [millionday] you all are wearing me out typing so fast

    [wmawhite] Papatom ....we are here.

    [millionday] zoomer199 normal they have said is what it was before the 90s in reports from saleh let me answer these and then let me get some more

    millionday] faith1 exactly --- it will rise as in all of a sudden there it is -- no notice at all

    [Papatom] NUMBERS just couldn't put it out here.... lol

    [millionday] DT N AZ no they are saying with the release it will begin rising on its own just by demand -- the set rate will be applied by data entry

    [DT N AZ] so set it then let it rise more?

    [faith1] thanks millionday,,, smile Whoo Hoo ,,, I am expecting,,, It's time,,, they have told the people...

    [Papatom] NUMBERS all the "it's a scam" people are buying as fast as they can now that 7 is lifted...and that's causing a larger demand.....right?

    [millionday] Papatom 20 years of a plan i believe -- smile

    [Papatom] millionday that was for you to

    [NUMBERS] Papatom YEP

    [Papatom] millionday you are right.....2003 millionday Delarue printed current currency in 2003 and 4 so they were working on it prior to that i guess..

    [wmawhite] millionday ......economic landscape....and great demand for the dinar.......wow.

    [monica2] are we still hearing only 30 days to exchange?

    [millionday] DT N AZ right -- however -- they have stated they will put it at a managed float which means 2% either direction once they put it out there on the market and i believe it because of all of the testing they have done has been at keeping it at 2% ok if i missed anyone let me know

    [Sager] millionday + or - 2% every 90 days as per IMF I believe

    [millionday] i tried to scroll up to get all your questions

    [wmawhite] DT N AZ ..the 1210 is the street rate.

    [DT N AZ] ok

    [faith1] yes 2 % every 90 days is correct

    [monica2] millionday my ?

    [millionday] the rate of the dinar will be the same anywhere it is

    [wmawhite] wmawhite .....the dynamics have changed for good.

    [millionday] the country will control its buying power through pricing make sense

    [letsroll] millionday +1 come out strong managed, pegged to the dollar was shabs plan all along imo...cheers

    [Sager] millionday yes

    [millionday] monica2 repeat please

    [brubba] 'when will it be internationally traded

    [monica2] is the rumor still 30 days to exchange

    [wmawhite] millionday ...some folks are confused between the street rate and what we want.

    [millionday] i have heard 30 to 60

    [millionday] the rate of the dollar in the country is like it is in our country -- we just know what we used to get for it ect -- the rate in the country is what they will give them in dinar for it yes but -- it is in comparison to what the usd will buy now there or i mean after words --- but the usd rate to the iqd is an external rate

    [The s family] Million did you find the IMF document

    [millionday] meaning as in all paired on the currency market - in the country the pricing is what they will understand as do most citizens in all countries

    [millionday] so the exchange rate will be as in how many dinars and usd yes --- but it will be to the point that the dinar buys more so they can get them all off the streets to use only dinar as national currency

    [dlherm] Such as how many dinars it takes to buy a loaf of bread or a car?

    [millionday] dlherm exactly it is not the set exchange rate on the isx or forex ect is that everyone so far – smile wow this is exciting

    [The s family] Million can you answer my ?

    [millionday] now start back up with chat please yes what was it hun

    The s family] The IMF document... Did you find it

    [miraclehands] What was the answer 30 to 60 day's to? To see an exchange rate?

    [monica2] miraclehands to cash in

    [dlherm] Miraclehands. . To cash in

    [Sager] miraclehands it was relating to the amount of time you'll have to exchange

    [millionday] The s family i have not yet but i do have it and it was signed

    [The s family] How will we know if there is a timeline

    [The s family] ok

    [millionday] miraclehands probable cash in time we have heard

    [Godsalli/Jim] I only need about 5 seconds

    [miraclehands] Sager, Millionday Thank you

    [millionday] The s family the regulations will be posted and we will show them to you

    [The s family] ok

    [millionday] muuuuaaahhhh! thank you wmwhite -- great points you have made my friend

    [wmawhite] millionday ......yw

    [millionday] and for all the other help too -- papa --- smile let me get the big ones i have been saving smile brb with more news

    [brubba] MD Should i buy more dinar now since i can

    [millionday] after news i will find the document and bring it in here

    [The s family] yay. Ok

    [baggr42] brubba That my friend is a million dollar question

    [millionday] brubba i wish i felt comfortable telling you one way or the other but it is very hard for me when some spend their electric money ect -- i just cant be the one -- if it is in your budget and you need more or want -- that has to be decided by you -- i would feel horrible if your lights went out ect

    [millionday] i care about all of you and want you to know this one thing though this is probably a once in a lifetime event smile make it count brb with more

    [millionday] Counsel confirmed in the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform, Dr. Ahmed al-Husseini said Iraq now invited to Kuwait to invest in the country.

