Two weeks ago Martin Kobler was given a new directive outside of Iraq. This is because the MOU's had been signed, Paul Hastings (international law firm) drafted final agreements, the signing and notary of signatures will take place tomorrow and #7 is lifted from Iraq.........

From what I know, not even the eleven Presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks are aware of "the IQD plan" .....This can be validated by Bernanke's inappropriate timing of announcing cut back on QE, furthermore going outside the lines in a press conference in respect to what was discussed in meetings......Putting it simple, these Presidents were left saying "What the F**** is going on" after Bernanke spoke !!!!

Okay....Not to mention a few days later the PBOB (peoples bank of china) Presidents were left saying the same thing..."What the C*** is going on"

Take into consideration that CITI GROUP (bank) is a Federal Reserve primary currency dealer, which makes them a top ten in the foreign exchange market..... Fed Reserve - UST - Citi.............Where is Wells Fargo in this as being the ONE ?

Most of what anyone has read from Gurus is complete utter BS......Let me phrase it this way, if the heads of the Federal Reserve Banks don't know then neither does some guy from Jersey with a website who sells fudge on the side.

Just a reminder.....TNT Tony Renfrow from PTR is connected to Bill Fox aka Freeway (making a better and safer deal for you)....These two characters are under indictment and the proceedings are still on going since about the time Freeway dropped off daily posting. Nothing to do with IQD but rather another venture that took lots of money from working peoples savings. The IQD venture has a lot of strings leading to 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, the indictment of the BH Group and some others lead to many Gurus doing a disappearing act......some still bold and others using different IP's, same home address because they seem to believe they are slick, like the guy posting a rate of 11.68 is a typo (1168)......... The email list with the code......LOL !!

In closing; I read Poppy3 and the send IQD as a donation to his address for a tax break. This is quite concerning, although consider he means well the outcome can be devastating. First of all, the after RV dating of the certificate.....When the 1 million IQD was given the value was $865.....after RV it is $3,480,000.....So I donated over 3 million usd, what is my tax liability ? .... I can't have it both ways !! Either I gave $865 or owe taxes on over 3 million usd.......And if your not set up as a recognized charitable organization then it could be considered a gift and the giver could end up owing 40% tax on the over 3 million gifted.........And not to mention the dating of documentation, been there, done that, and in inquiries loose lips sink ships........Hope you see where I am coming from with no offense intended, but slow your roll.

It was "said" the DFI Funds were as large as $850 billion in 2005, but this was "collected assets" and not collected revenues.....It was "said" that these DFI funds would go to the ESF (exchange stabilization fund)- (UST)- Which had at the end of 2011 1.2 trillion USA addition that was hidden through the Omni Bus legislation that passed in that late December.......This is one of the reasons I hold IQD......and the ESF can be released by the President without Congress approval or knowledge......But once it happens a report must be given by the end of 6 months.......2014, and the start of OBAMACARE........ And Barry is in Africa.....PERFECT !