Tomorrow .. Complete sovereignty
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    Tomorrow .. Complete sovereignty

    Tomorrow .. Complete sovereignty

    06/26/2013 12:00 AM

    Attention heading towards the satellite TV screens seven in the evening
    BAGHDAD - morning

    Eager Iraqi government and people solutions to seven o'clock tomorrow evening Thursday, the moment the vote on Iraq out of Chapter VII and the announcement of the completion of Iraqi sovereignty.
    This التباشير comes after the recommendation of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his report to the Security Council, in which he said that Iraq has fulfilled all its international obligations.

    He suggested politicians named today as "on the full sovereignty", following the launch of the designation "Sovereignty Day" on the day of exit of U.S. forces in the atheist and the thirtieth of December of the year 2011. Praised the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers Ali Mohsen Ismail vital role played by the Iraqi negotiator to get Iraq from Chapter VII, which he considered a national achievement can be added to a series of achievements made after the year 2003.

    He pointed out that to get rid of the prosecution of Iraqi funds, and fortify the country's external balances, the main gains will be realized thanks to leave that chapter.

    He said Secretary General of the Council of Ministers during a meeting interview with "morning" Multi remove Iraq from Chapter VII as "essential task for the sovereignty of Iraq in the first place and where the great moral, especially that the country is trying to embark on a new phase requires a lot of flexibility and international relations and to facilitate the movement of all economic trends and political and trade. "also reviewed the Minister of Science and Technology Previous Raed Fahmi said in an interview for" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "the government's efforts to emerge from Chapter VII and imposed by international trusteeship on Iraq, saying: he was a key objective of the government Iraq since the evacuation of American troops. scheduled to vote on the UN Security Council Thursday on the decision to come out of Iraq from Chapter VII to Chapter VI., and there are inter differences between chapters (VII and VI), as the most prominent of these differences is that the first is mandatory, while the second is not beyond being a mere recommendations. and Atanon Chapter VII of the UN Charter, "while taking actions in cases of threats to peace, breaches and acts of aggression" as evidenced by this title that speaks of procedural steps Council may be taken to ensure the return of peace and security to areas of conflict.

    While the title of Chapter VI is "in resolving disputes peacefully," This shows that Chapter VI regard to peaceful established to resolve disputes and issues threatening peace. Confirms Dr. Mohammed al-Haj Hammoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the past that effort a government big cradle out of the penalty provisions of Chapter VII. explains Hammoud in a lecture him about (Iraq and Chapter VII of the UN Charter) seen by the "morning", that "the new regime in Iraq was keen to deal with the law of international the highest degree of responsibility, and showed his eagerness to express intentions and actions positive towards UN resolutions and their implementation good faith. "

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    Exciting times... Thanks Sing4U2 for the update.. The Iraqi's have to be in such a euphoric state right now... Let's hope they are not in for a let down... IMHO, they are not... This has all gone according to God's plan... All the delays, and when one begins the count from the 1 gulf war, it has been 22 years...
    What is sobering is the purpose behind this taking so long to come to fruition... Once this goes down, expect the countdown to not so pleasant events to fulfill God's prophetic Word...
    Enjoy, yet also remember to prepare for what the bible calls the most cataclysmic time mankind will ever face... An upheaval of our world and its current state... The transition from the old order to the NWO... 2020 may be the year this transition begins to take place... That will be 7 years from now... So 7 years of preparation, and plenty... Followed by a transition period which will lead mankind into the period of time the bible refers to as the 7 year great tribulation.... 7 years of plenty, followed by 7 years of famine... Only this time it will involve the famine of God's Word caused by the abomination of desolation... Prepare brethren... Both your fellow brethren, families... The need to draw near to Christ Jesus is essential to enable us to endure to the end... Because no one knows what God has in store for any of us on a personal level... During this time of great distress, we must be prepared for anything to come our way....
    But with the understanding of knowing well in advance that these things must surely come to pass before the return of the Son of Man... Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ... He will not be returning to a world which will welcome Him with open arms... But with hostility will the inhabitants of this world go to fight their Creator at the Valley of Megiddo... Because of their sinful state they will make war with the Lamb, and utterly fail in their attempt to stop Him from reigning as King of kings and Lord of lords...
    That is the world's only hope for survival... And our hope is not in vain... Blessings to you all, and please lets remember to keep it all in perspective...
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