    He said in a statement to the (morning) that he must open up to the Kuwait economically in a more and give them facilities investment, at least in the province of Basra starters because of its geographical location and ease of navigation to and from.

    Stressing that it must now direct a series of economic reforms and start re-structuring and the most important sectors of the oil and banks to attract foreign investment to revive economy status, especially after the liberation of Iraq from Chapter VII. millionday] whooop whooooop -- as in right now

    [Sager] millionday yep, nice!!!

    [deaconfuzz] millionday whoop whoop right now

    [millionday] brb with more smile [millionday] huge smile

    [wmawhite] millionday .wow.working so close together, brothers...........I wonder about the two currencies and their exchange rates.hmmmmm.

    [millionday] trust me the last one was a huge whopper

    DINARWORLD] i think the two currencies with co exist until all of the ooo's are pulled in

    [millionday] dinarworld i disagree

    [DINARWORLD] ok sorry read that somewhere

    [millionday] only the 200 and the 250 , 50, 100, 1, 5 , 10 , and i beleive they said 25 or could be 20 but they will be of the same series at the end but the others will have no place after exchange for the citizens

    [Papatom] deaconfuzz the 3 zeros and the not 3 zeros will coexist...but that's one currency...IQD

    [millionday] DINARWORLD that is my opinion -- yours is important too -- you could be right hun -- we will know when it happens -- im just saying that is just what i am thinking sweety

    [onthewings] millionday sounds like they plan on having a currency in place very very soon if they are inviting kwuait to invest now

    [millionday] i agree onthewings brb with more i am loving this tonight you all rock brb

    millionday] Counting House Speaker Osama Najafi remove Iraq from Chapter VII important achievement and a major turning point.

    Nujaifi said in a statement on the occasion of the withdrawal of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII: "I ​​am pleased to extend my name verses congratulations and blessings to the Iraqi people on the occasion of issuing Security Council unanimously adopted a decision to derail the country from Chapter VII, which resulted in the restricted capabilities of Iraq's political and economic and development. "

    He said the Speaker that "what has been achieved is the completion of a good result of the efforts of our people in endurance and patience, and a turning point opens doors to end the restrictions and international legal easing of sanctions and isolation imposed on our country, and

    [millionday] the government invest it properly to ensure a balanced relationship and positive with neighboring countries, especially Kuwait, and the trend towards drawing a successful strategy for the present and the future to ensure the promotion and consolidation of national reconciliation and partnership real. "

    Najafi continued: "Ode to the same time the Iraqi diplomatic endeavors and regional and international parties that supported Iraq's efforts to emerge from Chapter VII, in the hope that this be the beginning of the real history of the hard work in the construction, development and stability."

    [millionday] hmmmm well i know im ready can i get an amen amen

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    MIG: Dinar Discussion

    [hardtorecall] SteveI says they will rv within 72 hrs of being removed from Ch7. 48 to go!!!

    [hardtorecall] At the max

    [Jane] Wooohoooo

    [hardtorecall] Friday and Saturday are weekends for them.

    [freedom13] you would think iraq would want to rv and get lower currency out fast ,,,Iraq is losing $3 billion in two months because of money laundering

    [Labrador99] freedom13 UR are right but you made one mistake.... Who thinks?

    [freedom13] Labrador99 yes but still 3 BILLION

    [freedom13] praying sunday/monday is our time

    [watercolor] freedom13 I'm thinking the same


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    Part 1 Millionday Chat

    [millionday] note the market in iraq closes at 430 their time on Friday just a little note i found for you

    [dinarmamma] Millionday there was a question in another room about a link to the article about the agreement and wanted to know if you can find the link?

    [millionday] now citibank is all in this Citigroup Chief Executive Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa, James Cowles, said Iraq was an important market, with an economy that had substantial potential over time.

    “Having a presence in Iraq will position us to better attune our services to the banking needs of our clients as they grow and develop their businesses in the country,” Cowles said. “It will also help us to provide liaison functions for Citi’s clients globally and contribute to the development of Iraq’s banking and capital markets,” he added
    Read More Link On Right
    [millionday] dinarmamma its on the imf i believe but i will look for ya in a bit now look at citibank -- wanting to get some of that money --- smart bank - looking around -- there is alot about the celebration but im looking for meat brb let me check and see what is translated

    [onthewings] millionday Fresh came in and said he received and exciting call and it's time to party !! Do you know anything about that ( smile )

    [Papatom] millionday did you see that article about the Islamic banking system.....and something about no interest? what was that?

    [Papatom] millionday here's a blurb..... The Committee had discussed earlier in the banking system and Islamic efforts of the Ministry of Finance in order to cancel the bank interest in the future and the first of canceling interest usury contained in loans the Land Bank after the anticipated increase in capital, which will be reflected on the citizens and without interest.

    [millionday] onthewings no i dont -- but i am sure we should be partying with their release -- very exciting

    [millionday] Papatom yes i do their religion is against interest and

    [DT N AZ] so how do they make money on the loan?

    [letsroll] Papatom .. isnt there something in Islamic law that they do not charge their brethren interest ... maybe business is different standard ..IDK though

    [Papatom] letsroll i really know almost nothing about Islamic life.

    [millionday] the reason why is that it is very important that money is not charged for any favor to another in their religion and it was a huge problem to come over -- it is written clearly so the obstacle was huge in setting up their reforms

    [tazbigart] can someone let me know what is chapter 7?

    [wilbur48] they buy what you want and charge you a higher price

    [onthewings] millionday yesterday on cnn the ticker at that bottom of the screen said that citibank was expecting to release 1 trillion dollars in loans ...

    [millionday] right -- they have put it in the pricing for the gain - onthewings wow -- in iraq?

    [Papatom] millionday thanks.... i didn't understand that one

    [onthewings] yes

    [millionday] that is huge yw all the time hun

    [creativethinkersclub] millionday we got our party hats, whistles, and margarita ingredients ready!!! lol

    [millionday] tazbigart are you new hun?

    [tazbigart] Yeah

    [Papatom] millionday yesterday there was a news article that said citi was expecting to make a trillion in Iraq. also

    [onthewings] millionday very huge and my sister called me and asked if I had seen the same information

    [creativethinkersclub] tazbigart welcome to PI you will really enjoy it here!

    [tazbigart] i got some dinar as part of estate and was told to watch this site for news about them

    [DT N AZ] millionday I can explain it in an instant message if you want to move on with news

    [tazbigart] thank you

    [dlherm] Creativethinkersclub. To heck with marguerites, i want champagne!!!

    [Papatom] tazbigart welcome

    [tazbigart] what ever is easier for everyone

    [millionday] ok -- chapter 7 is like it is for anyone or business when it is imposed on a country -- cant spend any money and do trade ect with anyone outside of their country -- now with release they are able to trade with the globe and regain their economic gains as by their resources

    [schmidtberger] tazbigart ...welcome...you'll love it here

    [tazbigart] Im not trying to interrupt just trying to understand

    [creativethinkersclub] dlherm quick we gotta get the big bottle champagne for our awesome friend here dlherm lol lol

    [Papatom] tazbigart you were given good advise.

    [millionday] welcome to our chat room my friend - we have roundtable at 1 est on monday wed and fri and newstime at 730 est all but thursday mostly

    [tazbigart] so how do i determine when to cash out

    [millionday] some thursdays i do come in

    creativethinkersclub] tazbigart no worries

    [sisterbreen] tazbigart stay here and u will know

    [lorijeanmarshall] tazbigart Now that they are out CH7 we are waiting for the value of their currency to rise substantially.

    ][millionday] we will let you know when the rate changes and you will know hun

    [tazbigart] i hardly have a chance to check facebook

    [rollonjohn] tazbigart Welcome, this is the best site!creativethinkersclub

    [Papatom] well i have to be gone for a little while....dang! i'll be back.

    [tazbigart] how about how long til it rises

    [DT N AZ] days at most

    [millionday] tazbigart www.cbi.iq will show the rate and also the stock market and banks will have the info when it changes and it will be on the banner here smile

    [creativethinkersclub] tazbigart all the mods here & Fresh are so wonderful to help and when we were the new kids on the block they were so amazing to help guide us along properly, there are also lots of great peeps here that are very helpful too

    [wilbur48] also the dinar traders will stop selling the dinar

    [millionday] now the country is able to have all technology advancements brought in to their industry and also rebuild with international products unavailable to them --

    [tazbigart] So i just look at the website and how do i cash them in once i decide to

    [DT N AZ] Bank, TravelEx, Dealer will do it for you some banks

    [sisterbreen] tazbigart they will have cash in banks and u can cash in at any dealer

    [millionday] the pluses most people dont talk about to do with global trade will be brought to their country now through the ability to export and import without the restrictions they have endured since saddam caused the sanctions imposed

  7. #7
    Part 2 Millionday Chat

    [tazbigart] will they take a cut of the about i cash in?

    [DT N AZ] make an appointment with them so they can be ready

    [millionday] the rate of their currency in the past when they were not under sanctions brought around an average of 3 usd at most given times --

    [schmidtberger] yes, they will likely take a small percentage

    [millionday] the rate now was imposed due to the damage to kuwait by the UN

    [millionday] now those restrictions have been lifted and we are in great hope of a return to a rate that is close to what their known and past gdp brought

    [millionday] tazbigart there will be a fee and what some call a spread due to the fact that the sale of money is a huge market in itself
    Read More Link On Right
    [tazbigart] according to the bank of iraq sell for us is 1166. this is the us dollar correct or is it the price the dinar sells for in the us?

    [wilbur48] millionday tell us what you saw on the UN video

    [schmidtberger] tazbigart ...most of the national branch banks will be able to cash out, but many locally owned banks will not...make sure you call and ask your banker first.

    [millionday] also there will be a tax -- you need to contact a professional in your area or out which ever to make sure you comply with all federal and state laws

    [millionday] i use a reputable and trusted company named -- dinarcorp.com due to the customer service and also their programs they have developed for investors like ourselves

    [schmidtberger] millionday ...both income and windfall profit taxes, right?

    [millionday] your choice is your own -- but you will need to take the time and be aware of how long you have to exchange the currency as in any investment -- you will have to take the time to come in and also call professional wealth managers ect to make sure you gain from your investment when the time comes that it is possible

    [dlherm] Capital gains tax in canada

    [schmidtberger] windfall profit and capital gains are same, i believe

    [millionday] we at pi are not the ones to call it everyday and we dont go by rumors but when it is in ink -- we will inform you of the rate gain when this occurs smile so welcome to our site -

    [dlherm] Schmidtberger. In canada we don't pay tax on windfalls such as lottery winnings etc

    [millionday] we love questions and we love participation -- you will never be disliked for either -- and this includes your opinion

    [schmidtberger] tazbigart ...in other words...when millionday says it you can take it to the bank...literally

    [millionday] smile

    [creativethinkersclub] schmidtberger sure does!!!!!

    [schmidtberger] dlherm ...sounds like i need to move to canade

    [millionday] wilbur48 it good lol

    [dlherm] Schmidtberger. yup!!

    [millionday] thanks hun – great let me check to see what we have brb

    [schmidtberger] canada

    [brett123] millionday with iraq coming out of chapter 7 yesterday why would their stock market take such a hit yesterday dropping almost 8 points ?

    [millionday] Rapporteur of the Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary Mahma Khalil stressed that the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Charter, it is poised to recover economic development in the region.

    Khelil said in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "all obstacles that face Iraq on economic issues and finance will be gone by the end of sanctions, "noting that" Iraq has all its legal obligations and financial obligations to the UN Security Council resolutions and exit from Chapter VII would enable it to regain its real economy in the region.

    [millionday] smile that explains what will happen and i like it brb with more

    [onthewings] millionday didn't we have articles saying that they intended to revalue after chapter 7 was lifted ? and at the 1990 rate or so ?

    [millionday] Counting the Secretary-General of construction Jihad, MP Hassan, Iraq's exit from the provisions of section VII of the new Iraq victory and the restoration of the prestige and leadership role in the world.

    He said in a statement received (News Agency) a copy of it: that a Security Council vote on Iraq out of Chapter VII in the end and the beginning of a new one, the previous stage has been characterized by more restrictions and the embargo and international sanctions that Iraq has suffered for more than 20 years.

    [millionday] onthewings yes

    [millionday] He said in effect: that out from the provisions of regulation VII represents a new start for Iraq without any restrictions on his movement and economic and policy at all levels.

    The UN Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to resolution No. 2107, which come out of Iraq the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and the United Nations Special Coordinator responsible for my missing Kuwaiti property, and transfer the Security Council under resolution my missing Kuwaiti property under Chapter VI to the work of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and kept under review by the UN Security Council.

    [The s family] Did we already talk about the IMF 30 days to comply article?

    [dinarmamma] The s family no not yet I am looking on IMF site but I am no millionday thats for sure

    [The s family] I don't understand most of this stuff without people explaining it! Even then it can still be hard

    [schmidtberger] The s family ...I was going to ask the same question....

    [Rudie] Believe Millionday said it was a document they signed not an article

    [lorijeanmarshall] Rudie Yes, it was a document

    [brett123] Rudie it was

    [lorijeanmarshall] Not an article

    [The s family] Even better!

    [Rudie] yep! thx!

    [millionday] Warned Committee member Deputy oil and energy//Susan Saad, of differences between the Governments of Erbil and Baghdad after the arrival of a number of international companies to contract with Kurdistan regarding oil exploration.

    She said Al-Saad (News Agency): global companies to Kurdistan for the purpose of the contract for exploration and extraction of oil return problems between the Governments and federal, to find solutions to any crisis occurs in the public interest.

    She added that the oil wealth is the property of all the Iraqi people and by the population of each province and that the Iraqi Constitution, noting that joint committees formed to develop solutions and overcome the obstacles between the Governments of Erbil and Baghdad regarding the extraction and export of oil in the region.

    [dinarmamma] Rudie thanks thats what I thought too

    [millionday] so i have been looking for the document and im cross eyed so i will find it later - it is saved on here somewhere for my own archives- understand that they are not and i repeat --- NOT-- over there sitting on their hands

    [dinarmamma] Thanks millionday!!!!

    [millionday] yw all the time hun i will get it to you when i find it so you save it hun - many contracts go into effect on july 1st so all we can do is watch and wait for the right news

    [millionday] now the news today is all about what happened yesterday and we know what happened

    [JPA] Million: will you still be around after this is all done? I hope so...

    [millionday] i think that the imf document of their plans is in the forum ] oh yes i will be around

    [letsroll] tiger_ag ... before yesterday so much of the news was dominated by art. about getting out from under 7 sanctions.... we wait cheers

    [schmidtberger] millionday ...if it helps, posted 12:57pm yesterday

    [millionday] which is hun?

    [schmidtberger] where you mentioned the imf contract

    [The s family] I have a question about contracts. It seems as though I've heard contracts going into effect previously. Where they just put on hold the other times?

    [millionday] oh that does help thanks hun

    [schmidtberger] printed it off yesterday so was looking at it

    [millionday] they were mou and on credit ect ect and some of the issues with chapter 7 did not allow the best technology and no flight of product arrival ect ect

    [millionday] companies want to move there and move products out sell there and all around there were road blocks for this that and the other due to sanctions -- now the move is on smile

    [The s family] Wonderful!

    [millionday] very i am going to be back at newstime and i will have a load then due to the changes of today -- so i will be back and should be back way before too

    [millionday] 1 April 1978 -16 October 1982 hard peg, 1 Iraqi dinar = US$3.3778 International Monetary Fund, Board of Governors, Resolution No. 31-4, 30 April 1976 ("Second Amendment") The system of gold par values officially ended by agreement of IMF members. RR: Managed float / parallel market from January 1982. 17 October 1982 -1994? hard peg, 1 Iraqi dinar = US$3.2169 Devalued by 5%.

    A currency confiscation occurred on 5 May 1993 as Iraq withdrew 25-dinar "Swiss print" notes from circulation (Iraq, decision of cabinet and Revolutionary Command Council, 2 May 1993).

    Notes were exchanged at 25 new dinars = 25 old dinars until 10 May 1993, but Iraq closed its borders to prevent foreign holders from repatriating the notes during the redemption period. After the period was over, the notes became worthless in areas controlled by the government of Saddam Hussein.

    The 25-dinar Swiss-print notes continued to be valid in Kurdish areas, which since the Persian Gulf War of 1991 had become de facto independent. RR: Managed float / parallel market. Multiple rates in 1982 and 1983.

    [millionday] 1994? -29 June 2001 hard peg; 1,750 Iraqi dinars = US$1 The IMF source shows this exchange rate as of 1994 but does not say when it began. Iraq released little information to the IMF after the 1991 Persian Gulf War. RR: Managed float / parallel market to December 1997, when data end.

  8. #8
    PD Forum:

    marine1 said:

    AS many of you already know, my business partner and I have a close contact at the OCC (office of the controller of the currency). From time to time he answers a few questions for us but never gives away any true top secret stuff.

    Yesterday he suggested that after the vote today, it would be possible for the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to actually notify the Central Banks of the world that chap 7 is over and that Iraq was free to enter into the international community in addition to revalueing their currency.

    It was noted that considerable effort would be spent to conclude that effort TODAY but if all of the admin required to do so worldwide did not get completed, that it would be unlikely that Iraq would attempt to complete this process on their Holy Days.

    It's going down folks. All of Steve's info is on the money. Looks like after Saturday but before the 4th.


  9. #9
    Thoughts from MntnGoat Saturday AM

    "I just wanted to give a quick update to all of you on a call I got last night and another confirming the information this morning. I could not sleep all night thinking about and wanting to share this with all of you.

    Its all excellent news and Iraq is still on target and moving forward. These sources have been 100% right spot on throughout this entire ordeal over the years so I am not doubting now what they say.

    All you have to do it go back and read my past posts and you will see that they always bring us excellent information.

    This RV is entirely in the hands of Iraq and always has been. All the other factors have been ready for a long time and now the political side of Iraq is finally catching up and reaching the finish line.

    So here is what they are now all telling me:

    Today in Iraq they are having a huge public meeting. In this meeting all the leaders will attend including the 3 presidents.

    Is this the National Meeting we all have been waiting for, I asked?

    The answer was a big fat YES ! There will be huge celebrations during and afterwards. Security is really tight in Baghdad.

    Today they are going to announce the activation of the SMART Cards which will also mean to the people that the pension money, HCL money and ration money will be paid out beginning July 1st. How do they do this?

    Maliki will make another patriot speech (I hate this two faced guy) and sign (once again) the Ebril agreement for full activation. Of course this is just going to be a show and tell gesture for the public since he already agreed to it back in 2010, as we all know.

    Hakim, Sadar and other religious leaders will be there. Talibani and our old freind Hashemi will be there and I am told Talibani will resume his duties as president after the meeting.

    This meeting will also introduce the Federation Council activation to the people and Dr Allawi will give a speech to explain that "true constitutional, representational, democracy now prevails in Iraq" or something like it......

    it will be all a dog and pony show for the TV cameras...lol...You know how these politicians are. They are learning this stuff from the USA. I was told to look for a quick overview of the meeting by the BBC and the USA news media on FOXNews today.

    There will be no fan fare about the currency revaluation so don't expect to hear much about it today or anytime. But we all know once they activate those cards what happens next.

    I am still being told we can expect the $1.13 to $1.17 rate before or on July 1st and then 3-4 days later the full RV to occur and at this time they then put the currency on the free float for awhile once it goes live on FOREX for international trading.

    People I believe we are here at the end. As I said in my prior posts hang in just a few more days. July 1st is Monday today is Saturday. That is all I have for now. I will try my sources a little later to see how the National Meeting went today. "....... Mntn Goat


    Maliki calls political sides to adopt dialogue in preparation for holding national meeting

    Saturday, 29 June 2013 12:55 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -The Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, called the political sides to resort to dialogue to resolve their disputes to avert the consequences of the regional events.

    During his speech at the central celebration on relieving Iraq from the UN sanctions stated in the UN Charter's Seventh Chapter, Maliki said "We should adopt dialogue and discuss all the files overtly to prepare for holding the national meeting to rehabilitate the political tense situation and achieve the political stability and continue the reconstruction of the country."

    "After we got rid of the UN sanctions, we will head towards rebuilding Iraq politically and economically and wipe out all traces of humiliation occurred on Iraq due to the irrational policy of the Baath party," he stressed. /End/

  10. #10
    Kuwait Information Minister: Iraq not out of Chapter VII fully, Still pending issues

    Information Minister Salman Al-Hamoud al-Sabah: Iraq did not come out of Chapter VII fully and there are still pending issues, including the issues of the Kuwaiti missing persons and property

    Kuwait – Eastern June 29: The Minister of Kuwaiti media Salman Hamoud morning that the file of compensation owed by Iraq of Kuwait is still under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.


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